A Distinct Reason for Peril

These are dangerous times for America. The world’s evil is attempting to destroy her. And here’s something important: the Democrat Party and liberal establishment are in on it, to include liberal republicans. They are the internal enemy, the enemies domestic allied with those foreign: China, Russia, and beyond.  

When the geocabal sees that America’s liberal leaders are weak, what do these leaders think will happen to them, when the cabal has no use for them?  

Naïve and foolish as it is, America’s liberal leaders intend to be in power with them. That’s the objective. A claim evidenced by a treasonous Russia collusion hoax, as of yet unresolved. By Hunter Biden’s laptop, which reveals the President of the United States to be aligned with both Russia and China, another matter as of yet unresolved. Also, by covid czar, Dr. Fauci’s, gain of function deceit, allowing China to acquire and then release a virus on the world, and enabling an election to be stolen via mail-in ballots. And most damning of all, a claim evidenced by a clearly complicit liberal news media that is completely mum on ALL of it.  

It is a geopolitical takeover of America headed by the Democrat Party and the liberal establishment. A sixteen-year plot began by Barrack Obama, one briefly interrupted for the miraculous Trump years. Now, with Joe Biden in charge, the geopolitical cabal is back on schedule, having brought to heel Trump-driven American superiority to render the United States weak and vulnerable.  

And what is Biden doing about both China and Russian aggression?  

Standing down.  

What did he do on his first day in office? Closed America’s XL pipeline, and then approved a Russian energy pipeline.  

Liberals despise America obviously; they say it in so many implied ways. Why then would they have a problem destroying her?  

They wouldn’t. Especially when facing the doom of all these ongoing investigations into their corruption and treason. 


A list of compromised people and institutions reveals that something is definitely, majorly, and clearly wrong. The FBI and CIA, the world’s premiere law enforcement and intelligence agencies, are compromised. Caught spying on a political candidate, for a political candidate, and under the approval of a President of the United States of the advantaged political party.  

In other words, Barrack Obama and his entire administration are compromised. 

Orchestrating the Russian collusion hoax, Hillary Clinton is compromised. The resulting $42 million-dollar investigation wasn’t financed by her, but by the American public, for her political benefit. Investigating the fraud, US Attorney John Durham has indicted Clinton’s campaign attorney, Michael Sussmann, and also Christopher Steele’s fake dossier source, Igor Danchenko.  

Covid czar, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is compromised. He lied about gain of function research, and a great many other things. He nixed the lab-leak theory when he knew it was true, or at least viable. He concealed emails and information. He aligned with pro-vaxxers and –maskers, and then publicly smeared epidemiological dissenters from three world renowned academic institutions: Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford.   

The Democrat Party is compromised. The DNC rigged a primary election for Hillary Clinton and against Bernie Sanders in 2016, then did it to Bernie again in 2020 in favor of Joe Biden. Via the Obama administration, the party presided over Clinton’s Russian collusion hoax, and over a treasonous and corrupt FBI and CIA. It also orchestrated the endless four year lies and smears and fake investigations of the Trump administration, to include two contrived, meritless impeachment attempts.  

Hollywood, America’s political class, corporate America—they are all compromised. Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of recruiting and grooming teenage girls for sexual encounters with the disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein. A man of vast wealth connected to elites in Hollywood, Washington, and corporate America, with a Little Black Book and flight logs to Epstein’s Pedophile Island to prove it. Thus far, Maxwell is the first person in history convicted of trafficking children to absolutely no one. 

The “president” of the United States, Joe Biden, is compromised. Not only is he a conspirator in Obama era spying and treason. His son Hunter’s incriminating laptop is suddenly real and in existence. This after being labeled “Russian disinformation” prior to the 2020 election, and thusly censored by the national news media, social media, and big tech so as to not affect the election of Biden.  

The laptop’s contents expose deep and lucrative Biden family financial corruption with China, a communist competitor and enemy, and with Russia, also a competitor and enemy, and elsewhere. Treasonous crimes no less chronicled is two recent best-selling books by authors and award-winning journalists, Miranda Devine and Peter Schweizer.  

Incidentally, it is amazing how documents, travel logs, and other compromising material can’t be found where it concerns the corruption of liberal administrations, and their family members.  

Further, a clearly ailing Biden, who ran his entire presidential campaign from an underground bunker, and who can’t hourly remember his own name, somehow managed to acquire more votes than any president in American history. The outcome suggests grotesque voting fraud, of course, which was actually exposed in five important battleground states, and is still being exposed. Yet, throughout the process of exposure, the matter was mocked and dismissed by, whom? 

The national news media, the liberal news media, the establishment news media—ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC, PBS. They, too, are collectively compromised. All these historic crimes being exposed. All this deep, unprecedented, and flagrant political corruption being revealed, and being adjudicated in court, no less, with real court filings and case numbers. And the national news media not only knows about it all, but is ignoring it all.   

All of it: 

FBI and CIA spying/corruption/treason? Nothing. 

Obama administration treasonous spying and corruption? Nothing. 

Durham’s case against Hillary, and the FBI, CIA, and the Obama administration? Nothing. 

Dr. Fauci’s gain of function lie, his failed covid prescriptions? Nothing. 

The Democrat Party’s election fraud and lies? Nothing. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s crime, the involvement of Hollywood, political, and corporate elites? Nothing. 

Hunter Biden’s laptop, the Biden’s family financial deals with China and Russia? Nothing. 

2020 election fraud in five key battleground states? Nothing. In fact, it’s a Trump lie. 

“President” Biden’s obvious cognitive disabilities? Nothing 

“Nothing” meaning, one: as opposed to the investigative journalistic vigor of a Trump accusation. And two, quite literally zero—the event never occurred—news coverage.   

So, again. Something is definitely, majorly, and clearly wrong. But, what exactly?  

We have these major and historic political crimes, and this colossal mass of establishment corruption staring the country directly in the face. We have all this national confusion and dysfunction of the last five years, which none of the normal people and institutions responsible for tackling such things want to clear-up and bring to conclusion. The constitution and the law are being flagrantly ignored and broken. Citizens are being forced to do what they don’t want to do. Money is being spent at obscene and historic levels, and massive and historic national debt, $30 trillion dollars, assumed. And without a form leadership or policing, the United States citizenry is left to just, suffer it all.   

Okay. But, why? Why is all this brazenly criminal, anti-American, third-world stuff happening? And being allowed to happen? 

There is an answer. 

Imagine a broad panoramic view of the last five years since the November 2016 election—the view being of all the liberal treachery and subsequent national dysfunction that has consumed America. To understand why all this stuff has happened, the last five years have happened, the full panoramic is actually a distraction. We need only focus on one small, very thin sliver of the wider view to explain the entirety.  

In other words, all this is happening for a singular, perhaps inconspicuous reason. It is like a panoramic sea of lifeless mountainous rock, whereon stands one lone mountain goat. You don’t really see the creature anomaly, until you see it. Then, it is all you see. The lifeless mountainous rock is the diversion. The lone, inconspicuous mountain goat is the explanation.  


Every destination has its path. It is to say, human beings, in this case nation states, do not arrive at any particular destination by osmosis. Behaviors and decisions are responsible, which set destination’s course.  

It is to say, there is a reason we got here, at this place of national toxicity and peril.  

Part of the reason is, liberals feel themselves superior to other human beings and therefore entitled to power. Thus, they don’t like being subject to a voting majority of inferior people and having their power constrained by the second-class—a democratic system liberals have been working steadily, diligently, covertly, piece by piece, stumbling block by stumbling block, accusation by accusation, to dismantle for decades. Until they finally created enough dysfunction, and a sizeable league of disillusioned and dysfunction- and crisis-weary voters, to achieve a communist outcome—which has always been the objective.  

In the meantime, liberals coopted the national news media, partnering with fellow corporate ideologues, and installing political acolytes to masquerade as newspersons. All to control the flow of information and to advance the liberal political agenda. Then they added Big Tech, social media, and corporations to achieve near total control of the public microphone, and thereby the culture, and most importantly, the control of information.  

Whatever we want to conceal, we can. 

With the election of Barrack Obama in 2008, the takeover operation reached a critical point. Obama’s presidency the impetus, establishment liberals, along with likeminded elite allies around the world, decided this was the time, was the moment to make their long-dreamed-about communist move. Obama’s stated goal was to “transform” the country, which he professed in a pre-election speech. Why transform an established country? One with a constitution and an established form of governance, which involves citizen control, and freedom and liberty for all? 

Why? Because you desire an alternative form of government. One in which liberals get to control and dictate. Because ruling is their right.  Per their superiority, indeed, it is their obligation. Within this arrangement, liberals don’t have to tolerate second-class voters anymore, and aren’t subject to inferior people.  

Your average liberal voter would say, “Oh, that isn’t what liberals are doing. That’s absurd.”  

Well, what is rigging two primary elections for a desired candidate? What is a Russian collusion hoax to steal the presidency? What is attempting to destroy the people’s choice for the presidency with hoaxes and lies and contrived investigations?  What is ignoring and concealing historic political crimes to maintain a particular political party’s power and control? 

Lesson: never listen to a liberal voter. Ever.  

Obama had a sixteen-year plan to transform the country, from a system controlled by the citizenry, a voting democracy, to one controlled by the establishment elite. At the end of his own eight-year term, they—hereafter to be recognized as Obama, Hillary Clinton, the news media, the FBI, CIA, and deep state, and collectively, the establishment—rigged the outcome so that Hillary Clinton would, for eight more years, become the next president and complete the national “transformation.”  

Purely by Divine providence, the measures they had put into place to guarantee the Clinton succession and subsequent transformation, failed. Donald Trump became president and not only interrupted the plot, but exposed it, and threw the conspiratorial cabal into panic.  

Thus, and this is crucial, the ensuing four years were not about Donald Trump. They we’re about concealing the treasonous crimes of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. They were about concealing the 16-year transformative and treasonous plot to break the United States and bring it under authoritarian control. A fact evidenced by Obama’s signature accomplishment, and failure: single-payer healthcare, aka, Obamacare. An incontrovertibly communist objective first attempted by whom? Hillary Clinton. 

And paragraphically, there it is: the “creature anomaly,” the lone mountain goat. The sliver of the wider view which explains the entirety. 

From the beginning of Trump’s presidency to its end, and even beyond, that is what the entire Trump presidency represents: the concealment of the communist plot against the United States. A geopolitical plot, in fact, involving America’s communist enemies—China, Russia, and beyond. 

Obama: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.” 

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev: “I understand. I [will] transmit this information to Vladimir [Putin].” 

Locally for they, the Trump years were about protecting and saving not only Obama and Clinton from exposure, but preserving establishment power and control, too.  

Lose establishment control, lose power.  

Given his access to intelligence, one instantly understands the massive threat Trump’s presidency represented, and still represents. 

Trump: “There is nothing the political establishment will not do, no lie that they won’t tell, to hold their prestige and power at your expense. And that’s what has been happening …” 

At the end of Trump’s term, the entire liberal establishment knew, based on everything Trump had accomplished—a roaring economy, record stock market, advantageous trade deals, world’s leading exporter of oil, oil independence, lower gas prices, American dominance and leadership—the 100% pro-American triumph did not portend well for a communist takeover. And given his popularity, buttressed by the size of his rallies and his record 75 million votes in the 2020 election, the entire liberal cog, they, knew another four-year Trump term was inevitable.  

The answer? 

A bio-weapon.   

Covid-19 allowed they to not only lockdown and cripple the United States economically, and to drive it toward crises and control-inspiring despair. Most importantly, it enabled the installation of mail-in ballot boxes, which the establishment, they, used, among other means, to steal an election it knew it could not win. A corrupt election that saw a reviled, plagiaristic, gaff-prone, and clearly demented president receive more votes than any president in history.  

And if this result is truly where America is as a nation, that a failure like Biden would receive more votes than Ronald Reagan. Then they’s timing was perfect. 

So China and they had the same interests, and were conspiratorial. They rigged an election via a virus—one releasing the weapon, the other employing it to political advantage—so they could finish the transformational job they started. However, the Trump presidency had created a problem. It not only interrupted and exposed the plot. After four years of America first success, Trump gave the country a vision of what America could be, a vision of the independence and security and prosperity she could have and enjoy. Rather, the American citizen could have and enjoy. 

Making America Great Again—Donald Trump did that.  

In doing so, Trump exposed not only the liberal establishment’s ineptitude, but moreover its negligence—its lack of desire to get things done for the people it serves, for serving and enriching itself. Or rather, themselves. It is self-interest that inspired corruption, and then the lust for even greater power and control, such that would guarantee perpetual power and control. An authoritarian goal that could be no less realized via spying on political opponents with federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and via rigged and thus controlled elections, which, of course, would bring to an end subjection to a voting majority of inferior people—a loathsome arrangement that led to a sixteen-year global conspiracy to make the authoritarian idea reality. 

All with assistance from a complicit national news media, of course. 

The only danger is failing to kill the king and getting caught. Or rather, losing the election you rigged and having the plot exposed. This is precisely what happened. And after four years of swamping Trump and the country you intend to transform in hoaxes, baseless accusations, and fake investigations, you turn to your co-conspirator, China, for a little viral help with concealing your treasonous sins. 

Now. As for the critical presidency, they could have chosen anyone to install. So, why Joe Biden? Biden was in fact, and predictably, performing terribly during the 2020 democrat primary. That is, until South Carolina’s, James Clyburn, rode in to endorse Biden. Suddenly Biden was the belle of the ball, while the current leader, Bernie Sanders, was yet again shoved to the dance-partnerless bullpen.  

It was clear democrat voters did not want Biden. So, why did they want Biden, of all people? A laughing stock. A gaffe machine. A plagiarist and two-time failed presidential candidate. Why him, specifically? 

According to Politico, Obama himself even said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f— things up.” And as for Biden’s primary candidacy: “And you know who really doesn’t have it? Joe Biden.” Biden was not only performing poorly and losing spectacularly in the democrat primary. His cognitive issues were suspected at the time, too. And later, before the election, he was compromised by his son Hunter’s laptop and the compromising financial corruption it foretold.  

So, why?  Why was it imperative that Biden be president?  

Two reasons: primarily, Biden was a conspirator in the treasonous Obama administration and Clinton Russian collusion hoax. Secondarily, they could use his complicity to run the Oval Office. Simply, they could trust their treasonous sin to no one else. So, they needed an insider, someone equally culpable. They needed someone they could control, to: mitigate their treasonous vulnerability, one. And two, to continue the plot and complete the now vital and compromised “transformation.” 

The problem with conservatives, with Americans in general, actually, is they don’t think dark enough. It is precisely what Christ meant when he said, “Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.”  

In other words, it is good to love your fellow man and to think well of humankind. But it is equally important, if not more so, to have an intimate understanding of evil. To know the depths of evil, which is actually a bottomless abyss. Conservatives are always dealing with the visible, superficial, symptomatic evil, such as the hypocrisy and lies and deceit of liberals, namely. Conservatives don’t comprehend evil’s depths, or the disturbing, unfathomable lengths to which evil will resort and is capable.  

Conservative people don’t comprehend the depths because they don’t relate to evil or evil people, either one. Unlike liberals, conservative people strive to do good, and are truth seekers. On the way to truth, they endeavor to make fair and righteous judgements, instead of judgments based on appearance and emotion. Succinctly, conservatives labor over visible evil, when evil is far more depraved than they can possibly imagine.  

Like, say, rigging elections and committing treasonous hoaxes for political gain. Are those “good” intentions and ambitions? Or evil?  

What about lying about people, and smearing them, and trying to destroy their reputations? And making people’s lives unnecessarily difficult, tedious, joyless, and expensive? Are those “good” practices, or evil?   

And releasing a bio-weapon to win an election and conceal your treasonous sins. “Good?” Or evil? 

Evil drives the Democrat Party and the liberal establishment, and a portion of the Republican Party, too—the establishment aligned portion. Simply, they aren’t doing things the good and righteous way, and are not in the slightest concerned with honesty, integrity, or morality none of the three.  

As for evidence: behavior never lies. 

The liberal and establishment goal has always been to destroy America, as founded, anyway. Because inferior people, the peasantry, control it. And the control has limits, renders certain electoral obligations that liberals would rather not endure, and superiorly feel they should not have to endure. And now, they are conspiring with America’s enemies to achieve their transformational goal.  

Whom did establishment liberals attack over the Covid-19 virus? China? Or their impending and imposing political opponent and nemesis, Donald Trump? Who mocked Mitt Romney for saying Russia was America’s primary political foe, and claimed the “80’s wanted their foreign policy back?”  

On both counts, it was establishment liberals. And currently, Biden is doing nothing of substance to oppose either of them.   

If you accept Biden cannot hourly remember his own name, then you realize he isn’t making executive decisions. And if Biden isn’t making executive decisions, then, who is?   

That would be the traitors within: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the deep state. They. The very same people who tried to transform the United States with, first, a treasonous rigged primary for Clinton, then a Russian collusion hoax, and finally an election securing China virus. And if you have committed treason to cover up treason, what evils aren’t you then prepared to further commit?  

Again, people don’t think dark enough. 

The liberal establishment doesn’t just dislike conservatives. It despises them, literally seethes when discussing and addressing them. Add to that, liberals clearly have a vision for the United States, a vision that can be described in a single word: control. They want to control elections, healthcare, and quite literally everything and everybody.  

And when a political ideology genuinely loathes, not just the conservative ideas, but the principle ideas of law and morality and ethics, and does not want those ideas approved and to reign. When, at home and abroad, its acolytes constantly disparage the country they serve—its flag, its anthem, its heritage, its citizens. And when it wants to control elections so as to maintain perpetual power and control.  

This the math, what then is the conclusion? 

That political party has authoritarian designs and communist aspirations. 

There is no other conclusion.  

And to achieve the long-desired end, liberals have now partnered with America’s enemies. 

Indeed, liberals are the enemy. 

©JMW 3/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

Author: JMW


4 thoughts on “A Distinct Reason for Peril”

  1. JMW-always spot on…the alphabet agencies have definitely been co-opted to protect the liberal machine. Fix bayonets?

    1. Thanks buddy. Honestly Breck, I think it’s worse, deeper and more dire, than we realize. Following the evidence, and particularly the money, I genuinely do see a global play for the United States. We know how much Soros is involved, funding all the communism and chaos. And democrats are not only taking money from him themselves. They speak warmly of him—and, of course, don’t speak of him at all, silence to include the news media.

      Gee, where ARE the investigations and reporting on such a deeply entrenched figure in American politics?
      Not a single investigation? Not a single report? Besides a Fox Nation exposé and conservative book?

      And we know democrats—and the entire establishment, actually—are in bed (quite literally, Swalwell) with China, too. And with Russia—Uranium One. Biden is standing down on both China and Russia. Every person Biden is nominating (and he is NOT the person nominating anyone) for government positions is a radical Marxist. Plus, there is all these treasonous matters left unresolved—and we know other countries were involved in the Russian collusion matter, who were conspiratorial.

      I mean, what are we left to conclude but a global communist conspiracy to takeover, to “transform,” the United States? That is ongoing, no less?

      And if Trump, or Durham, or federal prosecutors for Hunter’s laptop, or Qanon, or whoever doesn’t stop them. Then, what’s next?

      Bayonets. That’s what. Either that, or we’re a newly emerging communist nation.

      1. The commies have used bribery and the lure of wealth for years to in snare willing dopes. Seems it’s being done on a much bigger scale these days to include politicians, military, corp media, big tech, universities and numerous govt agencies.

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