The Dark People

Walking into his son’s bedroom, finding his son slumped over his desk appearing to be asleep, but in fact deceased from a fentanyl overdose. Chris Didier said of the experience, “I knew something was horribly wrong. I just felt something dark and something empty—and it haunts me.”  

They call this intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Ultimately, intuition represents the spiritual realm, a realm modern science cannot explain, and thus contends does not exist.  

It doesn’t?  

Well then, how do we sense when things are “horribly wrong” without knowing them to be so? Where do these haunting feelings of “darkness” and “emptiness” come from? 

From the spiritual realm—which simply cannot exist if science, liberalism’s god, is to be the final authority. 

Formerly, we couldn’t officially say Hillary Clinton was responsible for the Russian collusion hoax. Now—after nearly $50 million taxpayer dollars, and after putting the country through a divisive, unnecessary scam to steal an election, and to also prevent the unintended winner from ever prosecuting the conspirators—thanks to Special Counsel John Durham, and to the trial confessions of Clinton campaign manager Robbie Mook and FBI agents, we can incontrovertibly and thus confidently say: 

Hillary is a con-artist.  

And it’s so much worse, actually. 

Incidentally, are those not serious matters? A politician allowing nearly $50-million-dollars of citizenry wages to be spent investigating her hoax, and putting the nation through years of unnecessary turmoil for her political and personal gain—and likewise her fellow conspirators?  

Had anyone else scammed the American people this horribly, the earth wouldn’t be a large enough hiding place—and Clinton and her liberal establishment conspirators would be the hypocrites spearheading and leading the search. Yet, this same liberal bunch ran a treasonous hoax, wasted millions of citizenry dollars both selling and concealing the hoax, created years of national tumult, ongoing tumult, and everyone shrugs. 

Of course, the citizenry isn’t shrugging; they are outraged. The establishment conspirators are shrugging. Why? Because they can. What citizens learn and don’t learn, what they know and don’t know, liberals and their establishment control. So then, the citizen outrage?  

Well, there is no outrage if the establishment doesn’t verify and report it so.  

All is well in the kingdom. So, shut up out there, you whiney ingrates. And incidentally, despite Durham’s trial testimony revealing otherwise, Trump colluded with Putin to steal the election. Got it?! Now, get back to work and earn our money! 

Trump colluded with Putin and stole an election because we, the liberal establishment, say so. Durham proves otherwise in federal court, but we, the liberal establishment, refuse to confess and report it so.  

See how it works?  

Information control. Peasantry control. Societal control. 

Try this: the world’s leading law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the FBI and CIA, specifically tasked with protecting America and American democracy from her enemies, didn’t know Hillary Clinton was running an election hoax? With all their expensive, high-tech, awe-inspiring tradecraft tools, the likes the public sees demonstrated in all those FBI and CIA content-assisted spy thriller films. Neither agency could recognize the bumbling, ham-handed attempt of a politician, her attorneys, and a collection of oppo-researchers and computer nerds to frame Donald Trump and his associates? 

Answer: the FBI and CIA not only recognized the scam; they were in on it. 

As trial testimony now proves, they were co-conspirators. 

And incidentally, isn’t this a serious matter, too? 

Nevertheless …  

The conservative media is discussing the trial testimony and the heinous coup crimes of the entire liberal establishment: the treason of Clinton and the Obama administration, the conspiratorial assistance of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the national news media cover-up. It’s all true and relevant, but here’s the question no one is asking and what no one is talking about: 

What kind of people would participate in something so, flagitious and diabolical? 

Answer: Dark People.  

Soulless, inhumane, wretched people of evil. The types that, unless you’re one of them, rather, unless you’re a cult member, make you feel “something dark and something empty” when they are present and/or involved—whether science wants to recognize the sensation or not. 

And although such identification would be accurate and more efficient, let’s not bury these dark souls under a “liberal” and “liberal establishment” umbrella, or under some liberal cause banner. Let’s not let them off so easily. Let’s identify some of them personally and organizationally. Because it is actual human beings under the umbrella and holding the banners—reprehensibly dark, loathsome, and evil human beings: 

Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, Samantha Powers, Susan Rice, Robbie Mook, Michael Sussmann, Marc Elias, the Perkins-Coie law firm, Rodney Joffe, the FBI’s James Comey, Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, the CIA’s John Brennan, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Glenn Simpson and Fusion GPS, the entire Democrat Party congress and senate, liberals pretending to be republicans—Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, John McCain—network news ABC-CBS-NBC, cable news CNN-MSNBC and the collective’s hosts and punditry, nearly every major national newspaper, Hollywood—Rob Reiner, Robert DeNiro, the entire cast of The View … 

It isn’t a complete list by any stretch, but it serves the point. These people, these “human beings,” these supposed lovers and servants of humanity, and many more behind the scenes, both orchestrated and carried the collusion fraud forward—many knowing it was a fraud, and the rest useful idiots blindly and dutifully serving the liberal cult and their cult leaders. 

Some say it’s militant to hold this view of liberals and to speak this way of them. But those who think so don’t understand these people, aren’t aware of the dripping fangs and bad intent underneath the white, woolly sheep’s skin—naïve, defenseless, and innocent creatures who were themselves slaughtered, skinned, and left rotting in the meadow expressly for the intended ruse of their soulless murderers.  

Liberals are awful human beings, beholden to nothing or no one but evil. Proving it so, Lt. Colonel Michael Flynn, a bonafide United States war hero—status born of dedicated service to a military institution, a country, and to humankind.  All things liberals despise, incidentally, though pretend otherwise when political necessity deems, or when in pursuit of an evil objective. 

Flynn was framed by the white-wooled Dark People—the walking dead, the modern-day White Walkers. Not because Flynn did anything wrong. But because, as Trump’s pick to head national security, he would expose both the dark society and the hoax the Dark People had undertaken, and that was ongoing.  

Flynn had to be taken out, which is precisely what the dark society did. 

“As former Director of the defense Intelligence Agency and a career military intelligence officer,” author Lee Smith wrote in his book Permanent Coup: how enemies foreign and domestic targeted the American president, “[Flynn would] know how and where to find the documentary evidence of the FBI’s illegal spying operation.”  

In other words, Flynn could/would expose the ongoing coup and its conspirators, a coup we now know occurred, and conspirators we now know to exist. Plus, Flynn had plans for intelligence reformation, which threatened the CIA directly.   

“Flynn had promised a Beltway-wide audit that would force agencies to justify their missions. He’d said he was going to make the entire Senior Intelligence Service hand in their resignations,” which was a lot of people across the intelligence community. Flynn wasn’t going to fire them all, just force them to detail why their work was so vital to national security. To which Smith added: 

“Many knew they wouldn’t make the cut.”  

So in response to the threat, the dark society’s coup conspirators concocted a lie, said Flynn’s communications with senior Russian diplomat Sergey Kislyak, made Flynn, a career military man and war hero, a traitor. It was a lie, proven so when the US Justice Department ultimately dropped its case against Flynn. 

Even so, the point is threefold: one, along with Hillary and the Clinton campaign, the Obama administration was executing a coup, which was not only targeting Donald Trump, a duly elected president, but the American citizens who both did and did not elect him. So, two, all involved were conspirators who knew exactly what they were doing, and why. And most importantly, three, they were doing it! And what is “it,” exactly? 

They were purposefully, shamelessly, heartlessly bringing Lt. Colonel Michael Flynn’s life to ruin. 

Mike Flynn: a career military veteran, a decorated war hero, a family man, an American citizen of profound distinction. 

As if that isn’t sufficiently repugnant, the dark society, via Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his lead investigative agent, Andrew Wiseman, leveraged Flynn’s son to encourage Flynn’s confession to a lie, that he was a traitor. To spare his son, Flynn broke, and at least temporarily agreed to a plea deal. 

Enter prominent attorney Sidney Powell, who turned Flynn’s case around and forced the US Justice Department into submission. Why did Justice drop the case against Flynn? 

Because the case was a lie. A manufactured lie to facilitate a collusion hoax. A planned, intentional fraud orchestrated by liberals, by human beings—if you care to characterize them with such finery—who carelessly laid to waste the lives of other human beings: Michael Flynn, Carter Page, George Papadopoulos, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, his family, his administration, and anyone and everyone associated or who dared expose their crimes—rather, their evils. 

As the Wall Street Journal’s Kim Strassel wrote: “Trump announced on Twitter Wednesday that he’d granted Mr. Flynn a full pardon. Liberals and the media are (as per their tedious usual) claiming the president stepped in to aid a corrupt crony. This has it exactly backward. The Flynn pardon was necessary—to correct a corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation, a rogue special counsel, an unprincipled federal judge, and an embarrassingly complicit media.” 

In other words, the pardon was necessary to defeat the Dark People and their evil cult. 

Flynn was ruined.  He lost his house, his job, racked-up millions in legal debt, and saw his impeccable reputation sullied. And now that we know Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration are responsible for the coup, and for Flynn’s and others ruination, are either assuming responsibility and apologizing? Are any of the dark people from the previous list making atonement for their crimes and conspiratorial assistance? 

No. And why not?  

Because assuming responsibility and apology and atonement mean guilt. Specifically, they mean verification of the coup. And with verification, the point to all this: they mean careless, shameless, heartless, soulless, and intentional treachery of human beings against other fellow human beings. 

If you are attempting a coup, you understand the criminal danger to yourself. Knowing the criminal danger, you know you can only be compromised by fellow human beings discovering and exposing your crimes and evils. Thus, you must be willing to deal with those people in whatever way you must, to include their heartless, soulless ruination. And what kind of people are willing to treat other human beings with such utter disregard, disrespect, and cruelty? 

Dark People.   

Soulless, inhumane, wretched people of evil. People that, unless you’re one of them, rather, unless you’re a cult member, make you feel something hauntingly “dark” and “empty” when they are present and/or involved. People otherwise known as liberals, unfortunately, whose religion is merely a satanic cult by another name:  


Satan, the scriptures verify, is bent on bringing misery and despair to every human being, and to ultimately destroying each and every one. Expelled from the heavens, human destruction defines and guides and validates his entire existence.  

Would not his human helpers, his disciples, have the same mind and pursue the same objective? 

Behavior never lies. 

As Christ himself put it, the Dark People despise the light because it exposes their evils. It’s true, and they will also destroy any human being who utilizes it.  

So, it isn’t a political war America is experiencing. It’s one more, foundational. 

©JMW 6/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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