Turns Out, It’s the Illusion of Democracy

The whole Governor Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case is a total farce. And not just your average total farce, but one in which the FBI orchestrated events for political reasons—to ultimately get rid of Donald Trump in an election year, in assistance to the Democrat Party and liberal establishment.  

Or so a Michigan jury concluded.  

Essentially, the entire case has been thrown out. 

The FBI? Performing treasonous political deeds?  

Unfortunately, yes.  

For perfect clarity: the United States Federal Bureau of Investigations, the world’s leading law enforcement agency, orchestrated a crime to not only entrap American citizens but, moreover, to subvert democracy and help democrats win an election.  

Suddenly, the phrase, “We’re turning the investigation over to the FBI,” isn’t so, reassuring.  

And the Whitmer fraud was a repeat performance. The agency orchestrated Russian collusion events, too, wherein they plotted against a duly elected President of the United States. An audaciously grand conspiracy involving other nations, lies and falsified documents to a surveillance court, spying on American citizens, wiretapping, data mining, campaign lawyers, pols, their select investigatory committees, and a national news media.  

All of which is now being exposed in federal court by Special Counsel John Durham—and intentionally avoided by the national news media, save Fox News and the alternative media.

In view, is it really so hard to connect the dots? A treasonous Russian collusion scheme to get rid of Trump. Four years of ceaseless liberal establishment and deep state fraud—leaked conversations, baseless scandal after scandal, impeachment attempts, fake news narratives—also to get rid of Trump. A contrived governor-napping, to get rid of Trump. Exploiting a virus, to get rid of Trump. Lying about Hunter Biden’s corruption-laden laptop, to get rid of Trump … 

Let’s just state the obvious: there was a political coup targeting Trump.  

… an ongoing political coup.  

President Obama—and the world, incidentally, because Trump wasn’t a participant in their corrupt, globalist, fleecing of America con game—did not like the people’s choice for president, and felt it his duty to cancel the selection via his administrative tools. And in accomplishing the goal, one, no scheme was too outrageous, risky, or criminal. And two, there would be no rest or peace, establishment-wide, until the mission was completed.  

Because, having lost the 2016 election, and having left both their treasonous crimes and themselves exposed, the clock was ticking. 

Failure. Was not. And is not. An option.  

Given the circumstances, this unprecedented liberal administrative malfeasance, the obvious question is: what is the next duly elected republican or independent president, the next president who isn’t a liberal, walking into?  

We now know what Trump walked into: an establishment-wide political coup. This undeniably true, the larger, more important question becomes: what kind of government do Americans then have?  

Answer: they haven’t one.  

Not a functioning one, anyway. And clearly a grotesquely corrupt one. 

So, what does the future hold for a nation when these kinds of crimes are being birthed and executed in that nation’s Executive Office? What is the future hold when a political party in power criminally utilizes a nation’s security and intelligence forces for political advantage, and is no less enabled by virtually an entire national news media?  

The future is grim—ruinous conditions in which evil thrives. 

A corrupt political establishment isn’t a step towards communism. It is communism. It’s establishment control sans public acknowledgement. It is surreptitious control. Indeed, conspiratorial control.

This is how it all starts, how authoritarianism is ultimately realized. Citizens think they are living in freedom, when they aren’t at all. It’s a lie, an illusion. Elections are rigged and stolen. Politicians are enriching themselves and committing treasonous crimes. Corporations are gorging at the Washington teat. A national news media is their collective enabler. And all are enjoying the citizenry’s, the world’s, hard earned tax revenue.

A citizenry who, except for their hard-earned wages, doesn’t factor into this scenario at all.  

So, is this really the case in America?  

The affirming evidence was laid out chapter and verse. Donald Trump: 

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt political establishment with a new government controlled by you, the American people. The Washington establishment, and the financial and media corporations that fund it, exist for only one reason: to protect and enrich itself. The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election [2016]. For those who control the levers of power in Washington, and for the global special interests, they partner with these people that don’t have your good in mind. Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they haven’t seen before.  

“This is not simply another four-year election. This is a crossroads in the history of our civilization that will determine whether or not we the people reclaim control over our government. The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry. The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories and our jobs as they flee to Mexico, China, and other countries all around the world. It’s a global power structure that is responsible for the economic decisions that have robbed our working class, stripped our country of its wealth, and put that money into the pockets of a handful of large corporations and political entities.  

“This is a struggle for the survival of our nation. And this will be our last chance to save it. This election will determine whether we’re a free nation, or whether we have only the illusion of democracy, but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system—and our system is rigged.  

“This is reality. You know it. They know it. I know it. And pretty much the whole world knows it.  

“The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure. We’ve seen this firsthand in the WikiLeaks documents, in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of US sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends, and her donors.  

“Honestly, she should be locked up.  

“The most powerful weapon deployed by the Clintons is the corporate media, the press. Let’s be clear on one thing: the corporate media in our country is no longer involved in journalism. They’re a political special interest, no different than any lobbyist or other financial entity with a total political agenda. And the agenda is not for you; it’s for themselves. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe. They will lie, lie, lie. And then again, they will do worse than that. They will do whatever is necessary.  

“The Clintons are criminals, remember that. This is well documented, and the establishment that protects them has engaged in a massive cover up of widespread criminal activity at the state department and the Clinton Foundation, in order to keep the Clintons in power. They knew they would throw every lie they could at me, and my family, and my loved ones. They knew they would stop at nothing to try to stop me.  

“Nevertheless, I take all of these slings and arrows gladly for you. I take them for our movement, so that we can have our country back. I knew this day would arrive; it’s only a question of when. And I knew the American people would rise above it and vote for the future they deserve. The only thing that can stop this corrupt machine, is you. The only force strong enough to save our country, is us. The only people brave enough to vote out this corrupt establishment, is you, the American people.  

“Our great civilization has come upon a moment of reckoning. I didn’t need to do this, folks. Believe me. I built a great company, and I had a wonderful life. I could have enjoyed the fruits and benefits of years of successful business deals and businesses for myself and my family, instead of going through this absolute horror show of lies, deceptions, malicious attacks. Who would’ve thought …? I’m doing it because this country has given me so much, and I feel so strongly that is my turn to give back to the country that I love. I’m doing this for the people, and for the movement. And we will take back this country for you, and we will make America great again.”  

Five years of observable history, of a maniacal establishment quest to destroy Trump by any means and at any cost, he was clearly onto something. Is it then any wonder the establishment would spend every second of that time on a suicide mission to destroy him?

And what does a suicidal quest say about the veracity of his accusations?

As the Trump years have incontrovertibly proven, America has, indeed, only the illusion of democracy. The liberal establishment has fully revealed itself to be everything Trump proclaimed it to be. Every aspect has proven corrupt and conspiratorial, keen on maintaining established order, power, control, and the ability to enrich itself.


Has the political establishment not revealed itself entirely “failed and corrupt”? Corrupt and failed, does the establishment then have the citizenry’s “good in mind?” 

Doesn’t Trump’s condemning presence then represent a “true existential threat?” 

Rigged primaries, treasonous coups, exploited bioweapons, mail-in ballot fraud, an aiding and abetting news media—aren’t forces domestic and global “rigging the system?” Concealing the worst political crimes, isn’t the news media protecting the Obama administration, Hillary, the Democrat Party, and isn’t it then “corrupt?” Isn’t the news media by and large political and agenda driven, and “no longer involved in journalism?” 

Isn’t anyone who challenges their established order, their power, “deemed a sexist, racist, xenophobe,” and even laughably, “the enemy of democracy?” 

Has the entire establishment not proven to “lie, lie, and lie,” and proven able to do “worse than that?” To do “whatever is necessary” to maintain power and control? 

Russian collusion a proven Clinton [and Obama administration] hoax, and John Durham indicting her campaign in federal court. Aren’t then the “Clintons criminals?” 

Did not she and her establishment conspirators “throw every lie they could” at Trump, his campaign, cabinet members, family and loved ones? 

Hence, did Trump not go through “an absolute horror show of lies, deception, and malicious attacks” for now the last five-plus years? 

The list undeniably true, has not then “our great civilization come upon a moment of reckoning”—realizing that American democracy is indeed an illusion, and addressing the fresh reality? 

Go ahead. Say it to your friends, that the United States in the midst of a political coup and communist takeover of the country. Watch them stare at you as if you’re insane.

You’re insane, yet democrats are rigging elections, with news media approval and assistance.  

You’re insane, yet the FBI and CIA are illegally spying on American citizens and political campaigns, lying to surveillance courts, and orchestrating governor-nappings—all and more orchestrated and sanctioned by a former President of the United States, Barrack Obama, who openly confesses a desire for American transformation, and made it his Oval Office mission.  

And “transform” to what, incidentally? What is better than individual freedom and liberty, and the citizen control that constitutionally enables it? What is the alternative to freedom and liberty?   

Authoritarian control. Aka, communism. 

There is no middle ground. 

You’re insane, yet five years of ceaseless, proven lies against the presidential candidate and president who exposed the now undeniable treason of coup conspirators. A presidential candidate the traitors tried to impeach, twice, sans cause.  

You’re insane, yet America’s border is unprotected, allowing illegals and criminals and terrorists access to the interior, and no one stopping them, but in fact encouraging them.  

You’re insane, yet woke American corporations are taking positions against free speech, and censoring authentic news stories, and people with whom they disagree politically.  

All this Bolshevik-styled strategery taking place in the open, and yet you are insane for saying there is a coup being executed to “transform” America into a communist nation.  

So, go ahead. Tell your friends. Their bewildered and concerned for your sanity stares merely embolden the coup conspirators and the establishment that serves them. The conspirators relish having so many trusting and vulnerable plebes under their command and at their disposal. The conspirators know they don’t have to prove themselves to the gullible and ignorant contingency, which is a rather significant segment of the population, incidentally. A group that has zero interest in what their government is doing, and has done, which is everything a communist regime would do, in fact.   

Again, a corrupt political establishment isn’t a step towards communism.  

It is communism. 

Being forced to wear face coverings, and to present immunization ID’s to participate in society.  

No criminal justice for the ruling class.  

The economy purposefully ruined, groceries and gas in short supply and, for intentional and record-level inflation, expensive.  

Local law enforcement being vilified, and criminals protected and glorified.  

Election hoaxes and rigged elections.  

The FBI and CIA and military used as political weapons.  

A national news media concealing historic political crimes, to include the worst crime: treason.  

A Ministry of Truth agency to combat everyone’s lies and disinformation but the regime’s. 

What evil, criminal, communist cabal ever said, “Folks, we want to coopt government so we can control things, so we can do what we want without fear of accountability, and so we and our families and friends can become fabulously wealthy from the sweat of your peasant brow. We just wanted to give you a heads-up so you know our designs and where we’re headed?” 

Communist cabals don’t say that.  

What they do is behave exactly like American liberals—whose every policy is designed to end with greater control and power for them.

You know. Like, communists. 

Author/journalist, Lee Smith:  

“The Party of Obama had been waging a proxy war against Trump and his supporters for more than three years. Their first instrument was the Russiagate conspiracy theory, which hatched a fraudulent impeachment process staged by the same political operatives, intelligence officials, and media personalities who pushed ‘collusion’ into the public sphere. They even weaponized real crises to undermine the US government, like the coronavirus and the ensuing three-month-long lockdown that was portrayed as a matter of life and death, only to be randomly lifted to combat racism [Black Lives Matter protests], after leaving nearly 20 million Americans jobless. 

“The successive failures to their campaign to destroy Trump and undo the 2016 election only made them angrier and more willing to take desperate measures [desperate for the ticking clock and criminal exposure]. 

“The point of the protests and the coup of which they were a central component was plain: If you want peace and stability, restore the Party of Obama and let him complete his work, the transformation of America. Choose Trump, and you choose war.” 

In other words, accept your communist fate or we’ll shove it down your throat. 

It is unclear why liberals would follow Obama in this transformational effort; liberals have wanted the outcome long before him. Perhaps it was his unopposable blackness. Or more simply, that he had the stones to attempt it and the charisma to pull it off. Whatever the case, liberals attempted it, and are yet trying to pull it off. 

And unlike American democracy, that is no illusion. Quite the contrary. It is a verified reality the world’s next communist victims had better accept and prevent.

©JMW 5/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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