Is God Really Necessary?

Liberals despise Republicans with nasty vehemence one can witness every day.  Except, the Republican Party’s constituency, its conservative voters, overwhelmingly rejected the republican establishment and its candidates with the 2016 election of Donald Trump.  Rejected because, well, the republican establishment is a bunch of liberals—friendlies that establishment liberals can tolerate, but nonetheless like to humiliate for sport.  

So, it isn’t Grand Old Party republicans that liberals detest.  It’s actually conservatives.  Those moral lovers of law and life.  The principled and righteous patriots who, though humanly flawed, believe in God, truth, America, the American way, and justice and freedom for all.   

Yeah, those people.  They are the ones liberals really loathe.   

And what this hatred actually means is that liberals despise God—the Supreme Enthusiast of all that difficult-to-perform conservative human righteousness.  God stands for truth, morality, discipline, obedience, order, justice, life, and ultimate virtuousness.  And liberals hate the list’s every item, which then demonstrates they hate God, which is hatred they project locally onto whom? 

That’s right.  Conservatives. 

Okay, fine.  Liberals hate God.  But, is God really a calculative necessity when, say, deducing the cognitive fitness of a president?   An elder individual who no less visibly loses his train of thought routinely, stammers aimlessly, and squints in obvious mental strain?   

Is God a calculative necessity in recognizing that a cognitively impaired man and his political party transitioned a country from historic prosperity and respect, to hardship and global humiliation in a mere eight months?  For the impairment, is it not also clear that someone else must be running his office and calling the shots? 

God is a calculative necessity in these assessments? 

Let’s take the idea further … 

One needs God to recognize that a nation’s laws are being comprehensively ignored and broken by a political party?  That it’s institutions and traditions are being corrupted and eliminated?  That its history is being condemned and no less removed before everyone’s eyes? 

One needs God to recognize that nearly an entire national news media and a political party have partnered to both protect and guarantee the political party’s power and control?  And five years of failed accusations and hoaxes targeting Donald Trump.  One needs God to conclude the people responsible are liars and frauds?  Liars and frauds to include the conspiratorial news industry, which has refused to report not just news events, but historic news events.   Historic crimes that expose and destroy their political allies, no less. 

To recognize the corruption, danger, and evil in such an arrangement, God must be part of the calculus? 

Liberals top to bottom, or rather, cult leaders to subordinates, rail against conservatives for drawing these sane, and in most cases effortless and obvious, conclusions. Yet, why aren’t liberals drawing them?    

Liberals know, for example, that illegal immigrants flooding unlawfully and unvaccinated across America’s border is, first, against established law and a risk to their security.  And second, that it’s detrimental not only to their personal health, but the health of their families, friends, and fellow citizens.  Yet, not only are liberal cult leaders doing nothing stop it.  They are praised by the cult faithful for allowing it.  Praised for permitting open, maskless borders and lawlessness, while mandating masks, immunization, and lawful compliance for America’s citizenry, to include the cheering, if blind, cult faithful, no less.   

And God must be part of the math to recognize the hypocrisy, absurdity, and evil? 

Liberals don’t walk through everyday life protecting themselves and their families by making obvious, sane, basic, and necessary determinations?   

Of course they do.   

So, what’s the obstacle here?  God? 

Liberals despise God; we get it.  But, why does everything good, honest, logical, righteous and derivatively God throw liberals into fits of loathing?   

Answer: they have their own god— 


Democrat Party politicians, the liberal news media, Hollywood celebrities, the cultural elite—the liberal faithful have their gods, and whatever their gods say is what liberal subordinates both believe and do.   

Personally, and I’m certain I speak for many, my God is God Almighty: to be clear, the Creator of All Living Things and The Ultimate Truth In All Earthly Matters.  And as for figuring things out here on earth, I don’t subordinate myself to any other human beings—not politicians, not those in the liberal news media, not Hollywood or cultural celebrities, either.   

Not any human being.  

I’m the one responsible for my beliefs and ultimate direction.  I’m my own boss here on earth, relying on my own eyesight, hearing, instincts, intellect, and the imparted wisdom of my Supreme God.  I’m the one determining where I stand on matters.  And the liberal faithful? 

Liberalism as their god, headed-up by the political and cultural elite, which is a fancy way of saying: the popular kids.  The liberal faithful accept whatever their gods tell them, which becomes the doctrine they believe, and to which they adhere.  This way, the faithful don’t have to think for themselves; don’t have to listen to conservative opposition; don’t have to acknowledge their own instincts, or what their own eyes and ears tell them.  They have their gods for all that.  Their gods proclaim, and that’s what subordinates believe, and then defend.  And nothing is allowed to contradict their gods—not logic, facts, evidence.  


Hence, these liberal gods can do whatever they please.  If they don’t wear masks after mandating them for everyone else, that’s okay.  If they want to get their locks freshened after locking down hair salons, want to frolic on their boats when nobody else can, that’s perfectly okay, too.  If the gods want to lie, want to be raging hypocrites, want to cheat in elections.   

Why, that’s just good political strategy to the faithful.   

The faithful subordinate themselves to their gods and to what their God’s proclaim and prescribe because, again, they don’t have to intellectualize anything themselves.  The thinking already done for them, subordinates need only perform, or, to do as they’re told.    

The subordination is obvious, too.  Because, well, everyone has witnessed the lies, hypocrisy, and failures of liberalism’s gods.  As well as their resistance toward having these extensive failures exposed via freethinking and God-fearing outsiders—otherwise known as, conservatives.  So, the faithful can’t say they haven’t witnessed the rank fallibility and utter pathetitude of their liberal gods.  But what they can do is what all good loyalists do:  

Ignore the failures, fallibility, and pathetitude.    

Their gods instructed them to believe and to do “X,” and that’s what the liberal faithful intend to believe and do.  Because liberalism is their doctrine for life, beliefs that, along with their fleshly gods, they will defend at all costs and sans relent.   

“The Left does not change their ideas no matter how much they’re proven to be untrue,” wrote author turned political commentator, Andrew Klavan.  “I once asked a friend of mine who has the same politics as me, ‘How come everyone loves you and I’m Enemy No. 1?’” 

“He said, ‘I don’t discuss my ideas, because if I sit there and prove to them that Trump is doing a good thing, they don’t think, ‘Oh, you’ve proven to me that Trump did a good thing,’ they think, ‘You’re a bad person.’” 

“Because Leftist ideas have failed and they will not change their mind,” Klavan continued, “they have slipped into this system of personal insults and personal attacks that silences everyone and has made us insane. We can’t debate with each other anymore because we’re too busy hating one another because our jobs are on the line because anything we say will be held against us in the court of public opinion.” 

First, one does not have “debates” with committed cultists who are not merely uninterested in facts, but refuse to acknowledge them.  One is involved, instead, in an indoctrination effort, a conversion attempt on behalf of the cult, an attempt wherein facts are not only irrelevant, but vile and strictly prohibited.  

Second, leftist ideas have failed because they’re not any good.  And the ideas are never any good because they’re absent facts and subsequent truth.  And given that all these failed and worthless ideas disseminate from the top down within the cult structure, it should signal to the liberal faithful that it’s not only their gods’ ideas that suck, but their gods, too.  Yet, even so.  The evidence so discernable in all these previous examples, and the calculations so elementary, the question is:  

Are their gods really necessary?    

The liberal faithful hate the real God, and all that virtuous, conservative do-gooder crap.  But perhaps their gods suck for reasons equally, if not profoundly more loathsome: ineptitude and phoniness.    

Whatever the decision, it seems profitable to just, see things for what they are, sans the deistic influence. 

The painful irony is, the real God, capital “G,” favors the approach. 

©JMW 2021 
All Rights Reserved 

Author: JMW


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