Liberals: The 21st Century Nags

FWC Author Pictures 005What aren’t liberals griping about?   Racism, social justice, inequality, male oppression, gun control, the environment, climate change, losing an election, Russian collusion—pick a subject.

No, seriously.   Pick a subject, any subject.  Then turn on the television or the radio, open the newspaper, or surf the internet.  To what are you exposed?

Griping liberals.

They’re The 21st Century Nags.

And sing the phrase like Morrison:  “They’re the—bump, bump—21st Century Nags … They’re the—bump, bump—21st Century Nags.”

It totally works.

And incidentally, nagging is something traditionally ascribed to women.  Women are the nags who do all the nagging.

Well, not anymore.

Nagging can now be ascribed to men, specifically liberal men, and particularly millennial liberal men.

Look at these pillars of manhood—weeping over an election loss, totally distraught, and looking for safe spaces.  And nagging?  Well, tune-in to cable news and watch one of these male liberal political pundits throw a hysterical fit.

Nag, nag, nag.

It’s like, C’mon guys.  Reach down, grab a handful of sack.

Theeere it is.  The ol’ manhood.  Feel familiar?

Let’s pull ourselves together, now.  Women and children need some damn strength and leadership, for chrissake.  Some emotional stability.

These liberal men—just the type every woman is looking for, right?  Weepy and inconsolable over an election loss.  Totally irrational and unhinged.  Just the sort of emotional incontinence with which every woman wants to share a relationship.

Women are like, Yeah, these are Thor-like centurions we want guarding the palace gate. 

It’s embarrassing.  Bile rising in my esophagus, that’s all I dare say.

And women know it’s all true, too.

So, men and women alike, liberals are The 21st Century Nags.  And being perpetual nags, it’s absolutely no fun having them around.  Take news media liberals, for example.

Turn on the news and a liberal host or political pundit is vomiting accusation, criticism and complaints.  And there’s the ever-present sense of impending doom and the totally unappealing dark cloud that follows them around, too.

It’s like:  Yet another day of endless nagging and doom and gloom brought to you by liberals.  Terrific.  Everybody have a nice day!

 Oh sure, that’s possible.

And late night television.  It used to be fun, relaxing, entertaining.  A pre-turn-in respite from your crappy day.  Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent—late night was lighthearted, inoffensive, and actually funny.  You laughed a lot, and went to bed with a relieved smile on your face.

Now late night is one big liberal complaint fest.  An hour-long nag session that only liberals can enjoy—in a sadistic sense.

And Hollywood.  People want to sit down on the sofa and watch an awards show, to watch the grandeur, to hear actors and actresses talk about their lives and their accomplishments.

And what do viewers get instead?

A political lecture.  Or, lectures—about the poor, the starving, about sexual abuse, inequality, racism, about pollution and our suffering oceans and planet, about the need for cleaner energy, about opioid addiction.

Nag, nag, nag.

Liberals—The Misery Makers.

And the misery makers aren’t just in the media.  They’re right there in your office, in your neighborhood, in your social circle, perhaps even in your home—nagging about inane and totally unfounded crises nobody cares about, and about some injustice somewhere.  Harping about the disappearing bumble bee population and rain forests, about plastic bottles, inorganic food, and dirty coal.

Again, pick a subject, any subject.

And of course, liberals themselves are never responsible for any of these problems.  It’s the rest of the world.  It’s You!  Asshole.

Know why liberals complain about so many things?

It’s because they’re miserable people.  Well, that and because they like to attach themselves to causes for the image-related public relations benefits:  I’m for clean water and air!  I’m for starving children!  I’m for rain forests and bumble bees—look at me!  Look at how caring and compassionate I am!  Yes, yes!—heap your adulation upon me!!

 In terms of cost-effective PR it’s a pretty economical strategy, actually.

Stay around liberals long enough, however.  Get past the social layer, the public protocols that force them to pretend happiness and to say nice things.  And it isn’t long before you’re exposed to the real them—pissed-off, unhappy, victimized.  The real person comes out.

And as to their misery, everybody else is responsible.

Liberals—they’re one big miserable indictment waiting to be issued on anybody and everybody.

Men, women who like and appreciate men, white people, police officers, the wealthy, Republicans—basically everybody that isn’t a liberal is to blame.  Everyone but liberals are greedy.  Everyone but liberals are racist.  Everyone but liberals abuse women.  Well, every liberal but Matt Lauer, that is, who presses a button and locks women in his office where he bangs them into unconsciousness.

Only, Lauer, Harvey Weinstein, and every other female abusing liberal gets a pass.

Why do liberals get a pass from fellow liberals?

Because miserable people stick together, that’s why.  Because misery loves company—needs company, actually.  And because miserable people can’t allow themselves to be honest for it revealing the self-inflicted nature of their misery.

Liberals don’t want honesty or personal responsibility either one.  That’s why they’re headline readers and believers.  Liberals can read “Tax cuts for the rich!” for example, and that’s their mantra for the next 18 months until election time.  Questioning the headline’s veracity?  Gaining more insight into the country’s taxation system to know how “Tax cuts for the rich” might actually transpire?

No interest whatsoever.

The headline is sufficient.  All liberals have to see is “Tax cuts for the rich.”

Why the uninquisitive, unintellectual, knee-jerk reaction?

Because liberals are miserable, and intellectually lazy for their misery.

A headline, a talking point—it’s red meat for elite liberals.  They dish it out to their equally miserable voters, and then the collective sits and complains.  Why?

Because they’re collectively miserable, that’s why.  And they don’t want to improve their condition, either.

Dealing with liberals is intellectual childcare.  There are those who care about the country, about freedom, about the rule of law, and who ask questions.

Hence, they’re the ones doing all the intellectual work—deciphering all the lies and mischaracterizations and distortions of a deceitful liberal media.  They’re the ones putting the pieces to truth’s puzzle in their proper place.

And most annoyingly, they’re the ones having to inform and convert a bunch of intellectual toddlers, aka liberals, who don’t know anything but headlines and talking points, and who don’t want to hear anything the informed adults have to say.

Liberals would rather sit in their misery than hear anything that might inform them, that might elevate their opinion of things, that might amend their perspective, that might lift them from their state of misery, and that might ultimately change and improve their lives.

That’s liberals—The 21st Century Nags.

And not only are liberals nagging everybody to death.  They’re locking women in their office and banging them into unconsciousness.  They’re luring women into their hotel suites and offering film roles for peep shows.

They’re telling everybody, namely children, and specifically innocent little girls, how “Naaassty” women are, while wearing vagina suits and hats, no less.

And they’re organizing marches over a “grab ‘em by the pu**y” remark—a remark, for chrissake.  Meanwhile, liberals Lauer, Weinstein, John Conyers, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Franken and a host of others are actually treating women like hand-me-down luggage.

Locker room remarks?  Please.

Liberals don’t waste time with remarks.  They actually take action!

And to that abhorrent action, where are all those angry liberals who are so offended by everyone else?  Why aren’t they taking to the streets against their own ideological kind?  Where are the protests?  The signs?  The chants?  The condemnation?

There is no time for that because liberals are too busy condemning everybody else, too busy chasing a Russian collusion fallacy.  Yet another red meat headline and talking point swallowed whole.

Why pursue Russian collusion?

Because that’s a headline liberals want to believe, an idea they want to be true.  And when it isn’t true—and in fact, when anything liberals believe turns out to be untrue—do liberals amend their perspective?  Do they adjust?  Do they say, “Maybe that was a load of BS I shouldn’t have believed?”  Or, “Maybe the voices I listen to are liars and frauds?”

No.  Hell no!  They move on to the next issue, to the next thing they want to believe, and to the next reason to be pissed-off and miserable.  Where they can then jump on board with that idea and continue vomiting their misery on everybody else.

That’s liberals.

That’s all they do.

That’s all they want to do.

That’s all they know to do.

Meanwhile, everybody else is out there trying to make sense of things, trying to solve problems and to get things done, all in an effort to be ultimately happy, at peace, and more secure.

And in that effort they have the continuous, burdensome task of both bringing and keeping intellectual toddlers, aka liberals, informed and up to speed, people who only want to be miserable all the time and to nag everybody to death.

Complaining, debating, ignoring the facts, ignoring truth, ignoring reality, ignoring the obvious—whatever it takes to continue the misery, to continue the dysfunction, and to continue to ensure everyone shares their gloom and despair.

Think about it:  environmental desolation, climate crisis, rising ocean tides, disappearing forests and wildlife, a starving and thirsty planet … again, pick the subject, any subject.

Given all these liberal beliefs and the dire circumstances associated.  Given the subsequent and ceaseless fear and anxiety.  What do liberals wake-up to every day?

Misery.  That’s what they wake-up to.  Deep, overwhelming, abiding misery.

And they want it shared by everyone.

Ergo, liberals:  The 21st Century Nags.

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Author: JMW


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