The Binding Agent: what defines liberals is what binds them 

Few people really understand liberals. Knowing them like “every square inch of my glorious naked body,” Limbaugh understood liberals. And predicting their behavior and reactions, his prescience was remarkable.  

Pundits daily explain liberals and their politics. Hence, we know liberals’ beliefs and positions on matters, corrupt and bankrupt though those beliefs and positions are. But it’s all just superficial analysis. Because it doesn’t identify the underlying aspect that motives and drives liberals.  

The underlying aspect? The aspect that both defines and binds liberals? 


Liberals won’t like the characterization, of course. But, what are people and societies bent on God, truth, and righteousness to do? Not call evil out for it hurting evil’s feelings and making it angry? And evil is not an “it,” incidentally. It’s people—individual human beings. The sorts that eliminate the police and allow evil to steal, rape, and murder. Say, like, in a democrat-run city. 

Allowing evil to reign. That always has awesome results. 

For what evil is allowed to do, people and societies, the righteous, pay the price. Evil people pay the price, too. Consumed with all that wickedness and misery, however, they just lack the intellectual wherewithal to realize it. 

Every society has it’s cross to bear. 

Well, if we’re accusing liberals of evil, then the righteous thing to do would be to prove it. And few things are easier to prove.  

Virtually every belief and position liberals assume is obliterated by basic logic. Does this bother liberals, having their arguments and beliefs destroyed in public? Does it humiliate them? Cause them rethink their positions and amend their beliefs?  


“But guns don’t fire themselves, Mr. Liberal. Perhaps we should impose stiffer penalties for the people using them in crimes, the people actually firing the guns.” 

That’s sound wisdom, of course, the likes of which makes Mr. Liberal ignores before quickly transitioning to an alternative argument: “Oh sure. White privilege much? America locks-up too many black people already! Racist!”  

The conversation devolves from there into a risible, unproductive melee simply because liberals have a deep aversion to the truth. In other words, take the truth in any situation, any truth that contradicts what liberals want to believe, and they hate it.  

That’s it. That’s the sum—the Obama administration and Hillary committed a treasonous election hoax. Hate it. Hunter Biden’s incriminating laptop isn’t Russian disinformation, but authentic. Hate it. 

And how would one classify people who bear no affinity for the truth? And not some deep, profound truth like God and spiritualism, either. But a basic observable fact, like: guns cannot fire themselves. Who willfully loathes and disregards such practical, incontrovertible truths? 

Classification: evil people. 

What would be the use of denying something so clearly true? Why ignore an obvious and undeniable fact and forge ahead in a cause that opposes the obvious fact and ultimate truth? Why continue in beliefs and positions that an obvious fact makes untenable? 

Well, because you’re evil. That’s why. Evil despises the truth, whether it’s God and spiritualism or the inability of lifeless steel to choose its targets and depress its own trigger. 

Humans use logic to get to the truth of matters. Logic works perfectly, flawlessly, every time it is employed, incidentally, and liberals employ it like everyone else. Liberals don’t pay $6-dollars a gallon for gas, for example, when Swifty Mart is running a $3-dollar promotional sale. They rise at the crack of dawn to be the first one in line at the pumps, coupon in hand. Why?  

Logic dictates.  

Or this exemplary favorite: a liberal acquaintance proclaimed she “despised” Walmart and vowed she would “never set foot” in one of their establishments. Except, Walmart was running a Christmas sale on flatscreen televisions. There to pick-up pumpkin pie filling for my wife, who did I see with a flatscreen in her cart, among other items? 

Mrs. Never Set Foot In Walmart. 

So, one cannot divorce liberals from logic. They use it like everyone else. Thus, they know the logical answers to the questions asked of them. As in this scenario:  

Liberals support abortion, or “a woman’s right to choose”—  
“A woman should be able to choose what she does with her own body,” liberals say. 
“Well, what’s she doing with her body in this instance?” 
“It’s her choice, whatever she wants.” 
“Well, what’s the choice?” 

Of course, the choice is murdering an unborn child, which is precisely where the logic undeniably leads, which liberals understand full well. Even so, they refuse to admit the conclusion and ultimate truth. Why?  

Because they hate it.  

You can’t love truth and live and believe like they want to live and believe.

Can’t do it.  

Incidentally, these are the same people who would lose their minds were they to discover someone raiding a clutch of sea turtle eggs for a tasty seaside breakfast. Yet, they can vacuum a human fetus from its uterine comforts and dispose of the remains in a medical waste dumpster. Or sell the body parts for profit. Whichever.  

Liberals follow logical sequencing just fine. The problem is what the sequencing concludes: the truth, which they simply cannot and will not acknowledge on certain occasions for what it means to their beliefs and stated position. 

So, what kind of people fiercely protect sea turtle eggs over human fetuses? What kind of people say they’d never set foot to Walmart, but then shop there for flatscreens because, like everyone else, they want the best deal and to save as much hard-earned cash as they can?   

People with a screwed-up sense of priority and hypocritical phonies. That’s who. 

Or more accurately: evil people.  

This screwed-up sense of priority and blatant hypocrisy, are these “good” things?  

Well, they are if you’re evil.  

As the esteemed Apostle Paul put it, “Thou that preachest a man should not steal, dost thou steal? Thou that sayest a man should not commit adultery, dost thou commit adultery? Thou that abhorrest idols, dost thou commit sacrileage? Thou that makest thy boast of the law, through breaking the law dishonourest thou God?” 

In other words, are you a hypocrite and a liar? Because these things are evil. 

And is this not what liberals do every single day? And worse? 

Of course it is. But then, when you deny the existence of both God and truth, you don’t have to concern yourself with such religious tripe. Nevertheless, let’s partially unroll the scroll and have a peek at some of their evil. Let’s see … 

Liberals rig elections.  
They commit treasonous election hoaxes.  
They obviously lie and deceive, and scheme treachery.   
They accuse people falsely, defame and destroy, too.  
They divide people.  
They abhor and ignore facts and truth.  
They’re obviously dishonest.  
They break the law, both man’s and God’s.  
They conceal these crimes.  
They are arrogant and condescending. 
They throw human fetuses in medical waste dumpsters, profit from their body parts.  
They buy flatscreens at Walmart after condemning Walmart. 
They are clearly immoral … 

The scroll has yet a thousand feet to unfurl, but how much evil is required to term people “evil?” 

Surely, we have all we need. 

In view of liberalism’s hierarchy, it being clearly a cult with gods and doctrine and followers, you could make the argument that some liberals know neither how evil their human betters are nor how much evil they support on their better’s behalf. Via their establishment tools, elite liberals lie to the American public, specifically their liberal subordinates. And if you’re a subordinate, a liberal voter who doesn’t pay attention, and who loathes Fox News and talk radio because your betters demand it. Then it’s certainly feasible you wouldn’t know how evil your human betters are, and how much evil you support on their behalf. 

So much liberal evil exposed and in the open now, however, ignorance is virtually impossible to claim. Establishment liberals have decided to take their evil public. And if that clear and present evil isn’t observed and acknowledged, then people must be approving. And the fact is, they do approve.  

Have liberals acknowledged any of their evil, and changed?  Have they said, “Gee, that Russian collusion hoax was wrong. We wronged Donald Trump, the American people, and the democratic process?” Have they confessed, “Lying about Hunter’s laptop story was corrupt and shameless?” Or the subordinates, have we heard them lament, “I’m ashamed to say I supported all this liberal evil?” 

No. They continue the evils and their cultish allegiance.  

So, if you think liberals being caught committing evil deeds is going lead to humility and remorse and a new, righteous course in life. You’re sadly mistaken. Case and point: 

After all the liberal evils of the last five years, and there are literally too many to count. And with democrats facing annihilation in the 2022 midterm elections for all these evils being no less exposed and made public. MSNBC analyst, John Heilemann, the quintessential evil liberal, had a plan to manage the potential midterm losses.  

The plan? 

“[Let’s say] Trump is a threat to our democracy [and] try to make democratic base voters scared again. [The Democrat Party] can’t motivate them on the basis of hope or their pocketbooks or any of these accomplishments. They have to scare the crap out of them.” 

Well now. There’s a righteous plan.  

“Make America Great Again” or “Make America Scared Again.” 

This, when liberals all conned the American voters with a treasonous election hoax and are the genuine “threat to our democracy.” This, when liberals are the ideology of victimization and hopelessness, and the authors of “pocketbook-” draining historic national debt and utter national failure. And then, the strategy for turning out voters is to lie to them some more and to “scare the crap out of them.” 

Do liberals sound like “good” people? And if not good, then what? 


Liberals get themselves into these situations for their odious evils, and faced with electoral decimation what do they do?  

Lie, and scare people.   

It is a little more strategic than that, actually. Political liberals come up with a public relations scheme, have their news media advance it, so voters forget liberals are evil and vote for them again. It’s a team effort. A cyclical process, too—conservatives restore things, liberals destroy things, because that is what evil does. Wash-rinse-repeat. And these PR schemes, are they ever themed with patriotism, love of country and flag, freedom, the constitution, prosperity, or security? 

No. They’re based on lies—and fear, and resentment, and division. 

Or rather, evil. 

Liberals pit races and genders against one another. They exploit children. They lie, which is no small thing, but quite the opposite. They accuse falsely. Whatever evil is required, liberals perform it. Hence the incontrovertible conclusion: 

Liberals are evil. 

But two things define human beings: either goodness or evil. People are either driven by good or by evil, and it isn’t hard to determine each their persuasion.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a liberal, is mad at “The Squad,” four more liberal congresswomen. In her new book, Pelosi says “The Squad’s” radical ways are the reason Hispanics and the rest of the country have turned on democrats, and the reason democrats are poised to get shellacked in November’s midterms. Fox News’ Sean Hannity makes superficial issue of this, of the whining and party division.  

However, call the roll on a liberal bill; put climate change friendly legislation up for vote tomorrow. Fact is, every single liberal democrat, to include Pelosi and “The Squad,” will vote for it. 

In other words, forget the whining and party division. Liberals are unified in their singular cause: evil. All the word salad liberals participate in—Jen Psaki from the White House Press Room lectern, Pelosi in her books, on the house floor, on the nightly news—is just that: words. Words, phrases, manipulative and insincere jargon aimed at deceiving the other half of the country. The red, white, and blue half. The lawful half. The proud and patriotic half. Moreover, the good and righteous half.  

Democrats stick together because, one, their goal is Authoritarian control and free people on their subordinate knees. And two, because they are lawless, immoral, and ultimately evil human beings, and followers of evil human beings. 

The Russian collusion hoax was exposed with Mueller’s empty and failed investigation. Hillary was caught paying for it, Obama and his FBI and CIA executing it, and the liberal news media covering it up for years. Has one liberal anywhere been outraged by the evil? Helped expose the crime and get to the truth? Demanded Hillary, Obama, his FBI and CIA, and all involved be held accountable? No. And why not? 

Liberals are a team. “Team Evil.” 

Even worse, liberals control the American culture, to include government. And when a society and government are controlled by evil, what does it portend for the society? 

It surely isn’t anything good. 

Evil doesn’t recognize it is evil. And again, evil is not an “it,” but a they: individual human beings. Or more specifically, liberals. After their evils succeed, these human beings don’t lament their evil deeds. They grin in delight. Because what they accomplished was accomplished for their beliefs.  

In other words, when you rig an election, for example, it’s done for the greater good, which, of course, corresponds to your beliefs. So, what you did was actually a good thing, not evil. That is the warped sense of liberal righteousness, who then make excuses to justify the evil they think is righteousness. Journalist Bernie Goldberg:  

“Liberals, we must always remember, love the underdog. They love the victim. Showing compassion makes them feel noble. Embracing weakness gives them strength. Their perception is their reality. So when they stand up for women’s rights or gay rights or civil rights, they actually believe that they’re beacons of enlightenment courageously standing up to the forces of evil.” 

And yet, liberals are the force of evil. 

Indeed, liberals are sick human beings, evil and warped. Whatever good they do, they do to promote and advance themselves—for publicity, notoriety, acclaim, applause, and financial gain. Liberals love themselves, and they love others loving them, too. And if you’re a righteous sort. Well, you’re not one of them.  

In fact, you’re the enemy.  

The problem with good people is they think they can befriend evil. Liberals are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Wolves who will, no matter how seemingly friendly, watch you bleed out for their religion. Liberals love blacks, gays, and women and everyone else, but only as long as they’re liberal blacks, gays, women, and everyone else. Otherwise, they’ll slit your throat—be you black, gay, female, or anyone else.  

Liberals can’t and don’t tolerate dissent, which means one can be friends with liberals, as long as one doesn’t dissent, which is precisely what people don’t do in their liberal relationships, and are thus lulled into a false sense of friendship. Until the inevitable dissent, of course—I’m sorry, it’s not racist to disagree—where they abruptly learn the truth about their relationship. It is why people should maintain liberal acquaintances instead of friendships. 

The only friend to liberals is another liberal, er, cult member. And even then, challenge cult orthodoxy and cult members will be left to bleed out, too. 

If we were to divide human beings into groups good and evil, we would have two equally diverse groups. It is to say, each group would be comprised of blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, Native Americans, women, men, and so on. Evil has nothing to do with race, gender, or any other appearance related factor. Evil is a matter of the heart, which is what makes it so difficult to detect.

The tell? Behavior. It never lies.  

And whose behavior have we indisputably proven evil? 


Evil both defines and binds liberals. Therefore, clearly defined is the age-old struggle: the forces of good versus the forces of darkness and evil. It is a struggle the righteous had better recognize, fight, and win. Or else. 

And that ain’t hyperbole. 

©JMW 4/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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