Never Give Up the Con: the hard and fast rule of hustling

Liberals are con artists, hustlers. Continually lying and deceiving, they must obey a strict rule:  

“Never give up the con.” No matter what!  

A con being what it is—a calculated and secretive fraud—this rule isn’t written or spoken. It’s just, understood. A rule of the hustling trade. A Newman and Redford index finger off the side of the nose. 

In the con industry, the worst thing for business isn’t necessarily getting caught in the con. It is publicly confessing the con. The con, and even a reputation, can both survive being caught. That is, as long as the hustler doesn’t confess the con. Confess it, and hustlers put their believers and followers in an awkward and untenable position. Maintain the con, and those same followers keep fighting, for both the hustle and the hustler. 

So, when you must publicly confess, say for example, that you lied, and that the semen on the dress is indeed presidential and yours, that is a confession to be avoided at all costs. To manage such moments, you say instead, “Indeed, I did have a relationship with Ms. Lewinsky that was not appropriate,” which initially sanitizes your transgression. Then, and this is an important step, then you transition immediately into attack, shelling those who exposed your con and held you accountable.  

This is crucial because it quickly and efficiently diverts attention and focus from your hustle onto someone else. In this case, your political enemies: the perverts with a creepy interest in your private sex life. Not in the fact you lied under oath and throughout your finger-wagging “I didn’t have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky” hustle. But, your private sex life. 

Never give up the con, no matter what—that’s the liberal stratagem. 

In yet another liberal con, actor Jussie Smollett was caught committing a racism hoax. There was a mountain of evidence to affirm the scam—pictures of conspirators purchasing bleach and rope, receipts for the transactions, even the conspirator’s confessions to the conspiracy, no less. Smollett was exposed, and ultimately convicted. And yet, what has he not done? 

He hasn’t given up the con.  

After sentencing he said, “I am innocent … if I did this then it means I stuck my fist in the fears of black Americans in this country for over 400 years, and the fears of the LGBTQ community … I did not do this.” Whatever all that means. Then, leaving the courtroom and raising his fist, “I am innocent! I could’ve said that I was guilty a long time ago!”  

Never give up the con—even when the con gives you up. It’s not helpful to get caught, mind you. But when and if you do, you simply proclaim your innocence, and continue to proclaim it, forever—adding that the system is rigged; that your persecutors are racist; and that it’s all a right-wing conspiracy.  

You never-ever say, “Yeah, I paid two guys to put on MAGA hats and fake a hate crime in the middle of a fiercely cold Chicago night, because I’m a raging homosexual narcissist who craves attention.” 

This will never do. Completely unacceptable. 

The perpetual proclamation of innocence—that’s the only way forward in the con game. 

This is what liberals are forced to do because they are liars and frauds, and ultimately evil human beings. Evil because, lying and committing hoaxes can’t be classified as “good” things. Liberals either tell the lie, or perpetuate the lie, or cover up the lie. But they never-ever-ever give up the con. Even when their presidential semen stains a blue dress, and when special prosecutors indict their campaign for treasonous collusion crimes.  

Never give up the con—no matter what!  

So, after being itself caught lying to the American public on countless occasions. And after concealing the news, specifically the malfeasance of the Democrat party, and of fellow liberals Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and even his FBI and CIA. Don’t expect the liberal news media to give up the con, either. “Liberal” the operative word.  Synonymous with, “hustler.” 

CNN, for example, has been a pro-Democrat Party, pro-liberal news network since its inception. The agency’s CEO, Jeff Zucker, has resigned in disgrace. The agency is an inferno of corruption, of deceit and grotesque immorality. And even with all that, and with its credibility completely obliterated, the agency isn’t changing a thing. Why? 

Never give up the con.   

What do you say if your CNN? “We’ve been purposefully lying to the American public to help democrats win elections and implement their political agenda?”  

Hereto, totally unacceptable. Confession to be avoided at all costs. 

Fraudsters never give up the con, which is another way of saying: never confess. It’s better to leave matters in doubt, even when they aren’t in doubt. Even when matters have been resolved, as in, adjudicated. Even when you’ve been actually convicted of a crime.  

When matters aren’t in doubt, you create the doubt: “I am innocent! I did not do this! I could’ve said that I was guilty a long time ago!” You ignore the convictions and prison sentences as if they never occurred. You give your followers a lifeline to cling to, so they still believe, remain loyal, and continue fighting. Because, more than anything in the world they want to believe and to be loyal and to continue fighting. Because they admire and worship you, are warriors cut from the same cloth. And as the leading fraudster, it is your duty to keep the devoted engaged and motivated. How is this accomplished?

Never give up the con. And thereby continue the con. 

The fact is liberals don’t look at their lies and schemes and the unethical and criminal things they do as a “con.” Evil human beings, they look at such things, at all their deviance, in fact, as a display of strategic and intellectual dominance. Hence, they don’t view themselves as despicable con-artists, as detestable, bottom-feeding hustlers damaging and distressing others and making a putrid mess of society and the world. They are nonpareil intellectuals and shrewd strategists showing the world how it’s done.  

Then they give each other awards for their evil successes. Like, Dan Rather’s Peabody Award, which the CBS News anchor received for using forged documents against President George W. Bush. Like, Pulitzer Prizes issued to news agencies, the New York Times and Washington Post, for false Russian collusion reporting

Despite the fraud, liberals grin and slap each other the back at these award ceremonies. Great work, Dan! After which, they proudly display the honor on the office credenza, where they stare at them daily with a sense of achievement and irrepressible pride.  

Evil isn’t some frightening, grotesque devilish figure committing heinous, unspeakable crimes and atrocities. It’s this right here. It’s running a con on human beings and not feeling bad about it. It’s hurting other human beings for your own pleasure and advancement, while making a putrid mess of society and the world to prove your unmatched intellect and strategic shrewdness. It is being caught hurting others for your own pleasure and advancement, and never-ever confessing the con you orchestrated, executed, and furthered on your evening newscast every night for years. 

It isn’t pleasurable to say, but liberals are evil, despicable human beings. They would never tolerate these kinds of things were it republicans or conservatives doing them.  

If, for example, Donald Trump Jr. had a laptop revealing his sexcapades and rampant drug use, and more importantly his father’s financial corruption with China and other nations, liberals one and all would be howling for impeachment and prison for all involved.  

If two of President Donald Trump’s campaign associates were indicted for spying on the Clinton campaign. Or if Trump had approved the spying, as did Barrack Obama, spying his administration no less carried out. Liberals one and all would be screaming “assault on democracy!” and chasing down every single lead to prove it so. 

We know this would be the reaction, because it is precisely what liberals one and all did during the Trump administration. The liberal establishment ran a Russian collusion con to takeout Trump, a duly elected president, and for nearly three years liberals one and all were apoplectic and in fervent pursuit.  

Until they learned it was a con.  

A con perpetrated by liberal leaders, hustlers, who never confessed to the con, which was just fine with the faithful, who preferred it that way, for wanting to believe the hustle anyway, and for wanting to keep fighting for the hustlers, who never gave up the con to inspire the loyalty, and who never will give up the con, because that is the hard and fast rule of hustling.  

So, the cons continue.

Sadly, it’s like falling victim to a Three-card Monte hustler time and again. 

“Gee, I know you’re scamming me and stealing my money, but you do it so, artfully.” 
“Thanks. Double or nothing?” 
“Sure. I feel lucky this time.” 

©JMW 3/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

Author: JMW


4 thoughts on “Never Give Up the Con: the hard and fast rule of hustling”

  1. JMW- how dare you point out their playbook and how utterly “evil” liberals behave. Also, absolutely correct that their model couldn’t function without total support of the lame stream media…and the mind numb sheeple that follow blindly. “Double or nothin”…I love that. Let’s also not forget the many January 6th citizens that languish in prison for what equates to trespassing. For daring to oppose this swamp…while most of our republican politicians and conservative news outlets remain silent. I actually would like to see Trump take a more active role in trying to help them…publicly. After all…they were there to support his efforts to expose the illegal election. He may be helping behind the scene…but a public outcry at every stop would be effective as well.

    Keep up the fight…as you articulate our perspectives as well as any conservative talking head or radio personality.

    1. One thing is for certain, Breck. We’re definitely separating the sheep from the goats in the Trump era—meaning biblically: good from evil. I firmly believe most liberal voters simply aren’t informed, and don’t care to be. They take the easiest path politically, which is to side with the mainstream, assuming it’s the mainstream and must be correct. Plus, it’s the predominant view at the water cooler, and therefore safe. Well, there definitely is a liberal cult element, the radicalized few who would literally self-sacrifice for their gods. But I think most liberal voters aren’t so blind. And now they’re faced with all this overt liberal evil that has gotten worse and worse, and more and more visible and undeniable. Evil of which they weren’t previously aware. So, they’re in limbo now, figuring out a way to divorce themselves from their “mainstream” positions and remarks and failures, and a way to save face. Like we said a long time ago, Trump flushed them out. Subsequently, everyone is now forced to choose. And I think 74 million more votes for Trump, 11 million more than 2016, illustrates the choice. And we know Biden didn’t get 81 million—not even close.

      Dead on in regards to the January 6th fiasco. Liberals need the insurrection issue, and they have super majority control. The good news is they’re playing defense. And it’s so foreign to them, they’re making catastrophic miscalculations. Yeah, Trump did that.

      As for the republican pols and conservative media, they can only be as helpful as John Durham and Hunter’s tax investigation allow them to be. All in all, I think they’re doing a pretty good job. I’d like to see more vigor from the RNC. Of course, you must keep in mind they don’t get many opportunities from the liberal media. So, their exposure is limited. Besides, Trump’s a one man wrecking crew.

      Durham is key. When he exposes the FBI and CIA and Hillary and the Obama administration, which he must, then the jig is up. Liberals establishment-wide have nowhere to hide. All this innuendo and uncertainty blossoms into an establishment nightmare. I’m expecting to hear from him soon, incidentally. Time for another drip. You get a chance, pick up Lee Smith’s book: The Plot Against the President. You get a whole new perspective on how much trouble liberals are in.

      Man, that I articulate conservative perspectives as well as any conservative talking head or radio personality is pretty high praise. I appreciate it. Head ups this week, got a really good piece coming out. Here’s the theme:

      “Economic shutdowns, intentional oil shortages, food shortages, intended inflation, treasonous election hoaxes, concealing treasonous crimes via an establishment news media blackout—America’s liberals are purposefully crippling the United States. The question is how far do we go, what has to be taken away, how many people have to be thrown unnecessarily into poverty and despair before we acknowledge America’s liberals are colluding with our communist enemies around the world, with the world’s evil, to bring the United States to its knees, and under liberal command-and-control?”

      1. Praise is deserved. I’ll check out the book and look forward to your piece…as always.

      2. Thanks buddy. Mean it. Book is AWESOME, by the way. Lee Smith is one of my guys. Great writer, and trustworthy. He presents some things we didn’t know and ties everything together. You realize why Obama and Hillary—and even their surrogates!—and the rest of the conspirators have been absent from public for five years! It’s unnerving, actually. My piece posted today, btw.

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