Pandora’s Religious Mishap

“We have so many serious problems [regarding COVID],” said Georgia congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, “and we can point them all at one man … Dr. Fauci. [He] is responsible for all this. He created the gain of function. He gave it to China. They created the bioweapon, which is COVID-19, and it broke the world. Our government and anyone that goes along with this and doesn’t fire Fauci, investigate him, prosecute him and hold him accountable is failing the American people.” 

In a November 2021 senate hearing, Senator Rand Paul made these remarks directly to Fauci, a chapter in the pair’s ongoing feud, “Your persistent denials [of funding gain of function research] … are not simply a stain in your reputation but a clear and present danger to the country and to the world. Why does it matter?” Paul continued. “Because gain of function research with laboratory created viruses not found in nature could cause a pandemic even worse than the next time. We’re suffering from one today that has a mortality of approximately 1%. They’re experimenting with viruses that have mortality between 15% and 50%. Yes. Our civilization could be at risk from one of these viruses.” 

That’s, “civilization.”  Worst case, 165 million Americans dead. 

Now, your average liberal would say all this is right-wing, Trumpian hyperbole.  This, as a biologically weaponized virus from a lab in, communist adversarial China!, has killed nearly 850 thousand people in American alone, thus far.  

Liberals aren’t known for their brain power, we realize.  However, is intellect really necessary in this instance?  This seems one of those simplistic, instinctual matters.  Like, “Uh-oh, a gut pain.  Better find a restroom, pronto!”   

Some things you just know. Have a, gut feeling about. 

So, this gain of function research matter, is it true?  Did Fauci fund it?  

National Institutes of Health Director, Lawrence A. Tabak, says he did, via the New York Post.  

So, is the Post lying and defaming Fauci?  Did Tabak not speak to the Post and present his incriminating data?  Well then, sue the Post for libel. Is anyone doing that?  


Moving on. 

To be clear, gain of function research is a process of taking viruses from animals and genetically altering them in a lab to make them more transmissible to humans. The obvious question here would be: why would anyone ever do something so needless and dangerous?  But then, there’s the whole biological warfare idea explaining things. You know, bad people, like, I don’t know, communist regimes, using viruses against their enemies to conquer the world.  

Yes, moving on. 

Tabak’s confession contradicts Fauci’s testimony before Congress in May and in July 2021.  After the Post’s report was made public, Senator Paul tweeted, “‘I told you so’ doesn’t even begin to cover it here.”  

Then, more recently, Paul and Fauci were sparring again over a Fauci email, wherein he, from on high, the czar of all things covid, conspired to takedown the dissenting opinion of prominent epidemiologist from Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford universities.  

“Evidently there are a lot of fringe epidemiologists at Harvard … Standford … and Oxford,” Paul said sarcastically, pausing between the three world-renowned academic institutions for effect.   

Even so, Fauci set to not only taking down these dissenters, these prominent epidemiologists from world renowned educational institutions.  He was thrilled to do it, as the email attests. Unseemly enthusiasm that “doesn’t exactly conjure up the image of a dispassionate scientist,” Paul noted. 

In other words, one, Dr. Fauci is behaving like a religious zealot, instead of an objective, truth-seeking scientist. And two, he is behaving like a politician, seeking to destroy his ideological enemies and all.     

The fact and point are, Fauci funded the gain of function research and, denying it, lied under oath about it. And rather than confess the indisputable truth, Fauci has, for months, balked and bristled at every single one of Senator Paul’s inquiries about it, and never answered any of them. So, obviously, there’s a problem with doctor Fauci and his gain of function research—the problem being he funded it and, as Marjorie Taylor Green asserts, is then responsible for the pandemic.  

This true, where is the news media? The issue involving world health, vast human suffering and death, the deceit and fraud of a public official, and national security, why aren’t mainstream news agencies covering the revelation? If Fauci funded the research, then he is indeed responsible for the pandemic. He is the originator. The nexus. The cause. And a traitor, perhaps? 

So then, is it any mystery Fauci is balking and bristling at questions about gain of function research, and not providing answers?  Fauci a god of the Democrat Party and the liberal establishment, is it any mystery the news media isn’t covering Fauci’s viral crime against humanity? 

In regard to the media neglect, the reality is this: if the news media opens the Pandora’s Box of gain of function, then it presents questions they neither want to ask nor have answered.  For example: 

Why did Fauci lie about the research and funding?   

Was he working with China?  

Why was he working with China?  To affect a 2020 election democrats could not win, perhaps?   

Was he then working with the Democrat Party—they seem to worship and protect him?  

What other democrats were then involved—we know Hunter and Joe Biden have China financial entanglements via Miranda Devine’s recent book, and Peter Schweizer’s forthcoming manuscript?   

Hereto, are these two right-wing wordsmiths defaming the Biden’s, the “President” of the United States, with slanderous China lies, too? 

Well then, sue them for libel. Is anyone suing?   

No. And why not? 

It opens yet another of Pandora’s Boxes. 

What role does Bill Gates and other uber-wealthy elite play in Fauci’s crime?   

Was Fauci colluding with the pharmaceutical industry?   

Who financially benefits from the pandemic, anyway? Now there’s something that usually excites the news media. Aren’t the beneficiaries the very people and industries with whom Fauci is professionally aligned?  The entire science and health industries? 

All these questions, believe it or not, are merely the tip of the iceberg—the Pandoric items that first spill forth for her box being so grossly overstuffed with inquiries.  We don’t get answers from Fauci on the matter because he, understandably, doesn’t want to condemn himself.  We don’t get answers from the news media, either, because they want to keep a lid on Pandora’s Box—or rather, Pandora’s Boxes: Russian collusion, Jeffrey Epstein, the Bidens and China, voter fraud—which reveals the news media’s loyalties and corruption, as well.   

The gain of function research funding happened.  Fauci knows it happened. He lied about it under oath and, as Marjorie Taylor Greene correctly charges, is responsible for the pandemic.  The question is: does America have a government that will, as she says, fire Fauci, investigate him, prosecute him, and hold him accountable?   

We shall see.  I would add, but don’t hold your breath.  But a looming 50% mortality rate has me believing each breath is rather precious, and to be enjoyed.  Breathe deeply while you can, I say. 

All this is interesting.  More interesting, however, is Aaron Rupar. Who is Aaron Rupar?  


He’s a liberal journalist for Vox, the news “shepherds.” No one would know or care about Rupar were he not a “journalist.”  This is what makes journalism so attractive, incidentally, particularly to those who were ignored all their lives and never received any attention or notoriety, and who were perhaps shunned by the opposite sex for being, say, nerdy and/or unattractive.   

Become a journalist however, and, Boom!  Bright lights, a byline of your very own, celebrity, and all the attention you never received, but so very much deserved!   

Standing, arms wide, spinning—Look at me; I’m a journalist!  Say my naaaaame, people!!  

Question: why can’t liberal journalists separate their liberal religion and egos from their reporting?  Cult restrictions, perhaps?    

Rupar is a liberal, representative of every liberal, really. In regard to Marjorie Taylor Greene’s previous remarks, that Fauci was responsible for the pandemic and all, Rupar said her comments were an “insane rant,” and that they highlight where “Trumpers are these days with their covid conspiracy theories.”  

So, Rupar missed the New York Post piece, the NIH admission regarding Fauci’s funding of the gain of function research? He missed the emails demonstrating Fauci’s glee over taking down prominent epidemiologists at renowned academic institutions? You know, “Harvard … Standford … and Oxford.”  And he has missed Fauci’s many prescriptive blunders since the covid crisis began? 

So, what is it with this guy, Rupar? What’s his deal? 

It’s one of two things: he either doesn’t follow the news, doesn’t do any kind of research as a journalist should, which is his actual job. Or he’s just a liberal.  A religious zealot who follows the news, does research, learns the truth, but decides he is never-ever going say or report anything that imperils his liberal gods. Instead, he is going to say that Marjorie Taylor Greene is a ranting insane person, and that Rand Paul and Trumpers are covid conspiracy theorists, despite having confessions from an NIH director, documents, emails, and ultimate evidence to the contrary, and despite knowing what he is reporting is false. 

The liberal religion comes first.  Always.   

The behavior is insanely frustrating too truth-seekers, to conservatives. They see the Post article, the NIH confession.  They see the emails and documentation, and they’re apoplectic that a “journalist” balks at the evidence and ignores it.  What does one do with people like this? You shove incontrovertible evidence in front of their face and they behave as if it doesn’t exist. 

But, the NIH director said Fauci funde … 
But, there are these documents and emai … 
“Fox News sycophant!” 

So what does one do with people like this? Nothing. There is nothing to be done. Though their eyes can see and ears can hear. Though they can do the research and find the truth like everyone else, and even know the truth. They are ideologues, devout members of the liberal religion, and there is absolutely no way they will imperil they’re ideological brethren, and thus themselves.  

No way.   

“Believe, or get out!”  It’s the credo on the interior temple wall. 

So, is this guy Rupar really a journalist? And your average liberal—are they really anything more than cult members? It would be a different if the contradictory information on so many of their beliefs weren’t available. But, the evidence is available, and liberals one and all are exposed to it. I contend that liberals sometimes don’t want to be exposed to the opposing information.  

Why not?  

Because ignorance is a much easier way of life.  Marjorie Taylor Greene being a ranting lunatic, and Trumpers and Paul being conspiracy theorists, is a much easier way of life.  

This is why liberals attack people like Greene, a fearless and aggressive conservative, as quickly as they do. First, it’s because people like Greene are effective. Second, it’s because liberals can forever after call them kooks, and label them people not to be taken seriously or believed.  The attack comforts liberals, reassures them of their self-proclaimed superiority and purity. It doesn’t matter how much sense Greene or Paul make, what indisputable evidence they uncover and have in their possession. It’s always: “Marjorie Taylor Greene Rants Insanely,” and “Conspiracy Theorists Rand Paul and Trumpers.”  

That belief is reassuring. NIH confessions and email evidence? Not so much. 

Establishment liberals understand a key, if unfortunate, fact about a large swath of the American people. The commoners are more concerned with in the season premier date of their favorite television program, than they are with what establishment liberals are doing. All liberals have to say is, “Oh, don’t listen to those insane conservative kooks and conspiracy theorists. Get back to your entertainment and let us handle them.” 

Thank you, Your Grace. 

Hence, the liberal faithful refuse to believe you when you tell them, say, the National Institute of Health director confessed Dr. Fauci funded gain of function research, and that documents and emails prove it. The liberal faithful aren’t keen to believe kooks and conspiracy theorists. They have to discover the truth for themselves. And to whom do they turn for this verity? 

To their liberal news sources, of course, who spew religious liberal propaganda every day, all day.  

So, you have this war. A conflict between the claims of so-called kooks and conspiracy theorists, and the claims of these religious liberal propagandists masquerading as journalists and news agencies. In the middle are these disbelieving, noncommittal liberals who don’t want to do any of the intellectual work themselves. And why not? 

It diverts attention from their entertainment.  And whose claims do the disbelieving and noncommittal trust? 

“Get back to your show; let us handle them.” 

Thank you, Your Grace. 

It isn’t just that liberals want to educationally dumb-down a citizenry. They want to entertain them down, too. It’s a two-part strategy, really: dumb them down and keep them distracted. So their liberal superiors look really smart and capable.                

Works pretty well, too. 

The emotional response to liberal behavior is to call them stupid. But, they are not stupid. They are cult members, a necessary distinction. Like India Oxenberg—who was brainwashed into believing branding a man’s initials into her pelvic area and having sex-on-command with him is for the greater good of the cult—liberals are slaves.  Slaves who, likewise, pretend the absurdity of their behavior and beliefs are justified in the Light of the Liberal Seven, as it were. 

In Greek mythology, Pandora opened a container left in her care containing sickness, death and many other unspecified evils, which were then released into the world. One of the unspecified evils was surely liberalism. 

Simply, it pays to know who liberals are individually—religious zealots, and what they have become collectively—an evil cult.  Liars and frauds, blind loyalty and servitude. They are no friend to free nations or humanity, either one.      

©JMW 1/2021 
All Rights Reserved 

Author: JMW


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