The Cult of Psychosis

In a recent court filing, Special Council, John Durham, exposed a scandalous problem in his investigation of Hillary Clinton’s role in the Russian Collusion hoax, a scam she and her campaign invented, financed, and disseminated to smear her political opponent, Donald Trump. 

The problem is the attorneys representing the Clinton campaign are representing Igor Danchenko, too, the person Durham has just indicted. 

Reporter Gregg Jarrett, “Durham has found out, low and behold, that the law firm representing Danchenko is the same law firm that’s representing members of the Hillary Clinton campaign [who] are the focus, subject, and target of his ongoing investigation.  So obviously, there is a glaring, disqualifying conflict of interest.” 

Isn’t that interesting.  The as of now alleged conspirators found huddled together in a notoriously liberal democrat law firm.   

The point to the intro is this: Durham knows what Hillary Clinton did and is going after her campaign.  Via the court filing, this is what he is telegraphing to the world.  And knowing what Clinton did, Durham then knows Obama’s role, the role of the CIA, the FBI, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and the entire cast of Russia hoax conspirators.   

Now.  Be that as it surely is, it still isn’t the focus.  The focus is Clinton’s 2016 would’ve-been-given victory speech, recited recently in her streaming MasterClass endeavor.  It was quiet the spectacle, a verklempt Clinton conjuring her mother to deliver the triumphant news of her daughter becoming the first female President of the United States.   

Ah.  If only, mom … 

Here is the question: knowing full well she invented, financed, and disseminated the Russian collusion hoax, and committed treason against the United States, facts being now verified by Durham, how could Clinton give such an authentic MasterClass performance?   

Answer: psychosis.  For clarity, “a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.”  

To render such a performance, Clinton is either a terrific actress, or she actually believes the things she says.  And let’s state the obvious—she’s no actress.  Hence, she believes her lies.  For example, when she says the attack against her intern diddling husband is a “vast right-wing conspiracy,” she believes it.  She makes herself believe it.  And when her husband’s DNA is found on the victim’s blue dress, Bill’s not a philanderer.  Monica Lewinsky is a gold-digging, trailer park bimbo—the same as the many other women with whom her husband was caught cheating.  Clinton makes herself believe this, too.   

And while Durham is there, in court, telling Clinton and the world she is a hoaxing criminal running a collusion scam on the American people, what is Clinton’s reaction?   She’s tearfully reading an acceptance speech to her conjured mother.  And let’s stipulate that Clinton doesn’t really believe what she says, and that she’s just calculating and ruthless. She still says the things she says, and behaves as though she believes them.   

Either way, it’s psychotic behavior. 

Hillary believes her lies, which is why she can be so genuinely verklempt and earnest—if psychotic and detached from reality.  That so many people and institutions further her lies, help her to distort reality, and protect her from it, introduces not only an enormous cast of human psychosis, but the devout behavior of a cult.  Having beliefs does not constitute a cult, incidentally.  It becomes a cult when the religion’s leaders are proven liars and frauds, and are yet believed and followed by the faithful anyway.  At which point it’s not just a cult, but an evil cult—of liars, frauds, and mindless minions.   

As for the disciples, these “people and institutions,” what is the institutional news media going to say, for example, if they acknowledge Durham’s indictments?  If they acknowledge what those indictments imply, and where he’s headed litigiously?  One and all must confess Clinton is corrupt, and of course, psychotic.  And if these charges are true of Clinton, then they are true of Barack Obama—as well as the CIA, the FBI, Clapper, Brennan, Comey, and the entire cast of Russia hoax conspirators.   

Thus, the news media must then admit that, not only are America’s two leading liberal political figures treasonous and corrupt.  The nation’s leading law enforcement and intelligence agencies are, as well.  The current litigious circumstances may prevent such a final judgment, but there is certainly more than enough evidence, i.e. indictments from special counsel, to investigate the matter and report on it, which the news media by and large clearly has not done and is not doing. 

Equally corrupt, the news media would rather not ask the questions for knowing the answers; truth they do not ideologically and thus politically prefer, and reality they much want to avoid.  And when the desire is to avoid the truth and reality as a means of protecting ideological and political preferences, what are you collectively? 

A cult.  An evil cult. 

And liberal voters, what do they say to themselves regarding Durham’s indictments and the subsequent implications?  They must admit the people they support politically are not merely corrupt and psychotic, but evil.  They must confess it, because there is no other conclusion to be drawn.  This is precisely why liberal voters refuse to hear news from any other agency but the ones they prefer, agencies that cultishly keep the truth at bay.   

So.  We have a news media by and large that doesn’t want to report news for what it means to the liberal religion, and we have liberal voters who don’t want to hear the news from anywhere else but their ideological brethren.  It is much easier to say Fox News and the conservative media are just a bunch of Trump-loving right wingers, than it is to deal with the truth regarding the political people you support, the political party with which you align, your fellow ideologues in the news media, and with the truth regarding yourself.  Because if you address all that, then you are forced into certain acknowledgments.  And forced into the acknowledgements, into the confessions and realities that contradict what you want to believe, then you must change. 

You must extricate yourself from the cult and confess your intellectual sins. 

To protect the cult, the news media simply isn’t reporting.  Actually, they are delaying, hoping that somehow the political and legal machinery of their establishment cult will be able to make this threat to their religion disappear.  Thereby validating their beliefs and preventing the cult’s implosion.  Liberal voters, they are hoping the same.  

The contradictory truth—news of Durham’s investigation—is out there to be discovered and consumed, to which liberals one and all are no less exposed.  They are just loath to acknowledge and address the contradictions for the implications.  Liberals condescend, accusing everyone else of cognitive dissonance.  Yet they are the ones constantly rejecting new information that opposes their beliefs, and explaining the truth away. 

Accusing others of what you do yourself.  They call it: hypocrisy.  And the people who perform it: hypocrites. 

Or, liberals. 

If you don’t understand all this and how people could behave this way, then, congratulations!  You’re not psychotic.  You’re not a delusional cult member frightened by the truth.  Trust me, cult members don’t understand their behavior, either.  You can point all of this out to the faithful, can demonstrate the psychotic nature of executing a treasonous hoax and tearfully pretending you’re not involved and oblivious, but the faithful will yet be offended and outraged.  Why?   

They’re believing, devout, protective members of the cult.   

They have chosen their gods, and they prefer them psychotic. 

Liberals believe what they want to believe and that becomes the truth, becomes reality.  It becomes the doctrine by which they live, and a granite wall through which the genuine truth cannot pass.  The result?   

You become Hillary Clinton, who can tearfully read an acceptance speech as if she never committed a crime, and as if special counsel isn’t indicting her inner circle on his way to you, the ringleader.   

You become the entire female cast of The View, lauding Clinton for her courage and awesomeness, proclaiming future female presidents will stand on her psychotic shoulders.   

You become the news media, who review all of Durham’s evidence and court filings, which point directly at Hillary Clinton and the Obama White House, and ignore it all.   

You become your average liberal voter, who witnesses the lies and scams and failures of their establishment gods, yet cling to the hope those gods can make it all go away.    

Acknowledging the truth about their cult?  Changing their collective hearts and minds?   


Only evil people, those psychotic, can commit crimes and yet deliver indifferent would’ve-been acceptance speeches.  Only evil people proclaim the courageousness of a psychotic person and demand respect for them.  Only evil people ignore court filings and evidence coming into their newsrooms.  Only evil people ignore the moral failures of their political gods, and hope those gods can somehow make the frightening truth disappear.   

And in fact, only cult members would continue believing and supporting an ideology and religion that has failed, and psychotic leaders which have proven liars and frauds.  

The liberal faithful refuse to consider the corruption of their religion and gods, because they, too, don’t want to know the answer.  Actually, they know the answer, they just don’t want it confirmed.  And they don’t want confirmation because it means a reckoning—that the people and institutions they support are corrupt and evil, and their ideology, bankrupt.    

Hence, liberals would rather pretend like nothing is happening, as if there are no such threats as John Durham and his indictments.  That’s why seeing one of their gods verklempt and oblivious and psychotic makes them feel better, reassured. 

Warm and creamy-centered though the liberal faithful might feel, Durham is nonetheless real; his investigation exists, and is ongoing; and his indictments are legit.  And aware of Durham’s court filings, there is absolutely no reason a news industry would neglect a journalistic investigation of the matter, would neglect asking questions, and would neglect performing their journalistic duty on behalf the American people via watch dogging against tyranny.  Further, there is absolutely no reason voters would run frightened from the revelations. 

No.  Absolutely no reason at all, except to protect an evil cult.  Protection to include allowing a psychotic criminal to host a MasterClass on “Discovering Your [Criminal] Mission” and to pretend she’s not a crook.  

We think psychosis looks like something else, like a wild-haired crazy person chasing imaginary butterflies in a padded cell.  But, then there’s the cult version. 

©JMW 1/2022 
All Rights Reserved                       

Author: JMW


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