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North Carolina’s News and Observer columnist, Ruth Sheehan, “Members of the men’s Duke lacrosse team: I am sorry. Surely by now you know I am sorry. I am writing these words now, and in this form, as a bookend to 13 months of Duke lacrosse coverage, my role in which started with a March 27 column that began:‘Members of the men’s Duke lacrosse team: You know. We know you know.’”

Three Duke lacrosse players were accused of raping a young black woman, Crystal Mangum; a stripper they’d hired for a party. Conveying the sentiments of the news media in the investigation’s beginning stages, Sheehan is essentially saying:  

We know you rich, privileged white boys did it. So, fess-up.  

Ultimately, the prosecutor, Mike Nifong, and the accuser, Mangum, were proven corrupt and the lacrosse players innocent. So here’s Sheehan, to her credit, acknowledging publicly her colossal personal failure. But despite her gross negligence, Sheehan still managed advice for everyone else. 

“My challenge to readers is to take up Evans’ [one of the accused, and Duke lacrosse team captain] larger cause — reforming the state’s grand jury system and ensuring fair treatment for all people accused of crimes. Not just the privileged.” 

Like, the same “fair treatment” Sheehan herself denied these lacrosse players. The transgression in mind, it seems Sheehan would include another area of both obvious and necessary reform: the news media, and the moral and human failures of journalists and journalism.  
“I’ll end what I hope will be my final column on the Duke lacrosse case,” Sheehan closed. “This has been difficult territory. I’m paid to write about what I think as things happen. But rest assured, I know my errors. And now you know I know.” 

“Difficult territory.” One of those erudite phrases used to mitigate the sting of, “I f-ed up.” And lecturing others about the need for grand jury reform and fair treatment for all, instead of her own reform, does she truly “know” her “errors?” 

A sample column for when you fail: “I screwed up. I own it. I mean it. I am wiser and will prove it.” 

Sixteen brief words people will respect, and quite possibly believe. 

Nifong and Mangum are repugnant human beings, certainly, who do indeed necessitate that the system be reformed so as to prevent what they did from happening ever again, to anyone else. But were Sheehan and the news media doing their jobs, say like, with the same tenacity and vigor they employed to convict and condemn Donald Trump and those in his sphere for now six years and counting. Well, perhaps the “system” wouldn’t need reforming, for its fear of the news media’s determination and wrath. 

In any event … 

Nifong, a rogue prosecutor up for election in a predominantly black district, lied about virtually everything. He wasn’t asking any probing questions, because he wasn’t interested in the truth of the case. His storyline was established, one that facilitated his strategy: use a black girl’s rape accusation to get elected in a predominantly black district, which he successfully did before his fraud and crimes were exposed.  

So then, the questioning, the search for the truth, was up to the news media—up to Sheehan. 

And presuming the guilt of three adolescent lacrosse players, they all failed. 

The thing is, if you just wait for all the evidence and a trial verdict, you aren’t stuck writing these humbling, repentant columns, and rephrasing I f-ed up to “difficult territory” in an effort to temper the sting of personal and journalistic failure. Waiting for the truth is precisely what each and every member of the news media—human beings each with the ability to choose the just and honorable path—should have done.  

Instead of: “Members of the men’s Duke lacrosse team: You know. We know you know.”  

Presuming innocence, hearing all the evidence, waiting for a trial verdict—it’s a pretty straightforward approach, really. Civilized and noble, too. 

Fact is, Nifong was a liar [and much worse, actually] who ended-up disbarred and serving prison time, if only a day. While the rape victim, or rather, rape liar, Mangum, was later arrested and charged with attempted first-degree murder, assault and battery, communicating threats, injury to personal property, identity theft, resisting a public officer, five counts of arson, and three counts of misdemeanor child abuse—all this after falsely accusing three Duke lacrosse players of a rape she well-knew never occurred. 

Interesting how it all fits together to say: dishonest, delusional criminal. And for the record, Mangum’s long history of mental illness, and that she’d been hospitalized for that illness as late as 2005, was a fact the news media could not unearth and include in their calculations? 

It didn’t fit their established storyline and strategy, either. 

So, some quick inventory: a narcissistic and corrupt prosecutor and a crazy stripper, two pillars of the community, hook-up to basically rig an election, and to conceal from social services that they’d left their children home alone in the middle of the night to strip for a college lacrosse team, and to get wasted. And the news media enables, both pillars

People read this penitent and conciliatory column from Sheehan, realize the truth of this state and journalistic crime against three adolescent boys, and think: this is beyond awful. It’s evil!  

They’re right, of course. But then, be the accused. Be the accused’s parents and family, the ones actually enduring—mentally, emotionally, financially—this political fraud. 

It’s interesting how dispassionate people can be when injustice happens to someone else, but how outraged and animated when it happens to them.  

Isn’t it? Interesting? 

And consider this: this same news media, rather, the same human beings who comprise the enterprise, can do this to three adolescent boys sans conscious. Yet they can’t muster reporting on Hillary Clinton’s and the Obama administration’s collusion hoax and crimes, or the lascivious and criminal exploits of Hunter Biden and his father, the “president” of the United States. 

Of the news media: “You’re a tough guy, Jeb. Real tough.” 

As for enduring the political fraud, take note of all those—journalists, politicians, university administrators and professors, classmates—who condemned the innocent. Take note of the protestors, the “black leaders” and race hustlers, the raging feminists screaming into bullhorns, the rally and candlelight vigil goers. Take note of those who jumped on the racism and misogyny and white privilege bandwagons. All calling for get-a-rope justice for the teenaged accused. 

These people are not only enemies of truth and justice.  

They’re enemies of humankind.  

Write that down. 

Presumed innocence isn’t the law? Isn’t the moral and righteous protocol to which every human being should adhere? Swinging from a tree without a trial—Fess up! We know you know!—is how fellow human beings should be treated? 

And go ahead. Make this case of morality and honor to this condemning mob. See where it goes. 

Where it goes: Get another rope … 

These people are inhuman. Brutish, uncivilized beasts. Hypocrites one and all who, were it them wrongfully accused, would be begging everyone to hear all the evidence and believe in their innocence. Disinterested in truth and justice, they would apply this same disinterest to you, too. Despite proof of innocence, they’d walk away from your lynching ceremony disappointed and grumbling, and with:   

No remorse for their behavior.  
No feelings of personal failure.  
No apology to the wronged and maltreated.  
No lessons learned, and none wiser. 

Animals, they are. Passing themselves off as loving, compassionate, and caring human beings. 

The point is the Duke lacrosse incident happened nearly twenty years ago, and here we are enduring the same nonsense from the very same actors.  

Russian collusion—Donald J. Trump conspiring with Vladimir Putin to steal the 2016 presidential election—was a Hillary Clinton and Obama administration scheme that involved his CIA and FBI, among other private companies and institutions.  

The story was fake! A treasonous hoax. Admitted to under oath by Clinton lieutenant, Robby Mook, in federal court trial testimony. The same devastating way that Mike Nifong’s expert DNA witness confessed that none of the DNA material matched any of the lacrosse players, accused or otherwise, and that he’d entered into an agreement with Nifong not to share the fact with the defense. 

Nifong lied to the judge.  
Nifong knew the players were innocent, even before he indicted them.  
Thus, Nifong worked really, really hard at lying and fabricating a case against … college kids. 

That in mind, who committed the Russian collusion fraud? Who diligently, energetically carried it forward? Who worked really, really hard at lying and fabricating a case? Who has wanted Donald Trump’s head without cause for the last six years?  

The same politicians and news media who tried to imprison and ruin three college adolescents without cause. The same people who held rallies and candlelight vigils over a fake rape story. The same people who jumped on the racism, misogyny, and white privilege bandwagons, and who yet walked away disappointed and grumbling when the truth emerged and innocence was established. And again with: 

No remorse for their behavior.  
No feelings of personal failure.  
No apology to the wronged and maltreated.  
No lessons learned, and none wiser. 

The same people. The same animals, rather. The same hypocrites always lecturing everyone else about becoming “better human beings,” and “love,” and “compassion,” and “kindness,” and “justice,” and “racism,” and … 

The same people who become enraged by that last paragraph, instead of employing a modicum of self-awareness and doing some damn soul searching. 

It’s a good place to insert Jesus, the revealer of all things true. He rolls into town, does nothing but miraculously heal people of every ailment known to humankind, and teach actual forgiveness, kindness, and love toward every human being. He was nonetheless put on trial and executed; a process that revealed two kinds of people throughout: those who wanted his death justified, and those who wanted him dead, regardless.  

The latter are inhuman, and evil. And thousands of years later, these sorts are still among us. 

They are claiming rape when none occurred, and exploiting black girls and white boys to win elections in black districts. They are plotting and executing treasonous collusion hoaxes. And all with not only the assistance and approval of a national news media, but a league of voting enablers.  

We put a face to evil, like Richard Ramirez or John Wayne Gacy or Jeffrey Dahmer—brutal, sadistic murderers we label as “pure evil.” But all evil is pure, one. And two, its face isn’t solely the sinister mug and brutal pedigree to which we assign it, so as to make ourselves feel more righteous and comfortable.  

Evil is exploiting and destroying people without cause, and to personal benefit. It’s enabling evil, electing it, and justifying its deeds thereafter.  

These types are yet among us, and always will be. And it is past time people, societies, and civilizations both realized and acknowledged their presence. It’s not politicians, news media, feminism, district attorneys, strippers, activists, blacks, whites, and so on. It’s individual human beings behind those labels, and not very good ones is some cases. Certainly not in these Duke lacrosse and Russian collusion cases. 

Societies and civilizations don’t fail for “evil,” perse, which is yet another label. They fail for evil’s human disciples. Human beings who have the ability to elevate their thinking and behavior above that of other animals, to say, presume innocence and wait for the verdict, and apologize when they are wrong (hat-tip Sheehan), but who choose to forgo the nobility of elevated ideas and behavior to remain common, undisciplined animals.   

These individuals aren’t difficult to recognize, because they are the same people every single time: liberals. Evil’s human disciples. The enemies of justice, truth, nobility, goodness, Almighty God, the human race, and even themselves.  

From one failure to the next, liberals never learn. Because, they don’t want to learn. 

Hence, if the goal is societal success, then societies and civilizations everywhere need to take a long, hard look at liberal participation.  

It’s one thing to have different views. It’s another to willfully destroy your fellowman without just cause, over and over and over, and with: 

No remorse for your behavior.  
No feelings of personal failure.  
No apology to the wronged and maltreated.  
No lessons learned, and none wiser.  

Societies deserve better. The human race deserves better. 

*Understandably, Sheehan’s original column has been “404ed” from the News and Observer website—what news agency wants to be known for getting it wrong, right? The copy was retrieved elsewhere. The internet is forever. 

©JMW 7/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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