Attack of the Effeminate Men

It isn’t just the women of feminism out to dispense with traditional masculinity. It’s effeminate men, too—if we can call them men. 

Upset that the Saudi-backed LIV golf event at Donald Trump’s establishment, Bedminster Golf Club in New York, was taking place so close to the World Trade Center where the 911 attack occurred, carried out mostly by Saudi nationals. Sportscaster Bob Costas didn’t take too kindly. 

For clarity, a brief situational analysis: the Saudi’s invest in a professional golf tour. They invite professional golfers to participate, many of whom join the tour. Trump is asked to host their golf event at his club, and he approves.  

All these many people involved in a new business venture and productive commerce, and is Costas mad at the Saudis? At professional golfers? No. It’s Trump who draws not just his ire, but his telling visceral disdain

“If we learned anything about Donald Trump, which it shouldn’t have taken very long to learn, is that he doesn’t care about any principle, including American democracy or any person, he cares about nothing other than his own perceived self-interests. And then there’s the aspect of grievance and revenge. He was upset because the PGA pulled out following Jan. 6 the last year. Following those events, they pulled the PGA tournament from the Bedminster course. So this is an element of grievance on his part because, as we all know, he is, after all, the most persecuted man in American history, and he’s qualified to say that because he’s a scholar of history.” 

That Trump is such a meanie. 

People can continue getting upset at the belittling remarks of these effeminate liberal males, like Costas, and NBC’s Chuck Todd, and Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook. But when you understand their motivation, well, you pity them, instead. These are guys who have spent their whole lives, particularly their childhood, getting sand kicked in their faces and being picked on—never any respect, only secondary attention from girls, if any at all. Theirs is a nightmare of humiliation and obscurity that they deeply, deeply resent … still. 

Doctrine and beliefs driving everything, the liberal cult accounts for much of these effeminate’s behavior. Liberalism is a grievance organization, drawing angry malcontents from every disgruntled and dissatisfied segment of the human experience.  

Unhappy? Bitter? Resentful? Victimized? Well, do we have the religion for you! Liberalism: where we payback the world and make everyone as equally miserable as you! Join TODAY! 

And really angry with genuinely masculine men, and with the traditions that validate them, these effeminate liberal men really thrive there. 

Hence, it isn’t just the women of feminism out to dispense with traditional masculinity. These effeminates want the same thing—boy do they want the same thing! Don’t misunderstand, I know and have known many of these unassertive effeminate types in my life who were quality, tough in their own way, dudes. They may not throw a great right-hook or be very athletic, but they were men of their word you could count on. Men of principle and integrity and courage.  

These sorts account for many of my best relationships, in fact. An A-type myself, I appreciate the personality and perspective differences. Personally, I don’t want a friendship sphere full of alpha males. It’s unhealthy, I think. It’s good to have A-type friends—iron sharpening iron, and all. However, men need that B-type presence and perspective, too, that quieter strength that these less assertive men bring to the masculinity table. And vice-versa—the B-types need the A-types, too. 

Men, real men, masculine men, are supposed to stand up for what is true and good and right. They’re supposed to be tough, not just physically and emotionally, but in spirit and resolve. These B-types in my sphere are all these things—albeit less visibly, less distinctly. Their toughness simply manifests differently, at different times and in different ways.  

One friend in particular, for example, is soft-spoken and extremely averse to confrontation. But, he’s nonetheless a tough competitor in athletic contests. Thereto, he managed to build and run a large and extremely lucrative company for decades, which demands all forms of toughness. He isn’t the guy to hurl cocky and incendiary remarks, but he ultimately aligns with things true, good, and right. The difference between men like him and these liberal effeminates—Costas, Todd, Sullivan—is they fear standing up for anything true and good and right.  

Being a real, masculine man takes stones.  

Here’s Costas, for example, knowing full well Hillary Clinton ran a treasonous collusion hoax that employed a huge cast of his fellow effeminates: Sullivan, Mook, Barrack Obama. Nothing says, I don’t care “about any principle, including American democracy or any person” and “about nothing other than [my] own perceived self-interests” any more directly and clearly than a treasonous coup. Yet, Costas can not only disparage Trump. He falsely disparages Trump.  

Keywords: character, integrity—and the courage to display both when it’s difficult and unpopular, but the right thing to do.  

This defines genuinely masculine men, and is precisely what these effeminates reject and neglect. If these effeminates are standing up for anything true, good, and right. It isn’t because it’s true, good, right. It’s because they get the attention, approval, and applause they crave, and in fact need, and have always been denied. Like, say, praising women and feminism at a National Organization of Women conference.  

Effeminates, the sleazy dudes at the bar: “Girl, you deserve so much better, to be listened to.”  

Ask them to get involved in, say, the scrum of a physical altercation. They run the other way.  

How do we know it’s true? 

Among countless other examples, the collusion hoax: knowing full well treason was committed by fellow effeminates—the quintessential example of human betrayal and low-lifedness, but disparaging Trump as the contemptable traitor and unprincipled lowlife, instead. 

This is them, these effeminates, running the other way. 

Costas couldn’t do what was true, good, and right because he would be denied the attention, approval, and applause he so desperately craves, and in fact, needs, from the cult. Like all the rest in his effeminate crew. 

This is masculinity? 

Well, it’s how these effeminates apparently define it. And why? Because the traditional definition—character, integrity, and the courage to display both when it’s difficult and unpopular, but the right thing to do—is too risky. Plus, it doesn’t provide the needed validation and ego rush.  

To effeminates, masculinity is money and prestige and power. Look at me; I’m a media/political success! Know me! Love me! Respect me!—they say twirling in circle, arms spread wide, huge smile.  

And it’s sad to say but, the money, prestige, and power do indeed go a long way toward getting both the notoriety they have been denied their whole lives, and the attention and affections of women they would not otherwise entertain.  

So, instead of getting mad at the remarks of these effeminates, one need only understand who they are characteristically. Bob Costas is an effeminate male; that’s what and who he is. It isn’t a cutting remark or condescension. It’s just, true. He isn’t flamboyant and a gay sounding effeminate who extends his pinking at tea time. He’s just isn’t the traditional definition of masculinity. And like the rest, it bothers him. Can you imagine him playing The Outlaw Josey Wales on film? 

Him a shadowy figure leaning against the cantina wall: “Dyin’ aint much of a livin’, boy.” 

You can imagine it, alright. And justifiably so, you’re chuckling.  

This sort of masculinity simply isn’t in the effeminate’s characteristic purview. 

And that’s okay with everyone … but them. 

When is Costas or any one of his fellow effeminates casting aspersions and accusations at Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, or an entire cast of coup conspirators? When are they challenging feminism and taking up for masculinity?  

They do neither. And why not?  

One, they’re gutless effeminates who never stand up for what is true, good, and right—like real men do, both A- and B-types. Two, they’re liberals. Acolytes beholden to the liberal orthodoxy and religion, which means they are obligated to live a lie. For instance, one that deems Trump a greater threat to democracy than actual coup conspirators. And most importantly, three, they do neither because, selfishly, and in service to the religion, they want to neuter masculine men and redefine masculinity with their characteristics.  

It’s payback for all the sand rinsed from their eyes and brushed from their hair. Restitution for all the girls that ignored them and dates they didn’t get. Penance for the focus, attention, and respect they so craved and deserved all those miserable years, but was denied them. Neutering masculine men is the way to get revenge. A way to level the playing field, and to get that desperately needed attention, approval, and applause.  

And what are these new masculinity characteristics?  

Emotional incontinency. Anxiety. Passivity. Senselessness. Dishonesty. Cowardice. Gender subordination. And on the physical side: exquisitely manicured facial hair. Skinny jeans. Better butts and bellies via shaping apparel. Skin treatments for those, problem areas …  

I’m sorry but, are we still talking about the male gender?  

No offense to women, by the way. They’re supposed to be effeminate, and we real, masculine men love it. And the fact is, the traditional masculine brotherhood would gladly take most of them as replacements. 

Understand, however, it’s a “Drama-free” club, ladies. Just so we’re clear. 

Otherwise, Welcome! 

The point is simple: not only are these Costa-styled effeminates not good men. They aren’t good human beings. Masculine men, types A and B, do the hard stuff, and these effeminates don’t—that’s their calling card. Is it a good, and truthful, and right thing to disparage Trump after you and your fellow effeminates sold a Russian collusion scam to the world?  

No, it’s not. And, it’s pretty pathetic.  

Come to think of it, calling them “effeminates” seems a disservice to women. 

So, I’m open to suggestions … 

©JMW 8/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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