Counter Surveillance

The fact two of politics’ marquee names, Obama and Clinton, have been virtually absent from the public scene for nearly five years should telegraph to everyone there is something extremely consequential responsible.  When in history have two leading political figures disappeared from the public stage and political effectiveness?  When have they ever stopped publicly campaigning for their party’s candidates, ceased furthering their party’s political agenda, at least publicly, and abandoned their post as the party’s defined, go-to leadership?   

When have yet relative and influential politicians ever just, stopped participating and vanished?  

Furthermore, when has nearly an entire national news media ever allowed two yet relative and influential political figures to disappear into the shadows?  And not only allowed them to disappear, but refused to find out where they’ve gone and what they’re doing, and to seek their normally prized perspectives on current political matters? 

It doesn’t happen. 

So, again.  That two internationally iconic political juggernauts have disappeared, and have been allowed to disappear, should signal to everyone there is a grave legal issue encouraging the behavior.   

A legal issue?   

Well, what other kind of issue have liberals not managed publicly?  What other sort has thrust them into five-years of virtual invisibility and political impotence? 

Sex crimes, rigging primary elections, political corruption of every definable sort—liberals have done it all, and publicly managed it all.  No issue has proven so dire and overwhelming to prevent them from racing to the television cameras and microphones to lie and spin their way out. 

Liberals don’t run and hide.  A complicit, in-house national news media at their disposal, liberals don’t have to run and hide.  Lying, distorting, accusing, deceiving—liberal politicians can fight publicly, and win.  Or perhaps, survive—which is winning, actually. 

Special Counsel John Durham presents a different problem, however.  The problem?  Subpoena power and the ability to indict.  Of course, this sort of trouble isn’t unplowed earth for liberals, either.  Thirty thousand of her emails subpoenaed, for example, Hillary Clinton just, deleted them all.  Screw your subpoena, and screw you, she essentially said.  And what resulted? 

Nothing.  Exoneration.   

Only, with Durham it’s different, much different.  Via a lost election, a miraculous defeat, in fact, liberals left the evidence room’s front door unlocked to a historic treasonous crime spree.  And in strolled the intended dupe:  

Donald J. Trump—hand-in-hand with Durham and the American people:  

“Let’s have a look, shall we?” 

We did, and the discoveries were ruinous.   

Ruinous to the establishment though the discoveries are and will prove to be, it is immensely important that this singular fact also be recognized: both Barrack Obama and the Clintons know exactly what they did, too, their extent of involvement and their exact crimes.   

Counter surveillance.   

And knowing what they did means they can corrupt investigations, strategize, and prepare—via their unscrupulous stable of attorney’s, of course, who have proven and reverified their value time and again over the many scandal-ridden years.  And what would a skilled, “proven” attorney in this situation advise? 

“Keep your mouth shut.  Disappear.”   

Which is precisely what Obama and the Clintons have done for nearly five years now.  Making only the rare appearance in friendly, protected environments, where they are neither asked nor required to answer any questions about their crimes.  Because, see, exposure is one of the risks of a public presence, which is why counsel advises so vehemently against it.  

“Shut up.  Disappear.” 

It’s Legal Defense 101

Still, being the prominent, internationally iconic political figures Obama and the Clintons are, they can’t anxiously lurk in the societal shadows as if something is wrong.  Thus, they must make these occasional, albeit protected, public appearances.  And the entire time, they know exactly what they’ve been involved in; exactly what Trump and Durham had the power and authority to uncover regarding their crimes; and are profitably aware of the evidence uncovered thus far, via their establishment insiders and their news media nemesis, Fox News—the only news agency to cover Durham’s foray into the unlocked evidence room.    

Obama and the Clintons know the danger is real, jeopardy that applies to all their fellow conspirators, too.  And speaking of them, where is former FBI director, James Comey?  Where is former CIA Director, John Brennan?  Former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper?  Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein?  FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and all the other conspirators in the Obama administration’s treasonous ordeal?   

Where are all these once vociferous media courtesans? 

Like Obama and the Clintons, they’re all MIA, too.  And they, too, have been allowed to remain MIA by the same, clearly complicit and corrupt national news media.  And why the news media complicity?     

Because, were these crimes and criminals exposed, the establishment, to include the national news media, would be finished—their reign over the country’s politics and culture extinct.  

And depending on one’s sense of morality, the establishment’s troubles are much worse than the treasonous crimes of the Obama administration.  There is the heinous Jeffrey Epstein matter, too, and the problem his unspeakable crimes involving adolescent, prepubescent girls represent for, not merely the horndog Bill Clinton.  But for other Epstein-connected Democrats and democrat donors, and perhaps some establishment republicans and their donors.   

Suffice to say, Epstein is a grave establishment problem, too.   

There are the unconscionable pedophilic deeds that occurred per this crime, of course, participated in by who yet knows how many American pols, celebrities, and global dignitaries.  But there are also those who covered-up these unspeakable deeds.  And whom might that be?  

The national news media, surprise-surprise.  Like ABC News, for example.   

Reporter Amy Robach had the entire Epstein story ready to go, only to have her establishment-loyal superiors at ABC squash it.  Secretly recorded, Robach was apoplectic.  And in further evidence of ABC’s establishment loyalty, there is George Stephanopoulos.  He was senior advisor of policy and strategy to presidential horndog Bill Clinton, and in control of White House communications.  Now he’s an objective and fair ABC News anchor covering the news, sans the slightest hint of loyalty to his political teammates.  

Stale, blank stare.  

What news agency hires a political partisan, but a politically partisan news agency?   

This unholy alliance between the national news media and the democrat political class exposes yet another grave establishment problem.  If the crimes of Obama and the Clintons are exposed, then ABC and the rest of the establishment news media—ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN—have all spent five, now clearly purposeful years avoiding the easily accessible evidence of their crimes. And all acutely informed and aware of these historic sex and political crimes, what does that say about the news industry?   

It says America’s national news media is an establishment shill complicit and corrupt, one.  And two, they are indeed the fake news industry that Trump proclaimed in 2016, and has since maintained.   

One wonders why there have been so many bankrupt and failed news narratives advanced, so many outrageously false accusations, and so much media-fanned political turmoil over the past five years?  Fraudulent events that, in total, make even the uninvolved, apolitical person think: What the hell is the news media doing?!  

Answer: survival.  

Like Obama and the Clintons, the entire establishment knows, if only instinctively, that there is genuine political and cultural peril for itself on the horizon.  But are all the establishment’s elements actually colluding secretly behind the scenes in an attempt to protect Obama, the Clintons, and the establishment itself?   

They are clearly colluding right out in the open.  So why not secretly, too?   

However, the establishment doesn’t really have to collude, publicly or otherwise.  Cut from the same cloth, in this case the fabric of evil, all involved share the same political vision and ambitions, and all clearly recognize a beyond dire establishment problem per historic democrat sex and political crimes.  All of which, and so much more, as a reminder, has been thus far concealed by a complicit national news industry.  

Collectively, the establishment not only perceives the danger.  They know what is at stake, which is, broadly, their power and control over American politics and culture, and all that that politically and financially implies.  For proof, one need only recognize the establishment’s unhinged five-year jihad against a singular human being, Donald Trump, for his New World Order speech.  In which he exposed deep, systemic establishment corruption, that he no less fully intended to end with a jihad of his own.   

Trump put the establishment on notice.  Struck with fear, the establishment mobilized. 

Hence, everything that has occurred in the last five years has been an effort to stop Trump’s evidence room discoveries from seeing societal sunlight.  The head of the snake, Trump had to be stopped.  Failing in their attempts for the first three years of his presidency, failures to include the kitchen sink, establishment fear transitioned to panic.  Facing a second Trump term, the establishment was left with but one choice: 

To collude with China and release a virus on the world.   

A claim outrageous? 

Well, how much establishment heat has China received for the virus?   

Did the establishment attack China for the virus?  Or was the supposed “mishandling” of it used it to bludgeon Trump for an entire election year? 

That’s, an entire election year. 

Did Joe and Hunter Biden not receive millions in compensation from China?  And for that matter, how many other liberal politicians are on China’s payroll?  Former Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, has news about that from the evidence room.  It isn’t favorable. 

Chinese spies, are they not infiltrating the offices of liberal senators, and even sleeping with liberal congressmen?  Expelled from their embassy in Houston, Texas, did China not have a document burning party in the consulate courtyard that might attest to all these unsavory political connections? 

Is Hollywood not financed by China?  And just how deep does Chinese influence run in the corporate media?  The news here isn’t favorable, either. 

All these establishment elements take China’s money with impunity, and worse, and yet it’s outrageous to think there is no potential collusion between the two?  Given its undeniably grave political and cultural problems, it’s outrageous to think the establishment didn’t sanction a virus to invite all the necessary elements to corrupt and steal an upcoming election?  One that sizeable Trump rallies foretold was unwinnable, no less?  And given Trump’s masterful trade dealings with China, they and the liberal establishment aren’t two parties with common interests? 

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the answers are:  yes, the two parties have common interests.  And no, the idea of collusion between China and the liberal establishment is not outrageous. 

The establishment rigged the 2020 presidential election, because they had to rig the election.  They rigged it because, what lay criminally on the horizon was just, too dire—and is still, as the invisibility of Obama and the Clintons, two internationally iconic political brands, attests.  They rigged it because, their historic crimes and corruption publicly exposed, their political and cultural control were finished.   

Over recent decades, the United States government simply became too big and too powerful.  Politicians became increasingly more disconnected from the people, more contemptuous of American ideals, and more self-interested and self-indulgent at taxpayer’s expense.  Further, and most important to the formula, they gained an important ally: the national news media. 

Enter: Barrack Obama, 2008. 

Obama gave the establishment something it had formerly lacked: supreme confidence.  Or more pointedly, arrogance—such sizeable quantity as to cheat on a grand scale.  Under Obama, the establishment went all-in on a communist takeover over the United States, something the establishment has always wanted to do, but never had the guts.  Obama at the helm, that changed. The establishment rigged the 2016 democrat primary, and paid no political or public price.  So then, why not rig the 2016 presidential election, too?  The establishment did that, also, of course, if only by virtue of FBI Director, Jim Comey’s, exoneration of a clearly guilty Hillary Clinton, so she could be the democrat nominee.   

The Clinton exoneration reveals a plan.  Or rather, a conspiracy.  Her exoneration was the continuance of sixteen-year stratagem that, beginning with Obama in 2008, guaranteed yet another Clinton victory in the 2016 presidential race, and then another in 2020.  But for a strategic plan, why else exonerate Clinton?  Why elicit public outrage by absolving the clearly guilty?  Why risk the gold star reputations of the FBI and intelligence agencies?  Further, why assume the public relations risks of rigging the democrat primary for her?  

Answers:  arrogance.  And a coup. 

Clinton becoming the next President of the United States and completing Obama’s transformative, communist dream for America, was the plan.  And with Obama’s new hubris, and with complete assurance of a compliant news media ready to assist, the plot was executed.   

The establishment rigged the game by exonerating Clinton.   
They rigged the democrat primary, just ask Bernie Sanders. 
Then they rigged the 2016 presidential election, too.  And given what we’re now learning about Dominion voting machines in the 2020 election, and for the visual criminality at vote counting centers and the unconstitutional tricks in swing-state state houses, this isn’t at least plausible?   

Given the evidence, it’s more than plausible.  In fact, it’s foolish to believe otherwise.  The establishment did it all and, purely by divine providence, they failed to get Clinton into the White House in 2016.  Then came Russian collusion and four years of establishment delay tactics.  Delay solely and explicitly intended to keep the evidence room’s secrets from societal sunlight. Then, failing to dispense with Trump for three years, establishment panic set-in.  Hence, the nuclear option: a virus.  A tactic intended to do what? 

… to rig yet another election.   

And why not attempt the “outrageous” and rig yet another election via a virus in 2020.  The establishment had paid no price twice prior (liberals all claim the 2016 presidential election was rigged, so let’s take their word for it, just in a different direction).  So, with an in-house news media to conceal your crimes and to further your political offensive, why wouldn’t the establishment mood be one of undiluted arrogance:  

What can’t we get away with?!   

Before winning his first presidential term, Barrack Obama said he intended to “transform” the United States.  Why would a leader elected to guide a nation with an established constitution and ideals make such a remark?  Because he clearly thinks America is flawed, one, and in need of a new form of government, which can only be of the remaining authoritarian variety.  And two, because he’s supremely arrogant.  So much so, that he and the Clintons got out over their skis, spied on the Trump campaign, subverted a primary election, tried to subvert two presidential elections, and thereby committed treason against the United States. 

And they did so not purely for their arrogance and for their lusts for wealth and power, but for their contempt for a nation they openly despise, and that needed transformation to a system of governance they control. 

Obama and the Clintons failed to kill the king.  Translation: they failed in their all-in attempt to transform the United States into a communist nation—a goal and mission discovered via the unlocked evidence room door.   

Simply, the coup was attempted and the entire liberal establishment was caught, red-handed.  And the last five years has been a unified establishment effort to cover their sins, their collusion, and to advance their transformative authoritarian cause.   

If there’s a God, and indeed there is, what awaits the conspirators is a reckoning via Special Counsel, John Durham.  

Thereafter, they won’t have to hide. 

©JMW 2021
All Rights Reserved

Author: JMW


3 thoughts on “Counter Surveillance”

  1. As always…this is very well laid out and brilliantly displays the utter corruption in our government. I hadn’t really thought about Barry and Billary being out of the limelight…but I am now. I’m waiting for the Durham hammer.

    1. Thanks Breck. The absence of Hillary, Barry, et al is no small thing. The fact they all emerged from hiding for the 911 memorial service and weren’t asked a single question and made not a single line of news is no small thing, either. We’ll know where this is all going with Durham’s first missile. And remember, he has to go through Merrick Garland’s DOJ, made possible by covid and massive voter fraud. So, do you think the forces behind that won’t do whatever is necessary to kill every investigation into establishment crimes—Ghislaine Maxwell, Hunter Biden, China, voter fraud? Trust me. It’s kill or be killed. With a national news media in pocket to conceal and deceive, no action is too maniacal.

      1. I agree…there’s no boundary they won’t cross to retain complete power. Hell…murder is as bad as it gets…and it’s routine for them.

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