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North Carolina’s News and Observer columnist, Ruth Sheehan, “Members of the men’s Duke lacrosse team: I am sorry. Surely by now you know I am sorry. I am writing these words now, and in this form, as a bookend to 13 months of Duke lacrosse coverage, my role in which started with a March 27 column that began:‘Members of the men’s Duke lacrosse team: You know. We know you know.’”

Three Duke lacrosse players were accused of raping a young black woman, Crystal Mangum; a stripper they’d hired for a party. Conveying the sentiments of the news media in the investigation’s beginning stages, Sheehan is essentially saying:  

We know you rich, privileged white boys did it. So, fess-up.  

Ultimately, the prosecutor, Mike Nifong, and the accuser, Mangum, were proven corrupt and the lacrosse players innocent. So here’s Sheehan, to her credit, acknowledging publicly her colossal personal failure. But despite her gross negligence, Sheehan still managed advice for everyone else. 

“My challenge to readers is to take up Evans’ [one of the accused, and Duke lacrosse team captain] larger cause — reforming the state’s grand jury system and ensuring fair treatment for all people accused of crimes. Not just the privileged.” 

Like, the same “fair treatment” Sheehan herself denied these lacrosse players. The transgression in mind, it seems Sheehan would include another area of both obvious and necessary reform: the news media, and the moral and human failures of journalists and journalism.  
“I’ll end what I hope will be my final column on the Duke lacrosse case,” Sheehan closed. “This has been difficult territory. I’m paid to write about what I think as things happen. But rest assured, I know my errors. And now you know I know.” 

“Difficult territory.” One of those erudite phrases used to mitigate the sting of, “I f-ed up.” And lecturing others about the need for grand jury reform and fair treatment for all, instead of her own reform, does she truly “know” her “errors?” 

A sample column for when you fail: “I screwed up. I own it. I mean it. I am wiser and will prove it.” 

Sixteen brief words people will respect, and quite possibly believe. 

Nifong and Mangum are repugnant human beings, certainly, who do indeed necessitate that the system be reformed so as to prevent what they did from happening ever again, to anyone else. But were Sheehan and the news media doing their jobs, say like, with the same tenacity and vigor they employed to convict and condemn Donald Trump and those in his sphere for now six years and counting. Well, perhaps the “system” wouldn’t need reforming, for its fear of the news media’s determination and wrath. 

In any event … 

Nifong, a rogue prosecutor up for election in a predominantly black district, lied about virtually everything. He wasn’t asking any probing questions, because he wasn’t interested in the truth of the case. His storyline was established, one that facilitated his strategy: use a black girl’s rape accusation to get elected in a predominantly black district, which he successfully did before his fraud and crimes were exposed.  

So then, the questioning, the search for the truth, was up to the news media—up to Sheehan. 

And presuming the guilt of three adolescent lacrosse players, they all failed. 

The thing is, if you just wait for all the evidence and a trial verdict, you aren’t stuck writing these humbling, repentant columns, and rephrasing I f-ed up to “difficult territory” in an effort to temper the sting of personal and journalistic failure. Waiting for the truth is precisely what each and every member of the news media—human beings each with the ability to choose the just and honorable path—should have done.  

Instead of: “Members of the men’s Duke lacrosse team: You know. We know you know.”  

Presuming innocence, hearing all the evidence, waiting for a trial verdict—it’s a pretty straightforward approach, really. Civilized and noble, too. 

Fact is, Nifong was a liar [and much worse, actually] who ended-up disbarred and serving prison time, if only a day. While the rape victim, or rather, rape liar, Mangum, was later arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault and battery, communicating threats, injury to personal property, identity theft, resisting a public officer, five counts of arson, and three counts of misdemeanor child abuse—all this after falsely accusing three Duke lacrosse players of a rape she well-knew never occurred. 

Interesting how it all fits together to say: dishonest, delusional criminal. And for the record, Mangum’s long history of mental illness, and that she’d been hospitalized for that illness as late as 2005, was a fact the news media could not unearth and include in their calculations? 

It didn’t fit their established storyline and strategy, either. 

So, some quick inventory: a narcissistic and corrupt prosecutor and a crazy stripper, two pillars of the community, hook-up to basically rig an election, and to conceal from social services that they’d left their children home alone in the middle of the night to strip for a college lacrosse team, and to get wasted. And the news media enables, both pillars

People read this penitent and conciliatory column from Sheehan, realize the truth of this state and journalistic crime against three adolescent boys, and think: this is beyond awful. It’s evil!  

They’re right, of course. But then, be the accused. Be the accused’s parents and family, the ones actually enduring—mentally, emotionally, financially—this political fraud. 

It’s interesting how dispassionate people can be when injustice happens to someone else, but how outraged and animated when it happens to them.  

Isn’t it? Interesting? 

And consider this: this same news media, rather, the same human beings who comprise the enterprise, can do this to three adolescent boys sans conscious. Yet they can’t muster reporting on Hillary Clinton’s and the Obama administration’s collusion hoax and crimes, or the lascivious and criminal exploits of Hunter Biden and his father, the “president” of the United States. 

Of the news media: “You’re a tough guy, Jeb. Real tough.” 

As for enduring the political fraud, take note of all those—journalists, politicians, university administrators and professors, classmates—who condemned the innocent. Take note of the protestors, the “black leaders” and race hustlers, the raging feminists screaming into bullhorns, the rally and candlelight vigil goers. Take note of those who jumped on the racism and misogyny and white privilege bandwagons. All calling for get-a-rope justice for the teenaged accused. 

These people are not only enemies of truth and justice.  

They’re enemies of humankind.  

Write that down. 

Presumed innocence isn’t the law? Isn’t the moral and righteous protocol to which every human being should adhere? Swinging from a tree without a trial—Fess up! We know you know!—is how fellow human beings should be treated? 

And go ahead. Make this case of morality and honor to this condemning mob. See where it goes. 

Where it goes: Get another rope … 

These people are inhuman. Brutish, uncivilized beasts. Hypocrites one and all who, were it them wrongfully accused, would be begging everyone to hear all the evidence and believe in their innocence. Disinterested in truth and justice, they would apply this same disinterest to you, too. Despite proof of innocence, they’d walk away from your lynching ceremony disappointed and grumbling, and with:   

No remorse for their behavior.  
No feelings of personal failure.  
No apology to the wronged and maltreated.  
No lessons learned, and none wiser. 

Animals, they are. Passing themselves off as loving, compassionate, and caring human beings. 

The point is the Duke lacrosse incident happened nearly twenty years ago, and here we are enduring the same nonsense from the very same actors.  

Russian collusion—Donald J. Trump conspiring with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 presidential election—was a Hillary Clinton and Obama administration scheme that involved his CIA and FBI, among other private companies and institutions.  

The story was fake! A treasonous hoax. Admitted to under oath by Clinton lieutenant, Robby Mook, in federal court trial testimony. The same devastating way that Mike Nifong’s expert DNA witness confessed that none of the DNA material matched any of the lacrosse players, accused or otherwise, and that he’d entered into an agreement with Nifong not to share the fact with the defense. 

Nifong lied to the judge.  
Nifong knew the players were innocent, even before he indicted them.  
Thus, Nifong worked really, really hard at lying and fabricating a case against … college kids. 

That in mind, who committed the Russian collusion fraud? Who diligently, energetically carried it forward? Who worked really, really hard at lying and fabricating a case? Who has wanted Donald Trump’s head without cause for the last six years?  

The same politicians and news media who tried to imprison and ruin three college adolescents without cause. The same people who held rallies and candlelight vigils over a fake rape story. The same people who jumped on the racism, misogyny, and white privilege bandwagons, and who yet walked away disappointed and grumbling when the truth emerged and innocence was established. And again with: 

No remorse for their behavior.  
No feelings of personal failure.  
No apology to the wronged and maltreated.  
No lessons learned, and none wiser. 

The same people. The same animals, rather. The same hypocrites always lecturing everyone else about becoming “better human beings,” and “love,” and “compassion,” and “kindness,” and “justice,” and “racism,” and … 

The same people who become enraged by that last paragraph, instead of employing a modicum of self-awareness and doing some damn soul searching. 

It’s a good place to insert Jesus, the revealer of all things true. He rolls into town, does nothing but miraculously heal people of every ailment known to humankind, and teach actual forgiveness, kindness, and love toward every human being. He was nonetheless put on trial and executed; a process that revealed two kinds of people throughout: those who wanted his death justified, and those who wanted him dead, regardless.  

The latter are inhuman, and evil. And thousands of years later, these sorts are still among us. 

They are claiming rape when none occurred, and exploiting black girls and white boys to win elections in black districts. They are plotting and executing treasonous collusion hoaxes. And all with not only the assistance and approval of a national news media, but a league of voting enablers.  

We put a face to evil, like Richard Ramirez or John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer—brutal, sadistic murderers we label as “pure evil.” But all evil is pure, one. And two, its face isn’t solely the sinister mug and brutal pedigree to which we assign it, so as to make ourselves feel more righteous and comfortable.  

Evil is exploiting and destroying people without cause, and to personal benefit. It’s enabling evil, electing it, and justifying its deeds thereafter.  

These types are yet among us, and always will be. And it is past time people, societies, and civilizations both realized and acknowledged their presence. It’s not politicians, news media, feminism, district attorneys, strippers, activists, blacks, whites, and so on. It’s individual human beings behind those labels, and not very good ones is some cases. Certainly not in these Duke lacrosse and Russian collusion cases. 

Societies and civilizations don’t fail for “evil,” perse, which is yet another label. They fail for evil’s human disciples. Human beings who have the ability to elevate their thinking and behavior above that of other animals, to say, presume innocence and wait for the verdict, and apologize when they are wrong (hat-tip Sheehan), but who choose to forgo the nobility of elevated ideas and behavior to remain common, undisciplined animals.   

These individuals aren’t difficult to recognize, because they are the same people every single time: liberals. Evil’s human disciples. The enemies of justice, truth, nobility, goodness, Almighty God, the human race, and even themselves.  

From one failure to the next, liberals never learn. Because, they don’t want to learn. 

Hence, if the goal is societal success, then societies and civilizations everywhere need to take a long, hard look at liberal participation.  

It’s one thing to have different views. It’s another to willfully destroy your fellowman without just cause, over and over and over, and with: 

No remorse for your behavior.  
No feelings of personal failure.  
No apology to the wronged and maltreated.  
No lessons learned, and none wiser.  

Societies deserve better. The human race deserves better. 

*Understandably, Sheehan’s original column has been “404ed” from the News and Observer website—what news agency wants to be known for getting it wrong, right? The copy was retrieved elsewhere. The internet is forever. 

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The Dark People

Walking into his son’s bedroom, finding his son slumped over his desk appearing to be asleep, but in fact deceased from a fentanyl overdose. Chris Didier said of the experience, “I knew something was horribly wrong. I just felt something dark and something empty—and it haunts me.”  

They call this intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Ultimately, intuition represents the spiritual realm, a realm modern science cannot explain, and thus contends does not exist.  

It doesn’t?  

Well then, how do we sense when things are “horribly wrong” without knowing them to be so? Where do these haunting feelings of “darkness” and “emptiness” come from? 

From the spiritual realm—which simply cannot exist if science, liberalism’s god, is to be the final authority. 

Formerly, we couldn’t officially say Hillary Clinton was responsible for the Russian collusion hoax. Now—after nearly $50 million taxpayer dollars, and after putting the country through a divisive, unnecessary scam to steal an election, and to also prevent the unintended winner from ever prosecuting the conspirators—thanks to Special Counsel John Durham, and to the trial confessions of Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook and FBI agents, we can incontrovertibly and thus confidently say: 

Hillary is a con-artist.  

And it’s so much worse, actually. 

Incidentally, are those not serious matters? A politician allowing nearly $50-million-dollars of citizenry wages to be spent investigating her hoax, and putting the nation through years of unnecessary turmoil for her political and personal gain—and likewise her fellow conspirators?  

Had anyone else scammed the American people this horribly, the earth wouldn’t be a large enough hiding place—and Clinton and her liberal establishment conspirators would be the hypocrites spearheading and leading the search. Yet, this same liberal bunch ran a treasonous hoax, wasted millions of citizenry dollars both selling and concealing the hoax, created years of national tumult, ongoing tumult, and everyone shrugs. 

Of course, the citizenry isn’t shrugging; they are outraged. The establishment conspirators are shrugging. Why? Because they can. What citizens learn and don’t learn, what they know and don’t know, liberals and their establishment control. So then, the citizen outrage?  

Well, there is no outrage if the establishment doesn’t verify and report it so.  

All is well in the kingdom. So, shut up out there, you whiney ingrates. And incidentally, despite Durham’s trial testimony revealing otherwise, Trump colluded with Putin to steal the election. Got it?! Now, get back to work and earn our money! 

Trump colluded with Putin and stole an election because we, the liberal establishment, say so. Durham proves otherwise in federal court, but we, the liberal establishment, refuse to confess and report it so.  

See how it works?  

Information control. Peasantry control. Societal control. 

Try this: the world’s leading law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the FBI and CIA, specifically tasked with protecting America and American democracy from her enemies, didn’t know Hillary Clinton was running an election hoax? With all their expensive, high-tech, awe-inspiring tradecraft tools, the likes the public sees demonstrated in all those FBI and CIA content-assisted spy thriller films. Neither agency could recognize the bumbling, ham-handed attempt of a politician, her attorneys, and a collection of oppo-researchers and computer nerds to frame Donald Trump and his associates? 

Answer: the FBI and CIA not only recognized the scam; they were in on it. 

As trial testimony now proves, they were co-conspirators. 

And incidentally, isn’t this a serious matter, too? 

Nevertheless …  

The conservative media is discussing the trial testimony and the heinous coup crimes of the entire liberal establishment: the treason of Clinton and the Obama administration, the conspiratorial assistance of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the national news media cover-up. It’s all true and relevant, but here’s the question no one is asking and what no one is talking about: 

What kind of people would participate in something so, flagitious and diabolical? 

Answer: Dark People.  

Soulless, inhumane, wretched people of evil. The types that, unless you’re one of them, rather, unless you’re a cult member, make you feel “something dark and something empty” when they are present and/or involved—whether science wants to recognize the sensation or not. 

And although such identification would be accurate and more efficient, let’s not bury these dark souls under a “liberal” and “liberal establishment” umbrella, or under some liberal cause banner. Let’s not let them off so easily. Let’s identify some of them personally and organizationally. Because it is actual human beings under the umbrella and holding the banners—reprehensibly dark, loathsome, and evil human beings: 

Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Robbie Mook, Michael Sussmann, Marc Elias, the Perkins-Coie law firm, Rodney Joffe, the FBI’s James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, the CIA’s John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS, the entire Democrat Party congress and senate, liberals pretending to be republicans—Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, John McCain—network news ABC-CBS-NBC, cable news CNN-MSNBC and the collective’s hosts and punditry, nearly every major national newspaper, Hollywood—Rob Reiner, Robert DeNiro, the entire cast of The View … 

It isn’t a complete list by any stretch, but it serves the point. These people, these “human beings,” these supposed lovers and servants of humanity, and many more behind the scenes, both orchestrated and carried the collusion fraud forward—many knowing it was a fraud, and the rest useful idiots blindly and dutifully serving the liberal cult and their cult leaders. 

Some say it’s militant to hold this view of liberals and to speak this way of them. But those who think so don’t understand these people, aren’t aware of the dripping fangs and bad intent underneath the white, woolly sheep’s skin—naïve, defenseless, and innocent creatures who were themselves slaughtered, skinned, and left rotting in the meadow expressly for the intended ruse of their soulless murderers.  

Liberals are awful human beings, beholden to nothing or no one but evil. Proving it so, Lt. Colonel Michael Flynn, a bonafide United States war hero—status born of dedicated service to a military institution, a country, and to humankind.  All things liberals despise, incidentally, though pretend otherwise when political necessity deems, or when in pursuit of an evil objective. 

Flynn was framed by the white-wooled Dark People—the walking dead, the modern-day White Walkers. Not because Flynn did anything wrong. But because, as Trump’s pick to head national security, he would expose both the dark society and the hoax the Dark People had undertaken, and that was ongoing.  

Flynn had to be taken out, which is precisely what the dark society did. 

“As former Director of the defense Intelligence Agency and a career military intelligence officer,” author Lee Smith wrote in his book Permanent Coup: how enemies foreign and domestic targeted the American president, “[Flynn would] know how and where to find the documentary evidence of the FBI’s illegal spying operation.”  

In other words, Flynn could/would expose the ongoing coup and its conspirators, a coup we now know occurred, and conspirators we now know to exist. Plus, Flynn had plans for intelligence reformation, which threatened the CIA directly.   

“Flynn had promised a Beltway-wide audit that would force agencies to justify their missions. He’d said he was going to make the entire Senior Intelligence Service hand in their resignations,” which was a lot of people across the intelligence community. Flynn wasn’t going to fire them all, just force them to detail why their work was so vital to national security. To which Smith added: 

“Many knew they wouldn’t make the cut.”  

So in response to the threat, the dark society’s coup conspirators concocted a lie, said Flynn’s communications with senior Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak, made Flynn, a career military man and war hero, a traitor. It was a lie, proven so when the US Justice Department ultimately dropped its case against Flynn. 

Even so, the point is threefold: one, along with Hillary and the Clinton campaign, the Obama administration was executing a coup, which was not only targeting Donald Trump, a duly elected president, but the American citizens who both did and did not elect him. So, two, all involved were conspirators who knew exactly what they were doing, and why. And most importantly, three, they were doing it! And what is “it,” exactly? 

They were purposefully, shamelessly, heartlessly bringing Lt. Colonel Michael Flynn’s life to ruin. 

Mike Flynn: a career military veteran, a decorated war hero, a family man, an American citizen of profound distinction. 

As if that isn’t sufficiently repugnant, the dark society, via Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his lead investigative agent, Andrew Wiseman, leveraged Flynn’s son to encourage Flynn’s confession to a lie, that he was a traitor. To spare his son, Flynn broke, and at least temporarily agreed to a plea deal. 

Enter prominent attorney Sidney Powell, who turned Flynn’s case around and forced the US Justice Department into submission. Why did Justice drop the case against Flynn? 

Because the case was a lie. A manufactured lie to facilitate a collusion hoax. A planned, intentional fraud orchestrated by liberals, by human beings—if you care to characterize them with such finery—who carelessly laid to waste the lives of other human beings: Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, his family, his administration, and anyone and everyone associated or who dared expose their crimes—rather, their evils. 

As the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel wrote: “Trump announced on Twitter Wednesday that he’d granted Mr. Flynn a full pardon. Liberals and the media are (as per their tedious usual) claiming the president stepped in to aid a corrupt crony. This has it exactly backward. The Flynn pardon was necessary—to correct a corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation, a rogue special counsel, an unprincipled federal judge, and an embarrassingly complicit media.” 

In other words, the pardon was necessary to defeat the Dark People and their evil cult. 

Flynn was ruined.  He lost his house, his job, racked-up millions in legal debt, and saw his impeccable reputation sullied. And now that we know Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration are responsible for the coup, and for Flynn’s and others ruination, are either assuming responsibility and apologizing? Are any of the dark people from the previous list making atonement for their crimes and conspiratorial assistance? 

No. And why not?  

Because assuming responsibility and apology and atonement mean guilt. Specifically, they mean verification of the coup. And with verification, the point to all this: they mean careless, shameless, heartless, soulless, and intentional treachery of human beings against other fellow human beings. 

If you are attempting a coup, you understand the criminal danger to yourself. Knowing the criminal danger, you know you can only be compromised by fellow human beings discovering and exposing your crimes and evils. Thus, you must be willing to deal with those people in whatever way you must, to include their heartless, soulless ruination. And what kind of people are willing to treat other human beings with such utter disregard, disrespect, and cruelty? 

Dark People.   

Soulless, inhumane, wretched people of evil. People that, unless you’re one of them, rather, unless you’re a cult member, make you feel something hauntingly “dark” and “empty” when they are present and/or involved. People otherwise known as liberals, unfortunately, whose religion is merely a satanic cult by another name:  


Satan, the scriptures verify, is bent on bringing misery and despair to every human being, and to ultimately destroying each and every one. Expelled from the heavens, human destruction defines and guides and validates his entire existence.  

Would not his human helpers, his disciples, have the same mind and pursue the same objective? 

Behavior never lies. 

As Christ himself put it, the Dark People despise the light because it exposes their evils. It’s true, and they will also destroy any human being who utilizes it.  

So, it isn’t a political war America is experiencing. It’s one more, foundational. 

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The Hubris of Acquittal

Why would liberals have the stones to attempt a communist takeover of the United States?  

The Michael Sussmann acquittal.  

It is but one of many examples, actually, but a worthy one. 

Sussmann said he wasn’t working for a client when he met with the FBI’s James Baker regarding the collusion hoax Sussmann was peddling. Yet, Sussmann billed the Hillary Clinton campaign for the time, and material. Thus, Sussmann did lie to the FBI—a falsehood he no less texted.  

Clinton campaign manager, Robbie Mook, he confessed the whole collusion scam was, in fact, Clinton’s idea.  

The FBI and CIA confessed to knowing within hours the Sussmann claims were not only bogus, but a Clinton scam. Yet, they executed the fraud anyway.  

All this, and much more, was divulged in under oath trial testimony, in what would seem an open and shut case of guilt. Yet, what was the Sussmann verdict? 

“Not guilty,” a Washington DC jury decided. 

The DC area voted 90% Clinton in the 2016 election. The jury, made-up of these clearly biased DC residents, was actually comprised of an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supporter, Clinton donors, and a person whose daughter was on the same rowing team as Sussmann’s daughter—all allowed by a Barrack Obama-appointed judge, no less. And if it thought possible that these jurists could be impartial, think again.  

Post Sussmann’s acquittal, the jury forewoman: 

“I don’t think [the case] should have been prosecuted. There are bigger things that affect the nation than a possible lie to the FBI.” 

Conspirators fabricate a hoax to steal an election and cripple a presidency, and this was the jury’s conclusion. Notice it was political response, not one about the case evidence, about the issue jurists were charged with evaluating and deciding—whether or not Sussmann lied to the FBI, which he incontrovertibly did.   

Clinton lied, used hired legal hand Sussmann to do it. The billing records prove Sussmann a conspiratorial liar. Yet the jury acquits him.  

The term is: jury nullification

“A jury’s knowing and deliberate rejection of the evidence or refusal to apply the law either because the jury wants to send a message about some social issue that is larger than the case itself, or because the result dictated by law is contrary to the jury’s sense of justice, morality, or fairness.” ~ source: Legal Information Institute. 

One might add this to the definition: “… knowing and deliberate rejection of the evidence or refusal to apply the law, because the result would condemn their cult leaders and threaten their entire religious orthodoxy.”  

In sum, and succinctly: liberal jurors refuse to condemn one of their own, guilty or not. 

On October 1, 2017, “president” Joe Biden’s brother and business partner, Jim Biden, texted his nephew, Hunter Biden, the “president’s” son: “You need to call me now. Just got off the phone with your father …We have the two biggest days of our business life in front of us!!!!!! We must be smart, or everything goes up in smoke! Please call me. You MUST remain calm. Timing could not be worse. Calm and measured!!!! Paybacks can come later.” 

When you know your son is an addict, that the laptops he dropped off at the computer repair shop are his. When you know those laptops contain emails that describe your familial corruption, one email in particular from your brother that actually and incriminatingly states, “Just got off the phone with your father … biggest days of our business life in front of us … paybacks can come later.” There is only one reason you’d say and continue to maintain that you, “never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses. Period”— 

You believe you can get away with your corruption and crimes.  

Who is going to report the truth about us? Fox News? C’mon man. We own the rest of the media, for God’s sake! 

And of course, this is true. Liberals do have the media, and Hollywood, and the deep state, and the courts. And losing ideological control in the supreme court, what’s the liberal fix?  

Pack it. Regain ideological dominance and control. 

Ideological dominance in a building with “Equal Justice Under Law” and “Justice, the Guardian of Liberty” posted on the west and east walls. 

So, if you’re a liberal, why wouldn’t you believe you can get away with corruption and crime? And do liberals believe they can? 

Well, Clinton trafficked classified material on a secret, illegal computer server and, with help from a corrupt FBI director and fellow liberal and evildoer, James Comey, there she is running for president in 2016. In addition to the trafficking crimes, Clinton rigged a primary election and, aided by an entire establishment of liberal evildoers, there she is, still running for president. She then orchestrated and executed a collusion hoax to steal the 2016 presidential election. Assisted by President Obama and his FBI and CIA, and the very same establishment in its entirety, to now include twelve DC citizen jurors and fellow liberal evildoers, here Clinton is plotting a 2024 presidential run.  

Sussmann actually texted his guilt. Yet here he is, acquitted. The FBI admitted in testimony they lied, and that the agency willfully participated in a political hoax. Yet here they are, still stonewalling congressional oversight to prevent their further exposure—and orchestrating the kidnapping of state governors on the side, as well as losing Hunter’s laptop.  

Speaking of which, Hunter Biden’s laptop emerged weeks before the 2020 election. The liberal establishment and deep state waved it away as Russian disinformation to protect the Biden candidacy, to only now confess its legitimacy a year-and-a-half later—purely because the legal case against Hunter is going to publicize and expose their fraud. And “president” Biden, he said he “never discussed with my son or my brother or anyone else anything having to do with their businesses. Period.” Yet here he is: still in office, still successfully denying his familial business associations [and crimes and corruption], despite an email from his brother and business partner proving otherwise. 

And the liberal news media. They have intentionally ignored all of this—major, historic, evidenced, jury tried political/government malfeasance. And here they are, still deceiving the public, still assisting in the cover-up. 

Initially, the operation was a treasonous coup against Donald Trump, wherein it was a full-scale establishment effort to completely destroy him. Having failed, and the conspirators now, in toto, exposed and vulnerable. It is still a full-scale establishment effort. Only now it is to prevent the conspirators from being exposed and from meeting with justice. All to, most importantly, maintain establishment power and control. 

Liberals fully understand what they have: cultural control, and thus believe they can do whatever they want and get away with it. They can politicize everything. They can flagrantly lie and deceive. They can corrupt federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. They can rig elections, commit treason coups, and sexually abuse children, even. And their very own news media advancing their fraud and concealing their sins, there is no reason to think they can’t get away with anything.  

Like, say, a communist takeover of the United States.  

Liberals have control and they aim to keep it. Only now, their conspiratorial partnership and corruption have been thoroughly revealed—mostly by themselves and their response to Donald Trump. They can’t conceal Durham’s indictments or his trial revelations. They can’t deny or conceal the deep state’s existence and complicity, either. They can’t conceal Hunter’s laptop and wave it away as Russian disinformation. And the news media, they can’t deny being the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party, helping to hide the party’s crimes and ensuring its power and control. 

Everyone can see it now, knows that it’s undeniably true. Some may not want to acknowledge the truth for the ideological and personal implications, but they can’t deny it.  

Hollywood, the corporate news media, the Democrat Party, RINO republicans, the FBI and CIA, the deep state—the entire liberal establishment is corrupt. 

Corrupt as in: evil. Divisive. Deceptive. Lawless. Immoral. Criminal. 

Liberals are full-on Marxists not only pining for communism, but behaving exactly like communists. The establishment, in fact, is one massive conspiratorial communist regime—committing crimes to both achieve and maintain political power and control, hiding the malfeasance from the public. And worse … 

They actually believe they can get away with it. 

And with a set-up like this, why wouldn’t they believe it? Why wouldn’t they believe they can “transform” the United States into a communist nation over which they preside? 

Liberals are not going to cede the control they’ve managed. Another thing they’re not going to do is tolerate dissent. Liberals can’t tolerate dissent. Because, their arguments so easily destroyed by basic facts and common sense, dissenters demonstrate their utter phoniness, ineptitude, and foolishness.   

If the goal is maintaining power and control, dissent and dissenters are strictly forbidden—as it is in every other communist regime.  

Everyone is wrong but liberals. End of discussion.  

That’s why liberals, establishment-wide, attack dissent and dissenters so ferociously. It’s why they don’t just attack both, but seek to obliterate both—as in, six years of relentless Trump assault. That’s why liberals must brainwash people—the weak minded, anyway. That’s why liberals attract the angriest and the most deranged and volatile people as disciples of their insane ideology. Because when most people see how easily common sense and truth destroy virtually everything for which liberals advocate and stand.

Well, liberals can’t control that.  And because they can’t control it, dissent and dissenters must be crushed.  

Liberals don’t want to hear opposing opinion, much less discuss or debate it. They want their beliefs to rule—as it is in every other communist regime.   

Liberals are aware their beliefs and arguments are being dismantled and destroyed in debate. They don’t catch on to the embarrassment or shame of intellectual and ideological defeat, however, because they are fools. Even if they did feel embarrassment and shame, they couldn’t acknowledge it. Because acknowledging it means admitting defeat, and that they are wrong. Neither of which can occur for it condemning their ideology—a giant house of cards that cannot abide even the slightest breath of inaccuracy or failure.   

You cannot live on lies and allow the truth to exist.  

You can’t live on lies and allow those lies to be dragged into the sunlight where evidence and facts and truth can disinfect and destroy them.  

Hence, in acquiring and maintaining power and control over people, dissent must be utterly crushed. Therefore, liberals accuse and intimidate people via big, loud collective moans of disapproval and condemnation, specifically public disapproval and condemnation. Public stricture that encourages dissenters to say, Well, I don’t want to disagree and get pilloried and embarrassed, which is absolutely a tool of liberals.  

Liberals exist on lies. They reject the truth in any and every instance that challenges their desired beliefs and subsequent ideology. The only path to control is just, complete, dissent-free ideological domination. And controlling the culture, liberals are a long way towards that control and domination. And like every other despot who has arrested power and control, liberals aren’t keen on relinquishing the control or sharing power.  

Hence, the Fox News and conservative media assault. 

Hence, the calls for violence against conservative and republican congressman and senators.   

Hence, the attempted slayings of supreme court justices.  

Hence, the almost six-year campaign of liberal, anti-Trump lunacy involving every single liberal institution and cause.  

Acutely aware of their criminal exposure. Witnessing their ideology becoming more and more suspect and loathsome and rejectable, for more and more people recognizing the abject fraud that is liberalism. Liberals sense their control and domination slipping away, which is rendering them more and more panicked and reckless. 

The situation is dire for the established authority. It is something that should put every American on high alert, because this can’t end well. Nobody gives up their power without a fight and, historically, sans bloodshed.  

And yes. It’s that real. 

First, it’s dividing the public. Then rigged primary elections and corrupting federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Then White House sanctioned hoaxes and coups. Then bioweapons and election fraud. Then installing figurehead leaders to conceal unelected, deep state leaders bent on national “transformation.” As things progress, it becomes manufactured crises: inflation, crippling food and fuel prices, destroying the economy, elementary school murders, gun confiscation, desperation, dependence. 

Ultimately, the weapons come out and the blood flows to regain freedom. 

And yes, it’s that real. 

I mean, isn’t it? 

©JMW 6/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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Turns Out, It’s the Illusion of Democracy

The whole Governor Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case is a total farce. And not just your average total farce, but one in which the FBI orchestrated events for political reasons—to ultimately get rid of Donald Trump in an election year, in assistance to the Democrat Party and liberal establishment.  

Or so a Michigan jury concluded.  

Essentially, the entire case has been thrown out. 

The FBI? Performing treasonous political deeds?  

Unfortunately, yes.  

For perfect clarity: the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations, the world’s leading law enforcement agency, orchestrated a crime to not only entrap American citizens but, moreover, to subvert democracy and help democrats win an election.  

Suddenly, the phrase, “We’re turning the investigation over to the FBI,” isn’t so, reassuring.  

And the Whitmer fraud was a repeat performance. The agency orchestrated Russian collusion events, too, wherein they plotted against a duly elected President of the United States. An audaciously grand conspiracy involving other nations, lies and falsified documents to a surveillance court, spying on American citizens, wiretapping, data mining, campaign lawyers, pols, their select investigatory committees, and a national news media.  

All of which is now being exposed in federal court by Special Counsel John Durham—and intentionally avoided by the national news media, save Fox News and the alternative media.

In view, is it really so hard to connect the dots? A treasonous Russian collusion scheme to get rid of Trump. Four years of ceaseless liberal establishment and deep state fraud—leaked conversations, baseless scandal after scandal, impeachment attempts, fake news narratives—also to get rid of Trump. A contrived governor-napping, to get rid of Trump. Exploiting a virus, to get rid of Trump. Lying about Hunter Biden’s corruption-laden laptop, to get rid of Trump … 

Let’s just state the obvious: there was a political coup targeting Trump.  

… an ongoing political coup.  

President Obama—and the world, incidentally, because Trump wasn’t a participant in their corrupt, globalist, fleecing of America con game—did not like the people’s choice for president, and felt it his duty to cancel the selection via his administrative tools. And in accomplishing the goal, one, no scheme was too outrageous, risky, or criminal. And two, there would be no rest or peace, establishment-wide, until the mission was completed.  

Because, having lost the 2016 election, and having left both their treasonous crimes and themselves exposed, the clock was ticking. 

Failure. Was not. And is not. An option.  

Given the circumstances, this unprecedented liberal administrative malfeasance, the obvious question is: what is the next duly elected republican or independent president, the next president who isn’t a liberal, walking into?  

We now know what Trump walked into: an establishment-wide political coup. This undeniably true, the larger, more important question becomes: what kind of government do Americans then have?  

Answer: they haven’t one.  

Not a functioning one, anyway. And clearly a grotesquely corrupt one. 

So, what does the future hold for a nation when these kinds of crimes are being birthed and executed in that nation’s Executive Office? What is the future hold when a political party in power criminally utilizes a nation’s security and intelligence forces for political advantage, and is no less enabled by virtually an entire national news media?  

The future is grim—ruinous conditions in which evil thrives. 

A corrupt political establishment isn’t a step towards communism. It is communism. It’s establishment control sans public acknowledgement. It is surreptitious control. Indeed, conspiratorial control.

This is how it all starts, how authoritarianism is ultimately realized. Citizens think they are living in freedom, when they aren’t at all. It’s a lie, an illusion. Elections are rigged and stolen. Politicians are enriching themselves and committing treasonous crimes. Corporations are gorging at the Washington teat. A national news media is their collective enabler. And all are enjoying the citizenry’s, the world’s, hard earned tax revenue.

A citizenry who, except for their hard-earned wages, doesn’t factor into this scenario at all.  

So, is this really the case in America?  

The affirming evidence was laid out chapter and verse. Donald Trump: 

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people. The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exist for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself. The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election [2016]. For those who control the levers of power in Washington, and for the global special interests, they partner with these people that don’t have your good in mind. Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they haven’t seen before.  

“This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government. The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories and our jobs as they flee to Mexico, China, and other countries all around the world. It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.  

“This is a struggle for the survival of our nation. And this will be our last chance to save it. This election will determine whether we’re a free nation, or whether we have only the illusion of democracy, but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system—and our system is rigged.  

“This is reality. You know it. They know it. I know it. And pretty much the whole world knows it.  

“The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure. We’ve seen this firsthand in the WikiLeaks documents, in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of US sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends, and her donors.  

“Honestly, she should be locked up.  

“The most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media, the press. Let’s be clear on one thing: the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They’re a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity with a total political agenda. And the agenda is not for you; it’s for themselves. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe. They will lie, lie, lie. And then again, they will do worse than that. They will do whatever is necessary.  

“The Clintons are criminals, remember that. This is well documented, and the establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive cover up of widespread criminal activity at the state department and the Clinton Foundation, in order to keep the Clintons in power. They knew they would throw every lie they could at me, and my family, and my loved ones. They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me.  

“Nevertheless, I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our movement, so that we can have our country back. I knew this day would arrive; it’s only a question of when. And I knew the American people would rise above it and vote for the future they deserve. The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine, is you. The only force strong enough to save our country, is us. The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment, is you, the American people.  

“Our great civilization has come upon a moment of reckoning. I didn’t need to do this, folks. Believe me. I built a great company, and I had a wonderful life. I could have enjoyed the fruits and benefits of years of successful business deals and businesses for myself and my family, instead of going through this absolute horror show of lies, deceptions, malicious attacks. Who would’ve thought …? I’m doing it because this country has given me so much, and I feel so strongly that is my turn to give back to the country that I love. I’m doing this for the people, and for the movement. And we will take back this country for you, and we will make America great again.”  

Five years of observable history, of a maniacal establishment quest to destroy Trump by any means and at any cost, he was clearly onto something. Is it then any wonder the establishment would spend every second of that time on a suicide mission to destroy him?

And what does a suicidal quest say about the veracity of his accusations?

As the Trump years have incontrovertibly proven, America has, indeed, only the illusion of democracy. The liberal establishment has fully revealed itself to be everything Trump proclaimed it to be. Every aspect has proven corrupt and conspiratorial, keen on maintaining established order, power, control, and the ability to enrich itself.


Has the political establishment not revealed itself entirely “failed and corrupt”? Corrupt and failed, does the establishment then have the citizenry’s “good in mind?” 

Doesn’t Trump’s condemning presence then represent a “true existential threat?” 

Rigged primaries, treasonous coups, exploited bioweapons, mail-in ballot fraud, an aiding and abetting news media—aren’t forces domestic and global “rigging the system?” Concealing the worst political crimes, isn’t the news media protecting the Obama administration, Hillary, the Democrat Party, and isn’t it then “corrupt?” Isn’t the news media by and large political and agenda driven, and “no longer involved in journalism?” 

Isn’t anyone who challenges their established order, their power, “deemed a sexist, racist, xenophobe,” and even laughably, “the enemy of democracy?” 

Has the entire establishment not proven to “lie, lie, and lie,” and proven able to do “worse than that?” To do “whatever is necessary” to maintain power and control? 

Russian collusion a proven Clinton [and Obama administration] hoax, and John Durham indicting her campaign in federal court. Aren’t then the “Clintons criminals?” 

Did not she and her establishment conspirators “throw every lie they could” at Trump, his campaign, cabinet members, family and loved ones? 

Hence, did Trump not go through “an absolute horror show of lies, deception, and malicious attacks” for now the last five-plus years? 

The list undeniably true, has not then “our great civilization come upon a moment of reckoning”—realizing that American democracy is indeed an illusion, and addressing the fresh reality? 

Go ahead. Say it to your friends, that the United States in the midst of a political coup and communist takeover of the country. Watch them stare at you as if you’re insane.

You’re insane, yet democrats are rigging elections, with news media approval and assistance.  

You’re insane, yet the FBI and CIA are illegally spying on American citizens and political campaigns, lying to surveillance courts, and orchestrating governor-nappings—all and more orchestrated and sanctioned by a former President of the United States, Barrack Obama, who openly confesses a desire for American transformation, and made it his Oval Office mission.  

And “transform” to what, incidentally? What is better than individual freedom and liberty, and the citizen control that constitutionally enables it? What is the alternative to freedom and liberty?   

Authoritarian control. Aka, communism. 

There is no middle ground. 

You’re insane, yet five years of ceaseless, proven lies against the presidential candidate and president who exposed the now undeniable treason of coup conspirators. A presidential candidate the traitors tried to impeach, twice, sans cause.  

You’re insane, yet America’s border is unprotected, allowing illegals and criminals and terrorists access to the interior, and no one stopping them, but in fact encouraging them.  

You’re insane, yet woke American corporations are taking positions against free speech, and censoring authentic news stories, and people with whom they disagree politically.  

All this Bolshevik-styled strategery taking place in the open, and yet you are insane for saying there is a coup being executed to “transform” America into a communist nation.  

So, go ahead. Tell your friends. Their bewildered and concerned for your sanity stares merely embolden the coup conspirators and the establishment that serves them. The conspirators relish having so many trusting and vulnerable plebes under their command and at their disposal. The conspirators know they don’t have to prove themselves to the gullible and ignorant contingency, which is a rather significant segment of the population, incidentally. A group that has zero interest in what their government is doing, and has done, which is everything a communist regime would do, in fact.   

Again, a corrupt political establishment isn’t a step towards communism.  

It is communism. 

Being forced to wear face coverings, and to present immunization ID’s to participate in society.  

No criminal justice for the ruling class.  

The economy purposefully ruined, groceries and gas in short supply and, for intentional and record-level inflation, expensive.  

Local law enforcement being vilified, and criminals protected and glorified.  

Election hoaxes and rigged elections.  

The FBI and CIA and military used as political weapons.  

A national news media concealing historic political crimes, to include the worst crime: treason.  

A Ministry of Truth agency to combat everyone’s lies and disinformation but the regime’s. 

What evil, criminal, communist cabal ever said, “Folks, we want to coopt government so we can control things, so we can do what we want without fear of accountability, and so we and our families and friends can become fabulously wealthy from the sweat of your peasant brow. We just wanted to give you a heads-up so you know our designs and where we’re headed?” 

Communist cabals don’t say that.  

What they do is behave exactly like American liberals—whose every policy is designed to end with greater control and power for them.

You know. Like, communists. 

Author/journalist, Lee Smith:  

“The Party of Obama had been waging a proxy war against Trump and his supporters for more than three years. Their first instrument was the Russiagate conspiracy theory, which hatched a fraudulent impeachment process staged by the same political operatives, intelligence officials, and media personalities who pushed ‘collusion’ into the public sphere. They even weaponized real crises to undermine the US government, like the coronavirus and the ensuing three-month-long lockdown that was portrayed as a matter of life and death, only to be randomly lifted to combat racism [Black Lives Matter protests], after leaving nearly 20 million Americans jobless. 

“The successive failures to their campaign to destroy Trump and undo the 2016 election only made them angrier and more willing to take desperate measures [desperate for the ticking clock and criminal exposure]. 

“The point of the protests and the coup of which they were a central component was plain: If you want peace and stability, restore the Party of Obama and let him complete his work, the transformation of America. Choose Trump, and you choose war.” 

In other words, accept your communist fate or we’ll shove it down your throat. 

It is unclear why liberals would follow Obama in this transformational effort; liberals have wanted the outcome long before him. Perhaps it was his unopposable blackness. Or more simply, that he had the stones to attempt it and the charisma to pull it off. Whatever the case, liberals attempted it, and are yet trying to pull it off. 

And unlike American democracy, that is no illusion. Quite the contrary. It is a verified reality the world’s next communist victims had better accept and prevent.

©JMW 5/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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The Binding Agent: what defines liberals is what binds them 

Few people really understand liberals. Knowing them like “every square inch of my glorious naked body,” Limbaugh understood liberals. And predicting their behavior and reactions, his prescience was remarkable.  

Pundits daily explain liberals and their politics. Hence, we know liberals’ beliefs and positions on matters, corrupt and bankrupt though those beliefs and positions are. But it’s all just superficial analysis. Because it doesn’t identify the underlying aspect that motives and drives liberals.  

The underlying aspect? The aspect that both defines and binds liberals? 


Liberals won’t like the characterization, of course. But, what are people and societies bent on God, truth, and righteousness to do? Not call evil out for it hurting evil’s feelings and making it angry? And evil is not an “it,” incidentally. It’s people—individual human beings. The sorts that eliminate the police and allow evil to steal, rape, and murder. Say, like, in a democrat-run city. 

Allowing evil to reign. That always has awesome results. 

For what evil is allowed to do, people and societies, the righteous, pay the price. Evil people pay the price, too. Consumed with all that wickedness and misery, however, they just lack the intellectual wherewithal to realize it. 

Every society has it’s cross to bear. 

Well, if we’re accusing liberals of evil, then the righteous thing to do would be to prove it. And few things are easier to prove.  

Virtually every belief and position liberals assume is obliterated by basic logic. Does this bother liberals, having their arguments and beliefs destroyed in public? Does it humiliate them? Cause them rethink their positions and amend their beliefs?  


“But guns don’t fire themselves, Mr. Liberal. Perhaps we should impose stiffer penalties for the people using them in crimes, the people actually firing the guns.” 

That’s sound wisdom, of course, the likes of which makes Mr. Liberal ignores before quickly transitioning to an alternative argument: “Oh sure. White privilege much? America locks-up too many black people already! Racist!”  

The conversation devolves from there into a risible, unproductive melee simply because liberals have a deep aversion to the truth. In other words, take the truth in any situation, any truth that contradicts what liberals want to believe, and they hate it.  

That’s it. That’s the sum—the Obama administration and Hillary committed a treasonous election hoax. Hate it. Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop isn’t Russian disinformation, but authentic. Hate it. 

And how would one classify people who bear no affinity for the truth? And not some deep, profound truth like God and spiritualism, either. But a basic observable fact, like: guns cannot fire themselves. Who willfully loathes and disregards such practical, incontrovertible truths? 

Classification: evil people. 

What would be the use of denying something so clearly true? Why ignore an obvious and undeniable fact and forge ahead in a cause that opposes the obvious fact and ultimate truth? Why continue in beliefs and positions that an obvious fact makes untenable? 

Well, because you’re evil. That’s why. Evil despises the truth, whether it’s God and spiritualism or the inability of lifeless steel to choose its targets and depress its own trigger. 

Humans use logic to get to the truth of matters. Logic works perfectly, flawlessly, every time it is employed, incidentally, and liberals employ it like everyone else. Liberals don’t pay $6-dollars a gallon for gas, for example, when Swifty Mart is running a $3-dollar promotional sale. They rise at the crack of dawn to be the first one in line at the pumps, coupon in hand. Why?  

Logic dictates.  

Or this exemplary favorite: a liberal acquaintance proclaimed she “despised” Walmart and vowed she would “never set foot” in one of their establishments. Except, Walmart was running a Christmas sale on flatscreen televisions. There to pick-up pumpkin pie filling for my wife, who did I see with a flatscreen in her cart, among other items? 

Mrs. Never Set Foot In Walmart. 

So, one cannot divorce liberals from logic. They use it like everyone else. Thus, they know the logical answers to the questions asked of them. As in this scenario:  

Liberals support abortion, or “a woman’s right to choose”—  
“A woman should be able to choose what she does with her own body,” liberals say. 
“Well, what’s she doing with her body in this instance?” 
“It’s her choice, whatever she wants.” 
“Well, what’s the choice?” 

Of course, the choice is murdering an unborn child, which is precisely where the logic undeniably leads, which liberals understand full well. Even so, they refuse to admit the conclusion and ultimate truth. Why?  

Because they hate it.  

You can’t love truth and live and believe like they want to live and believe.

Can’t do it.  

Incidentally, these are the same people who would lose their minds were they to discover someone raiding a clutch of sea turtle eggs for a tasty seaside breakfast. Yet, they can vacuum a human fetus from its uterine comforts and dispose of the remains in a medical waste dumpster. Or sell the body parts for profit. Whichever.  

Liberals follow logical sequencing just fine. The problem is what the sequencing concludes: the truth, which they simply cannot and will not acknowledge on certain occasions for what it means to their beliefs and stated position. 

So, what kind of people fiercely protect sea turtle eggs over human fetuses? What kind of people say they’d never set foot to Walmart, but then shop there for flatscreens because, like everyone else, they want the best deal and to save as much hard-earned cash as they can?   

People with a screwed-up sense of priority and hypocritical phonies. That’s who. 

Or more accurately: evil people.  

This screwed-up sense of priority and blatant hypocrisy, are these “good” things?  

Well, they are if you’re evil.  

As the esteemed Apostle Paul put it, “Thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal? Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? Thou that abhorrest idols, dost thou commit sacrileage? Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonourest thou God?” 

In other words, are you a hypocrite and a liar? Because these things are evil. 

And is this not what liberals do every single day? And worse? 

Of course it is. But then, when you deny the existence of both God and truth, you don’t have to concern yourself with such religious tripe. Nevertheless, let’s partially unroll the scroll and have a peek at some of their evil. Let’s see … 

Liberals rig elections.  
They commit treasonous election hoaxes.  
They obviously lie and deceive, and scheme treachery.   
They accuse people falsely, defame and destroy, too.  
They divide people.  
They abhor and ignore facts and truth.  
They’re obviously dishonest.  
They break the law, both man’s and God’s.  
They conceal these crimes.  
They are arrogant and condescending. 
They throw human fetuses in medical waste dumpsters, profit from their body parts.  
They buy flatscreens at Walmart after condemning Walmart. 
They are clearly immoral … 

The scroll has yet a thousand feet to unfurl, but how much evil is required to term people “evil?” 

Surely, we have all we need. 

In view of liberalism’s hierarchy, it being clearly a cult with gods and doctrine and followers, you could make the argument that some liberals know neither how evil their human betters are nor how much evil they support on their better’s behalf. Via their establishment tools, elite liberals lie to the American public, specifically their liberal subordinates. And if you’re a subordinate, a liberal voter who doesn’t pay attention, and who loathes Fox News and talk radio because your betters demand it. Then it’s certainly feasible you wouldn’t know how evil your human betters are, and how much evil you support on their behalf. 

So much liberal evil exposed and in the open now, however, ignorance is virtually impossible to claim. Establishment liberals have decided to take their evil public. And if that clear and present evil isn’t observed and acknowledged, then people must be approving. And the fact is, they do approve.  

Have liberals acknowledged any of their evil, and changed?  Have they said, “Gee, that Russian collusion hoax was wrong. We wronged Donald Trump, the American people, and the democratic process?” Have they confessed, “Lying about Hunter’s laptop story was corrupt and shameless?” Or the subordinates, have we heard them lament, “I’m ashamed to say I supported all this liberal evil?” 

No. They continue the evils and their cultish allegiance.  

So, if you think liberals being caught committing evil deeds is going lead to humility and remorse and a new, righteous course in life. You’re sadly mistaken. Case and point: 

After all the liberal evils of the last five years, and there are literally too many to count. And with democrats facing annihilation in the 2022 midterm elections for all these evils being no less exposed and made public. MSNBC analyst, John Heilemann, the quintessential evil liberal, had a plan to manage the potential midterm losses.  

The plan? 

“[Let’s say] Trump is a threat to our democracy [and] try to make democratic base voters scared again. [The Democrat Party] can’t motivate them on the basis of hope or their pocketbooks or any of these accomplishments. They have to scare the crap out of them.” 

Well now. There’s a righteous plan.  

“Make America Great Again” or “Make America Scared Again.” 

This, when liberals all conned the American voters with a treasonous election hoax and are the genuine “threat to our democracy.” This, when liberals are the ideology of victimization and hopelessness, and the authors of “pocketbook-” draining historic national debt and utter national failure. And then, the strategy for turning out voters is to lie to them some more and to “scare the crap out of them.” 

Do liberals sound like “good” people? And if not good, then what? 


Liberals get themselves into these situations for their odious evils, and faced with electoral decimation what do they do?  

Lie, and scare people.   

It is a little more strategic than that, actually. Political liberals come up with a public relations scheme, have their news media advance it, so voters forget liberals are evil and vote for them again. It’s a team effort. A cyclical process, too—conservatives restore things, liberals destroy things, because that is what evil does. Wash-rinse-repeat. And these PR schemes, are they ever themed with patriotism, love of country and flag, freedom, the constitution, prosperity, or security? 

No. They’re based on lies—and fear, and resentment, and division. 

Or rather, evil. 

Liberals pit races and genders against one another. They exploit children. They lie, which is no small thing, but quite the opposite. They accuse falsely. Whatever evil is required, liberals perform it. Hence the incontrovertible conclusion: 

Liberals are evil. 

But two things define human beings: either goodness or evil. People are either driven by good or by evil, and it isn’t hard to determine each their persuasion.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a liberal, is mad at “The Squad,” four more liberal congresswomen. In her new book, Pelosi says “The Squad’s” radical ways are the reason Hispanics and the rest of the country have turned on democrats, and the reason democrats are poised to get shellacked in November’s midterms. Fox News’ Sean Hannity makes superficial issue of this, of the whining and party division.  

However, call the roll on a liberal bill; put climate change friendly legislation up for vote tomorrow. Fact is, every single liberal democrat, to include Pelosi and “The Squad,” will vote for it. 

In other words, forget the whining and party division. Liberals are unified in their singular cause: evil. All the word salad liberals participate in—Jen Psaki from the White House Press Room lectern, Pelosi in her books, on the house floor, on the nightly news—is just that: words. Words, phrases, manipulative and insincere jargon aimed at deceiving the other half of the country. The red, white, and blue half. The lawful half. The proud and patriotic half. Moreover, the good and righteous half.  

Democrats stick together because, one, their goal is Authoritarian control and free people on their subordinate knees. And two, because they are lawless, immoral, and ultimately evil human beings, and followers of evil human beings. 

The Russian collusion hoax was exposed with Mueller’s empty and failed investigation. Hillary was caught paying for it, Obama and his FBI and CIA executing it, and the liberal news media covering it up for years. Has one liberal anywhere been outraged by the evil? Helped expose the crime and get to the truth? Demanded Hillary, Obama, his FBI and CIA, and all involved be held accountable? No. And why not? 

Liberals are a team. “Team Evil.” 

Even worse, liberals control the American culture, to include government. And when a society and government are controlled by evil, what does it portend for the society? 

It surely isn’t anything good. 

Evil doesn’t recognize it is evil. And again, evil is not an “it,” but a they: individual human beings. Or more specifically, liberals. After their evils succeed, these human beings don’t lament their evil deeds. They grin in delight. Because what they accomplished was accomplished for their beliefs.  

In other words, when you rig an election, for example, it’s done for the greater good, which, of course, corresponds to your beliefs. So, what you did was actually a good thing, not evil. That is the warped sense of liberal righteousness, who then make excuses to justify the evil they think is righteousness. Journalist Bernie Goldberg:  

“Liberals, we must always remember, love the underdog. They love the victim. Showing compassion makes them feel noble. Embracing weakness gives them strength. Their perception is their reality. So when they stand up for women’s rights or gay rights or civil rights, they actually believe that they’re beacons of enlightenment courageously standing up to the forces of evil.” 

And yet, liberals are the force of evil. 

Indeed, liberals are sick human beings, evil and warped. Whatever good they do, they do to promote and advance themselves—for publicity, notoriety, acclaim, applause, and financial gain. Liberals love themselves, and they love others loving them, too. And if you’re a righteous sort. Well, you’re not one of them.  

In fact, you’re the enemy.  

The problem with good people is they think they can befriend evil. Liberals are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Wolves who will, no matter how seemingly friendly, watch you bleed out for their religion. Liberals love blacks, gays, and women and everyone else, but only as long as they’re liberal blacks, gays, women, and everyone else. Otherwise, they’ll slit your throat—be you black, gay, female, or anyone else.  

Liberals can’t and don’t tolerate dissent, which means one can be friends with liberals, as long as one doesn’t dissent, which is precisely what people don’t do in their liberal relationships, and are thus lulled into a false sense of friendship. Until the inevitable dissent, of course—I’m sorry, it’s not racist to disagree—where they abruptly learn the truth about their relationship. It is why people should maintain liberal acquaintances instead of friendships. 

The only friend to liberals is another liberal, er, cult member. And even then, challenge cult orthodoxy and cult members will be left to bleed out, too. 

If we were to divide human beings into groups good and evil, we would have two equally diverse groups. It is to say, each group would be comprised of blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, women, men, and so on. Evil has nothing to do with race, gender, or any other appearance related factor. Evil is a matter of the heart, which is what makes it so difficult to detect.

The tell? Behavior. It never lies.  

And whose behavior have we indisputably proven evil? 


Evil both defines and binds liberals. Therefore, clearly defined is the age-old struggle: the forces of good versus the forces of darkness and evil. It is a struggle the righteous had better recognize, fight, and win. Or else. 

And that ain’t hyperbole. 

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All Rights Reserved 

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The Command and Control Conspiracy

Radio host, Dan Bongino: “The ‘Great Reset.’ It goes by various names on the left: New World Order, Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the merging of the physical, digital, biological. It’s all fancy buzz terms for this: throwing out representative democracy and the constitutional republic in exchange for a command-and-control economy where government has the power.  

“It’s happening. Right now.  

“A story in the [Wall Street] Journal reminded me of this. Did you ever wonder where these lockdowns came from? Where this strategy came from? I mean, we did it. We destroyed [the economy]. To be fair it was republicans and democrats—let’s be candid. Did you ever wonder where [the strategy] came from? The idea that locking down an economy, shutting down entire cities, states, and towns was somehow going to prevent the spread of an airborne virus? The idiocy is endless. Where did it come from? You may say, Well, clearly there was some science on it. I mean, obviously. Right? I mean, the government is full of super-smart people.  

“Nah-nah. You’d be wrong about that.  

“It came from China. China [i]s what the great resetters want … read this from the Wall Street Journal—how this idea of a complete economic lockdown was nowhere in the science, anywhere. Ever. [America’s liberals] just love the Chinese Communist Party: command-and-control [communism]. Like, Hey, if [China] can do it, we can do it, too. Here’s a quote from the piece:  

“The absence of lockdowns from these plans,” they’re talking about pandemic plans, “there’s no surprise. They based their analysis primarily on the most serious modern pandemic, the Spanish Flu. An influential 2007 paper analyzed the measures adopted by cities across the US a century ago. Some of these cities imposed quarantine rules on exposed people and closed schools or entertainment venues, including saloons. But the study cites no generalized stay-at-home orders or business lockdowns. So, what led Governor Newsom of California and his counterparts in other states to adopt such drastic and untested measures. Seems obvious in retrospect that they were panicked into following China.”  

“I dispute the last sentence … I dispute one word,” said Bongino. “[Liberals] weren’t ‘panicked.’ Governor Newsom, the Great Resetters, the Klaus Schwab’s and Joe Biden’s of the world loved the idea of a great reset—resetting the economy modeled more after a command-and-control economy in China.  

“[Liberals] saw what China did [releasing the virus]. They loved it. They felt like they could use the [covid] crisis to get away from [a free society]. Because people were scared. Because fear is [liberals’] coin of the realm. And they did it. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that. [Liberals] love China. They want to do [command-and-control communism] here. They took the opportunity; COVID presented the perfect opportunity. And they did it. It’s right in front of you folks. Social scores coming next—social scoring system just like China.” 


So then, is it possible that there is a coordinated global effort with America’s liberals to transition American from a free society into one commanded-and-controlled by government—by liberals? Well, consider this:  

Liberals have already attempted this command-and-control via healthcare—and not once, but twice. Once with Hillary Clinton in 1993, and then Barrack Obama’s Obamacare. And Obama had his attempt passed by congress, in the middle of the night.  

It was, “A big f-ing deal,” as then vice president, Joe Biden, proclaimed it in Obama’s ear.  

“A big f-ing deal” because, well, liberals had achieved, at least temporarily, a sizeable step towards their command-and-control communist ambitions. A 2010 accomplishment, along with the 1993 attempt, which prove these authoritarian designs existed long before today.  

Incidentally, out of all the vice-presidential candidates to choose from, there is a reason you select someone self-important, unscrupulous, and as corrupt as Joe Biden.  

You want someone who understands you, whose weakness you can exploit. 

For further consideration, who is now openly pining for socialism, which is merely a soft, more palatable and saleable term for command-and-control communism?  

Liberals: the newly and proudly self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialists.” 

Who is fiercely pushing—more like, forcing it down America’s throat—the costly and absurd Green New Deal, and subsequent electric transportation? And upon gaining, er, stealing, super majority control of government, who immediately cancelled American oil pipeline projects, decreased oil production, ended America’s historic “World’s Number One Exporter of Oil” status, sent oil and gasoline prices to record highs, all to force this electric transportation down America’s throat?  

Liberals: the newly and proudly self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialists.” 

And are they restarting the cancelled pipeline project? Ramping up oil production? Re-implementing the Trump policies that made US the “World’s Leading Exporter of Oil?” Or doing anything to bring gasoline prices down from these record highs? 

No. They’re pitching electric cars. Well, not exactly pitching. Coercion isn’t pitching, really. It’s force—like, what they use in command-and-control economies. 

There are but two ways human beings can live: (a) free, or (b) controlled by other human beings. And proving Bongino’s point, liberals clearly prefer option (b). And interestingly, so does the rest of the world’s evil regimes, namely China and Russia. So, are these evil regimes conspiring with America’s liberals, aiding them, in this command-and-control transition of America? 

Well, China is crippling America in numerous ways. Rep. Michael Waltz, Fla.: 

“They’ve cornered the market on things to make our economy go: 90% of our pharmaceuticals, 90% of our computer chips, 90% of our rare earth minerals that we need for basic economic functions that Chinese have cornered. And so, when we say ‘Made in America,’ it’s not just a human rights issue because they’re making those products with modern-day slavery. It’s not just an American jobs issue, it’s a national security issue. We cannot be dependent on our greatest adversary for what makes our society function – and they’ve created that dependency deliberately. And American companies are absolutely complicit.” 

And then, the Taiwan component:  

“[The Chinese] are in a cold war with us. And again, you know, a cold war is when an entity is using diplomatic, informational, economic – taking over international organizations in a way to coerce their opponents. And that’s exactly what the Chinese Communist Party is doing. The big piece of it is going to be Taiwan.  

Why does Taiwan matter so much and why should it matter to the American people?  

“Well, if you look at where it sits on the map, once China controls Taiwan – aside from the fact that it’s a flourishing free market and a democracy that we will have let be forcibly taken over by a communist dictatorship – aside from that, they will then be able to control the trade routes into Japan, into South Korea, Australia, Malaysia and to some extent, even India. And heading into the Middle East, China will then control about half of the world’s GDP and global trade. And at that point, their economic warfare, it will have a huge boost in the arm in terms of their strategy.” 

In other words, even greater command-and-control. Like, giant steps towards global command-and-control.  

China hasn’t made its move against Taiwan, yet. But if they do, will the Biden administration, will liberals, stop them? Two things:  

One, China released a virus on the world, mainly targeting The United States, and thereby crippled America’s economy. And despite the idea of complete economic lockdowns being “nowhere in the science, anywhere, ever,” who locked down America’s economy and helped the communist Chinese cripple her?  

Liberals, establishment-wide. 

Two, Vladimir Putin wanted no part of Donald Trump—nor did Xi Jinping and China, for that matter. Both were model world citizens for four years of the Trump administration. When liberals assumed power, however, Russia suddenly, predictably, invaded Ukraine. And what have liberals done about it?  

Just enough to avoid being accused of doing nothing.  

Hence, will liberals stop China’s aggression toward Taiwan? You mean, after liberals helped China cripple America with economic lockdowns, which were found “nowhere in the science, anywhere, ever?” And that liberals wanted to implement for envy of China’s command-and-control governing style? 

Hereto, liberals will feign outrage and do just enough to avoid being accused of doing nothing. 

Ukraine is Europe’s breadbasket. Russia’s invasion will certainly cause food shortages there, which will affect the rest of the world.  

“The food shock in Ukraine looks devastating,” said Bloomberg. “Grain and sunflower oil in storage from last year’s harvest can’t be shipped because of fighting and port closures. Shelling and fuel shortages may interfere with spring planting and fertilizer farmers need to apply to the winter wheat crop as it emerges from dormancy. Infrastructure damage, labor shortages and continuing conflict could also compromise the summer harvest and transportation of whatever is produced.” 

“Rising food prices are ringing alarm bells for households all over the world,” said the Financial Times Online. “UK food banks say they have never been busier. Supermarkets in Italy have reported panic buying. And in Iraq there have been bread price protests. Food costs were increasing even before the Ukraine war, driven by higher energy prices, transport bottlenecks and, in some countries, farm labor shortages. Now Russia’s invasion has triggered further rises and concerns about prolonged disruption in agriculture-rich Ukraine.”  

And President Biden’s response, the liberal response establishment-wide, to these increasingly dire circumstances?  

“It’s going to be real.”  

Is it, now. Like, real-real? Or just, garden variety real

In both cases, China and Russia, why would liberals do just enough to avoid being accused of doing nothing? Well, because they are helping, of course.  

Assisted by the world’s evil, liberals are attempting to rid America of its “representative democracy and the constitutional republic, in exchange for a command-and-control economy where government has the power.” Or rather, where liberals have the power—enjoyed with the world’s evil, of course.  

Economic shutdowns, purposeful oil shortages, food shortages, intended inflation, treasonous election hoaxes, concealing treasonous crimes via complicitous news media blackouts—America’s liberals are intentionally dooming the United States. You can add financial dooming to the list, too, given their latest $5.8 trillion-dollar budget proposal. Debt on top of already record debt: $28 trillion, or $200,000 per taxpayer.  

The question is: how far do we go, what must be taken away, what must we endure, before we acknowledge America’s liberals are colluding with the world’s evil to bring the United States to her knees and into liberal command-and-control? And into this “New World Order” for which liberals are now openly pining? 

When do we ask the question? Recognize and acknowledge the obvious?   
What need occur before we accept freedom is the target of liberals and the world’s evil?  

Will liberals and their global conspirators confess their intentions, so we’ll know for sure?  Will they warn us so we can act, so we can save our nation and ourselves? 

Gosh, we sure hope so.

Donald Trump warned about all of this. Everything he said liberals, establishment-wide, would do and have done, they are doing and have done. Every socialist agenda item that liberals wanted to pursue, and said they would pursue, they are pursuing. And the facts are, the entire agenda is not only injurious to America. It results in the command-and-control government liberals and their global conspirators seek.  

Discussing the behavior and decisions of the Biden administration and liberals establishment-wide, conservative pundits use terms like inexplicable, lunacy, crazy. They shake their heads nightly in collective astonishment and disbelief, as if liberals are fools running government sans design and intent.  

Well, place that behavior and those decisions under a command-and-control rubric. 

Now where are you?  

Liberals despise America for one reason: they must derive their power from peasants. Know who doesn’t tolerate the peasantry, and is envied and idolized by American liberals for the convenience? 

China. Russia.  

Liberals have the same communist command-and-control aspirations for America. A clear fact that need only be acknowledged, said out loud, and then addressed and remedied—said every captive nation’s populace since the dawn of time … after the fact. 

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Never Give Up the Con: the hard and fast rule of hustling

Liberals are con artists, hustlers. Continually lying and deceiving, they must obey a strict rule:  

“Never give up the con.” No matter what!  

A con being what it is—a calculated and secretive fraud—this rule isn’t written or spoken. It’s just, understood. A rule of the hustling trade. A Newman and Redford index finger off the side of the nose. 

In the con industry, the worst thing for business isn’t necessarily getting caught in the con. It is publicly confessing the con. The con, and even a reputation, can both survive being caught. That is, as long as the hustler doesn’t confess the con. Confess it, and hustlers put their believers and followers in an awkward and untenable position. Maintain the con, and those same followers keep fighting, for both the hustle and the hustler. 

So, when you must publicly confess, say for example, that you lied, and that the semen on the dress is indeed presidential and yours, that is a confession to be avoided at all costs. To manage such moments, you say instead, “Indeed, I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate,” which initially sanitizes your transgression. Then, and this is an important step, then you transition immediately into attack, shelling those who exposed your con and held you accountable.  

This is crucial because it quickly and efficiently diverts attention and focus from your hustle onto someone else. In this case, your political enemies: the perverts with a creepy interest in your private sex life. Not in the fact you lied under oath and throughout your finger-wagging “I didn’t have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky” hustle. But, your private sex life. 

Never give up the con, no matter what—that’s the liberal stratagem. 

In yet another liberal con, actor Jussie Smollett was caught committing a racism hoax. There was a mountain of evidence to affirm the scam—pictures of conspirators purchasing bleach and rope, receipts for the transactions, even the conspirator’s confessions to the conspiracy, no less. Smollett was exposed, and ultimately convicted. And yet, what has he not done? 

He hasn’t given up the con.  

After sentencing he said, “I am innocent … if I did this then it means I stuck my fist in the fears of black Americans in this country for over 400 years, and the fears of the LGBTQ community … I did not do this.” Whatever all that means. Then, leaving the courtroom and raising his fist, “I am innocent! I could’ve said that I was guilty a long time ago!”  

Never give up the con—even when the con gives you up. It’s not helpful to get caught, mind you. But when and if you do, you simply proclaim your innocence, and continue to proclaim it, forever—adding that the system is rigged; that your persecutors are racist; and that it’s all a right-wing conspiracy.  

You never-ever say, “Yeah, I paid two guys to put on MAGA hats and fake a hate crime in the middle of a fiercely cold Chicago night, because I’m a raging homosexual narcissist who craves attention.” 

This will never do. Completely unacceptable. 

The perpetual proclamation of innocence—that’s the only way forward in the con game. 

This is what liberals are forced to do because they are liars and frauds, and ultimately evil human beings. Evil because, lying and committing hoaxes can’t be classified as “good” things. Liberals either tell the lie, or perpetuate the lie, or cover up the lie. But they never-ever-ever give up the con. Even when their presidential semen stains a blue dress, and when special prosecutors indict their campaign for treasonous collusion crimes.  

Never give up the con—no matter what!  

So, after being itself caught lying to the American public on countless occasions. And after concealing the news, specifically the malfeasance of the Democrat party, and of fellow liberals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and even his FBI and CIA. Don’t expect the liberal news media to give up the con, either. “Liberal” the operative word.  Synonymous with, “hustler.” 

CNN, for example, has been a pro-Democrat Party, pro-liberal news network since its inception. The agency’s CEO, Jeff Zucker, has resigned in disgrace. The agency is an inferno of corruption, of deceit and grotesque immorality. And even with all that, and with its credibility completely obliterated, the agency isn’t changing a thing. Why? 

Never give up the con.   

What do you say if your CNN? “We’ve been purposefully lying to the American public to help democrats win elections and implement their political agenda?”  

Hereto, totally unacceptable. Confession to be avoided at all costs. 

Fraudsters never give up the con, which is another way of saying: never confess. It’s better to leave matters in doubt, even when they aren’t in doubt. Even when matters have been resolved, as in, adjudicated. Even when you’ve been actually convicted of a crime.  

When matters aren’t in doubt, you create the doubt: “I am innocent! I did not do this! I could’ve said that I was guilty a long time ago!” You ignore the convictions and prison sentences as if they never occurred. You give your followers a lifeline to cling to, so they still believe, remain loyal, and continue fighting. Because, more than anything in the world they want to believe and to be loyal and to continue fighting. Because they admire and worship you, are warriors cut from the same cloth. And as the leading fraudster, it is your duty to keep the devoted engaged and motivated. How is this accomplished?

Never give up the con. And thereby continue the con. 

The fact is liberals don’t look at their lies and schemes and the unethical and criminal things they do as a “con.” Evil human beings, they look at such things, at all their deviance, in fact, as a display of strategic and intellectual dominance. Hence, they don’t view themselves as despicable con-artists, as detestable, bottom-feeding hustlers damaging and distressing others and making a putrid mess of society and the world. They are nonpareil intellectuals and shrewd strategists showing the world how it’s done.  

Then they give each other awards for their evil successes. Like, Dan Rather’s Peabody Award, which the CBS News anchor received for using forged documents against President George W. Bush. Like, Pulitzer Prizes issued to news agencies, the New York Times and Washington Post, for false Russian collusion reporting

Despite the fraud, liberals grin and slap each other the back at these award ceremonies. Great work, Dan! After which, they proudly display the honor on the office credenza, where they stare at them daily with a sense of achievement and irrepressible pride.  

Evil isn’t some frightening, grotesque devilish figure committing heinous, unspeakable crimes and atrocities. It’s this right here. It’s running a con on human beings and not feeling bad about it. It’s hurting other human beings for your own pleasure and advancement, while making a putrid mess of society and the world to prove your unmatched intellect and strategic shrewdness. It is being caught hurting others for your own pleasure and advancement, and never-ever confessing the con you orchestrated, executed, and furthered on your evening newscast every night for years. 

It isn’t pleasurable to say, but liberals are evil, despicable human beings. They would never tolerate these kinds of things were it republicans or conservatives doing them.  

If, for example, Donald Trump Jr. had a laptop revealing his sexcapades and rampant drug use, and more importantly his father’s financial corruption with China and other nations, liberals one and all would be howling for impeachment and prison for all involved.  

If two of President Donald Trump’s campaign associates were indicted for spying on the Clinton campaign. Or if Trump had approved the spying, as did Barrack Obama, spying his administration no less carried out. Liberals one and all would be screaming “assault on democracy!” and chasing down every single lead to prove it so. 

We know this would be the reaction, because it is precisely what liberals one and all did during the Trump administration. The liberal establishment ran a Russian collusion con to takeout Trump, a duly elected president, and for nearly three years liberals one and all were apoplectic and in fervent pursuit.  

Until they learned it was a con.  

A con perpetrated by liberal leaders, hustlers, who never confessed to the con, which was just fine with the faithful, who preferred it that way, for wanting to believe the hustle anyway, and for wanting to keep fighting for the hustlers, who never gave up the con to inspire the loyalty, and who never will give up the con, because that is the hard and fast rule of hustling.  

So, the cons continue.

Sadly, it’s like falling victim to a Three-card Monte hustler time and again. 

“Gee, I know you’re scamming me and stealing my money, but you do it so, artfully.” 
“Thanks. Double or nothing?” 
“Sure. I feel lucky this time.” 

©JMW 3/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

A Distinct Reason for Peril

These are dangerous times for America. The world’s evil is attempting to destroy her. And here’s something important: the Democrat Party and liberal establishment are in on it, to include liberal republicans. They are the internal enemy, the enemies domestic allied with those foreign: China, Russia, and beyond.  

When the geocabal sees that America’s liberal leaders are weak, what do these leaders think will happen to them, when the cabal has no use for them?  

Naïve and foolish as it is, America’s liberal leaders intend to be in power with them. That’s the objective. A claim evidenced by a treasonous Russia collusion hoax, as of yet unresolved. By Hunter Biden’s laptop, which reveals the President of the United States to be aligned with both Russia and China, another matter as of yet unresolved. Also, by covid czar, Dr. Fauci’s, gain of function deceit, allowing China to acquire and then release a virus on the world, and enabling an election to be stolen via mail-in ballots. And most damning of all, a claim evidenced by a clearly complicit liberal news media that is completely mum on ALL of it.  

It is a geopolitical takeover of America headed by the Democrat Party and the liberal establishment. A sixteen-year plot began by Barrack Obama, one briefly interrupted for the miraculous Trump years. Now, with Joe Biden in charge, the geopolitical cabal is back on schedule, having brought to heel Trump-driven American superiority to render the United States weak and vulnerable.  

And what is Biden doing about both China and Russian aggression?  

Standing down.  

What did he do on his first day in office? Closed America’s XL pipeline, and then approved a Russian energy pipeline.  

Liberals despise America obviously; they say it in so many implied ways. Why then would they have a problem destroying her?  

They wouldn’t. Especially when facing the doom of all these ongoing investigations into their corruption and treason. 


A list of compromised people and institutions reveals that something is definitely, majorly, and clearly wrong. The FBI and CIA, the world’s premiere law enforcement and intelligence agencies, are compromised. Caught spying on a political candidate, for a political candidate, and under the approval of a President of the United States of the advantaged political party.  

In other words, Barrack Obama and his entire administration are compromised. 

Orchestrating the Russian collusion hoax, Hillary Clinton is compromised. The resulting $42 million-dollar investigation wasn’t financed by her, but by the American public, for her political benefit. Investigating the fraud, US Attorney John Durham has indicted Clinton’s campaign attorney, Michael Sussmann, and also Christopher Steele’s fake dossier source, Igor Danchenko.  

Covid czar, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is compromised. He lied about gain of function research, and a great many other things. He nixed the lab-leak theory when he knew it was true, or at least viable. He concealed emails and information. He aligned with pro-vaxxers and –maskers, and then publicly smeared epidemiological dissenters from three world renowned academic institutions: Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford.   

The Democrat Party is compromised. The DNC rigged a primary election for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders in 2016, then did it to Bernie again in 2020 in favor of Joe Biden. Via the Obama administration, the party presided over Clinton’s Russian collusion hoax, and over a treasonous and corrupt FBI and CIA. It also orchestrated the endless four year lies and smears and fake investigations of the Trump administration, to include two contrived, meritless impeachment attempts.  

Hollywood, America’s political class, corporate America—they are all compromised. Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of recruiting and grooming teenage girls for sexual encounters with the disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein. A man of vast wealth connected to elites in Hollywood, Washington, and corporate America, with a Little Black Book and flight logs to Epstein’s Pedophile Island to prove it. Thus far, Maxwell is the first person in history convicted of trafficking children to absolutely no one. 

The “president” of the United States, Joe Biden, is compromised. Not only is he a conspirator in Obama era spying and treason. His son Hunter’s incriminating laptop is suddenly real and in existence. This after being labeled “Russian disinformation” prior to the 2020 election, and thusly censored by the national news media, social media, and big tech so as to not affect the election of Biden.  

The laptop’s contents expose deep and lucrative Biden family financial corruption with China, a communist competitor and enemy, and with Russia, also a competitor and enemy, and elsewhere. Treasonous crimes no less chronicled is two recent best-selling books by authors and award-winning journalists, Miranda Devine and Peter Schweizer.  

Incidentally, it is amazing how documents, travel logs, and other compromising material can’t be found where it concerns the corruption of liberal administrations, and their family members.  

Further, a clearly ailing Biden, who ran his entire presidential campaign from an underground bunker, and who can’t hourly remember his own name, somehow managed to acquire more votes than any president in American history. The outcome suggests grotesque voting fraud, of course, which was actually exposed in five important battleground states, and is still being exposed. Yet, throughout the process of exposure, the matter was mocked and dismissed by, whom? 

The national news media, the liberal news media, the establishment news media—ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, PBS. They, too, are collectively compromised. All these historic crimes being exposed. All this deep, unprecedented, and flagrant political corruption being revealed, and being adjudicated in court, no less, with real court filings and case numbers. And the national news media not only knows about it all, but is ignoring it all.   

All of it: 

FBI and CIA spying/corruption/treason? Nothing. 

Obama administration treasonous spying and corruption? Nothing. 

Durham’s case against Hillary, and the FBI, CIA, and the Obama administration? Nothing. 

Dr. Fauci’s gain of function lie, his failed covid prescriptions? Nothing. 

The Democrat Party’s election fraud and lies? Nothing. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s crime, the involvement of Hollywood, political, and corporate elites? Nothing. 

Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Biden’s family financial deals with China and Russia? Nothing. 

2020 election fraud in five key battleground states? Nothing. In fact, it’s a Trump lie. 

“President” Biden’s obvious cognitive disabilities? Nothing 

“Nothing” meaning, one: as opposed to the investigative journalistic vigor of a Trump accusation. And two, quite literally zero—the event never occurred—news coverage.   

So, again. Something is definitely, majorly, and clearly wrong. But, what exactly?  

We have these major and historic political crimes, and this colossal mass of establishment corruption staring the country directly in the face. We have all this national confusion and dysfunction of the last five years, which none of the normal people and institutions responsible for tackling such things want to clear-up and bring to conclusion. The constitution and the law are being flagrantly ignored and broken. Citizens are being forced to do what they don’t want to do. Money is being spent at obscene and historic levels, and massive and historic national debt, $30 trillion dollars, assumed. And without a form leadership or policing, the United States citizenry is left to just, suffer it all.   

Okay. But, why? Why is all this brazenly criminal, anti-American, third-world stuff happening? And being allowed to happen? 

There is an answer. 

Imagine a broad panoramic view of the last five years since the November 2016 election—the view being of all the liberal treachery and subsequent national dysfunction that has consumed America. To understand why all this stuff has happened, the last five years have happened, the full panoramic is actually a distraction. We need only focus on one small, very thin sliver of the wider view to explain the entirety.  

In other words, all this is happening for a singular, perhaps inconspicuous reason. It is like a panoramic sea of lifeless mountainous rock, whereon stands one lone mountain goat. You don’t really see the creature anomaly, until you see it. Then, it is all you see. The lifeless mountainous rock is the diversion. The lone, inconspicuous mountain goat is the explanation.  


Every destination has its path. It is to say, human beings, in this case nation states, do not arrive at any particular destination by osmosis. Behaviors and decisions are responsible, which set destination’s course.  

It is to say, there is a reason we got here, at this place of national toxicity and peril.  

Part of the reason is, liberals feel themselves superior to other human beings and therefore entitled to power. Thus, they don’t like being subject to a voting majority of inferior people and having their power constrained by the second-class—a democratic system liberals have been working steadily, diligently, covertly, piece by piece, stumbling block by stumbling block, accusation by accusation, to dismantle for decades. Until they finally created enough dysfunction, and a sizeable league of disillusioned and dysfunction- and crisis-weary voters, to achieve a communist outcome—which has always been the objective.  

In the meantime, liberals coopted the national news media, partnering with fellow corporate ideologues, and installing political acolytes to masquerade as newspersons. All to control the flow of information and to advance the liberal political agenda. Then they added Big Tech, social media, and corporations to achieve near total control of the public microphone, and thereby the culture, and most importantly, the control of information.  

Whatever we want to conceal, we can. 

With the election of Barrack Obama in 2008, the takeover operation reached a critical point. Obama’s presidency the impetus, establishment liberals, along with likeminded elite allies around the world, decided this was the time, was the moment to make their long-dreamed-about communist move. Obama’s stated goal was to “transform” the country, which he professed in a pre-election speech. Why transform an established country? One with a constitution and an established form of governance, which involves citizen control, and freedom and liberty for all? 

Why? Because you desire an alternative form of government. One in which liberals get to control and dictate. Because ruling is their right.  Per their superiority, indeed, it is their obligation. Within this arrangement, liberals don’t have to tolerate second-class voters anymore, and aren’t subject to inferior people.  

Your average liberal voter would say, “Oh, that isn’t what liberals are doing. That’s absurd.”  

Well, what is rigging two primary elections for a desired candidate? What is a Russian collusion hoax to steal the presidency? What is attempting to destroy the people’s choice for the presidency with hoaxes and lies and contrived investigations?  What is ignoring and concealing historic political crimes to maintain a particular political party’s power and control? 

Lesson: never listen to a liberal voter. Ever.  

Obama had a sixteen-year plan to transform the country, from a system controlled by the citizenry, a voting democracy, to one controlled by the establishment elite. At the end of his own eight-year term, they—hereafter to be recognized as Obama, Hillary Clinton, the news media, the FBI, CIA, and deep state, and collectively, the establishment—rigged the outcome so that Hillary Clinton would, for eight more years, become the next president and complete the national “transformation.”  

Purely by Divine providence, the measures they had put into place to guarantee the Clinton succession and subsequent transformation, failed. Donald Trump became president and not only interrupted the plot, but exposed it, and threw the conspiratorial cabal into panic.  

Thus, and this is crucial, the ensuing four years were not about Donald Trump. They we’re about concealing the treasonous crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They were about concealing the 16-year transformative and treasonous plot to break the United States and bring it under authoritarian control. A fact evidenced by Obama’s signature accomplishment, and failure: single-payer healthcare, aka, Obamacare. An incontrovertibly communist objective first attempted by whom? Hillary Clinton. 

And paragraphically, there it is: the “creature anomaly,” the lone mountain goat. The sliver of the wider view which explains the entirety. 

From the beginning of Trump’s presidency to its end, and even beyond, that is what the entire Trump presidency represents: the concealment of the communist plot against the United States. A geopolitical plot, in fact, involving America’s communist enemies—China, Russia, and beyond. 

Obama: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” 

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: “I understand. I [will] transmit this information to Vladimir [Putin].” 

Locally for they, the Trump years were about protecting and saving not only Obama and Clinton from exposure, but preserving establishment power and control, too.  

Lose establishment control, lose power.  

Given his access to intelligence, one instantly understands the massive threat Trump’s presidency represented, and still represents. 

Trump: “There is nothing the political establishment will not do, no lie that they won’t tell, to hold their prestige and power at your expense. And that’s what has been happening …” 

At the end of Trump’s term, the entire liberal establishment knew, based on everything Trump had accomplished—a roaring economy, record stock market, advantageous trade deals, world’s leading exporter of oil, oil independence, lower gas prices, American dominance and leadership—the 100% pro-American triumph did not portend well for a communist takeover. And given his popularity, buttressed by the size of his rallies and his record 75 million votes in the 2020 election, the entire liberal cog, they, knew another four-year Trump term was inevitable.  

The answer? 

A bio-weapon.   

Covid-19 allowed they to not only lockdown and cripple the United States economically, and to drive it toward crises and control-inspiring despair. Most importantly, it enabled the installation of mail-in ballot boxes, which the establishment, they, used, among other means, to steal an election it knew it could not win. A corrupt election that saw a reviled, plagiaristic, gaff-prone, and clearly demented president receive more votes than any president in history.  

And if this result is truly where America is as a nation, that a failure like Biden would receive more votes than Ronald Reagan. Then they’s timing was perfect. 

So China and they had the same interests, and were conspiratorial. They rigged an election via a virus—one releasing the weapon, the other employing it to political advantage—so they could finish the transformational job they started. However, the Trump presidency had created a problem. It not only interrupted and exposed the plot. After four years of America first success, Trump gave the country a vision of what America could be, a vision of the independence and security and prosperity she could have and enjoy. Rather, the American citizen could have and enjoy. 

Making America Great Again—Donald Trump did that.  

In doing so, Trump exposed not only the liberal establishment’s ineptitude, but moreover its negligence—its lack of desire to get things done for the people it serves, for serving and enriching itself. Or rather, themselves. It is self-interest that inspired corruption, and then the lust for even greater power and control, such that would guarantee perpetual power and control. An authoritarian goal that could be no less realized via spying on political opponents with federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and via rigged and thus controlled elections, which, of course, would bring to an end subjection to a voting majority of inferior people—a loathsome arrangement that led to a sixteen-year global conspiracy to make the authoritarian idea reality. 

All with assistance from a complicit national news media, of course. 

The only danger is failing to kill the king and getting caught. Or rather, losing the election you rigged and having the plot exposed. This is precisely what happened. And after four years of swamping Trump and the country you intend to transform in hoaxes, baseless accusations, and fake investigations, you turn to your co-conspirator, China, for a little viral help with concealing your treasonous sins. 

Now. As for the critical presidency, they could have chosen anyone to install. So, why Joe Biden? Biden was in fact, and predictably, performing terribly during the 2020 democrat primary. That is, until South Carolina’s, James Clyburn, rode in to endorse Biden. Suddenly Biden was the belle of the ball, while the current leader, Bernie Sanders, was yet again shoved to the dance-partnerless bullpen.  

It was clear democrat voters did not want Biden. So, why did they want Biden, of all people? A laughing stock. A gaffe machine. A plagiarist and two-time failed presidential candidate. Why him, specifically? 

According to Politico, Obama himself even said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” And as for Biden’s primary candidacy: “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.” Biden was not only performing poorly and losing spectacularly in the democrat primary. His cognitive issues were suspected at the time, too. And later, before the election, he was compromised by his son Hunter’s laptop and the compromising financial corruption it foretold.  

So, why?  Why was it imperative that Biden be president?  

Two reasons: primarily, Biden was a conspirator in the treasonous Obama administration and Clinton Russian collusion hoax. Secondarily, they could use his complicity to run the Oval Office. Simply, they could trust their treasonous sin to no one else. So, they needed an insider, someone equally culpable. They needed someone they could control, to: mitigate their treasonous vulnerability, one. And two, to continue the plot and complete the now vital and compromised “transformation.” 

The problem with conservatives, with Americans in general, actually, is they don’t think dark enough. It is precisely what Christ meant when he said, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”  

In other words, it is good to love your fellow man and to think well of humankind. But it is equally important, if not more so, to have an intimate understanding of evil. To know the depths of evil, which is actually a bottomless abyss. Conservatives are always dealing with the visible, superficial, symptomatic evil, such as the hypocrisy and lies and deceit of liberals, namely. Conservatives don’t comprehend evil’s depths, or the disturbing, unfathomable lengths to which evil will resort and is capable.  

Conservative people don’t comprehend the depths because they don’t relate to evil or evil people, either one. Unlike liberals, conservative people strive to do good, and are truth seekers. On the way to truth, they endeavor to make fair and righteous judgements, instead of judgments based on appearance and emotion. Succinctly, conservatives labor over visible evil, when evil is far more depraved than they can possibly imagine.  

Like, say, rigging elections and committing treasonous hoaxes for political gain. Are those “good” intentions and ambitions? Or evil?  

What about lying about people, and smearing them, and trying to destroy their reputations? And making people’s lives unnecessarily difficult, tedious, joyless, and expensive? Are those “good” practices, or evil?   

And releasing a bio-weapon to win an election and conceal your treasonous sins. “Good?” Or evil? 

Evil drives the Democrat Party and the liberal establishment, and a portion of the Republican Party, too—the establishment aligned portion. Simply, they aren’t doing things the good and righteous way, and are not in the slightest concerned with honesty, integrity, or morality none of the three.  

As for evidence: behavior never lies. 

The liberal and establishment goal has always been to destroy America, as founded, anyway. Because inferior people, the peasantry, control it. And the control has limits, renders certain electoral obligations that liberals would rather not endure, and superiorly feel they should not have to endure. And now, they are conspiring with America’s enemies to achieve their transformational goal.  

Whom did establishment liberals attack over the Covid-19 virus? China? Or their impending and imposing political opponent and nemesis, Donald Trump? Who mocked Mitt Romney for saying Russia was America’s primary political foe, and claimed the “80’s wanted their foreign policy back?”  

On both counts, it was establishment liberals. And currently, Biden is doing nothing of substance to oppose either of them.   

If you accept Biden cannot hourly remember his own name, then you realize he isn’t making executive decisions. And if Biden isn’t making executive decisions, then, who is?   

That would be the traitors within: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the deep state. They. The very same people who tried to transform the United States with, first, a treasonous rigged primary for Clinton, then a Russian collusion hoax, and finally an election securing China virus. And if you have committed treason to cover up treason, what evils aren’t you then prepared to further commit?  

Again, people don’t think dark enough. 

The liberal establishment doesn’t just dislike conservatives. It despises them, literally seethes when discussing and addressing them. Add to that, liberals clearly have a vision for the United States, a vision that can be described in a single word: control. They want to control elections, healthcare, and quite literally everything and everybody.  

And when a political ideology genuinely loathes, not just the conservative ideas, but the principle ideas of law and morality and ethics, and does not want those ideas approved and to reign. When, at home and abroad, its acolytes constantly disparage the country they serve—its flag, its anthem, its heritage, its citizens. And when it wants to control elections so as to maintain perpetual power and control.  

This the math, what then is the conclusion? 

That political party has authoritarian designs and communist aspirations. 

There is no other conclusion.  

And to achieve the long-desired end, liberals have now partnered with America’s enemies. 

Indeed, liberals are the enemy. 

©JMW 3/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

An Extraordinary Nazarene, and Associates

So, how did Jesus do it? I couldn’t have done it; I know that. I would have flopped both wrists at the crowd and said, Nevermind. I gotta go. And then, leaving, became increasingly smaller.  

Not Jesus. Concerning him, extraordinary doesn’t begin to cover it. 

The most important thing to know about Jesus is that he was human. He had all those same human feelings coursing through his body. All those same, ugly, unrighteous and not so productive compulsions. People get angry when you say this about Christ, him being Divine and all.  But, it’s true—that he was humanly burdened, if Divine.  

If Jesus hadn’t come in the flesh, in human form and character, then it would have been said he didn’t understand human beings; that he wasn’t subjected to the world, to the struggle of the human experience, as they are; and ultimately that he couldn’t relate. Thereto, his mission being to eventually give his life for all humankind, it would be quite impossible to crucify a spirit.  

Hence, Christ needed to be flesh. Or, human. 

Defining the human experience are but two realms: spirit and flesh. Thus, there is a physical world, basically all the things seen by the naked eye. And a spiritual world, intuitively perceived things, basically, which cannot be seen, but are spiritually sensed. This is a mystical world beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding, and one modern science claims does not exist.  

Nevertheless, God is a spiritual being. He is in fact the “Father of Spirits,” as the Apostle Paul confirmed. And despite all the miraculous and wondrous things God had done for the Jews on the journey from Egyptian bondage. Despite having visibly revealed himself to both the Jews and the world in so many clear and intervening ways. Humans had rejected him—and rejected him throughout the Bible’s entire Old Testament, incidentally.  

As a result, God said, Okay, fine. To help humans believe in me, I’ll send a version of myself that is characteristically like them, but who can yet do all the miraculous and wondrous things I can do.  

Enter Jesus, via the Bible’s New Testament. 

Indeed, Jesus possessed extraordinary power, which he revealed time and again in the Bible’s gospels. Physiologically and characteristically, however, he was a full-fledged member of the human pack. His extraordinariness derives from one recorded fact alone: he did things differently than humans. He did them more righteously, and better, and exemplarily. 

Exhibit A:  

Jesus is among his own people, the Jews, in Jerusalem. He comes upon a helpless man lying by a local pool, a hangout for the ailing in hopes of Divine healing. Jesus asks the helpless man if he wants to be healed. The man says yes, to which Jesus replies, “Rise, take up thy bed, and walk.”   

For the first time in 38 years, it is precisely what the man did.  

Afterward, bed in hand, the formerly helpless man was walking around town. Only, it was the sabbath day—a religious day of rest and no work, which forbid this carrying of one’s bed. The local Jews took exception. Accosting the man, he explained that he had been healed, and that his healer, Jesus, had told him to “take up his bed and walk,” which he was joyously doing.  

The response of the accusing horde?  

They sought to slay this Jesus—for healing on the sabbath. A day of rest and no work, to inexplicably include miraculous healings and the carrying of one’s own bed, after. 

Locating Jesus, the horde accused him of breaking sabbath law. In response to all these accusive carryings-on, Jesus simply replied, My Father works on the Sabbath, and so do I.  

In saying, Christ had made himself equal to God, which shouldn’t have been such the stretch, incidentally, given the formerly helpless man standing and holding his bed in delighted and visible testament, and pointing at Jesus. Nevertheless, the Jews were doubly offended and incensed. 

So here is Jesus standing among all these angry, accusing Jews wanting to stone him, or whatever the archaically heinous means of death. Were it me in this situation, your humble writer, I make one statement: Look, folks. I mean, here this guy stands—helpless for 38 years, and now he’s not. He says I healed him, which I did. And I ask you, who but God and his son could’ve done such a thing? A good thing, no less.

“So, the sabbath. Tuesday. Saturday night. What’s the problem?” 

Then for dramatic effect, and perhaps a little humiliation, I would grab the formerly helpless man and say, Still unconvinced? Okay, watch this …  

Then I’d zap him with my supernatural powers and watch him drop to the ground like a wet noodle, and back to his formerly helpless state.  

Motionless and moaning, I would then zap him again and heal him.  

The man standing and relieved. Believe me now? I’d ask my accusers.  

No?  Here, once more … zap! 

Collapse. Motionless, moaning. 

Zap! Standing and once again relieved: “Please! Not again, Lord! I think they get the point!” 

But they wouldn’t get the point. In fact, they would likely claim I had “devils,” and that I was doing Satan’s work. Sound familiar?

Yes: the precise accusation after another of Christ’s miracles. 

As I said, I couldn’t have done it. It’s here that I’d flop my wrists and begin getting smaller. I wouldn’t want to listen to it! I wouldn’t want to put up with the accusations, the willful blindness, or the drama none of the three.  

Channeling Colonel Jessup: “You [friggin’] people.” 

Jesus could have made this same demonstration. But, no matter what he said or did, no matter how many miracles he performed, which were incalculable, and widely known and testified to, and even witnessed. There would be no evidence satisfactory or miraculous enough to change the hearts and minds of these Jews. People who actually got to experience these wondrous things firsthand, no less. 

Were I disciple, I would’ve said, Come on Jesus, let’s bounce. These knuckleheads are hopeless. Truth is, I’d be right. But then there is the whole, parable of the lost sheep thing Jesus kept going on and on about. How the good shepherd leaves the flock to find one, just one, stray, and how glad he is to find it.  

With palpable disappointment, Jesus would surely remind me of this. Reciting the whole parable to me again.  Yeah, I know. Lost sheep. Happy shepherd. I remember. 

As to the extraordinariness of Jesus, this is the point. Where I would have been ready to bounce, Jesus wanted to win over one last lost disbeliever among the knuckleheads, and was willing to put up with the angry mobbish crap to do it. Sent to persuade all of humankind of his Father’s existence and love and forgiveness, Jesus wanted to make his case to perhaps one last potential soul. And that is what he did, and rather convincingly, too.  

Actually, convincingly doesn’t describe it. It was much more, complete. 

Jesus began by reaffirming who he was and giving this spiel about performing his Father’s assigned work, and how he had been given the power and authority to do it [John 5:19-30].  

Then, he got to the meat [John 5:31-47]. With the skill of a brilliant trial attorney, he laid the logical leather to his accusers. For clarity, a practical adaptation: 

Listen, folks. If I testify to my own credibility, my word alone doesn’t mean much. It doesn’t prove my claim, that I’m the Son of God, the promised messiah. But it isn’t just me. John the Baptist vouched for me, too. You yourselves asked John about me, and he verified my claim. He was to you a genuine prophet, a person you trusted, and whose prophetic claims you were readily willing to accept and believe. What is he now? A lying fraud? 

John’s endorsement should be enough. But I have yet an even greater, more credible witness than him that proves me: my many miracles. Feeding five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fish. Healing the blind and deaf, the maimed, and the demon possessed.  

And this man here, helpless for 38 years, now holding his bed—how are you feeling, by the way? Okay? Good.

Whom among you can do such things? Hmm? [scanning the crowd] Thats right, none of you. Because none of you are the Son of God, the promised messiah, whom the prophet you trusted and believed not only told you about, but then confirmed. Know who is the promised messiah? 


And my many miracles further prove it. They prove my Father, your God, is real, too. They prove the very same God who led your ancestors from Egypt, whom you read about and pray to, has sent me—the promised messiah. So, even God has vouched for me. Yet, you won’t believe him, either.  

He hasn’t vouched for me, you say? 

Search your holy scriptures. The ones you study, and from which you teach. The ones that contain the laws you so zealously uphold and enforce. Indeed, they vouch for me, too. 

So. Although it’s clear God has sent me, you won’t believe or accept me, either one. Let someone else vouch for themself, however, and you’ll believe and accept him, no questions asked, no evidence required. How can you so readily accept a stranger’s word, but not the proof of me that no less comes directly from your supposed God? Via John the Baptist, my many miracles, the scriptures, even the words of our beloved Moses, whose very name you revere and in whom you trust? 

That’s right, even Moses. If you don’t believe his writings about me [Genesis 3:15, 12:3, 18:18, 22.18, 49:10, Deuteronomy 18:15], then how will you believe my words?

[scanning the blank stares]. 

And with that, Jesus bounced for the Sea of Galilee. 

Every conveyed fact is scriptural, having been laid out in astounding sequence over hundreds of years via the Bible, no less. It is impossible to offer a more compelling and convincing argument, and to have more verifiable credibility. Therefore, it is impossible not to believe Jesus is who he claims to be, outside of simply not wanting to believe it. In that, it is amazing the degree of obstinance towards ideas that human’s do not want to accept and believe, and the lengths to which they will go to prevent truth from corrupting their desired beliefs. 

And that doesn’t just concern Jesus and belief in God, either.   

What Makes Jesus even more extraordinary is that, before making these remarks, he knew he would die. He knew how he would die. He knew for whom he would be put to death—these very Jews. Most astonishing, he knew these persuasion efforts would be utterly fruitless. Because he had the power to know. 

And yet, here he was—making the case to potentially one last lost soul, and trying anyway. 

Who but a genuine “savior” would bother? 

All this impeccable and unassailable evidence, and yet Jesus can’t be The Christ?  The fleshly, visible, no less scripturally promised representation of God Almighty? 

No.  No he cannot.  At least, not where these Jews are concerned, namely the Jewish leaders, who saw to Christ’s death. If Jesus is the Son of God, then enjoying the satisfying earthly benefits of human deity were over for them.  

“Self-love,” as Milton said. “The all-natural opiate.”  

Christ’s identity confirmed, humans become instantly inferior. All become subjects, each the same status. Each being answerable to God, who is no respecter of persons. Legitimizing Christ made God real, proved his existence. It made God the creator of all things, the final authority—his rules dominant, his judgement final.  

God is to be worshiped, not humans—namely these Jewish leaders.  

A verified and proclaimed Christ presented a higher authority, and brought to an end the vanity and ruse of human superiority. Speaking of the Jews on the matter, Christ: 

If I hadn’t shown up on the scene. If I hadn’t performed the many miracles no human can perform. Then they were neither sinners nor evil. Because there isn’t then a ruling authority to disobey and to sin against, or a concept of evil, either one. But now that I’m here, they are evil sinners both, and undeniable. They have seen the miracles. They have thus seen me and my Father. And they have hated both me and my Father. Because if you they hate me, then they hate my Father, too [John 15:22-24]. 

Despite their claims to the contrary and their religious performance, the Jews, particularly the Jewish leaders, didn’t really believe in God. They were posers, believing with their mouths but not their hearts. In fact, they fancied themselves superior to both Jesus and God. Christ again: 

I am the light that has come into the world, and therein lies the condemnation. Human beings love the darkness more than the light, because their deeds are evil. Those that do evil hate the light, hate goodness and righteousness, hate truth and, indeed, hate me and my Father. They avoid the light, otherwise their evil is verified and reprimandable. Those who love the truth, on the other hand, they come to the light. Because they want their good deeds and righteousness to be made visible, and to prove themselves in alliance with God [John 3:19-21]. 

Who but a genuine “savior” would understand and convey such a concept? 

Jesus was a far superior human in so many ways. Yet he spent his brief life putting up with angry mobbish crap in an attempt to persuade every last lost soul. Then after raising people from the dead, after miraculously healing countless people, after loving the unloved, and befriending the friendless, and encouraging people towards higher ideals, he was nailed to a cross and mocked. 

The work of conversion Jesus then left to his associates, his disciples, who, like Christ and all the Old Testament prophets before him, were persecuted and murdered, too. As the devoted prophet Stephen said to the Jews before his own murder, “Which of the prophets have not your fathers persecuted [and slain]?”

Answer: all of them. Including Stephen.

And modern ministers—pastors, priests, men and women of God. They continue the work. People today out there ripping it up, living by the sword, not wanting to hear about God. And it is ministers charged with telling them about sin, and self-discipline, and required righteousness—a truth and concept firmly established on the streets of Jerusalem thousands of years ago, and that endures today.

And yet, these modern ministers don’t flop their wrists and bounce, either. 

Indeed, this Nazarene and his many associates are pretty extraordinary. 

©JMW 2/2022 

All Rights Reserved 

Pandora’s Religious Mishap

“We have so many serious problems [regarding COVID],” said Georgia congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, “and we can point them all at one man … Dr. Fauci. [He] is responsible for all this. He created the gain of function. He gave it to China. They created the bioweapon, which is COVID-19, and it broke the world. Our government and anyone that goes along with this and doesn’t fire Fauci, investigate him, prosecute him and hold him accountable is failing the American people.” 

In a November 2021 senate hearing, Senator Rand Paul made these remarks directly to Fauci, a chapter in the pair’s ongoing feud, “Your persistent denials [of funding gain of function research] … are not simply a stain in your reputation but a clear and present danger to the country and to the world. Why does it matter?” Paul continued. “Because gain of function research with laboratory created viruses not found in nature could cause a pandemic even worse than the next time. We’re suffering from one today that has a mortality of approximately 1%. They’re experimenting with viruses that have mortality between 15% and 50%. Yes. Our civilization could be at risk from one of these viruses.” 

That’s, “civilization.”  Worst case, 165 million Americans dead. 

Now, your average liberal would say all this is right-wing, Trumpian hyperbole.  This, as a biologically weaponized virus from a lab in, communist adversarial China!, has killed nearly 850 thousand people in American alone, thus far.  

Liberals aren’t known for their brain power, we realize.  However, is intellect really necessary in this instance?  This seems one of those simplistic, instinctual matters.  Like, “Uh-oh, a gut pain.  Better find a restroom, pronto!”   

Some things you just know. Have a, gut feeling about. 

So, this gain of function research matter, is it true?  Did Fauci fund it?  

National Institutes of Health Director, Lawrence A. Tabak, says he did, via the New York Post.  

So, is the Post lying and defaming Fauci?  Did Tabak not speak to the Post and present his incriminating data?  Well then, sue the Post for libel. Is anyone doing that?  


Moving on. 

To be clear, gain of function research is a process of taking viruses from animals and genetically altering them in a lab to make them more transmissible to humans. The obvious question here would be: why would anyone ever do something so needless and dangerous?  But then, there’s the whole biological warfare idea explaining things. You know, bad people, like, I don’t know, communist regimes, using viruses against their enemies to conquer the world.  

Yes, moving on. 

Tabak’s confession contradicts Fauci’s testimony before Congress in May and in July 2021.  After the Post’s report was made public, Senator Paul tweeted, “‘I told you so’ doesn’t even begin to cover it here.”  

Then, more recently, Paul and Fauci were sparring again over a Fauci email, wherein he, from on high, the czar of all things covid, conspired to takedown the dissenting opinion of prominent epidemiologist from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford universities.  

“Evidently there are a lot of fringe epidemiologists at Harvard … Standford … and Oxford,” Paul said sarcastically, pausing between the three world-renowned academic institutions for effect.   

Even so, Fauci set to not only taking down these dissenters, these prominent epidemiologists from world renowned educational institutions.  He was thrilled to do it, as the email attests. Unseemly enthusiasm that “doesn’t exactly conjure up the image of a dispassionate scientist,” Paul noted. 

In other words, one, Dr. Fauci is behaving like a religious zealot, instead of an objective, truth-seeking scientist. And two, he is behaving like a politician, seeking to destroy his ideological enemies and all.     

The fact and point are, Fauci funded the gain of function research and, denying it, lied under oath about it. And rather than confess the indisputable truth, Fauci has, for months, balked and bristled at every single one of Senator Paul’s inquiries about it, and never answered any of them. So, obviously, there’s a problem with doctor Fauci and his gain of function research—the problem being he funded it and, as Marjorie Taylor Green asserts, is then responsible for the pandemic.  

This true, where is the news media? The issue involving world health, vast human suffering and death, the deceit and fraud of a public official, and national security, why aren’t mainstream news agencies covering the revelation? If Fauci funded the research, then he is indeed responsible for the pandemic. He is the originator. The nexus. The cause. And a traitor, perhaps? 

So then, is it any mystery Fauci is balking and bristling at questions about gain of function research, and not providing answers?  Fauci a god of the Democrat Party and the liberal establishment, is it any mystery the news media isn’t covering Fauci’s viral crime against humanity? 

In regard to the media neglect, the reality is this: if the news media opens the Pandora’s Box of gain of function, then it presents questions they neither want to ask nor have answered.  For example: 

Why did Fauci lie about the research and funding?   

Was he working with China?  

Why was he working with China?  To affect a 2020 election democrats could not win, perhaps?   

Was he then working with the Democrat Party—they seem to worship and protect him?  

What other democrats were then involved—we know Hunter and Joe Biden have China financial entanglements via Miranda Devine’s recent book, and Peter Schweizer’s forthcoming manuscript?   

Hereto, are these two right-wing wordsmiths defaming the Biden’s, the “President” of the United States, with slanderous China lies, too? 

Well then, sue them for libel. Is anyone suing?   

No. And why not? 

It opens yet another of Pandora’s Boxes. 

What role does Bill Gates and other uber-wealthy elite play in Fauci’s crime?   

Was Fauci colluding with the pharmaceutical industry?   

Who financially benefits from the pandemic, anyway? Now there’s something that usually excites the news media. Aren’t the beneficiaries the very people and industries with whom Fauci is professionally aligned?  The entire science and health industries? 

All these questions, believe it or not, are merely the tip of the iceberg—the Pandoric items that first spill forth for her box being so grossly overstuffed with inquiries.  We don’t get answers from Fauci on the matter because he, understandably, doesn’t want to condemn himself.  We don’t get answers from the news media, either, because they want to keep a lid on Pandora’s Box—or rather, Pandora’s Boxes: Russian collusion, Jeffrey Epstein, the Bidens and China, voter fraud—which reveals the news media’s loyalties and corruption, as well.   

The gain of function research funding happened.  Fauci knows it happened. He lied about it under oath and, as Marjorie Taylor Greene correctly charges, is responsible for the pandemic.  The question is: does America have a government that will, as she says, fire Fauci, investigate him, prosecute him, and hold him accountable?   

We shall see.  I would add, but don’t hold your breath.  But a looming 50% mortality rate has me believing each breath is rather precious, and to be enjoyed.  Breathe deeply while you can, I say. 

All this is interesting.  More interesting, however, is Aaron Rupar. Who is Aaron Rupar?  


He’s a liberal journalist for Vox, the news “shepherds.” No one would know or care about Rupar were he not a “journalist.”  This is what makes journalism so attractive, incidentally, particularly to those who were ignored all their lives and never received any attention or notoriety, and who were perhaps shunned by the opposite sex for being, say, nerdy and/or unattractive.   

Become a journalist however, and, Boom!  Bright lights, a byline of your very own, celebrity, and all the attention you never received, but so very much deserved!   

Standing, arms wide, spinning—Look at me; I’m a journalist!  Say my naaaaame, people!!  

Question: why can’t liberal journalists separate their liberal religion and egos from their reporting?  Cult restrictions, perhaps?    

Rupar is a liberal, representative of every liberal, really. In regard to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s previous remarks, that Fauci was responsible for the pandemic and all, Rupar said her comments were an “insane rant,” and that they highlight where “Trumpers are these days with their covid conspiracy theories.”  

So, Rupar missed the New York Post piece, the NIH admission regarding Fauci’s funding of the gain of function research? He missed the emails demonstrating Fauci’s glee over taking down prominent epidemiologists at renowned academic institutions? You know, “Harvard … Standford … and Oxford.”  And he has missed Fauci’s many prescriptive blunders since the covid crisis began? 

So, what is it with this guy, Rupar? What’s his deal? 

It’s one of two things: he either doesn’t follow the news, doesn’t do any kind of research as a journalist should, which is his actual job. Or he’s just a liberal.  A religious zealot who follows the news, does research, learns the truth, but decides he is never-ever going say or report anything that imperils his liberal gods. Instead, he is going to say that Marjorie Taylor Greene is a ranting insane person, and that Rand Paul and Trumpers are covid conspiracy theorists, despite having confessions from an NIH director, documents, emails, and ultimate evidence to the contrary, and despite knowing what he is reporting is false. 

The liberal religion comes first.  Always.   

The behavior is insanely frustrating too truth-seekers, to conservatives. They see the Post article, the NIH confession.  They see the emails and documentation, and they’re apoplectic that a “journalist” balks at the evidence and ignores it.  What does one do with people like this? You shove incontrovertible evidence in front of their face and they behave as if it doesn’t exist. 

But, the NIH director said Fauci funde … 
But, there are these documents and emai … 
“Fox News sycophant!” 

So what does one do with people like this? Nothing. There is nothing to be done. Though their eyes can see and ears can hear. Though they can do the research and find the truth like everyone else, and even know the truth. They are ideologues, devout members of the liberal religion, and there is absolutely no way they will imperil they’re ideological brethren, and thus themselves.  

No way.   

“Believe, or get out!”  It’s the credo on the interior temple wall. 

So, is this guy Rupar really a journalist? And your average liberal—are they really anything more than cult members? It would be a different if the contradictory information on so many of their beliefs weren’t available. But, the evidence is available, and liberals one and all are exposed to it. I contend that liberals sometimes don’t want to be exposed to the opposing information.  

Why not?  

Because ignorance is a much easier way of life.  Marjorie Taylor Greene being a ranting lunatic, and Trumpers and Paul being conspiracy theorists, is a much easier way of life.  

This is why liberals attack people like Greene, a fearless and aggressive conservative, as quickly as they do. First, it’s because people like Greene are effective. Second, it’s because liberals can forever after call them kooks, and label them people not to be taken seriously or believed.  The attack comforts liberals, reassures them of their self-proclaimed superiority and purity. It doesn’t matter how much sense Greene or Paul make, what indisputable evidence they uncover and have in their possession. It’s always: “Marjorie Taylor Greene Rants Insanely,” and “Conspiracy Theorists Rand Paul and Trumpers.”  

That belief is reassuring. NIH confessions and email evidence? Not so much. 

Establishment liberals understand a key, if unfortunate, fact about a large swath of the American people. The commoners are more concerned with in the season premier date of their favorite television program, than they are with what establishment liberals are doing. All liberals have to say is, “Oh, don’t listen to those insane conservative kooks and conspiracy theorists. Get back to your entertainment and let us handle them.” 

Thank you, Your Grace. 

Hence, the liberal faithful refuse to believe you when you tell them, say, the National Institute of Health director confessed Dr. Fauci funded gain of function research, and that documents and emails prove it. The liberal faithful aren’t keen to believe kooks and conspiracy theorists. They have to discover the truth for themselves. And to whom do they turn for this verity? 

To their liberal news sources, of course, who spew religious liberal propaganda every day, all day.  

So, you have this war. A conflict between the claims of so-called kooks and conspiracy theorists, and the claims of these religious liberal propagandists masquerading as journalists and news agencies. In the middle are these disbelieving, noncommittal liberals who don’t want to do any of the intellectual work themselves. And why not? 

It diverts attention from their entertainment.  And whose claims do the disbelieving and noncommittal trust? 

“Get back to your show; let us handle them.” 

Thank you, Your Grace. 

It isn’t just that liberals want to educationally dumb-down a citizenry. They want to entertain them down, too. It’s a two-part strategy, really: dumb them down and keep them distracted. So their liberal superiors look really smart and capable.                

Works pretty well, too. 

The emotional response to liberal behavior is to call them stupid. But, they are not stupid. They are cult members, a necessary distinction. Like India Oxenberg—who was brainwashed into believing branding a man’s initials into her pelvic area and having sex-on-command with him is for the greater good of the cult—liberals are slaves.  Slaves who, likewise, pretend the absurdity of their behavior and beliefs are justified in the Light of the Liberal Seven, as it were. 

In Greek mythology, Pandora opened a container left in her care containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils, which were then released into the world. One of the unspecified evils was surely liberalism. 

Simply, it pays to know who liberals are individually—religious zealots, and what they have become collectively—an evil cult.  Liars and frauds, blind loyalty and servitude. They are no friend to free nations or humanity, either one.      

©JMW 1/2021 
All Rights Reserved