The Cult of Psychosis

In a recent court filing, Special Council, John Durham, exposed a scandalous problem in his investigation of Hillary Clinton’s role in the Russian Collusion hoax, a scam she and her campaign invented, financed, and disseminated to smear her political opponent, Donald Trump. 

The problem is the attorneys representing the Clinton campaign are representing Igor Danchenko, too, the person Durham has just indicted. 

Reporter Gregg Jarrett, “Durham has found out, low and behold, that the law firm representing Danchenko is the same law firm that’s representing members of the Hillary Clinton campaign [who] are the focus, subject, and target of his ongoing investigation.  So obviously, there is a glaring, disqualifying conflict of interest.” 

Isn’t that interesting.  The as of now alleged conspirators found huddled together in a notoriously liberal democrat law firm.   

The point to the intro is this: Durham knows what Hillary Clinton did and is going after her campaign.  Via the court filing, this is what he is telegraphing to the world.  And knowing what Clinton did, Durham then knows Obama’s role, the role of the CIA, the FBI, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and the entire cast of Russia hoax conspirators.   

Now.  Be that as it surely is, it still isn’t the focus.  The focus is Clinton’s 2016 would’ve-been-given victory speech, recited recently in her streaming MasterClass endeavor.  It was quiet the spectacle, a verklempt Clinton conjuring her mother to deliver the triumphant news of her daughter becoming the first female President of the United States.   

Ah.  If only, mom … 

Here is the question: knowing full well she invented, financed, and disseminated the Russian collusion hoax, and committed treason against the United States, facts being now verified by Durham, how could Clinton give such an authentic MasterClass performance?   

Answer: psychosis.  For clarity, “a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.”  

To render such a performance, Clinton is either a terrific actress, or she actually believes the things she says.  And let’s state the obvious—she’s no actress.  Hence, she believes her lies.  For example, when she says the attack against her intern diddling husband is a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” she believes it.  She makes herself believe it.  And when her husband’s DNA is found on the victim’s blue dress, Bill’s not a philanderer.  Monica Lewinsky is a gold-digging, trailer park bimbo—the same as the many other women with whom her husband was caught cheating.  Clinton makes herself believe this, too.   

And while Durham is there, in court, telling Clinton and the world she is a hoaxing criminal running a collusion scam on the American people, what is Clinton’s reaction?   She’s tearfully reading an acceptance speech to her conjured mother.  And let’s stipulate that Clinton doesn’t really believe what she says, and that she’s just calculating and ruthless. She still says the things she says, and behaves as though she believes them.   

Either way, it’s psychotic behavior. 

Hillary believes her lies, which is why she can be so genuinely verklempt and earnest—if psychotic and detached from reality.  That so many people and institutions further her lies, help her to distort reality, and protect her from it, introduces not only an enormous cast of human psychosis, but the devout behavior of a cult.  Having beliefs does not constitute a cult, incidentally.  It becomes a cult when the religion’s leaders are proven liars and frauds, and are yet believed and followed by the faithful anyway.  At which point it’s not just a cult, but an evil cult—of liars, frauds, and mindless minions.   

As for the disciples, these “people and institutions,” what is the institutional news media going to say, for example, if they acknowledge Durham’s indictments?  If they acknowledge what those indictments imply, and where he’s headed litigiously?  One and all must confess Clinton is corrupt, and of course, psychotic.  And if these charges are true of Clinton, then they are true of Barack Obama—as well as the CIA, the FBI, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and the entire cast of Russia hoax conspirators.   

Thus, the news media must then admit that, not only are America’s two leading liberal political figures treasonous and corrupt.  The nation’s leading law enforcement and intelligence agencies are, as well.  The current litigious circumstances may prevent such a final judgment, but there is certainly more than enough evidence, i.e. indictments from special counsel, to investigate the matter and report on it, which the news media by and large clearly has not done and is not doing. 

Equally corrupt, the news media would rather not ask the questions for knowing the answers; truth they do not ideologically and thus politically prefer, and reality they much want to avoid.  And when the desire is to avoid the truth and reality as a means of protecting ideological and political preferences, what are you collectively? 

A cult.  An evil cult. 

And liberal voters, what do they say to themselves regarding Durham’s indictments and the subsequent implications?  They must admit the people they support politically are not merely corrupt and psychotic, but evil.  They must confess it, because there is no other conclusion to be drawn.  This is precisely why liberal voters refuse to hear news from any other agency but the ones they prefer, agencies that cultishly keep the truth at bay.   

So.  We have a news media by and large that doesn’t want to report news for what it means to the liberal religion, and we have liberal voters who don’t want to hear the news from anywhere else but their ideological brethren.  It is much easier to say Fox News and the conservative media are just a bunch of Trump-loving right wingers, than it is to deal with the truth regarding the political people you support, the political party with which you align, your fellow ideologues in the news media, and with the truth regarding yourself.  Because if you address all that, then you are forced into certain acknowledgments.  And forced into the acknowledgements, into the confessions and realities that contradict what you want to believe, then you must change. 

You must extricate yourself from the cult and confess your intellectual sins. 

To protect the cult, the news media simply isn’t reporting.  Actually, they are delaying, hoping that somehow the political and legal machinery of their establishment cult will be able to make this threat to their religion disappear.  Thereby validating their beliefs and preventing the cult’s implosion.  Liberal voters, they are hoping the same.  

The contradictory truth—news of Durham’s investigation—is out there to be discovered and consumed, to which liberals one and all are no less exposed.  They are just loath to acknowledge and address the contradictions for the implications.  Liberals condescend, accusing everyone else of cognitive dissonance.  Yet they are the ones constantly rejecting new information that opposes their beliefs, and explaining the truth away. 

Accusing others of what you do yourself.  They call it: hypocrisy.  And the people who perform it: hypocrites. 

Or, liberals. 

If you don’t understand all this and how people could behave this way, then, congratulations!  You’re not psychotic.  You’re not a delusional cult member frightened by the truth.  Trust me, cult members don’t understand their behavior, either.  You can point all of this out to the faithful, can demonstrate the psychotic nature of executing a treasonous hoax and tearfully pretending you’re not involved and oblivious, but the faithful will yet be offended and outraged.  Why?   

They’re believing, devout, protective members of the cult.   

They have chosen their gods, and they prefer them psychotic. 

Liberals believe what they want to believe and that becomes the truth, becomes reality.  It becomes the doctrine by which they live, and a granite wall through which the genuine truth cannot pass.  The result?   

You become Hillary Clinton, who can tearfully read an acceptance speech as if she never committed a crime, and as if special counsel isn’t indicting her inner circle on his way to you, the ringleader.   

You become the entire female cast of The View, lauding Clinton for her courage and awesomeness, proclaiming future female presidents will stand on her psychotic shoulders.   

You become the news media, who review all of Durham’s evidence and court filings, which point directly at Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House, and ignore it all.   

You become your average liberal voter, who witnesses the lies and scams and failures of their establishment gods, yet cling to the hope those gods can make it all go away.    

Acknowledging the truth about their cult?  Changing their collective hearts and minds?   


Only evil people, those psychotic, can commit crimes and yet deliver indifferent would’ve-been acceptance speeches.  Only evil people proclaim the courageousness of a psychotic person and demand respect for them.  Only evil people ignore court filings and evidence coming into their newsrooms.  Only evil people ignore the moral failures of their political gods, and hope those gods can somehow make the frightening truth disappear.   

And in fact, only cult members would continue believing and supporting an ideology and religion that has failed, and psychotic leaders which have proven liars and frauds.  

The liberal faithful refuse to consider the corruption of their religion and gods, because they, too, don’t want to know the answer.  Actually, they know the answer, they just don’t want it confirmed.  And they don’t want confirmation because it means a reckoning—that the people and institutions they support are corrupt and evil, and their ideology, bankrupt.    

Hence, liberals would rather pretend like nothing is happening, as if there are no such threats as John Durham and his indictments.  That’s why seeing one of their gods verklempt and oblivious and psychotic makes them feel better, reassured. 

Warm and creamy-centered though the liberal faithful might feel, Durham is nonetheless real; his investigation exists, and is ongoing; and his indictments are legit.  And aware of Durham’s court filings, there is absolutely no reason a news industry would neglect a journalistic investigation of the matter, would neglect asking questions, and would neglect performing their journalistic duty on behalf the American people via watch dogging against tyranny.  Further, there is absolutely no reason voters would run frightened from the revelations. 

No.  Absolutely no reason at all, except to protect an evil cult.  Protection to include allowing a psychotic criminal to host a MasterClass on “Discovering Your [Criminal] Mission” and to pretend she’s not a crook.  

We think psychosis looks like something else, like a wild-haired crazy person chasing imaginary butterflies in a padded cell.  But, then there’s the cult version. 

©JMW 1/2022 
All Rights Reserved                       

Generational Prey


President Ronald Reagan warned, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  What did he mean, exactly?  The query results from a recent report stating a majority of young people have climate anxiety—fear the earth’s climate is deteriorating and that human suffering and death are imminent. So what do youthful climate anxieties have to do with freedom being always a generation from extinction?  

Well, clearly young people believe the earth and themselves to be in peril.  And if the crisis is real, then someone must stop it.  And who are claiming themselves able?  Politicians.  Governments.  So, in whom is this young, anxious generation placing their trust and faith? 

The world’s “leaders”—rather, mere mortals like the rest of us. 

But, doesn’t God have a say in this supposed crisis?  You know, The Almighty.  The Creator of the Universe and of All Living Things.  Those are some pretty powerful titles and claims.  Are we just to replace him with mere political and scientific mortals?   

That’s precisely what the world’s evildoers expect.   

Except, the climate issue is a financial and Marxist fraud.  That’s correct: a financial and Marxist fraud.  The same as Russian collusion, Jussie Smollett’s MAGA hatted assault, and a demented, stammering, direction-challenged president getting an election record 81 million votes— 

C’mon, man!  The people love me, man!  Lots of ‘em, man! 

Apologies to the reader, Joe isn’t utilizing all cylinders. 

Indeed, climate change is yet another liberal hoax, a scam intended to procure the three most vehemently pursued elements by humans since the dawn of time: money, power, and control.  They are highly-prized goals of liberals because, well, the world is theirs. Only, there is just one problem. 

Having created everything, the world belongs to God.  And if the world is his, then it can’t belong to liberals.  If the world is God’s, then liberals have a superior to whom they are responsible, and from whom they take commands, like the rest of us.  Liberals despise the idea of a supreme God, because they fancy themselves gods.  And of course, given their ability to manage and manipulate the earth’s extremely complex climate, why would they think otherwise?  

Hence, the brazen usurpation of God’s authority isn’t usurpation at all to liberals.  Themselves gods, liberals are merely stepping up to claim their rightful earthly authority and power.  Power they demonstrate via this wondrous, if yet to be demonstrated, control over planet earth.   

It’s all delusional, yes—even if there is no God.  However, the more troubling aspect of this pursuit of human, earthly deity should be the strategy of these delusional posers.  To conquer people and become their god, there must be a strategy.  The key feature of the liberal plan?  

Grab your knickers …       

Targeting children.   

Naive, inexperienced, impressionable kids.  

Lying to them.  Frightening them.  Exploiting them.   

Considering liberals favor abortion, and that they can apathetically toss unborn fetuses into medical waste dumpsters like entrails at a slaughter house, the blatant disregard for actual breathing children should come as no surprise.  Nevertheless, the strategic revelation returns us to Reagan’s remarks, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  What Reagan meant was simply this:  

The world is, and will always be, occupied by evil human beings who will attack children to get what they want.  

Exhibits A & B: abortion, and the exploitative targeting of kids via lies, deceit, and fear.   

Of course, we generally and incorrectly say “the world” is the evil attacker of children.  When it is actually the individual human beings—in this case liberals, and in every case, actually—performing the attacks and evils.  It is a critical point that deserves amplification. 

The labels—liberals, the liberal establishment, the liberal news media, Hollywood, Big Tech, liberal voters, et al—are distractions from the fact individual human beings, clearly liberals, populate these organizations, institutions, and groups.  The labels are merely cover, a collective shield for the inhuman and evil deeds of individual human beings.  Using the labels, people then point their fingers and accuse wrongly.  It’s not “liberals,” or “the liberal establishment,” or “the liberal news media.”   

It’s people—individual human beings.  And not very good human beings, either, because they attack and exploit the most vulnerable: children.   

Sea turtles and Horned Owls?  No, no.  They’re sacred creatures.   

Actual human children?  Three words: Medical Waste Dumpster.   

And yes, discovering sea turtle or Horned Owl eggs in a dumpster, liberals would be apoplectic.  There would be investigations, news coverage in abundance, Save the Species fundraising, and a hot and howling demand to locate the perpetrators. 

Attacking children is not one of the worst things human beings can do.  It is the-worst-thing human beings can do.  Kids are innocent.  They don’t know anything.  They have no experience, no instinctual acuity.  Worse, they’re like little computers waiting to be programmed.  And how do liberals program them?  With lies and fear and anxiety—that is, if they can survive the medical waste dumpster.  

Is anything more heinous and unholy?  As in, evil? 

Good human beings say no. 

Evil will always attack children.  In a quest for wealth and power and control, that is precisely where an enterprise desirous of such things must begin, at the weakest point.  Survey the castle walls for attack, one searches for the most vulnerable point of entry, the easiest access.  In the quest for wealth, power, and control, liberals search for and select children—with goal-achieving glee, no less.   

Human beings aren’t human beings to liberals.  They’re a disposable commodity, a means to an end.  Just ask any successful despot. 

Innocent, naive, inexperienced, and immature—children are an easy mark, and liberals target them without feeling or remorse.  Liberals make children fearful and anxious with an issue like climate change, for example, so that an entire generation of them grows up not only believing the climate lie, but helping evil liberals secure their highly sought-after objectives.   

Via a liberal media, children are exposed to an array of liberals telling them to, one, be afraid of everything.  And two, to know that liberals have everything under control, are on the job, and are there to alleviate allll their tormenting fears and anxieties.  Liberals involve other children in the ruse, too, like Sweden’s 18-year-old environmental activist, Greta Van Thunberg.  They employ cartoon characters, blatantly lie about real animals and nature—all in a daily media assault on children of the world.  Abuse intended to frighten, and to encourage them toward submission.   

Submission and control achieved, subsequent generations grow up subordinate and oppressed.  Until another generation, perhaps two, three, maybe ten generations down the line, rises up and says, Enough!  We don’t have to live in fear, and under the thumb of other human beings.  We don’t have to be controlled by elitist liars, telling us what to do and how to do it, taking our money, dictating our futures, and encouraging fear and anxiety—over things (climate disaster) that never materialize.   

We don’t have to live that way, they decide.  Then the inevitable, ever-recurring, and bloody cycle of revolution begins, as it has so many times throughout human history … for this same reason every time.   

The idea is to make a generation of children subordinate and compliant, so that an entire free nation will eventually become subordinate and compliant, by willingly voting itself/themselves into subordination and compliance.  And given the ever-recurring incidents of revolution, it’s an idea/strategy that clearly works.   

Oppressed human beings eventually realize, however, that they’d rather be afraid and anxious and free, than to live under the fake umbrella of protection provided by egotistic and narcissistic fellow human beings.  Ordinary people who wake up every morning and take a big country dump like everybody else.  Ordinary people who fail spectacularly in their own lives, whose marriages and families fail, whose kids have addiction problems and worse, and who simply consider themselves superior to other human beings.   

Realize these things though the oppressed eventually do, it is realization after the fact, after the oppressive circumstances manifest and establish.  It’s precisely what Reagan both understood and meant.  Freedom’s extinction begins with children, society’s least prepared and most vulnerable, whom liberals no less target, and then attack with impunity.   

And it’s not just that liberals lie to children and make them fearful and anxious.  They encourage children to disobey authority. They tell children that it’s okay to falsely accuse others, and to never apologize; that human life is mere refuse worthy of a medical waste dumpster; that they are societal victims who haven’t the power or intellect to help themselves; that whatever debauchery manifests from living “their truth” is okay.  They even encourage children to question their sexuality, and toward homosexuality.  

Ultimately, liberals tell children that there is no God but liberals and liberalism—an earthly deity to whom children everywhere will now and forevermore genuflect.   

Liberals wouldn’t waste time convincing, say, Auschwitz-surviving Jews not to fear the big menacing buildings reeking of noxious gas and death.  Actual survivors are too experienced, too wise.  Jewish children a few generations removed, however, make much easier targets. 

See those buildings there?  Nevermind the stench.  They’re filled with toys and games and pudding.  Go ahead, have a look! 

In other words, to achieve their objectives and get what they want, liberals must target children.  The wanton abuse and exploitation of the most vulnerable is precisely how free nations fall, too.  People don’t believe this is how it happens, because it’s too heinous, too evil, too, unbelievable—that human beings would consider such a despicable strategy, much less employ it.   

But again, just ask any successful despot.  They’ll tell you. 

In the quest for wealth, power, and control, human beings are merely collateral damage—to include poor, defenseless, and innocent children. 

Societies are born for the struggle—good societies, like America.  They emerge for human oppression, are established via discipline and hard work.  Eventually, success and prosperity make people more affluent and life easier.  Generations later, children want for nothing and, worse, parents prefer it that way.   

As a consequence, society eventually ends-up with a generation self-absorbed, entitled, fearful, anxious, and ripe for the political picking.  A generation no less ready to submit to their earthly gods—the omnipotent climate controllers of planet earth, and other such magnificent feats.  

And it all results for the evil that is “liberalism”the label which conceals the fact that it’s human beings making generational prey of children.   

Having lived the communist work camp horrors of post World War II Russia, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, “(T)he line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through every human heart.  This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years … If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.” 

Well, there are people “insidiously committing evil deeds” modernly, and we know precisely who they are.  It prompts this unfortunate, yet vitally necessary Public Service Announcement:  

*Protect your children, and your nation, from liberals.* 

Or suffer the consequences.   

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All Rights Reserved 

Necessary Blackout

Holman Jenkins, The Wall Street Journal:

“A tech executive, members of the Clinton Campaign, people who we know were, Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson, whose names weren’t mentioned [in Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment of Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee attorney Michael Sussmann]—there is a lot of material out there that the press could follow up on, and basically get to the bottom of this whole story about how the Russia collusion hoax was perpetrated.  Unfortunately, it looks like the press doesn’t want to follow up on it.” 

Imagine it: news of the Sussmann indictment comes across the wire in every bustling American newsroom.  Upon reading the release, some coffee-fetching newsroom intern in charge of incoming news alerts abruptly blurts, “Oh my gosh!  John Durham just indicted Hillary Clinton and Democrat National Committee attorney, Michael Sussmann!”—with a twenty-seven-page indictment, no less, that directly, not indirectly, implicates the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration.   

Immediately, there is convened in each newsroom a production meeting surrounding the newly emerged news.  And as evidenced by their complete dearth of reporting, a blackout of all news Russian collusion hoax and John Durham, it is unanimously decided to ignore this current revelation, and to continue ignoring the biggest news story in American history.   

In other words, some power that be, some managing editor or corporate executive controlling each of these newsrooms had to effectively, if not directly, say, “We’re not covering this story.  In fact, it’s going right here in the ol’ round file, to hopefully die.” 

And from editors, to managers, to reporters and on-air talent—all agree. 

We know this must be true of these production meetings. Because, well, the story is real.  Because John Durham is, indeed, Special Counsel investigating and now prosecuting the Russian collusion hoax.  Because Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele are real.  Because the indictments of FBI attorney Clinesmith and Clinton attorney Sussmann are real.  Because the firing of four leading FBI figures in the Obama administration is real, too. 

So, the story is real, alright.  Real to everyone but the news media.  And in terms of the universal agreement in each newsroom, have we seen any defections?  Any whistleblowers coming forth to confess: “Our news agency has forbidden coverage of the collusion hoax?” 

No.  Hence, the universal agreement.  Rather, the complicity in journalistic malpractice. 

The magnitude of the Durham story cannot be overstated, which makes this intentional, conspiratorial dereliction of news media duty all the more egregious.  Even so, let’s be clear, and accurate: the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, along with the administration’s CIA and FBI, colluded to subvert an election, and thereby committed treason against the United States.   

So again, the story is far beyond monumental.  Yet, from its emergence in 2017 to the present, virtually the entire national news media, save Fox News, has made no effort at all to, as Jenkins pointed out, “get to the bottom” of the matter.  And worse, obviously.  They have individually forbidden any and all investigation, and any and all reporting.   

Now, why-would-that-happen? 

It happens for one reason and one reason only: ideological soul mates, the news media has to protect both the Democrat party and the establishment they have built, manage, and control together. Liberalism, or more practically, evil, is the religion for the United States.  And in all it’s immoral and ungodly beliefs and doctrine, establishment liberals are here to make sure the religion is strictly practiced—forbidding historic, cataclysmic news events when necessary. 

And if the Sussmann indictment weren’t enough, Durham also subpoenaed tech executive, Rodney Joffee.  An individual linked to Sussmann who brought information to the FBI about an alleged server the Trump campaign used to supposedly communicate with the Kremlin through a Russian bank, Alfa Bank—information that proved false.   

And the news media response to that adjoining news?   

That story went into the newsroom round-file, too. 

The fact is, Robert Mueller admitted to finding no evidence whatsoever of collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin.  A truth which should have inspired a single question in each and every honest newsroom: if no evidence of collusion was unearthed, after a 2 ½ year investigation by four separate federal agencies, no less, to include Mueller’s.  Then where did all the information for the nonexistent crime come from?   

Or more directly, who’s responsible for the obvious hoax?  And why was it executed?  

Had the news media asked these questions, it would have led them straight to Hillary Clinton, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Perkins-Coie, Michael Sussmann, Rodney Joffee, the Obama administration, its CIA and FBI, and into the once ongoing and now completed investigations of Fox News and people like Gregg Jarrett, Devin Nunes, and an entire cast of reporters and public officials who actually did do the job of “getting to the bottom of the story”— 

again, the biggest political corruption story in United States history.  

So now, having ignored the story for five years, and it currently coming to light via Durham, what is the news media to do?   

What they hoped would happen is that establishment pols would somehow make the story go away, with news media round file assistance, of course.  Yet, despite their very best, five-year-long efforts, the pols failed.  Helpless, the news media now watches Durham, however incrementally, bring his case to the American people.  And what is the news media to do when his indictments run deeper?  When the truth tells the story they, now clear and undeniable conspirators, refused to investigate and tell?  

Let’s put it this way: Russian collusion was not only proven untrue by four separate federal investigations, but a political hoax.  A calculated, purposeful political fraud.  And how did the news media respond? 

They ignored it.  Moved on.  Continued their collective, ceaseless, baseless, deceitful, and thus evil assault on Donald Trump and American democracy. 

So, however incontrovertibly true and historical and alarming, don’t think Durham’s future revelations are going to inspire fresh news media behavior.  The news media ignored the treason story when it began emerging in 2017, and to the present.  So why would they start covering it now?  

They won’t.  Conspiratorial, committed, and exposed—they can’t. 

In fact, they will assist Clinton and Obama and the establishment in spinning their way out.  Why?  Because otherwise they would be indicting and destroying themselves.  

Lying—it’s the only remaining path forward. 

The collusion business a proven establishment hoax, one can guarantee the establishment’s in-house, conspiratorial news media isn’t going to be as eager to jump on the condemnation from Durham, as they were the Trump lies of their fellow conspirators.  One can guarantee they won’t be as eager to believe what Durham says about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, as they were everything—Russian collusion, a “perfect” Ukrainian phone call, two unfounded impeachments—involving Donald Trump.   All of which was mere cover-fire for Hillary Clinton and Obama administration treason, cover-fire the news media was eager to lay down for their fellow traitors.   

No.  There is no guarantee but one: that’s the news media trying to convince the public of investigative fraud, that Durham’s revelations and indictments are unjust, and that the crooks aren’t really crooks, but rather selfless warriors for democracy.  

Again, lying—it’s the only remaining path forward. 

The prosperous aspect of the Trump presidency was that he flushed liberals one and all from hiding.  Most liberals like to practice their liberal religion in anonymity.  Because their ideology and its doctrine are evil, and because moral people don’t like and won’t accept it.  So, liberals keep their beliefs private and practice them secretly, preferring not to be known publicly as “liberal,” which, until Trump they have been able to do.   

Trump forced them into the open, forced them to defend their religion and beliefs.  Saying basically, You’re either for America or against her, he made liberals choose sides.  The public ultimatum forced liberals into panic and hysterics, and into saying and doing things which were totally irrational, ridiculous, hateful, and un-American.   

In other words, and in terms of national prosperity, Trump forced liberals one and all to reveal exactly who they are, which in a single phrase is: miserable, evil frauds. 

Liberals aren’t the virtuous people they present themselves to be.  They’re liars.  They’re hypocrites.  They’re miserable malcontents, imperious and condescending.  Most importantly, they’re fools.  

Complete and utter fools, averse to morality, truth, and America.  

Until Trump, no one had made liberals, including the republican version, to so abruptly choose.  He rattled the establishment cage, forced them all from hiding and to declare.  Finally, liberals had to defend themselves, had to defend their establishment temple and religion, a cause for which every faithful liberal believer felt compelled to rush to the front lines.  To include those in the news media, of course, who collectively threw historic and cataclysmic news stories about their fellow ideologues in the round file. 

If what Durham has uncovered and is litigating is true.  If Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign attempting to subvert an election, and thereby committed treason.  Then the last five years has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump.  He’s just a face, a decoy, a distraction.  He’s a patsy to draw ire and to despise, while establishment liberals perform and cover up their evil deeds. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden confessed publicly to bribing a Ukrainian prosecutor with a billion dollars.  The news media not only completely ignored the confession.  They then invented the crime for Donald Trump, which was used in an attempted impeachment.     

Joe Biden‘s son Hunter has a laptop that not only reveals Biden family financial corruption with China, but a potential national security issue for the United States.  The news media completely ignored this genuine, verifiable story, too.    

Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, its CIA and FBI, not only rigged and allowed to be rigged a Democrat Party primary election, twice.  They lied to the FISA court, illegally spied on an opponent’s political campaign, attempted to subvert the 2020 presidential election, and committed treason against United States.   

And the news media has completely ignored these stories, also—for 5 ½ years now.   

Along with American citizens, Biden left behind $85 billion worth of armory and elite technology in Afghanistan.  Meanwhile, he and his establishment allies are also trying to pass a $3.5 trillion dollar spending package.  All this waste and these exorbitant expenditures, and yet Donald Trump needed merely $5 billion for wall construction.  Monies Biden and his establishment allies claimed were impossible to secure.  And the news media’s response to the waste, deceit, and hypocrisy? 

No interest.  No reporting.  No penalties. 

Hence, there is but one conclusion: it’s way past time to begin looking at the news media as not merely corrupt, but as an enemy of democracy, of the United States, and of the American people. 

As for the foolish loyalists who haven’t yet reached this obvious conclusion, one can bet they won’t possess and display the same enthusiasm for the collusion story Durham is telling, as they possessed and displayed for the story these news media traitors told them about Trump.  One can bet they won’t possess sympathy for the victims of these news media traitors, either.  Victims to include not merely Trump and his familial, relational, and administrative sphere. But America, and thus these foolish loyalists themselves.                      

Unable to recognize their own victimization, should we really expect fools of such lofty degree to realize their folly? 

Be hopeful, but keep your scrilla in your pocket. 

©JMW 2021 
All Rights Reserved 

Humiliation Unbearable

“Your dad says you’ve got a world class bullshit detector.  Who lied this morning?”   
“On the stand you mean?” 
“They don’t teach this in law school.  Yes.   All witnesses lie.” 
“About what?” 
“Keeping their jobs.  But in [this] case, money—most people skim.  Morality.  We all want to be good little girls and boys.  Sex?  Just assume everyone screwing everyone else, unless proven otherwise.  And, the big one: avoiding humiliation.  You’d think folks would be scared of prison or lethal injection.  Nope.  It’s loss of face.” 

Interviewing a young potential assistant in the film The Whole Truth, a lawyerly Keanu Reeves presented one of the realities of human behavior.  People lie for many reasons, it’s true, but the most compelling reason it to prevent humiliation.  Humiliation is a powerful deterrent.  Or in this case, a powerful provocateur.  To humans cursedly self-aware, nothing is worse.  People would rather endure anything than the public exposure of their lamentable failures, and the unbearable embarrassment that coincides.  The fear of disgrace is universally human, certainly.  However, it is a particularly powerful motivator for those without morals, virtue, character, courage and, most importantly, humility.   

It is to say, humiliation is particularly powerful motivator for liberals.    

For example, $44 million taxpayer dollars spent on a Russian collusion hoax that produced absolutely zero evidence of the crime (because, uh, it was a hoax)—a hoax now fully exposed with Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment of Clinton attorney, Michael Sussmann.   

So, where are liberals admitting the investigative failure and fraud?  That the establishment ran a scam on the American people?   

How about the obvious, that Joe Biden has dementia?  That he took a roaring economy and turned it into a dumpster fire in just 8 months?  That his son Hunter’s laptop not only exists, but also exposes Biden family corruption and compromises US national security?  

Where are liberals admitting these established facts? 

Liberals one and all watch Joe Biden’s bumbling, forgetful antics every day. They know he’s struggling.  They know he is not a person ready to make decisions and to lead the greatest nation on earth.  The fact that he is suffering and incapable, in fact, opens a Pandora’s Box of implications.  For instance, why is he being allowed to continue?  Who’s managing him, guiding him?  How did he ascend to the presidency in the first place? And why isn’t the news media reporting on his obvious cognitive illness and the national security implications for it?   

Open that box, and the stench of humiliation becomes quickly overbearing. 

Of course, there is undeniable and actual collusion occurring between the Democrat party and national news media.   

There is covid czar Anthony Fauci, who has been caught lying to congress about his agency’s financial role in gain of function research at the Wuhan lab, and thus his role in the viral catastrophe.   

All true.  All established fact.  So, where are the liberal admissions? 

Liberals aren’t confessing any of these truths, and so many more.  Because, well, they can’t.  And why not?   

For the “big one,” as Reeves put it: humiliation.   

Having been grotesquely wrong about literally everything for the last five years, admitting any one of these facts invites yet more dreaded disgrace.  And in case you didn’t know, liberals all are infallible—at least, they think themselves so.  And any evidence to the contrary is simply humiliation they refuse to bear. 

It’s childish behavior, really.  Immature.  Adolescent.  Weak and pathetic.  

Now.  One could argue that liberals are unaware of these facts.  Because, it is also yet another fact that the national news media simply doesn’t report the news, specifically news that indicts their fellow conspirators.  And if you’re a liberal cult member depending on a conspiratorial news media for information, which only serves its political allies.  Then it is possible you aren’t aware of these facts.  

Of course, it’s difficult to believe liberals aren’t aware, given the near hysterical emotional investment they had in seeing Donald Trump destroyed, and for all things anti-Trump to be true.  Hence, they must have followed the news expectantly, hoping for favorable outcomes, of which they saw none—zero.  So the emotional investment and expectancy says liberals were tuned-in and know precisely what is going on.  And the many disappointments they experienced should’ve told them that the people from whom they were getting their information were not merely wrong, but ideological frauds. 

So, it’s pretty certain liberals one-and-all know the facts, and that the facts are humiliating.  Hence, liberals would rather not admit the facts—any of them.  In fact, they would rather and would readily endure anything else.   

Say like, prison.  Or, lethal injection, for examples.  

Think about it.  The Sussmann indictment is proof of what we already know, that the entire Russian collusion case was a complete, establishment-driven, treasonous political scam on the American people.  It means the news media who peddled the hoax for nearly three years was completely, and also knowingly, wrong.  And where does that leave all the liberal faithful who went enthusiastically and blindly along for the ride? 

Let’s just say it’s not, positively promotional.   

It takes a long time to get to the truth of matters because, well, that’s the liberal stratagem.  They bury the system and the public in lies so that it takes years to dig out.  And when the system and public finally dig out, and the truth is exposed about liberals and their lies, they never confess.  And why not? 

Where it concerns liberal elites, it’s for pure, disgrace-immune narcissism.  For the rest, the faithful, well, the humiliation is simply too awful. 

In regard to the Russian collusion fraud, now being fully and finally exposed, senior editor at The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, said that every liberal should “hang their heads in shame.”  Yes, well. True. But that would require humility, which liberals despise as much as latter-stage humiliation.  And the fact is, if they practiced the former, they wouldn’t endure the latter. 

Liberals practice nor endure neither. 

The way to view liberals and their ideology is to liken it to steel sphere, one coated in tough titanium for greater durability, and then Tefloned for its non-stick properties.  Liberals live within this sphere with their liberal beliefs.  Nothing can be allowed to penetrate the protected space, specifically facts and truth.  Thus, the resilient, impenetrable sphere design, which is dutifully maintained internally, incidentally, so as to prevent any fissures, any points of entry.  Because, if a single fact or element of truth is allowed to penetrate, is allowed to seep in, then their entire belief system is compromised.   

That’s why when you offer liberals irrefutable logic and physical evidence, they reject it out of hand.  They have to reject it.  Facts nor truth can neither one be allowed to penetrate the hardened, well-maintained sphere because, if it does, then not only are their beliefs wrong.  Worse, those beliefs must change, beliefs they desperately want to maintain, no less.  And why the desperation? 

Well, the particular belief is what they want to believe, first.  And second:  


They’ve been existing on flawed beliefs, now demonstrated as such via the unchallengeable logic and physical evidence.  And suddenly, they’re intellectual dopes.  Suddenly, they’re dupes who’ve willingly, enthusiastically allowed themselves to be duped.  They’re fools, brought face-to-face with their foolishness, for all to witness.  They’re buffoons who have been crowing about the unopposable certitude of their now verifiably failed beliefs, after mocking and denigrating the accurate and wiser doctrine of their ideological foes.   

And the reaction to this humiliating nightmare? 

To save face, of course.      

So, liberals change topics and argue something else; or they name call and accuse.  They do everything, anything!, but acknowledge their protective sphere has been breached and that their beliefs are corrupt and failed.  People ask, “Why wouldn’t liberals want the truth of matters?”  Well, like everyone else, they do want the truth in most matters—is my spouse cheating on me?  Are my children okay?  Is this lump under my arm something to worry about?  Did I leave the stove on, candle’s burning?   

However, when liberals want to believe something, for jealousy or resentment or hatred or whatever the reason, there is no fact so truthful or compelling to have them intellectualize their position and amend their beliefs.  They would rather maintain the jealousy, resentfulness, hatred, and beliefs, which signals they are already these ugly things, things natural, comforting, and in a sadistic way, soothing to them. 

It takes humility to do otherwise, to be honest and pliable, and to change.  A prospect liberals despise as much as humiliation.  But again, if they would practice humility, they wouldn’t endure latter stage humiliation.  But then, try telling jealous, resentful, hate-filled liberals that.  The result will be as pleasant and productive as using logic and evidence to prove their flawed beliefs to them—  

Racist!  Right-winger! White privilege!    

Given the choice between humiliation and nasty labels, the labels are way easier.  Much more natural, comforting, and in a sadistic way, soothing to them, too.                              

People can believe whatever they want.  However, beliefs come with consequences, one of them being humiliation and the need to save face.  Of course, there is death and eternity, too, pretty significant consequences in themselves for chosen beliefs.   

Unfortunately, all are about as compelling to liberals as lethal injection, and prison.    

If everyone simply adhered to the truth, was a prisoner of it, there wouldn’t be all the fighting and dysfunction.  And gee, who should we blame for that?  

©JMW 2021 
All Rights Reserved         

Is God Really Necessary?

Liberals despise Republicans with nasty vehemence one can witness every day.  Except, the Republican Party’s constituency, its conservative voters, overwhelmingly rejected the republican establishment and its candidates with the 2016 election of Donald Trump.  Rejected because, well, the republican establishment is a bunch of liberals—friendlies that establishment liberals can tolerate, but nonetheless like to humiliate for sport.  

So, it isn’t Grand Old Party republicans that liberals detest.  It’s actually conservatives.  Those moral lovers of law and life.  The principled and righteous patriots who, though humanly flawed, believe in God, truth, America, the American way, and justice and freedom for all.   

Yeah, those people.  They are the ones liberals really loathe.   

And what this hatred actually means is that liberals despise God—the Supreme Enthusiast of all that difficult-to-perform conservative human righteousness.  God stands for truth, morality, discipline, obedience, order, justice, life, and ultimate virtuousness.  And liberals hate the list’s every item, which then demonstrates they hate God, which is hatred they project locally onto whom? 

That’s right.  Conservatives. 

Okay, fine.  Liberals hate God.  But, is God really a calculative necessity when, say, deducing the cognitive fitness of a president?   An elder individual who no less visibly loses his train of thought routinely, stammers aimlessly, and squints in obvious mental strain?   

Is God a calculative necessity in recognizing that a cognitively impaired man and his political party transitioned a country from historic prosperity and respect, to hardship and global humiliation in a mere eight months?  For the impairment, is it not also clear that someone else must be running his office and calling the shots? 

God is a calculative necessity in these assessments? 

Let’s take the idea further … 

One needs God to recognize that a nation’s laws are being comprehensively ignored and broken by a political party?  That it’s institutions and traditions are being corrupted and eliminated?  That its history is being condemned and no less removed before everyone’s eyes? 

One needs God to recognize that nearly an entire national news media and a political party have partnered to both protect and guarantee the political party’s power and control?  And five years of failed accusations and hoaxes targeting Donald Trump.  One needs God to conclude the people responsible are liars and frauds?  Liars and frauds to include the conspiratorial news industry, which has refused to report not just news events, but historic news events.   Historic crimes that expose and destroy their political allies, no less. 

To recognize the corruption, danger, and evil in such an arrangement, God must be part of the calculus? 

Liberals top to bottom, or rather, cult leaders to subordinates, rail against conservatives for drawing these sane, and in most cases effortless and obvious, conclusions. Yet, why aren’t liberals drawing them?    

Liberals know, for example, that illegal immigrants flooding unlawfully and unvaccinated across America’s border is, first, against established law and a risk to their security.  And second, that it’s detrimental not only to their personal health, but the health of their families, friends, and fellow citizens.  Yet, not only are liberal cult leaders doing nothing stop it.  They are praised by the cult faithful for allowing it.  Praised for permitting open, maskless borders and lawlessness, while mandating masks, immunization, and lawful compliance for America’s citizenry, to include the cheering, if blind, cult faithful, no less.   

And God must be part of the math to recognize the hypocrisy, absurdity, and evil? 

Liberals don’t walk through everyday life protecting themselves and their families by making obvious, sane, basic, and necessary determinations?   

Of course they do.   

So, what’s the obstacle here?  God? 

Liberals despise God; we get it.  But, why does everything good, honest, logical, righteous and derivatively God throw liberals into fits of loathing?   

Answer: they have their own god— 


Democrat Party politicians, the liberal news media, Hollywood celebrities, the cultural elite—the liberal faithful have their gods, and whatever their gods say is what liberal subordinates both believe and do.   

Personally, and I’m certain I speak for many, my God is God Almighty: to be clear, the Creator of All Living Things and The Ultimate Truth In All Earthly Matters.  And as for figuring things out here on earth, I don’t subordinate myself to any other human beings—not politicians, not those in the liberal news media, not Hollywood or cultural celebrities, either.   

Not any human being.  

I’m the one responsible for my beliefs and ultimate direction.  I’m my own boss here on earth, relying on my own eyesight, hearing, instincts, intellect, and the imparted wisdom of my Supreme God.  I’m the one determining where I stand on matters.  And the liberal faithful? 

Liberalism as their god, headed-up by the political and cultural elite, which is a fancy way of saying: the popular kids.  The liberal faithful accept whatever their gods tell them, which becomes the doctrine they believe, and to which they adhere.  This way, the faithful don’t have to think for themselves; don’t have to listen to conservative opposition; don’t have to acknowledge their own instincts, or what their own eyes and ears tell them.  They have their gods for all that.  Their gods proclaim, and that’s what subordinates believe, and then defend.  And nothing is allowed to contradict their gods—not logic, facts, evidence.  


Hence, these liberal gods can do whatever they please.  If they don’t wear masks after mandating them for everyone else, that’s okay.  If they want to get their locks freshened after locking down hair salons, want to frolic on their boats when nobody else can, that’s perfectly okay, too.  If the gods want to lie, want to be raging hypocrites, want to cheat in elections.   

Why, that’s just good political strategy to the faithful.   

The faithful subordinate themselves to their gods and to what their God’s proclaim and prescribe because, again, they don’t have to intellectualize anything themselves.  The thinking already done for them, subordinates need only perform, or, to do as they’re told.    

The subordination is obvious, too.  Because, well, everyone has witnessed the lies, hypocrisy, and failures of liberalism’s gods.  As well as their resistance toward having these extensive failures exposed via freethinking and God-fearing outsiders—otherwise known as, conservatives.  So, the faithful can’t say they haven’t witnessed the rank fallibility and utter pathetitude of their liberal gods.  But what they can do is what all good loyalists do:  

Ignore the failures, fallibility, and pathetitude.    

Their gods instructed them to believe and to do “X,” and that’s what the liberal faithful intend to believe and do.  Because liberalism is their doctrine for life, beliefs that, along with their fleshly gods, they will defend at all costs and sans relent.   

“The Left does not change their ideas no matter how much they’re proven to be untrue,” wrote author turned political commentator, Andrew Klavan.  “I once asked a friend of mine who has the same politics as me, ‘How come everyone loves you and I’m Enemy No. 1?’” 

“He said, ‘I don’t discuss my ideas, because if I sit there and prove to them that Trump is doing a good thing, they don’t think, ‘Oh, you’ve proven to me that Trump did a good thing,’ they think, ‘You’re a bad person.’” 

“Because Leftist ideas have failed and they will not change their mind,” Klavan continued, “they have slipped into this system of personal insults and personal attacks that silences everyone and has made us insane. We can’t debate with each other anymore because we’re too busy hating one another because our jobs are on the line because anything we say will be held against us in the court of public opinion.” 

First, one does not have “debates” with committed cultists who are not merely uninterested in facts, but refuse to acknowledge them.  One is involved, instead, in an indoctrination effort, a conversion attempt on behalf of the cult, an attempt wherein facts are not only irrelevant, but vile and strictly prohibited.  

Second, leftist ideas have failed because they’re not any good.  And the ideas are never any good because they’re absent facts and subsequent truth.  And given that all these failed and worthless ideas disseminate from the top down within the cult structure, it should signal to the liberal faithful that it’s not only their gods’ ideas that suck, but their gods, too.  Yet, even so.  The evidence so discernable in all these previous examples, and the calculations so elementary, the question is:  

Are their gods really necessary?    

The liberal faithful hate the real God, and all that virtuous, conservative do-gooder crap.  But perhaps their gods suck for reasons equally, if not profoundly more loathsome: ineptitude and phoniness.    

Whatever the decision, it seems profitable to just, see things for what they are, sans the deistic influence. 

The painful irony is, the real God, capital “G,” favors the approach. 

©JMW 2021 
All Rights Reserved 

Counter Surveillance

The fact two of politics’ marquee names, Obama and Clinton, have been virtually absent from the public scene for nearly five years should telegraph to everyone there is something extremely consequential responsible.  When in history have two leading political figures disappeared from the public stage and political effectiveness?  When have they ever stopped publicly campaigning for their party’s candidates, ceased furthering their party’s political agenda, at least publicly, and abandoned their post as the party’s defined, go-to leadership?   

When have yet relative and influential politicians ever just, stopped participating and vanished?  

Furthermore, when has nearly an entire national news media ever allowed two yet relative and influential political figures to disappear into the shadows?  And not only allowed them to disappear, but refused to find out where they’ve gone and what they’re doing, and to seek their normally prized perspectives on current political matters? 

It doesn’t happen. 

So, again.  That two internationally iconic political juggernauts have disappeared, and have been allowed to disappear, should signal to everyone there is a grave legal issue encouraging the behavior.   

A legal issue?   

Well, what other kind of issue have liberals not managed publicly?  What other sort has thrust them into five-years of virtual invisibility and political impotence? 

Sex crimes, rigging primary elections, political corruption of every definable sort—liberals have done it all, and publicly managed it all.  No issue has proven so dire and overwhelming to prevent them from racing to the television cameras and microphones to lie and spin their way out. 

Liberals don’t run and hide.  A complicit, in-house national news media at their disposal, liberals don’t have to run and hide.  Lying, distorting, accusing, deceiving—liberal politicians can fight publicly, and win.  Or perhaps, survive—which is winning, actually. 

Special Counsel John Durham presents a different problem, however.  The problem?  Subpoena power and the ability to indict.  Of course, this sort of trouble isn’t unplowed earth for liberals, either.  Thirty thousand of her emails subpoenaed, for example, Hillary Clinton just, deleted them all.  Screw your subpoena, and screw you, she essentially said.  And what resulted? 

Nothing.  Exoneration.   

Only, with Durham it’s different, much different.  Via a lost election, a miraculous defeat, in fact, liberals left the evidence room’s front door unlocked to a historic treasonous crime spree.  And in strolled the intended dupe:  

Donald J. Trump—hand-in-hand with Durham and the American people:  

“Let’s have a look, shall we?” 

We did, and the discoveries were ruinous.   

Ruinous to the establishment though the discoveries are and will prove to be, it is immensely important that this singular fact also be recognized: both Barrack Obama and the Clintons know exactly what they did, too, their extent of involvement and their exact crimes.   

Counter surveillance.   

And knowing what they did means they can corrupt investigations, strategize, and prepare—via their unscrupulous stable of attorney’s, of course, who have proven and reverified their value time and again over the many scandal-ridden years.  And what would a skilled, “proven” attorney in this situation advise? 

“Keep your mouth shut.  Disappear.”   

Which is precisely what Obama and the Clintons have done for nearly five years now.  Making only the rare appearance in friendly, protected environments, where they are neither asked nor required to answer any questions about their crimes.  Because, see, exposure is one of the risks of a public presence, which is why counsel advises so vehemently against it.  

“Shut up.  Disappear.” 

It’s Legal Defense 101

Still, being the prominent, internationally iconic political figures Obama and the Clintons are, they can’t anxiously lurk in the societal shadows as if something is wrong.  Thus, they must make these occasional, albeit protected, public appearances.  And the entire time, they know exactly what they’ve been involved in; exactly what Trump and Durham had the power and authority to uncover regarding their crimes; and are profitably aware of the evidence uncovered thus far, via their establishment insiders and their news media nemesis, Fox News—the only news agency to cover Durham’s foray into the unlocked evidence room.    

Obama and the Clintons know the danger is real, jeopardy that applies to all their fellow conspirators, too.  And speaking of them, where is former FBI director, James Comey?  Where is former CIA Director, John Brennan?  Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper?  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein?  FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and all the other conspirators in the Obama administration’s treasonous ordeal?   

Where are all these once vociferous media courtesans? 

Like Obama and the Clintons, they’re all MIA, too.  And they, too, have been allowed to remain MIA by the same, clearly complicit and corrupt national news media.  And why the news media complicity?     

Because, were these crimes and criminals exposed, the establishment, to include the national news media, would be finished—their reign over the country’s politics and culture extinct.  

And depending on one’s sense of morality, the establishment’s troubles are much worse than the treasonous crimes of the Obama administration.  There is the heinous Jeffrey Epstein matter, too, and the problem his unspeakable crimes involving adolescent, prepubescent girls represent for, not merely the horndog Bill Clinton.  But for other Epstein-connected Democrats and democrat donors, and perhaps some establishment republicans and their donors.   

Suffice to say, Epstein is a grave establishment problem, too.   

There are the unconscionable pedophilic deeds that occurred per this crime, of course, participated in by who yet knows how many American pols, celebrities, and global dignitaries.  But there are also those who covered-up these unspeakable deeds.  And whom might that be?  

The national news media, surprise-surprise.  Like ABC News, for example.   

Reporter Amy Robach had the entire Epstein story ready to go, only to have her establishment-loyal superiors at ABC squash it.  Secretly recorded, Robach was apoplectic.  And in further evidence of ABC’s establishment loyalty, there is George Stephanopoulos.  He was senior advisor of policy and strategy to presidential horndog Bill Clinton, and in control of White House communications.  Now he’s an objective and fair ABC News anchor covering the news, sans the slightest hint of loyalty to his political teammates.  

Stale, blank stare.  

What news agency hires a political partisan, but a politically partisan news agency?   

This unholy alliance between the national news media and the democrat political class exposes yet another grave establishment problem.  If the crimes of Obama and the Clintons are exposed, then ABC and the rest of the establishment news media—ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN—have all spent five, now clearly purposeful years avoiding the easily accessible evidence of their crimes. And all acutely informed and aware of these historic sex and political crimes, what does that say about the news industry?   

It says America’s national news media is an establishment shill complicit and corrupt, one.  And two, they are indeed the fake news industry that Trump proclaimed in 2016, and has since maintained.   

One wonders why there have been so many bankrupt and failed news narratives advanced, so many outrageously false accusations, and so much media-fanned political turmoil over the past five years?  Fraudulent events that, in total, make even the uninvolved, apolitical person think: What the hell is the news media doing?!  

Answer: survival.  

Like Obama and the Clintons, the entire establishment knows, if only instinctively, that there is genuine political and cultural peril for itself on the horizon.  But are all the establishment’s elements actually colluding secretly behind the scenes in an attempt to protect Obama, the Clintons, and the establishment itself?   

They are clearly colluding right out in the open.  So why not secretly, too?   

However, the establishment doesn’t really have to collude, publicly or otherwise.  Cut from the same cloth, in this case the fabric of evil, all involved share the same political vision and ambitions, and all clearly recognize a beyond dire establishment problem per historic democrat sex and political crimes.  All of which, and so much more, as a reminder, has been thus far concealed by a complicit national news industry.  

Collectively, the establishment not only perceives the danger.  They know what is at stake, which is, broadly, their power and control over American politics and culture, and all that that politically and financially implies.  For proof, one need only recognize the establishment’s unhinged five-year jihad against a singular human being, Donald Trump, for his New World Order speech.  In which he exposed deep, systemic establishment corruption, that he no less fully intended to end with a jihad of his own.   

Trump put the establishment on notice.  Struck with fear, the establishment mobilized. 

Hence, everything that has occurred in the last five years has been an effort to stop Trump’s evidence room discoveries from seeing societal sunlight.  The head of the snake, Trump had to be stopped.  Failing in their attempts for the first three years of his presidency, failures to include the kitchen sink, establishment fear transitioned to panic.  Facing a second Trump term, the establishment was left with but one choice: 

To collude with China and release a virus on the world.   

A claim outrageous? 

Well, how much establishment heat has China received for the virus?   

Did the establishment attack China for the virus?  Or was the supposed “mishandling” of it used it to bludgeon Trump for an entire election year? 

That’s, an entire election year. 

Did Joe and Hunter Biden not receive millions in compensation from China?  And for that matter, how many other liberal politicians are on China’s payroll?  Former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, has news about that from the evidence room.  It isn’t favorable. 

Chinese spies, are they not infiltrating the offices of liberal senators, and even sleeping with liberal congressmen?  Expelled from their embassy in Houston, Texas, did China not have a document burning party in the consulate courtyard that might attest to all these unsavory political connections? 

Is Hollywood not financed by China?  And just how deep does Chinese influence run in the corporate media?  The news here isn’t favorable, either. 

All these establishment elements take China’s money with impunity, and worse, and yet it’s outrageous to think there is no potential collusion between the two?  Given its undeniably grave political and cultural problems, it’s outrageous to think the establishment didn’t sanction a virus to invite all the necessary elements to corrupt and steal an upcoming election?  One that sizeable Trump rallies foretold was unwinnable, no less?  And given Trump’s masterful trade dealings with China, they and the liberal establishment aren’t two parties with common interests? 

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the answers are:  yes, the two parties have common interests.  And no, the idea of collusion between China and the liberal establishment is not outrageous. 

The establishment rigged the 2020 presidential election, because they had to rig the election.  They rigged it because, what lay criminally on the horizon was just, too dire—and is still, as the invisibility of Obama and the Clintons, two internationally iconic political brands, attests.  They rigged it because, their historic crimes and corruption publicly exposed, their political and cultural control were finished.   

Over recent decades, the United States government simply became too big and too powerful.  Politicians became increasingly more disconnected from the people, more contemptuous of American ideals, and more self-interested and self-indulgent at taxpayer’s expense.  Further, and most important to the formula, they gained an important ally: the national news media. 

Enter: Barrack Obama, 2008. 

Obama gave the establishment something it had formerly lacked: supreme confidence.  Or more pointedly, arrogance—such sizeable quantity as to cheat on a grand scale.  Under Obama, the establishment went all-in on a communist takeover over the United States, something the establishment has always wanted to do, but never had the guts.  Obama at the helm, that changed. The establishment rigged the 2016 democrat primary, and paid no political or public price.  So then, why not rig the 2016 presidential election, too?  The establishment did that, also, of course, if only by virtue of FBI Director, Jim Comey’s, exoneration of a clearly guilty Hillary Clinton, so she could be the democrat nominee.   

The Clinton exoneration reveals a plan.  Or rather, a conspiracy.  Her exoneration was the continuance of sixteen-year stratagem that, beginning with Obama in 2008, guaranteed yet another Clinton victory in the 2016 presidential race, and then another in 2020.  But for a strategic plan, why else exonerate Clinton?  Why elicit public outrage by absolving the clearly guilty?  Why risk the gold star reputations of the FBI and intelligence agencies?  Further, why assume the public relations risks of rigging the democrat primary for her?  

Answers:  arrogance.  And a coup. 

Clinton becoming the next President of the United States and completing Obama’s transformative, communist dream for America, was the plan.  And with Obama’s new hubris, and with complete assurance of a compliant news media ready to assist, the plot was executed.   

The establishment rigged the game by exonerating Clinton.   
They rigged the democrat primary, just ask Bernie Sanders. 
Then they rigged the 2016 presidential election, too.  And given what we’re now learning about Dominion voting machines in the 2020 election, and for the visual criminality at vote counting centers and the unconstitutional tricks in swing-state state houses, this isn’t at least plausible?   

Given the evidence, it’s more than plausible.  In fact, it’s foolish to believe otherwise.  The establishment did it all and, purely by divine providence, they failed to get Clinton into the White House in 2016.  Then came Russian collusion and four years of establishment delay tactics.  Delay solely and explicitly intended to keep the evidence room’s secrets from societal sunlight. Then, failing to dispense with Trump for three years, establishment panic set-in.  Hence, the nuclear option: a virus.  A tactic intended to do what? 

… to rig yet another election.   

And why not attempt the “outrageous” and rig yet another election via a virus in 2020.  The establishment had paid no price twice prior (liberals all claim the 2016 presidential election was rigged, so let’s take their word for it, just in a different direction).  So, with an in-house news media to conceal your crimes and to further your political offensive, why wouldn’t the establishment mood be one of undiluted arrogance:  

What can’t we get away with?!   

Before winning his first presidential term, Barrack Obama said he intended to “transform” the United States.  Why would a leader elected to guide a nation with an established constitution and ideals make such a remark?  Because he clearly thinks America is flawed, one, and in need of a new form of government, which can only be of the remaining authoritarian variety.  And two, because he’s supremely arrogant.  So much so, that he and the Clintons got out over their skis, spied on the Trump campaign, subverted a primary election, tried to subvert two presidential elections, and thereby committed treason against the United States. 

And they did so not purely for their arrogance and for their lusts for wealth and power, but for their contempt for a nation they openly despise, and that needed transformation to a system of governance they control. 

Obama and the Clintons failed to kill the king.  Translation: they failed in their all-in attempt to transform the United States into a communist nation—a goal and mission discovered via the unlocked evidence room door.   

Simply, the coup was attempted and the entire liberal establishment was caught, red-handed.  And the last five years has been a unified establishment effort to cover their sins, their collusion, and to advance their transformative authoritarian cause.   

If there’s a God, and indeed there is, what awaits the conspirators is a reckoning via Special Counsel, John Durham.  

Thereafter, they won’t have to hide. 

©JMW 2021
All Rights Reserved

The Case for the Cure

So you’re a believer, are you.  God, the “Creator of all living things.”  The “Alpha and Omega.”  The “Final Authority,” and all. 

Yeah, well.  We’re going to put that to the test. 

Not that this piece, this forthcoming idea, is strictly for believers.  Although how are non-believers to react?  All hopeless, desperately clinging to the prescriptive guidance of their political and scientific, if equally mortal, gods—their earthly superiors and betters. 

“Follow the science!” these subservients bleat. 

Yeah?  Well, which science is that?  The science constantly misstepping, moving the goalposts, misleading the public, and fomenting fear, desperation, disharmony, and enslavement—over a virus with a 99% survival rate?  Or the science actually using the data, encouraging people, and prescribing confidence and calm—for a virus with a 99% survival rate? 

Because there are two distinct scientific realms here, two opposing beliefs not only in regard to the proper curative course for America’s—the world’s—populace, but to the appropriate god(s) to obey and serve. 

The average liberal person—typically the aforementioned “non-believer,” and ardent, never doubting, never wavering worshipers of mere mortals—it’s obvious where they place their confidence and hope.  Scared for their equally mortal lives, they are jumping from one foot to the next, rather, from one mask mandate and lockdown to the next, at the Cotton Eyed Joe-like fiddling of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the CDC, and their liberal establishment gods— 

“Grab your partner and swing’er round, ‘cause we’re maskin’ ya’ up and lockin’ ya’ down!” 

~insert frantic fiddling and foot stomping

Of course, seeing the fallibility of one’s chosen gods isn’t just a difficult task for cult members.  Per cultism’s Rule Number One, it’s actually forbidden: “A cult’s god(s) shall be and shall remain infallible!”  So, subordinates know better than to examine their chosen divine and supreme.  Unquestioning, unwavering belief—that’s the subservient liberal’s response to their political and scientific gods.  No matter how many times their mortal gods lie, how many times the god’s ideas and prescriptions fail, how much they doublespeak, and how much flagrant hypocrisy they demonstrate.  The gods must remain infallible, so that cult members can claim the same, and can continue their unwavering belief and steadfast worship.   

Who wants to worship inferior, pathetic gods, right?   


That’s why the gods are kept infallible—regardless, and in deference to “The Rules.” 

Only, these liberal gods are grossly error-prone, and provably so.  Their ideas and prescriptions a smoldering, twisted metaphorical heap strewn for miles, they’re a literal train wreck of fallibility.  In fact, if were one to be in the market for solid, dependable gods, selecting these gods is tantamount to choosing Moe, Larry, and Curly. 
“Nyuk.  Nyuk.  Nyuk.  Whyyy, soyently!” 

“Wiseguy, ay!”  Doink!  Bonk!  Slap! 

Now, these liberal gods aren’t really so plastic and inept.  They are quite learned and capable, actually.  They’re just, corrupt.  As in, evil—a hallmark of liberal gods.  Qualified though they are, they simply lack, you know, honesty and character and integrity.  Of course, with cultism’s Rule Number One in place— “A cult’s god(s) shall be and shall remain infallible!”—they don’t have to concern themselves with repercussions from their nobility and morality failures.  The cult’s gods, they just bark, “Do as I say!” to their worshipers, who then cast their collective gaze to the floor in humbled submission, and leave nobility and morality unquestioned. 

But, I digress …   

We aren’t here to talk about these deistic pretenders or their servile followers, either one.  In terms of authentic deity and authority, we’re here to talk about the real thing, the genuine article: 


The “Creator of all living things.”   

The “Alpha and Omega.”   

The “Final Authority,” and all. 

Amazingly, this particular deity leaves humankind a beyond remarkable book—remarkable for its astounding cohesiveness, despite being written over hundreds of years and by some 60 different authors of various trades and status—wherein he takes full credit for the entire universe and the human experience both.  And yet certain of us, eh-hem, liberals, choose instead to glorify comparative, mortal Stooges.  

In any event, God.  The real one.  The only one, actually.  The only legit one, anyway, at least to believers.  And of course, this would include his manuscript to humankind, The Human Experiences’ Guidebook: The Bible.  Liberal sorts know little about this book, other than to hypocritically whip out a well-known verse on occasion to teach right-wingers, the enemy of their liberal gods, a lesson that really isn’t a lesson.  They know little because, to investigate the Bible’s contents and dicta means questioning the legitimacy of their gods and breaking hallowed Rule Number One of the sacred cultism code, which shall not be done.   

Still, these dicta are indeed out there for all to discover and evaluate, something all should endeavor to do, incidentally.  Because, well, God is an unopposable force that controls absolutely everything in the universe, mainly.   But more to point, he has everything to do with the health and well-being of humankind and represents its ultimate cure.   

Imagine a world where everyone talks about problems but refuses to explore the source of those problems.  Where it concerns God and his authority and power over the entire universe, this is precisely what happens.  There is the mortal world’s view of things, and all the prescriptions for life the world issues to humankind.  Yet people aren’t subject to the world or the mortal advisors who comprise it.  They’re subject to God, to his view of things, to his prescriptions for life, and to his pleasure or displeasure with their individual behavior as it relates to his authority and rules.  

In other words, the universe has a baseline: God.  Or as he prefers to be known: The Truth.  In a created world there is no truth deeper, something Christ himself confirmed: “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”  However odd and seemingly ambiguous, the term “truth” actually means something in this registry of spiritual truths from Christ, something deeply important.  Having created everything, and thus obviously able to destroy everything, there can be no deeper truth than God.  The baseline for all life and the ultimate truth of the entire universe, God is the answer to all questions, and the end of all discussion and confusion.  And where are God’s pronouncements and instructions collected, these deepest, unopposable truths of which we speak?   

The Bible.   

So, people—the world—can say whatever they want.  But in a created world, the prescriptions are only as true and credible as their alignment with God, with his view, and with his prescriptions and rules.  

It is to say: the universe subject to Almighty God, matters simplify very quickly.  

God is boss, and humankind serves him.   

Within these worldly “prescriptions for life” are also prescriptions for health.  The world has plenty to say about human health—what to do, what not to do, what to eat, what not to eat, and so on.  And the instructions go beyond physical health, and into the mental and emotional realm.  Basically, the world behaves as if it is the authority on the entirety of human health, and on life and death by extension.  Yet, however learned and skilled and experienced these mortal authorities on human health, a created world demands a superior.  And we have one:   


The baseline to all life, where is he in these worldly prescriptions? 

“Suffering with physical maladies?  Seek God’s help.” 

“Struggling mentally, emotionally?  Seek God’s help.” 

Other than the Sunday morning worship hour, where in the world are these advisories being issued?  

They aren’t being issued anywhere else, and perhaps that isn’t so inappropriate.  Healthcare is healthcare and church is church, after all.  Even so, there is a baseline to all life which must be recognized by the world and every participant soul of the human experience.  And other than worship hour, where is the acknowledgment? 

Of course, all this isn’t to suggest science and modern medicine can’t and don’t help people; they do.  These are industries constituted by knowledgeable and experienced people with superior insight about their subject: the human body and human health, all of whom are undeniable assets to humankind.  The point is that, the source of all life, God, has been largely and widely disregarded as a remedy for all matters human health.  And in that disregard, the world is effectively ignoring the cure.   

As with every other aspect of the human experience, human health is also God’s domain.  A case for his authority and control in this regard is pretty simple to make, too.  Belief?  Well, that’s another matter. 

God created the human body—out of dust, and into it breathed life.  So as to who best understands the human body, and also controls it, the answer should be obvious.  And as to the control, nothing says total, unopposable command over the human frame like global flotsam.   

The author’s Bible consists of 1,341 pages.  God created the earth on page 1 and, via the flood, destroyed nearly everything and everyone on it by page 7.  From this, two things obvious: one, humans have been failing and angering God since their inception.  And two, able to end the lives of human beings by a multitude of means and at any time he pleases, God undoubtedly controls the human body.  Hence, this personalized and perhaps discomforting implication:  

It’s not your life.  It’s God’s life.   

Although God can clearly destroy the earth’s entire human population at one time.  As the Bible’s Uzzah proves, he can also take a more targeted, individual approach to death.  Transporting the Ark of the Covenant across rugged terrain via a team of oxen, the Ark became unstable, prompting Uzzah, a servant of King David, to instinctively grab hold and steady the cargo.  For this human breach of the Divine, God struck Uzzah dead on the spot.   

So, whether it’s a global flood or an errantly placed, singular hand on a sacred Ark.  God can clearly take human beings out any time he wants, and thus presides over the human body, life, and death.  Yet even so, death neither benefits God nor serve his interests.  Are humans able to worship and glorify God from the grave, things he not only commands but professes to enjoy?  Are they able to serve God?  To do his will?  To be openly rewarded as examples of his goodness and righteousness? 

Definitely not.   

Hence, God favors life.  He wants people alive, which he actually professed via the prophet Ezekiel:  

“For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God.  Wherefore, turn yourselves [from sin], and live ye.”   

Life, human beings living and breathing—this serves God’s interests, not death, which would then explain his patient and thus far ceaseless implorations to humankind to return their maker’s care and protection.  Still, death is incontrovertibly under God’s sole control.  And if death is under his command, then so must be human health.  Proving this so is King Hezekiah. 

The King was man who feared and served God.  Ailing and bedridden, he was informed by the prophet Samuel that he was to soon die.  Hearing the dire news, the king wept bitterly, and prayerfully begged God for more time.  For the king’s fear and loyalty, God extended his life fifteen years.

As for proof of God’s control over both human life and health, King Hezekiah’s experience is the proverbial “smoking Gun.”  Yet, there remains evidence even more compelling and convincing. 

Preparing Moses for his upcoming task, freeing the Jews from Egyptian slavery, God directly and unmistakably demonstrated that he alone controls human health via, in this case, directly issued and rescinded disease.  Moses, the book of Exodus: 

“And the Lord said furthermore unto [Moses], Put now thine hand into thy bosom [robe].  And [Moses] put his hand into his bosom, and when he took it out, behold, his hand was leprous as snow.  And [God] said Put thine hand into thy bosom again.  And [Moses] put his hand into his bosom again; and plucked it out of his bosom, and, behold, it was turned again as his other flesh.” 

In other words, Moses was completely healthy, then suddenly afflicted with disease, leprosy, and then made immediately healthy again in a span of seconds.   

And as if God’s power over disease and the human body were not satisfactorily demonstrated via the incident, there were his ensuing remarks.  Post demonstration, God told Moses to see to his assigned task, and to do so in full confidence of this freshly demonstrated and exercisable power.  At this, Moses balked.  “I’m ineloquent,” he basically said.  “Slow in speech and tongue.  Maybe I’m not the guy for the job.”   

In further evidence of his power over the human body, God:

“Who has made man’s mouth?  Or who maketh the dumb, the deaf, or the seeing or the blind?  Have not I, the Lord?”

Hence, the indisputable conclusion: the human body, physical disabilities, disease—they’re all under God’s control. 

The skeptic might say, “Well, it would be more convincing if God just came out and said he was responsible for disease, instead of all this implicative evidence.” 

Well, he did.  Via a Davidic Psalm: 

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.  Who forgiveth all thine inequities; who healeth all thy diseases.” 

If God can heal all thy diseases, then he can issue all thy diseases.   

Now.  To complete this case for the cure, there is Christ—first name, Jesus.   

Christ did many positive, encouraging things to further his father’s kingdom during his short time on earth.  Primarily, he died for the sins of humankind, and then overcame the grave so that human beings have an opportunity at eternal life in the aforementioned kingdom.  He also taught kindness, forgiveness, love, patience, and service.  But to the point, he did something else:  

He healed people … of their diseases.   

After healing Simon’s wife’s mother on one occasion, who’d been taken with a “great fever,” Christ went on a healing spree.  The disciple Luke—a physician, incidentally: 

“Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.”  

Gee, wonder what the worldly physician, Luke, made of all this supernatural healthcare, it being beyond the scope of normal scientific and medical understanding, and all. 

Of course, the record—the four New Testament gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John—in its entirety reveals that Christ healed the deaf, the blind, the maimed, those with “issues of blood,” persons demon possessed, and that he even brought people back from the dead.  The list of miraculous healing is not only extensive, but virtually all inclusive.  If people suffered from it, Christ healed it.  Endowed with his father’s, the creator of all living things, power, Christ brought an end to not just human suffering but, more specifically, to the diseases responsible for it. 

So, it’s clear.  God not only controls human life, but human health, and is thusly responsible for both disease and healing.  And God preferring that people live, and that they be obviously and ultimately healthful, then what might that say about the various and numerous health challenges of the human experience?  

Perhaps it means that God issues and utilizes those challenges to encourage people toward his care and protection.  If people die, they’re no good to God.  They can’t worship or glorify him, can’t show compassion and care for their fellowman and further God’s kingdom.  People clearly die, from disease and by other means.  But if they’re sick and suffering, and yet living, then they still have hope—hope ultimately not found in the limited science and medical industries or their worldly prescriptions for life.  Health challenges are a mechanism by which God gets people’s attention, or at least tries to get their attention.  In regard to human health, the creator of all living things is the only hope for cure.  And the fact is, he can be both harsh and mercifully tender in response. 

The trick is to remain, with fear and discipline and obedience, in God’s good graces.  Although, this is no guarantee of a disease- and challenge-free life, as Job’s inequitable and horrific example clearly demonstrates.  As a painful benefit to the human experience, God has set adversity and prosperity against one another, as King Solomon wrote.  Thus, God purposefully puts people through things, health-wise and in other ways.  And no one human being is exempt from these adversities, either.  Because all require the “refiners fire” to cleanse their ever-recurring impurities.   

Ever-recurring because, well, we’re human. 

In the darkest hours of Job’s nightmarish ordeal, he spoke an extremely important truth.  “Seeing [man’s] days are determined,” he said, “the number of his months are with [God], thou hast appointed his bounds that he cannot pass.” 

Basically, it means that God is in complete, unopposable control and that everything that happens to people individually from birth to death is his will.  A point later echoed by the Apostle Paul: “Rejoice always.  Pray without ceasing.  In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”   

That’s, thanks in “everything,” to include life’s many challenges, health and otherwise.  

So, whether it’s personal health matters or viral pandemics, it is abundantly clear who is in charge of not only the matters and pandemics, but the cure.  God decides, and it’s likely true that as many “believers” need a reminder of that as worshipers of mere mortal liberal gods need exposure to the news. 

The person in singular control of human life, is God.   

The person controlling the health of all humankind, is God. 

The person controlling of the duration and quality of every individual’s life, is God.   

And in regard to all, the person controlling destiny, is you.     

©2021 JMW 
All Rights Reserved 

The Capital Kerfuffle, and Balls

In regard to political criminality of the past four Trump years, what do we know for certain?  “Certain” meaning: as matters of evidence, fact, and indisputable record.  Well, counting ethical crime the list is quite long. Scroll-like, actually. So let’s stick with the really severe, punishable stuff.

For starters, we know Hillary Clinton deleted her subpoenaed emails.  That’s “subpoenaed” emails, which most assuredly exposed and indicted her on multiple fronts.  Else why delete thirty thousand lawfully “subpoenaed” emails?

I recommend Occam’s razor, here. 

Nevertheless, here is something else about this incident, something much more important, that we know for certain: Clinton paid no price for the crime personally or politically.

We also know, for certain, that Clinton had an illegal server stored in an apartment bathroom during her tenure as Secretary of State, and that she trafficked in “classified” documents via the server.  What happened in this instance of confirmed illegality?  Then FBI Director, James Comey, spent 14 minutes of a 15 minute press conference indicting Clinton, and 1 minute exonerating her—clearing the way for her presidential run in 2016. 

Hereto, another certainty: neither Clinton nor her accomplices paid a personal or political price. 

In the 2016 democrat primary, we know for certain that Clinton and the DNC rigged the election for Clinton and against Bernie Sanders.  In other words, democrats usurped the democratic process, disenfranchised American voters, and ultimately rigged the primary to install the candidate they wanted. The behavior as communist as the name, Lenin, and despite being caught, no one involved in this crime paid a personal or political price, either.

And let’s be clear: when you’re rigging the elections in a democratic republic, then, ipso facto, you’re trying to “overthrow the government,” which of course is treason.

Speaking of treason, there is the Obama administration political coup to take out opposition candidate, Donald Trump, which we know for certain not only occurred. It involved the highest levels of the Obama administration, to include his FBI, his intelligence agency, and most notably his vice president, and now the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden.  Further, we know for certain United States Attorney, John Durham, is yet investigating the crime, classified so publicly by former attorney general, William Barr. 

Further confirming the “criminal” classification is still another thing we now for certain. Obama administration FBI attorney, Kevin Clinesmith, will soon plead guilty to intentionally falsifying a FISA court document, which provided the treasonous plot a path forward.  A treasonous plot not against Donald J. Trump, incidentally.  But against the United States of America and the American people—the true targets/casualties of any and all treasonous democracy subversion.

Now. We know for certain that all of the previous crimes occurred, and then some.  Who else knows they were committed?

The establishment news media, aka, the liberal media—Democrat Party operatives pretending to be journalists. Save Fox News, the nation’s premier news agencies have shown no interest at all in these, not merely crimes, but historic crimes. Historic crimes that run deeper than Clinton and Obama, too …  

Crimes such as Joe Biden openly confessing to bribing Ukrainian officials and using a billion taxpayer dollars to save his sleazy son, and himself, from a damning investigation and corruption exposure.  How did the establishment news media approach this historic crime? 

They ignored it—literally ignored a public confession. 

Crimes such as the investigative hoax that was the Mueller investigation. A concocted $40 million dollar, two and a half year scam meant to conceal the Obama administration’s treasonous coup, and an audit which produced zero evidence of presidential collusion with Russia, no less.  The establishment news media’s approach to this damning revelation?  

After two and a half years of conviction guarantees and hype, they completely ignored the result.

Transitioning immediately to the next establishment scam, they never asked the obvious questions: if the investigation was completely devoid of evidence, then what was the basis for it? Further, if no evidence was emerging during the course of the investigation, then why wasn’t the investigation shutdown before the final report? A report which revealed …

no evidence?! 

Answer: because the Mueller investigation was part of the treasonous plot!

The conspirators employed the scam to at least delay the discovery of the coup, and to hopefully get rid of the king they had failed to kill, so as to conceal their treasonous crime.  The establishment news media never asked the questions because it/they knew the answers.  And their answer to those answers was to simply ignore a historic political crime.  In fact, the news media ignored each and every matter that exposed and indicted the coup conspirators and the Democrat Party—their obvious partners in political crime.

And in the auxiliary crime department, we shan’t exclude Jeffrey Epstein.

Given Epstein’s money, his subsequent connection to the political world, and, in particular, his pedophilic fondness for adolescent, and even prepubescent girls. One can be reasonably certain Epstein poses a severe problem for not only political elites, but for elites beyond the political realm. 

And, he commits prison suicide?

Well, suicide is certainly plausible.  Facing a life in prison for pedophilia, a crime looked upon with contempt by fellow inmates, and having to expose his high-level political and equally pedophilic friends, Epstein had every reason to commit suicide.

But, did he?

Suicide, homicide—we don’t know for certain. However, what we do know for certain is that, one, Epstein was a convicted pedophile. And more importantly, two, even without his dirty secrets regarding his political friends and those beyond, we still have the next best thing: Ghislaine Maxwell. Maxwell knows everything Epstein knew.  Rather, she knows who, when, where, how often, and how much.  She was the Epstein booking agent, the Epstein Empire impresario.  And there she sits, incarcerated, poised to expose America’s political elites, and those beyond.  And the establishment news media’s response to this fact, and to this potentially historic, even ghastly, political crime?

It was ignored, too.

In the weeks before the 2020 election, William Barr said he did not want John Durham’s investigation to be perceived as political and to influence the election’s outcome.  Thus, Durham abstained from issuing his report—a report that, one of the coup conspirators being presidential candidate, Joe Biden, the public deserved to see/hear and evaluate.  Nevertheless. Maxwell incarcerated for months and kept in hiding, it seems Barr did not want the Epstein matter to influence the election, either.  In fact, over the last four years, it is abundantly clear that nobody wanted any matter harmful to the establishment elite to influence the 2020 election. 

So. We know for certain that all these criminal matters occurred. Individuals were indeed caught committing these various crimes, and the American people are aware of it, specifically those gathered at the capital in early January, “Trump 2020” signs in tow.  Like the other 75 million Trump voters, these law abiding citizens have been following each and every criminal incident. For four years they have restrained themselves, resolving to allow the system to sort things out, and hoping and expecting their leaders would, via the law, issue justice. But on every front, not only has there been no justice. There has been no movement toward it, either.

None. On historical political crimes, no less.

So then, what are these capital protestors to do?  Pretend none of these crimes occurred?  Pretend that an elite double standard and an obvious communist takeover over the country aren’t real?  This is precisely what Washington’s elite and the establishment news media are doing, save a small minority. This, while they universally condemn Donald Trump and his capital protestors. 

It seems all can be resolved and revealed with a simple question: is Trump lying? 

Was Trump not telling the truth to the capital crowd in early January, and to the American public for four previous years?  Did Clinton not criminally delete subpoenaed emails? Did she not traffic in classified documents? Was Clinton enabled by a corrupt FBI?  By former president Obama’s FBI?  Did Clinton and the DNC not rig a primary election? Did a treasonous coup not take place?  Is Clinesmith not pleading guilty to falsifying a FISA court document? Did Biden not commit bribery, and treason? Does what Maxwell knows spell doom for pedophilic, child-trafficking political elites and those beyond?  Finally, was the 2020 election stolen via covid, mail-in ballots, and voting machine fraud? 

Are these matters all fabrications? Because, blaming Trump and the protestors for the capital kerfuffle, the political establishment is saying precisely that: Trump is a liar! His claims are lies!

Well, is he? Are they?

Because it sure as hell matters.

If trump is telling the truth, then the United States in under a direct attack from a domestic enemy with clear and incontrovertible communist ambitions and objectives. If he is telling the truth, then the focus shifts from Trump directly to that enemy—the Democrat Party, the news media, and the establishment at large. Those who, knowing all these historic crimes did indeed occur, and that a determination in all these issues yet hangs in the balance, want the focus be on someone other them, their treasonous sins, and their communist goals.  The focus shifts to republicans, too. Those who, knowing the same, haven’t either the courage to fight the enemy alongside their patriotic superiors, or who are themselves criminally involved, indictable, and conspiring with the enemy.

For four years the political establishment has maintained an intensely focused, relentless, hateful, desperate, unseemly, unnatural, and ultimately maniacal effort to literally destroy Donald Trump.  The question is, why?  

Answer: the establishment is deathly afraid of him. 

Winning the presidency, Trump acquired the ability to both expose and ruin the entire establishment apparatus.  Hence, its maniacal desperation. Yet, while Trump has pursued both the establishment’s exposure and ruin.  While he has drained the swamp and laid bare both its creatures and their corruption for all to see.  There have been no indictments, and no accountability. 

Witnessing the swamp’s creatures and verifying their corruption is one thing.  Punishing them is quite another. 

And if there are no penalties, then Trump has effectively lied.  At least, that will be the establishment narrative forevermore, while it still controls the country and continues its self-serving corruption and communist ambitions.  Emboldened, circumstances aren’t then going to improve for citizens.  They’re going to worsen.  Rigged elections, treasonous coups, voter fraud, a history of successful political crime, and a conspiratorial news media that allows it all—republicans may never win another election.  There may never be another fair, democratic election. And if there are no more fair elections, then with what is the country left?

Communism. Despair.

So, when wondering why these protesting patriots descended on the capital, it’s because they patiently waited for republicans to do something about all the historic crimes; because they witnessed four years of total republican do-nothingness and abandonment; and because they were no longer going to stand by while republicans allowed a domestic communist regime to takeover their government and lives.  The protesting patriots effectively said, “We’ve had enough, and we’re sending one across the bow.”

The fact is conservatives are truth lovers who stand in opposition to evil wherever and whenever it presents itself. Absolutely certain and historic crimes being left ignored and unaddressed, evil is clearly presenting itself now via their own political establishment. And where are evil-confronting conservative patriots? On the Capital Building steps, precisely where they should be. Lovers and defenders of truth, and in this case, defenders of America, they are the backbone of every free nation, and of every nation that desires to be free, and that wants to remain free.

They call it: balls.

After the capital incident, former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, Paul Sperry, put it best, “Washington tonight is crying out for civility, reconciliation and reunification. But that won’t happen until Washington gets to the bottom of the political espionage that took place in 2016 and the mass fraud that took place in 2020.”

This is what the establishment typically does. It caters to itself and pisses everybody off. Then it hides out in its protective chamber, knowing the torches will eventually go out; knowing the aggrieved citizenry will slowly walk away muttering to themselves about the arrogance and ineptitude of government; and knowing that things will return to establishment norms.

Only, this time, the public has seen behind the establishment curtain and witnessed the sausage being made. Rather, they’ve witnessed how utterly corrupt their government and the establishment that protects it has become, and acknowledge a new, unholy enemy who must be vanquished. And if Washington doesn’t get to the bottom of the espionage and mass fraud, it’d probably pay them to stockpile ammunition, and to run and rerun some Capital Building emergency evacuation drills.

Because, the people with balls will most assuredly, and most righteously, be back for their country … in much greater numbers.

©JMW 2021

Good Enough

JMW Article ShotA woman was missing.  Helping to locate her, a news agency published a story along with a very flattering, if enhanced, photograph it presumably borrowed from one of the woman’s social media profiles.  To actually help searchers recognize the missing woman, however, the agency had to publish a separate, unenhanced photograph, one more natural and significantly less flattering.

Same woman, two sharply contrasting representations.

Ah, the gifts of modern technology.  One can make chicken fried steak look like filet mignon.  Interestingly, chicken fried steak would have looked rather appetizing on its own in this case.  Pictured next to filet mignon, however, chicken fried steak looks like, well, chicken fried steak.

Moral:  better is sometimes worse.

Nevertheless, let’s call this behavior what it is:  fraud.  Light fraud, certainly, and amusing fraud.  Yet, fraud just the same.  The question is:  why do women participate in this low-level deception?  Why do they feel compelled to misrepresent their appearance—and reality too, for that matter—to become someone they know isn’t genuinely them?

The answer is simple—rather obvious, actually:  women don’t like the way they look.  Why else arise every morning, look in the mirror and groan, and set to a ritual of required improvement?  To a ritual of required disguise and deceit?

Clearly, women disapprove of what they see.  Or to put it a deeper, more thematic way:  women aren’t, good enough.

Talk about unearthing the secret place miles below the surface—

Houston?… [static]… We have arrived. 

[static]… Roger, Deep Diver One.  Advise caution, over …

Indeed, women rarely admit to these feelings of inadequacy.  When they do, it’s usually to therapists—people no less bound by client/counselor privilege!  Still, not good enough is how women feel.  Spending so much money on appearance-enhancing merchandise, product ranging from cosmetics to plastic surgery, their behavior certainly implies it.

And just to be clear, who has these inadequacy issues?

Women.  It’s their problem.

Yet, here’s the challenge:  women project their not good enough feelings and beliefs onto the men in their lives, and thus make their issue, men’s issue.  It is to say, women feel they aren’t good enough, and then punish men for it.

For example, women continually compare themselves to other women.  Jealous and envious, they project those feelings onto their men, who must then provide affirmation and reassurance.

And sex.  For their appearance failures and insecurities, women avoid sex.  They don’t initiate sex.  They argue over sex.  They are self-conscious and inhibited participating in sex.  And to cap it off, they make men responsible for the relationship’s sexual dysfunction—men who would enjoy more sex, incidentally, were they merely more affirming and reassuring.

At least, that’s what they’re told.

Nevertheless, punished.  See how it works?

This is but a couple of examples from a very extensive list.  But as to its entirety, why all these troubles for men and relationships?

Because women aren’t, good enough.

The assumption, the mindset—it’s not only a severe drain on relationships.  It’s a burden for men, an affliction overlooked and ignored for whom it indicts.  And how many women are indictment-worthy?  To varying degrees, all of them.  Film stars, super models—even the most attractive women wrestle with being good enough.  Although, these elite beauties do indeed pretend pretty well via all those sexy photoshoots and perfume advertisements, leaving the impression they are confident and assured and, well, good enough.  Back at home, however, they can’t keep a relationship together.  And why?

Not good enough.

The entire notion is utterly absurd, of course.  So let’s calmly, constructively, sit down with women and try to explain this shortcoming to them.

“Honey.  You’re insecurities are unnecessary, and they’re causing us a lot of needless strife.”

“My insecurities?!  Ha!  Like you’re perfect!”

“Honey, I’m just saying I don’t like all the fighting and dysfunctio—”

“Oh sure.  Like it’s all my fault!  You’re such a narcissist!”

That went well.

Amazingly, a counselor can deliver this same message not only to rousing success, but to a warm reception.

Dr. Jones, Ph.D.:  “Now Karen.  Your insecurities are raging.  They’re putting a significant strain on your relationship.  You must tend to these issues, Karen, if you want your relationship to survive and flourish.  Robert is no doubt weary of all the fighting and dysfunction.  So, say it with me:  You-are-good-enough …”

Karen:  “I-am-good-enough!  I know, Dr. Jones.  I feel terrible sometimes, so guilty.  Robert’s wonderful, and I need to be more secure.”

Atta girl, Karen.  Two grand in counseling fees for what could’ve been admitted at home, in the living room, to Robert.  Better late, and more expensive, than never.

And to stay on point, why are Robert and Karen in Dr. Jones’ care?

Because Karen doesn’t feel, good enough.

Singer Amy Lee cuts to the heart of the matter with this honest lyric:  “… am I good enough for you to love me, too?”  And there it is—the fundamental question.  The eternal question.  When women become emotionally invested in men, that they’re good enough and loved is what they desperately need verified, and of what they need to be assured, and reassured.  Interestingly, when women are assured, it annoys them.

For example, women know Mr. Adoring loves them.  His servile affections aren’t very inspiring at all.  Bad boys, on the other hand, they make women stretch.  Always pursuing the attention and affection of bad boys, women are continually asking themselves, “Am I good enough for you to love me, too?”  It’s hard to tell with bad boys.  Hence, women keep striving—striving to be good enough, that is.  Although, this isn’t something to be discussed.  Else, women be exposed and lose their feminist mojo.

The truth is women are better mates when their good enough status is uncertain.  When they are sure of their status, they would rather be unsure—or a little unsure.  Or maybe a lot unsure, and then sure again.  And then, not so sure …

Ahh, yes.  The eccentricities of women.  Indeed, the quirkiness is fabulous at times.

At others, not so much.

Of course, bad boys don’t treat women this way intentionally.  They’re merely being bad boys, men who couldn’t care less about all the girly, emotional stuff, and who aren’t afraid to be independent men.

“Do you love me, Robert?  I mean … really love me?”

“Of course I do, Karen.  You’re my girl.  I can’t see the television, sweetheart.”

This how it goes with bad boys—just a spoonful, but never the whole bowl.  And despite their objections, women love this treatment.  It’s infinitely more inspiring than Mr. Adoring’s servile affections.  Eyeroll.

Even so, bad boys aren’t spared the not good enough assault, either.  Slowly, methodically, women project their inadequacy issues onto them, too.  Eventually, bad boys buckle under the strain and submit, transforming into servile Mr. Adorings themselves.  Of course, this leaves women with exactly what they don’t want and, rolling their eyes, uninspired.

And again, what caused this unwelcome transformation?

Not good enough.

So, for the sake of their relationships.  Moreover, for the sake of the burdened—men.  It’s time women were honest about their not good enough problem, because it accounts for a majority of the difficulties in relationships.

Yes, it’s that profound.

Solve, or merely mitigate, this issue alone and relationships will improve dramatically.  No more inadequacy-driven criticism and accusation.  No more anxiety over other women and infidelity.  Better, more frequent, and less-inhibited sex.  Much happier men—and not for the sex, either.  But for having more secure, happier, and thus less controlling and less contentious women.

A situation otherwise known as:  a relationship worth maintaining.

Women want to know they are good enough for their men, want to be assured in this.  That’s not so outrageous.  Every human being wants to measure up and to have assurances in some regard and at some point.  With women, it’s being good enough for the men they choose.

Of course, nobody can convince women they’re good enough.  It’s like getting people to exercise or diet.  People don’t do these things because someone tells them to.   People do it because they decide, and when they decide.  Lord knows men have gone blue in the face trying to convince women they’re good enough, and to no avail.  So, likewise, being good enough is up to women.

To that end, don’t expect miracles.  But here are a few ideas that might assuage the doubts and inspire some much needed confidence in women, and that might help chart a course to that dramatic, and welcomed!, relationship improvement—

A guy walks into a diner where a young waitress catches his eye.  Wearing little to no make-up, she’s working the tail end of a long shift—and exhausted.  Her uniform is soiled, reeks of the day’s “special.”  Her disheveled hair is pulled mercifully into a ponytail, a ballpoint pen pierced conveniently behind the hairband.  Approaching, she smiles demurely.  They chat briefly, cordially.  She takes his order, and then turns on her heel for the counter.

Watching her leave, he likes her.  In fact, he’s quite taken with her.  Over the course of the next few weeks, he returns routinely to see more of her.

Delivering his check one evening, she sets it down with a now warm and friendlier smile.  They chat more intimately, more revealingly.  And finally, his request:  “Would you like to have dinner?”

After a brief pause, “I’d be delighted,” she says reticently, concealing her enthusiasm.

Arriving for their date, he knocks, the door opens, and she looks amazing!  Completely different, in fact—a contoured dress, hair down, drawn neatly, seductively over one shoulder, exquisite makeup, and wonderfully aromatic.

Surveying her, he grins.  “You look terrific,” he says with reserved elation.

The date thereafter is a success, and a relationship begins.

Now.  Here’s the point:  women see this grinning, eyebrow raising “elation” from men at their fresh, feminine, optimally kempt appearance, and they think this is the look men prefer and desire.  It is as if women feel the need to make a visual statement, See, I’m not that smelly, unattractive waitress you saw at the diner.  I can be sooo much more striking. 

 And what are women ultimately saying, incidentally?

They’re saying they did not previously feel good enough.  Hence, the subtlety and ease with which women assume the role.

 Nevertheless.  This perception of male preference is a mistake.  How so?

Because our guy was initially attracted to an exhausted waitress with disheveled hair, wearing little to no make-up and a pedestrian work uniform that reeked of the day’s “special.”  Our guy returning repeatedly to interact with this woman proves one thing incontrovertible.  In her less-than-optimum state, our waitress was deemed … good enough.

 Moral: an optimum appearance isn’t necessary to gain a man’s approval.

The fact women would think it necessary demonstrates the problem.  And the problem?

Not good enough.

At a bar with a few male colleagues many moons past, we were holding down a pub table and surveying the local talent.  Unbeknownst to me, a group of women graced the main entrance.  My buddy elbows me—

“Look-at-that!” he says, in that choppy way that implies urgent disbelief.

I look in the direction of his gaze, see the targets.  I was missing the urgency.

“What,” I impassively say, as in what’s the big deal?

“Are you kidding me?! The brunette—far left,” he says.

He was very inspired.

I saw her, was still missing the urgency.  Perhaps she was a victim of overselling.

“She’s nice,” I said, not wanting to dampen his enthusiasm.

“Nice!?” he blurts, offended.

“Well, go get’em tiger,” I say, pointing in encouragement.

Eventually, that’s exactly what he did.  The brunette and her friends joined us at our table, where my buddy and his brunette prize were chatting it up.  It wasn’t long, however, and he was dancing with one of her friends.

At the table, I later asked him conspiratorially what happened with the brunette—the supposed hottest woman in the known universe.  He made a dismissive face, and said, “Eh.”  But it was more than “Eh.”  Overhearing their conversations, I know exactly what had occurred.

She talked herself out of his favor.

To be brief, and to our point, she didn’t feel good enough.  Basically, she thought her friends were more attractive, more deserving.  And soon enough, they were.  This, despite being the hottest woman in the known universe, and the very object of my buddy’s desire.

Moral:  humbly assume you’re the hottest woman in the known universe, because sometimes you actually are.

Now.  When women manage to make it to the next level and into a relationship, this good enough matter need not reemerge.  Men would not involve themselves in relationships if they did not approve.  Men approve; that’s why they are involved.  And marriage?  If men take that step, women can be supremely confident men have thoroughly thought the matter over and reached this conclusion:  she’s good enough.

So, let’s review:  women are deemed good enough when approached by men, good enough for a relationship, and good enough for lifelong commitment and marriage.  The fact is, the only participants thinking, concluding, believing, and projecting they aren’t good enough at every stage of the process, are women.

See the problem?  Good.

Not being good enough—it’s unhealthy, introductorily costly, and a severe drain thereafter on both relationships and men.

It isn’t men’s job to make women feel good enough.  Making it men’s job is just a way of women saying, “Here, hold my bags.  You be responsible for my emotional well-being,” which means being accountable for my emotional suffering and misery, too, namely my feelings of inadequacy.

Women need to feel good enough on their own.  Why is this vitally necessary?  Because if women are constantly questioning if they are good enough, then it is impossible for them to ask a more important question:

Is he good enough?

Either, you’re the one making the assessments and determinations, or you’re the performer auditioning for a role—a role perhaps beneath your talent and ability.  And obviously, if you’re the one making the assessments and determinations, you haven’t the burden of proving …

good enough.

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The Languages of Love

JMW Article ShotA man and his woman had a fight.  That’s right—his woman.  Most men will claim there are two things of theirs which aren’t to be trifled with:  their wallet and their woman.  And rather fond of their money and their women, men mean it.

Thus, in man language it’s rather high praise when men say, “That’s my woman.”

However, women find the implied ownership offensive, which is rather confusing.  As a matter of introduction, for example, it’s okay to say, “This is my wife.”  Ownership is perfectly acceptable to women in that context—endearing, even.  Yet, lead an article with, “A man and his woman had a fight,” and women get touchy and offended.

Tomato, tomahto—seems like semantics.  Seems like selective offense and outrage.  Seems an effort to make men unsure of what is acceptable, and to make them perpetually cautious and defensive.  Seems like a power-play and a control thing.  In service to that end, it seems like a tool, like a weapon, and that women are going to be oft offended.

And to that, there can be but one response:  who cares if women are offended.

It’s a statement, not a question.  And it isn’t a malicious, disrespectful statement, either.  Rather, it’s an exasperated response to an oppressive modern reality, which is:  women are offended by everything.

Of course, women disagree with this assertion.  Although, I have had the conversations with them in regards to it.  What happened?  They were offended by the suggestion they were offended by everything.

I’m not kidding.

To men who doubt the veracity of this conclusion, I would say:  try being honest—read: critical—about anything female.  See what happens.

At my keyboard and thereby insulated from female wrath, I’ll offer some forbidden honesty.


Here goes:  women actually relish being “his” woman.   In fact, being called “his” by Mr. Right gives women a warm and gooey center.  Don’t believe me?

Tisk, tisk.

Women get a charge from hand-holding and cuddling Mr. Right, do they not?  Indeed they do.  Feeling desired and sheltered, it’s because women are assured they are “his” woman.

Women always gripe at their men for looking at other women, too.  Why?  Because they are “his” woman!  Not her!  Not that trollop with the hair extensions, six-pack-abs, and fake breasts.

I’m supposed to be your woman, jerk!  Approve of me!  Care about me!  Love me!  Ogle me, dammit!  Am I not good enough?”

Initiate Chin-puckering and tears.

“But honey, I wasn’t looking at her.”

“Don’t.”  Sniff, sniff.  “Just, don’t.”

And then women sulk for three days.

So as I say, women like being called “his” woman.  Indeed, they want to be “his” woman, and “his” woman only.  They’re rather emotional about it, actually.  Yet, they’re offended by the ownership implication in, “A man and his woman had a fight.”

So, what gives?

What gives is, women are offended by virtually everything men say, even when they’re not offended.  Actually, women are offended even when extremely pleased with what men say, and even when filled with a warm and gooey center.

So I repeat:  who cares if women are offended.  At a certain level of saturation, it’s like switching deck chairs on the Titanic—it no longer matters.

“Just get comfortable and sip your scotch, Rose.  We’re going down.”

When everything is offensive to women, it isn’t as though men are going to say anything that won’t be deemed offensive.  Unless, of course, men say exactly what women want to hear, in which case men are oppressed, and basically slaves—relational slaves.

And relational or otherwise, what kind of existence is that?

Answer:  one where men do what they’re told, and what they’re expected to do, or they live a life of contentious misery.

In other words, men learn to speak the language, or else.

So, now that we’re clear on the term “his”—and incidentally, there’s another thing:  clarification.  For all the offense, how many times do men have to explain themselves to women, and interpret what they mean?

It’s beyond routine.

And why are men always clarifying things for women?  More like, why are men always defending and justifying themselves?

Because women don’t understand man language, and are offended by virtually everything men say.

I say it often, and write it more often.  And yes, it is redundantly annoying.

Even so, here goes again:

… and women wonder why men won’t be honest with them, and why relationship communication breaks down.

I never know how many women see the light for this redundant advice—which is absolutely true, incidentally, and thus wise.  If women see how their behavior causes a problem.  If they take the advice and make themselves less defensive and accusatory and critical, and begin enjoying better communication and relationships, they never say.

Actually, I suspect women read my essays on relationship matters and totally comprehend their sins and culpability.  Yet, they sit-back in silence hoping their men don’t read my essays, too, and in hopes they don’t have to change anything.

As one woman said about my book New Rules:  Relationships Logic for the Darkside, “I definitely want my sons to read it, but it’s off-limits to my husband.  I don’t want him to know all of my manipulation tactics.”

She laughed, but she was serious.

Interestingly, she really loves her sons, and doesn’t want them abused by some young, conniving broad.  But her man?  Why, he deserves the abuse.

Control—it’s rather intoxicating, and difficult to surrender.

And incidentally, men aren’t terrified to be honest with women, either.

Ready for more redundant annoyance?  Great.  Here goes:

Men won’t be honest with women because they don’t want to invite the ever-impending drama.  As in, the sort associated with the demeaning nature of gender ownership via the term “his”:

“You don’t own me!  No man owns me!  Shoot—come up in her’ talkin’ bout ‘My woman.’  Boy, please.”

And later it’s:  “Why can’t you just be honest with me?!”

Initiate Chin-puckering and tears.

“But honey …”

“Don’t.”  Sniff, sniff.  “Just, don’t.”

And then women sulk for three days.

And if men were honest, they would say, “I don’t want to be honest because, every time I am, you get defensive and angry, and we end up in an argument.”

And of course, the honest admission invites, what?

Defensiveness.  Anger.  An argument, and dreaded drama.

See how simple this is?  Man language is pretty basic, and rather easy to interpret, too.

It just requires a little interest in the language.

Women grin and giggle at their feminine kookery as if it’s funny and cute, as if it’s the delight of womanness that men get to enjoy, and as if it isn’t a relational problem.  And that’s because it isn’t a problem—to women.  The kookery is how it works.  Women get to keep their boot on men’s collective necks by accusing them all the time, and by being defensive and sharp, and that’s the arrangement.

And men don’t have to like the arrangement; they just have to get used to it.

Because, that’s the arrangement.

At least, that’s the arrangement until the relationship slowly but surely rots to the point men despise women, and leave for other, less contentious women—if only temporarily less contentious.  Then it becomes a different arrangement, one not so funny, cute, or favorable.

And men having laid claim to another woman in a new arrangement, the despised suddenly want to be “his” woman again!

Initiate Chin-puckering and tears.

“But I was his girl.  What does she have that I don’t?”—sniff, sniff.

Well, him.

Now.  If you’re keeping score, particularly if you’re a man, you’re not only thinking, Wow.  This is totally insane.  You may also sense a theme, an underlying point

Indeed!  There is an underlying point—obscure and not easily discernible though it is.

Relationships have an arrangement—in fact, are preset with the arrangement.  By extension, they have a native tongue, a specific language that is to be spoken, and one superior to all others.  And it is these facts which return us to the opening line, and to the point of all this.

So, a man and his woman had a fight—it’s the beginning of an illustration I use repeatedly for its efficacy in proving a specific point.  This particular woman claimed that her man did not care about her, that he did not love her—at least not up to her definitive standards, or to her perceptions of love.

This was the accusation which led to the fight.

The man protested, declared the charge untrue and totally absurd, which it was.  Of course, his woman disagreed.  And after a protracted argument, the pair went to bed angry.

Throughout the night it snowed heavily.  The next morning the man arose early, saw the snow, and set to its removal.  He spent an hour in single digit temperatures removing snow, specifically from his woman’s car, which he also, as a courtesy, warmed-up.

Wearied by the drama, he had decided to swallow his anger, to put forth an olive branch, and to essentially re-profess his love via a charitable deed—pains he had undertaken numerous times previously, incidentally, yet clearly to no lasting and convincing avail.

Leaving for work, his woman emerges.  Shouldered briefcase, dressed impeccably, clutching her travel-mug coffee—she breezed defiantly down the freshly shoveled sidewalk, and past her red-cheeked, snotty-nosed groundskeeper.  Loading herself into a warm, snow-freed and awaiting car, she fired it up and sped down the driveway, never having said a single word or acknowledged a single thing.

Now.  People talk about the language of love.  There is a problem, however—an unrecognized truth:  there’s more than one language.

This particular woman, for example, has certain definitions and standards for love that weren’t being observed and met by her man.  This is the language of love she understands and speaks.

Her man, on the other hand, doesn’t speak this language.  In fact, he speaks another, totally different language, one he understands and speaks.

So for purposes of illustration, we have two people in the land of love speaking foreign languages.  And here’s the point:  despite two viable, sincere but totally different languages being spoken in Love Land, which party is continually held accountable for not understanding and speaking the other’s language?

Answer:  not women.  Never women.

To put the point simply:  women set the rules for love and relational behavior via their definitions and standards.  And men have the option of either observing those definitions and meeting those standards, or being the party always failing the relationship.

In other words, women are Love Land’s natives.  Thus, their love language is paramount and sacrosanct, and is the native tongue to be spoken.  And men can either learn the language to best serve the relationship, or face rebuke.

When are women asked to better understand men?  To learn the love language men speak?  Furthermore, when do women ever try to understand and learn?

Women aren’t asked to better understand men.  They don’t try to learn the love language men speak, and they aren’t interested in learning and better understanding it, either.  The relationship’s controlling authority, their love language paramount, sacrosanct, and the native tongue to be spoken, women don’t have to be concerned with another language.  Their job is to enforce the rules, one of which is men learning the female love language.

For example, women get their panties in an emotional twist for one reason or another, and the universal reaction is:  “You don’t care about me!  You don’t love me!”

Of course, this is sometimes implied rather than stated directly.  Yet, the message is the same:  men don’t understand the love language women speak, and are thus failing the relationship.   Hence, men need to learn the language and follow the rules.

Are women ever failing the relationship for not understanding men’s love language?

No.  Only men fail.

And how do men respond to their failure?

Why, they set to learning the language, and to rectifying every complaint born of not understanding and of misinterpreting the native tongue.  And in learning the language, men learn how to avoid the complaints, which is accomplished by keeping their mouths shut and catering to the language, which is oppression and slavery, ultimately.

Are women ever rectifying every complaint born of not understanding and of misinterpreting men’s love language?  Are women keeping their mouths shut and, like oppressed slaves, catering to the language?

No.  And just try suggesting such a thing, gentlemen.

Relationships have a native tongue, and there is but one language spoken within.

And the love language men speak and understand?—

Like, rising early to perform charitable work.  Like, swallowing anger and pride to end strife and drama, and to restore peace.  Like, braving single digit temperatures for an hour to remove snow.  Like, making a woman’s trip to work a little warmer and more pleasant.  Like, trying to be honest and taking a verbal beating for it.  Like, defending and justifying every critical, if improvement-purposed comment.   Like, tolerating incessant and insane emotional kookery.  Like, staying in a relationship month after month, and year after year, despite the constant defense and justifying, and despite the incessant and insane emotional kookery.

What about these gestures?  And the many like them that constitute the love language men speak?

Why, who needs to learn a language nobody speaks?

And besides, it’s not the native tongue in relationships.

My wife and I have an ongoing disagreement about cheating—ongoing in that we don’t agree.  Actually, it’s not really “ongoing.”  Since we know we disagree, we just don’t have the conversation.  So it’s an underlying “ongoing” disagreement, and we just never venture below the hard-deck.

Nevertheless, whenever the subject of a sexual affair comes up, this is how the conversation used to proceed:

Me:  “Why did he cheat?—that’s the question.  Cause and effect.  Women always blame men, but I want to know what role his wife played.”

My wife: “He made the choice to betray her trust.  He decided that.”

“Okay.  Why?” I repeat.

“Doesn’t matter.”

“Of course it matters.  What if she was controlling the sex, like most women do?  Saying “No” all the time.  Constantly rebuffing his advances.  Doling out sex when she wants, when she feels like it, when he’s been a good boy—”

“Doesn’t matter.  He made the decision!”

“Okay, so:  have sex dictated to you for the rest of your life, and like it, and rarely get to enjoy it.  Or, have sex with another woman who really wants to bang you.  Those are the options?  I’m sorry, those don’t seem like very good options.”

Women are actually saying to men, “I’m only going to have sex when I want and when I say in this relationship, and you’re going to live with it for the rest of your life, and like it.  And I dare you to have sex with another woman!  And if you do, you’re going to be at fault.”

Although women don’t put it in these terms, this is indeed what they’re saying.  And it’s so grossly unfair, so arrogant and demanding, you wonder how women themselves could possibly believe it to be an equitable arrangement.  Yet, considering it becomes the arrangement, they clearly believe it’s equitable.

Nevertheless, it’s silent at this point in our conversation—the air filled with, Gosh, when you put it like that …  “That” being the ridiculous options women don’t realize they are presenting to men.

It’s the same point reached routinely in relationship disputes—the point at which men make a compelling argument, and women face changing their perspective, beliefs, position, ways, and habits.  And it’s also the point at which, rather than change their perspective, beliefs, position, ways, and habits—which they should welcome, incidentally, given the change they routinely demand of men—women decide on silence, or to blow a matter up into a hell on earth, so that nobody addresses or remembers the original matter.

The fact is, however, these options aren’t fair to men.  It isn’t fair that women are sexually lazy, and that they aren’t involved and motivated like they should be.  And if women are treating men this way, then they play a part in their man’s affair, and need to accept their role.

Furthermore, had women accepted their role long before the affair, when the arguments over sex were taking place, which they most assuredly were, the affair likely wouldn’t have occurred.

And therein lies the point.

Their language the relationship’s native tongue, and ever to be spoken, women never feel compelled to understand or speak any other language but their own.  This being the arrangement, women constantly take men to task for not understanding the language, and for not speaking it fluently.  And ultimately, the female language becomes the only language that is correct.

In terms of security, which is what women crave most, this is an extremely seductive arrangement.  Having your language catered to and ultimately getting your way is not only appealing.  It becomes an easy habit to fall into.

Only, it isn’t fair to men.  And relationally speaking, it isn’t healthy.

Women can’t argue that men aren’t learning the female language.  Fixing every female complaint, grievances resulting from men not understanding the language, men are forced into religious and routine linguistic study.  Men may or may not be great students, and they may be slow learners, but they are definitely studying—and learning.

And women?

Not so much.  Perhaps, not at all.

Women don’t have to learn—that’s the point.  And in the era of gender competition, they resent having to do anything for men.  The resentment runs a little hotter for some than others, but to varying degrees it runs, nonetheless.  And learning to understand men?  Learning to speak their language?

Uh, no.  That’s not the arrangement.

So, women get used to bludgeoning men into speaking their language, and into thinking the correct way.  And eventually, there becomes no other language but the native tongue, and no other way but the “correct” way.

The good news is most women aren’t doing this intentionally.  The circumstances just sort of, evolve.  They evolve because controlling things makes women feel secure, and because getting their way is appealing and comfortable.  And also because, spending all of their time in servitude to the native tongue, men allow their love language to become irrelevant.

It is to say, there isn’t a secret sinister plot being executed in most relationships.  To put it simply, men and women just don’t realize they are falling into inequitable and destructive habits.

Ignorant to the reality though men and women may be, the fact is this language issue is the primary reason relationships decay.

Now, if only that point could be communicated in a recognizable language.

©JMW 2018 All Rights Reserved