Some Notes on the “Blue Wave”

article shotFirst and foremost, and completely overlooked, and most assuredly ignored—liberals were once again wrong in their silly prognostications about an upcoming election.

Evidently, being wrong is a preference.

Second:  President Bill Clinton lost 53 house seats and 9 senate seats in ’94, a scalding performance rebuke from voters regarding his first two years in office.  Likewise, Barrack Obama lost 63 house seats and 6 senate seats per his first performance review in 2010.

In contrast, Donald Trump lost 27 house seats and gained 3 senate seats.

So, while the midterms weren’t a bloodbath for democrats, they were a pretty good woodshed beating, and yet another voter repudiation.  Which, of course, self-deluding liberals will choose to see otherwise.  Why?  Because they must.  Because an alternative reality is better, is a safer-space, than reality itself.

Three:  for two years liberal voters have been witness to the obstruction and resistance of democrats, at the expense of the country, it should be noted.  These same voters have been given ample evidence as to the existence of a liberal establishment—news media, Hollywood, Democrat Party—and thereby cannot, one, deny the establishment’s existence, and two, deny its political efforts on behalf of the Democrat Party and liberalism.  These same voters have also witnessed the attacks of every abusive stripe on Republicans—Donald Trump, Ivanka, Melania, Barron, Pence, Huckabee-Sanders, Scalise, Kavanaugh, now Carlson, and a host of others.  Attacks both encouraged and sanctioned by the entire liberal establishment, no less.

And yet after two years of visible, incontrovertible political treachery performed by liberals and the liberal establishment, the voting margins between 2016 and 2018 remain virtually the same.

Which means but one thing:  liberal voters endorse the treachery.

In other words, given an opportunity to speak, to object, liberal voters spoke.  And they said:  “We like what we see.  Keep it up.  Continue with more of the same.”

There may not have been a “Blue Wave” in terms of liberal voters sending a message, and helping democrats to arrest majorities and regain control of the government.  But liberal voters did, however, send an equally seismic message:

“We’re with stupid–>.”

Conservatives were fair-minded.  They gave liberal voters the benefit of the doubt, allowing voters were ignorant of all these hidden political secrets about democrats, the news media, and the liberal establishment.  Except, now all has been made manifest, and there are no more secrets.  And via their voice in Tuesday’s mid-term elections, liberal voters unmistakably chose sides.

So let it be.

Liberals wanted a fight?

Having the damning evidence, and having declared their allegiance despite it, now they can have one.

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