The Capital Kerfuffle, and Balls

In regard to political criminality of the past four Trump years, what do we know for certain?  “Certain” meaning: as matters of evidence, fact, and indisputable record.  Well, counting ethical crime the list is quite long. Scroll-like, actually. So let’s stick with the really severe, punishable stuff.

For starters, we know Hillary Clinton deleted her subpoenaed emails.  That’s “subpoenaed” emails, which most assuredly exposed and indicted her on multiple fronts.  Else why delete thirty thousand lawfully “subpoenaed” emails?

I recommend Occam’s razor, here. 

Nevertheless, here is something else about this incident, something much more important, that we know for certain: Clinton paid no price for the crime personally or politically.

We also know, for certain, that Clinton had an illegal server stored in an apartment bathroom during her tenure as Secretary of State, and that she trafficked in “classified” documents via the server.  What happened in this instance of confirmed illegality?  Then FBI Director, James Comey, spent 14 minutes of a 15 minute press conference indicting Clinton, and 1 minute exonerating her—clearing the way for her presidential run in 2016. 

Hereto, another certainty: neither Clinton nor her accomplices paid a personal or political price. 

In the 2016 democrat primary, we know for certain that Clinton and the DNC rigged the election for Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.  In other words, democrats usurped the democratic process, disenfranchised American voters, and ultimately rigged the primary to install the candidate they wanted. The behavior as communist as the name, Lenin, and despite being caught, no one involved in this crime paid a personal or political price, either.

And let’s be clear: when you’re rigging the elections in a democratic republic, then, ipso facto, you’re trying to “overthrow the government,” which of course is treason.

Speaking of treason, there is the Obama administration political coup to take out opposition candidate, Donald Trump, which we know for certain not only occurred. It involved the highest levels of the Obama administration, to include his FBI, his intelligence agency, and most notably his vice president, and now the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.  Further, we know for certain United States Attorney, John Durham, is yet investigating the crime, classified so publicly by former attorney general, William Barr. 

Further confirming the “criminal” classification is still another thing we now for certain. Obama administration FBI attorney, Kevin Clinesmith, will soon plead guilty to intentionally falsifying a FISA court document, which provided the treasonous plot a path forward.  A treasonous plot not against Donald J. Trump, incidentally.  But against the United States of America and the American people—the true targets/casualties of any and all treasonous democracy subversion.

Now. We know for certain that all of the previous crimes occurred, and then some.  Who else knows they were committed?

The establishment news media, aka, the liberal media—Democrat Party operatives pretending to be journalists. Save Fox News, the nation’s premier news agencies have shown no interest at all in these, not merely crimes, but historic crimes. Historic crimes that run deeper than Clinton and Obama, too …  

Crimes such as Joe Biden openly confessing to bribing Ukrainian officials and using a billion taxpayer dollars to save his sleazy son, and himself, from a damning investigation and corruption exposure.  How did the establishment news media approach this historic crime? 

They ignored it—literally ignored a public confession. 

Crimes such as the investigative hoax that was the Mueller investigation. A concocted $40 million dollar, two and a half year scam meant to conceal the Obama administration’s treasonous coup, and an audit which produced zero evidence of presidential collusion with Russia, no less.  The establishment news media’s approach to this damning revelation?  

After two and a half years of conviction guarantees and hype, they completely ignored the result.

Transitioning immediately to the next establishment scam, they never asked the obvious questions: if the investigation was completely devoid of evidence, then what was the basis for it? Further, if no evidence was emerging during the course of the investigation, then why wasn’t the investigation shutdown before the final report? A report which revealed …

no evidence?! 

Answer: because the Mueller investigation was part of the treasonous plot!

The conspirators employed the scam to at least delay the discovery of the coup, and to hopefully get rid of the king they had failed to kill, so as to conceal their treasonous crime.  The establishment news media never asked the questions because it/they knew the answers.  And their answer to those answers was to simply ignore a historic political crime.  In fact, the news media ignored each and every matter that exposed and indicted the coup conspirators and the Democrat Party—their obvious partners in political crime.

And in the auxiliary crime department, we shan’t exclude Jeffrey Epstein.

Given Epstein’s money, his subsequent connection to the political world, and, in particular, his pedophilic fondness for adolescent, and even prepubescent girls. One can be reasonably certain Epstein poses a severe problem for not only political elites, but for elites beyond the political realm. 

And, he commits prison suicide?

Well, suicide is certainly plausible.  Facing a life in prison for pedophilia, a crime looked upon with contempt by fellow inmates, and having to expose his high-level political and equally pedophilic friends, Epstein had every reason to commit suicide.

But, did he?

Suicide, homicide—we don’t know for certain. However, what we do know for certain is that, one, Epstein was a convicted pedophile. And more importantly, two, even without his dirty secrets regarding his political friends and those beyond, we still have the next best thing: Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell knows everything Epstein knew.  Rather, she knows who, when, where, how often, and how much.  She was the Epstein booking agent, the Epstein Empire impresario.  And there she sits, incarcerated, poised to expose America’s political elites, and those beyond.  And the establishment news media’s response to this fact, and to this potentially historic, even ghastly, political crime?

It was ignored, too.

In the weeks before the 2020 election, William Barr said he did not want John Durham’s investigation to be perceived as political and to influence the election’s outcome.  Thus, Durham abstained from issuing his report—a report that, one of the coup conspirators being presidential candidate, Joe Biden, the public deserved to see/hear and evaluate.  Nevertheless. Maxwell incarcerated for months and kept in hiding, it seems Barr did not want the Epstein matter to influence the election, either.  In fact, over the last four years, it is abundantly clear that nobody wanted any matter harmful to the establishment elite to influence the 2020 election. 

So. We know for certain that all these criminal matters occurred. Individuals were indeed caught committing these various crimes, and the American people are aware of it, specifically those gathered at the capital in early January, “Trump 2020” signs in tow.  Like the other 75 million Trump voters, these law abiding citizens have been following each and every criminal incident. For four years they have restrained themselves, resolving to allow the system to sort things out, and hoping and expecting their leaders would, via the law, issue justice. But on every front, not only has there been no justice. There has been no movement toward it, either.

None. On historical political crimes, no less.

So then, what are these capital protestors to do?  Pretend none of these crimes occurred?  Pretend that an elite double standard and an obvious communist takeover over the country aren’t real?  This is precisely what Washington’s elite and the establishment news media are doing, save a small minority. This, while they universally condemn Donald Trump and his capital protestors. 

It seems all can be resolved and revealed with a simple question: is Trump lying? 

Was Trump not telling the truth to the capital crowd in early January, and to the American public for four previous years?  Did Clinton not criminally delete subpoenaed emails? Did she not traffic in classified documents? Was Clinton enabled by a corrupt FBI?  By former president Obama’s FBI?  Did Clinton and the DNC not rig a primary election? Did a treasonous coup not take place?  Is Clinesmith not pleading guilty to falsifying a FISA court document? Did Biden not commit bribery, and treason? Does what Maxwell knows spell doom for pedophilic, child-trafficking political elites and those beyond?  Finally, was the 2020 election stolen via covid, mail-in ballots, and voting machine fraud? 

Are these matters all fabrications? Because, blaming Trump and the protestors for the capital kerfuffle, the political establishment is saying precisely that: Trump is a liar! His claims are lies!

Well, is he? Are they?

Because it sure as hell matters.

If trump is telling the truth, then the United States in under a direct attack from a domestic enemy with clear and incontrovertible communist ambitions and objectives. If he is telling the truth, then the focus shifts from Trump directly to that enemy—the Democrat Party, the news media, and the establishment at large. Those who, knowing all these historic crimes did indeed occur, and that a determination in all these issues yet hangs in the balance, want the focus be on someone other them, their treasonous sins, and their communist goals.  The focus shifts to republicans, too. Those who, knowing the same, haven’t either the courage to fight the enemy alongside their patriotic superiors, or who are themselves criminally involved, indictable, and conspiring with the enemy.

For four years the political establishment has maintained an intensely focused, relentless, hateful, desperate, unseemly, unnatural, and ultimately maniacal effort to literally destroy Donald Trump.  The question is, why?  

Answer: the establishment is deathly afraid of him. 

Winning the presidency, Trump acquired the ability to both expose and ruin the entire establishment apparatus.  Hence, its maniacal desperation. Yet, while Trump has pursued both the establishment’s exposure and ruin.  While he has drained the swamp and laid bare both its creatures and their corruption for all to see.  There have been no indictments, and no accountability. 

Witnessing the swamp’s creatures and verifying their corruption is one thing.  Punishing them is quite another. 

And if there are no penalties, then Trump has effectively lied.  At least, that will be the establishment narrative forevermore, while it still controls the country and continues its self-serving corruption and communist ambitions.  Emboldened, circumstances aren’t then going to improve for citizens.  They’re going to worsen.  Rigged elections, treasonous coups, voter fraud, a history of successful political crime, and a conspiratorial news media that allows it all—republicans may never win another election.  There may never be another fair, democratic election. And if there are no more fair elections, then with what is the country left?

Communism. Despair.

So, when wondering why these protesting patriots descended on the capital, it’s because they patiently waited for republicans to do something about all the historic crimes; because they witnessed four years of total republican do-nothingness and abandonment; and because they were no longer going to stand by while republicans allowed a domestic communist regime to takeover their government and lives.  The protesting patriots effectively said, “We’ve had enough, and we’re sending one across the bow.”

The fact is conservatives are truth lovers who stand in opposition to evil wherever and whenever it presents itself. Absolutely certain and historic crimes being left ignored and unaddressed, evil is clearly presenting itself now via their own political establishment. And where are evil-confronting conservative patriots? On the Capital Building steps, precisely where they should be. Lovers and defenders of truth, and in this case, defenders of America, they are the backbone of every free nation, and of every nation that desires to be free, and that wants to remain free.

They call it: balls.

After the capital incident, former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, Paul Sperry, put it best, “Washington tonight is crying out for civility, reconciliation and reunification. But that won’t happen until Washington gets to the bottom of the political espionage that took place in 2016 and the mass fraud that took place in 2020.”

This is what the establishment typically does. It caters to itself and pisses everybody off. Then it hides out in its protective chamber, knowing the torches will eventually go out; knowing the aggrieved citizenry will slowly walk away muttering to themselves about the arrogance and ineptitude of government; and knowing that things will return to establishment norms.

Only, this time, the public has seen behind the establishment curtain and witnessed the sausage being made. Rather, they’ve witnessed how utterly corrupt their government and the establishment that protects it has become, and acknowledge a new, unholy enemy who must be vanquished. And if Washington doesn’t get to the bottom of the espionage and mass fraud, it’d probably pay them to stockpile ammunition, and to run and rerun some Capital Building emergency evacuation drills.

Because, the people with balls will most assuredly, and most righteously, be back for their country … in much greater numbers.

©JMW 2021

Author: JMW


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