Paul Pelosi and Club Rage

Why are liberals so enraged? As in, Jon Stewart enraged—profane, red-faced, veins bulging. They’ve never behaved this unhinged before. So, what’s the reason? The real reason.

What if I said, Paul Pelosi? Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s drunken husband.  

Sound odd?  

It isn’t. Although, the reason isn’t Pelosi directly. It’s his current situation.  

Conservatives have spent decades—hat-tip Limbaugh, the Godfather—trying to alert the public to who these people, liberals, really are characteristically. Trying to alert people to how unhinged and hateful they truly are; to how all the things liberals say they care about, they actually couldn’t care less about; to how they’re users, exploiting human beings—activist groups, minorities, the aggrieved, the poor and downtrodden—to further their own interests and ambitions; and ultimately to how inhuman and evil liberals are, and enjoy being.  

It’s a collection of facts illustrated any number of ways. Liberals love black people, for example, as long as they aren’t republicans and conservatives—like Dr. Ben Carson. In which case, liberals basically lynch them with public disdain and ridicule. Likewise with homosexuals. In which case liberals basically throw them from rooftops with public disdain and ridicule. 

So, is it these constituencies liberals love, the human beings within them? Or is it liberalism?  

It’s religion first, obviously. Always. 

So, confirmed: liberals are inhumane and evil human beings. They lie, cheat, steal, and treat human beings like refuse. And having achieved national media and cultural control, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Via their tool of perception, they can tell whatever story they want—or not tell it. They can control how they appear, and their image, and can cast their adversaries in whatever light they choose. So, life is good!  

Okay, so. Why are liberals so enraged and unhinged? 

First and foremost, they’re just angry, miserable people. They get a governmental super majority for example, yet they’re still angry. They stick it to the rich via taxation, still angry. Get gay marriage passed into law, still angry. Get the first black president, still angry. Get free food, housing, phones, health insurance, and more—still angry. Get everything they want, still angry. 

Still bitching. Still moaning. Still not enough. 

In case you missed it, it’s all a hallmark of deep, abiding: misery. 

And here’s the worst part: liberals fancy themselves humanly superior. Nobody is correct but them. Nobody is more intelligent. Nobody has better ideas or logic. Nobody does anything better, outshines them. Nobody is allowed any triumph, even when they clearly and incontrovertibly triumph. And if all this is true. If liberals have media and cultural control to dictate perception and outcomes. Then, again, why are they so enraged and unhinged? 

Paul Pelosi. 

The elite liberals—politicians, news media, Hollywood—like the old system, wherein they control public information. Meaning: news of events and, specifically, news that involves them. All of them, and all their failures and crimes, to include drunk driving arrests. 

As comedian George Carlin put it: “It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it.” 

In other words, liberals like the way things were before Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and conservative, or more accurately, legitimate, media. In the former arrangement, elite liberals could do whatever they wanted and get away with anything. This whole Pelosi matter would not have disappeared, because it would have never appeared in the first place—like Pelosi’s first drunk driving charge.

Discreet compensatory cash, an invite to a Napa Valley wine tasting in the company of glamorous Hollywood celebrities and political dignitaries. This Pelosi trouble would have never occurred—as it didn’t the first time.  It’s how embarrassing and criminal elite problems were, managed.  

This used to be the standard. Or rather, used to be standard elite club practice. Then Limbaugh appears and starts pointing out the lies, hypocrisy, and double standard of the club, the club that “you ain’t in,” and the exclusive treatment members receive and enjoy.  

Or as Limbaugh used to phrase it: “In packaging the daily news, isn’t it interesting what the mainstream news media [the club] leaves out?” 


Limbaugh was ridiculed and vilified by the club, of course, because he dared to drag the club and its members into the exposing and disinfecting sunlight. Then Fox News came along and was likewise ridiculed and vilified for the same reason—and is still.  

Simply, Limbaugh and Fox News made doing normal club business impossible.  

Club members used to be able to get away with a simple drunk driving incident. Like Ted Kennedy, for example. Who, in a drunken stupor drove Mary Jo Kopechne off the Dike Bridge on Chappaquiddick Island, and abandoned her to die in the Atlantic Ocean. Then, like Michael Corleone, he goes home to the Kennedy compound and ultimately gets away with it.  

The club managing everything. 

That’s how it used to be—how comfortable and reassuring it used to be for club members. And now here’s Limbaugh and Fox News making things difficult—all these embarrassing/criminal news stories on radio and television. This new conservative media brand that is currently digging up stories of Paul Pelosi’s past, reporting both alcohol and a “drug” present in his system. As well as another passenger in his vehicle at the time of his accident—likely Pelosi’s 20-something-year-old mistress.  

Blond. Beautiful. Buxom. And a problem for the club. 

Club members one and all: “Those conservative bastards. How dare they!” 

Were it Trump or Mitch McConnell in a drunken stupor and caught with a 20-something buxom mistress in their vehicle, the club would be playing the video on loop 24/7. Just to remind everyone of republican and conservative unworthiness. But not Pelosi’s failure—or any other club member’s failure for that matter.  

In fact, Fox News had to threaten Napa County with litigation just to get Pelosi’s mugshot, which still took weeks to get. This, after Pelosi’s “fixer” claimed: “… there is no mugshot.”  

No mugshot? After an arrest? Strange. 

The police department and district attorney also have dashcam and body-cam video of Pelosi’s arrest, which they won’t release. Where is that video, Madam District Attorney? Fox News demands. And this other passenger and witness to the accident, and the 911 call? The public has a right to know! 

“Those conservative bastards. How dare they!” 

Incidentally, how is it we have whistleblowers and witnesses and transcripts by the tractor-trailer load when it concerns Trump’s, republican’s, and conservative’s supposed failures and crimes, but never when it involves those of club members?

Evidence in these instances is about as plentiful as covid-era toilet tissue. 

In the former “arrangement,” there wouldn’t be all these demands and all this publicized unpleasantness. But now there’s Fox News and conservative media—Limbaugh’s acolytes carrying the torch. And this is precisely why club members are so enraged. Fury which has been decades in the making for the club losing incremental control over information, and becoming more and more exposed as the corrupt, immoral frauds they pretend and manufacture themselves not to be. 

Thus, where club members were once merely irritated, they are now enraged. Furious because they don’t have complete media control anymore; because they can’t then manage personal failures and crimes privately and to benefit; because they can’t control the way they appear to the American public; because they can’t make themselves pillars of the community and wonderful, warm, compassionate human beings without it being revealed otherwise by … legitimate news media.  

Or rather, the enemy. 

Club members are still attempting all these things, obviously. It’s just becoming less and less believable and effective. And for the increasing lack of effectiveness, and for the subsequent inability to manage club business, club members establishment wide pillory Fox News and conservative media. It’s either that, or start being honest and forthright and moral.  

The club’s reaction: {{shiver}}. 

It has been a slow devolution into their current fury. At first, club members could coolly laugh the opposition away, “Oh, Limbaugh’s just an entertainer.” And Fox News, “Great. Just what we need—more conspiracy theories.” Fox now the nation’s Number One cable news agency wiping the ratings floor with all the rest, and holding the club members’ feet to the fire over their collusion and laptop crimes, as well as their drunk driving failures. Well, the cool, dismissive laughter is over, and has been replaced by profane, red-faced, vein-bulging fury and aggression.  

Add the fact club members fancy themselves humanly superior, and therefore unaccountable, and the club attitude is: How dare these average people challenge and expose their superiors!  

If you’re superior, then you cannot and will not tolerate inferiority, which means you must always be right and never wrong. If wrong, just one time: your ideas, your beliefs, your opinions, your arguments. Then you aren’t superior, but in fact, inferior. And any descent into the ranks is, well, insufferable.  

Thus, the solution: you’re invariably correct and righteous, even when it’s proven otherwise. 

In sum, the luxuries of liberaldom have been slowly taken away. And like spoiled, petulant children forced to share their toys, club members resent it. Thus, it’s easy to understand the fury of actual club members. Life is pretty good when you are above the law and can do whatever you want, and when you can abuse whomever you choose and emerge Mother Teresa on the other side.  

But, what about liberal voters? They aren’t club members. So why are they so enraged?  

What do they care if a politician gets caught driving drunk, committing collusion hoaxes, and enriching themselves via a son’s business they claim to “know nothing about?” What difference does it make to liberal voters? Why would they be so enraged when the lies and corruption of dirty, dishonest politicians, news people, and celebrities are exposed? 

Answer: club members aren’t merely politicians, news personalities, actors and actresses to liberal voters. They’re gods. And if their gods are superior, then liberal voters get to pretend superiority, too. Hence, they can never allow their gods to be revealed as inferior, or less than gods. Club members set the cultural terms and, choosing those terms and club leadership, liberal voters get to pretend they’re in the club, too—though they’ll never venture further than the velvet rope. 

It is all to say, liberal voters are enraged because their gods are enraged. 

That’s it. That’s all.

The truth is their rage has gotten progressively worse for the opposition—conservative media, or rather, legitimate media, growing more credible, influential, and powerful. The transformation to this rage is not unlike the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. For decades liberals denied this legitimate media threat to their control of information and outcomes. In 2016 they finally made their feelings of supremacy public and official, going all-in with a treasonous and communist transformation of America. A brazen crime for which they were not only caught red-handed, but that ultimately proved every-single-aspect of the club—the Democrat Party, the news media, Hollywood— not merely corrupt, but conspiratorially corrupt. 

Since, and with each desperate attempt to prevent their exposure, liberals have grown more desperate and thus angrier—angrier for having to feel desperate and to behave desperately in the first place. Supremacists don’t do desperation; they do rage, which is where we find ourselves currently—enduring these fits of red-faced, vein-bulging, childlike liberal rage. 

The problem going forward is that there will be no bargaining, depression, or acceptance, because neither supremacists nor their followers would ever stoop to such inferior actions. Lying, cheating, and stealing? Treating fellow human beings like inferior garbage?

No problem.

Finding humility? Not a chance.  

The truth is liberals are enraged because they’ve been bested. Bested by Limbaugh, by Fox News, by conservative media, and moreover, by the truth—which is what always happens in the end, and yet another thing the club should’ve seen coming. 

As former house speaker, Newt Gingrich, recently said about the unprecedented FBI raid of Donald Trump’s Florida residence: “[Liberals] are, in fact, the representatives of a dying system. And as it starts to die, it grows more desperate. And what you saw last night at Mar-a-Lago was the desperation of a national machine that knows it’s on the edge of being defeated and then being eliminated. And I think that you’ll see more desperation in the weeks to come.”

And more fury.

So, relax. The rage isn’t personal. It’s just a symptom of red-ass and club closure. 

©JMW 8/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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