My Enemy, My Ally

Is the Russian collusion cabal—Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, the FBI and CIA, et al—colluding with China, Russia, and the world to takedown the United States? 

Given the evidence for it, why isn’t somebody asking that question? Where are all those rabid Russian collusion journalists and television news personalities? After being fed all that fake collusion nonsense by the cabal, and made to look utterly foolish and inept in front of the entire nation, why aren’t they angry at the cabal, and vengeful?  

Because seeking vengeance on fellow conspirators is telling on yourself, and the crew. 

What do you call it when a president (Barrack Obama) coordinates with a political candidate (Hillary Clinton) of his own party, uses the nation’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies to help that candidate and his party win an election. Then, losing the election, rolls that effort into a coup to get rid of a duly elected president and his political enemy?  

You call it: subverting democracy.  

For ease of understanding, subversion: “to undermine the power and authority of (an established system or institution).”  

Or in basic terms: trying to takedown the United States.  

These are people who think they get to determine America’s leadership. 

Again, and hopefully for greater efficacy: these are people who think they get to determine America’s leadership. Not you. Not the country’s citizenry. Them. And they not only think it. They executed a coup and proclaimed it. 

In subverting democracy, one is clearly trying to “transform,” Obama’s idea, a nation into something else. And what other form of governing is there but socialism, communism, and ultimate authoritarianism? Given the undeniable coup, transformation was/is clearly the goal. Yet, the American people seemed determined to believe an attempted communist takeover of their nation something utterly absurd— 

Oh-come-ooon! What are we? Some third-world country?! Gimme a break. 

As the wise psychiatrist advised his willful, constantly failing patient, “Life comes with certain rules, and it’s probably not going make an exception for you.” Human beings have sought power, wealth, and to control other human beings since the dawn of time. So, as to this rule, the American people need to likewise realize that life probably isn’t going to make an exception for them, either.  

Enter: Clinton campaign manager, Robby Mook, who confessed in federal court to the cabal’s coup and their attempted subversion.  

So then, it’s official: life/history is making no exception for the American people, either.  

Let it be a wake-up call. 

So, why do people subvert democracy, anyway?  

There isn’t a catalogue of motivations to sift through. It’s done purely for power and control—and whoever is committing a coup to subvert democracy and steal elections, wants that power and control, unopposable power and control. Else, why try to subvert and usurp the power and control structure that already exists?  

Because you want a new power and control structure. 

In this case, the new structure means doing away with the United States Constitution and laws that have governed the nation for nearly three hundred years. And if you’re attempting to destroy that tradition, then you’re trying to transform the nation into something else, into another form of governance that renders citizen power and control obsolete.  

Like, say, socialism and communism and authoritarianism—all one and the same. 

People seem to want to pretend that the past six years are just republicans and democrats doing what they do, the way they invariably do it. However, it is abundantly clear these two sides aren’t just opposed to each other, as they have been historically. They are genuine enemies now; the rancor between them speaking clearly to it. It’s no longer mere political opposition. It’s palpable loathing, brought about by deeply opposing ideology.  

But, America has a collective ideology, you say. The United States Constitution. Individual freedom, liberty, citizen power and control, and all that. Indeed, it does. And clearly some don’t like that ideology and arrangement—dislike so intense that they’d attempt a transformational coup to create a new ideology and arrangement. And these malcontents are a more diverse group than some might suspect. In fact, for the Trump presidency, a once hidden arrangement/alliance has been now fully and thoroughly exposed.  

Except for a small contingency of conservative republicans, both the Democrat and Republican Parties are aligned—evidenced by the equal fierceness and zeal with which both targeted and sought to destroy Donald Trump. But for a small contingency of conservatives, Trump has no allies in Washington, only establishment enemies. 

Hence the point: the United States government is chiefly comprised of establishment friendlies. And here’s the problem: government has grown monstrous. So massive that it can conceal malfeasance and attempt a communist takeover, with assistance from a complicit, equally corrupt news media, of course. As a result, government has developed its own way of doing business, which is a transformation in itself: it has gone from doing the business of the American people to doing the business of the political/ruling class, or rather, the establishment.  

The establishment, made-up of both republicans and democrats, remember, has a system. A system developed by establishment friendlies, for establishment friendlies, and to be employed by friendlies to both access and ensure power, control, and wealth. And with nearly an entire national news media to help conceal systemic malfeasance; life is really good in the system. Because life is so good, so prosperous and promotional, these establishment benefactors, understandably, don’t want anyone meddling with their system. In fact, witnessing how cohesively and mercilessly the establishment has pursued Donald Trump and conservatives, using all of its available state power and might to crush its opposition, to include espionage, treason, and propaganda. One can credibly argue that communist control is already established. 

Nevertheless, elected officials profiteering is one thing—understanding that it is wrong, of course, and that elected officials are supposed serve the American people, and not themselves. It’s quite another when they use their system to transform the nation they’re supposed to serve, into a system that serves them, and that renders them unopposable dictators—which is all but accepted reality.  

Given the confirmed coup, the establishment cabal clearly made a run at transforming the United States into a nation they control. In doing so, the cabal could not have been more open about their intentions: taking control of the United States away from the American people, and assuming it for themselves. Clearly, the cabal wants a country that operates like China and Russia, and pretty much the rest of the subservient and oppressed world.  

So then, the obvious: is the establishment cabal in fact working with these other nations to bring about America’s demise? They all want the same thing—to destroy the United States, at least as founded. The collusion cabal not only committed an internal coup to upend American democracy. They call America evil and argue against its legitimacy daily. China, Russia, the rest of the world—they work every day against the interests of the United States, too.  

So, why wouldn’t these interests be working together to achieve America’s demise? 

Of course, none actually want America “destroyed.” Because, of what use is a wealth-generating super power in ruins? How do people access and accumulate vast wealth from devastation? Erecting a nation from destruction is a costly expense, not a profitable opportunity.   

To access and accumulate vast wealth, conspirators need the American people doing what they do: applying themselves in their various industries. So that both they and their hard work can be exploited, capitalized on—just as both are now, incidentally, only that’s currently more involved and tedious for all those constitutional rules, laws, and especially those freedom-loving conservative patriots, always quoting constitutional articles and amendments and the Bill of Rights.  


It’s much better to just, control things. To make it so you can dismissively shrug at dissenters, and say, “Well, that’s just the way it is. So, shut-up and get back to work making my vast wealth.” It’s so much easier when people can’t choose their leaders and can’t go to the voting booth to get rid of them. Precisely the kind of citizen control/servitude arrangement communist minded elitists find so demeaning and insufferable, and that they seek to “transform” into something more, beneficial, and less servile. 

So, obviously there are shared interests between the establishment cabal and the rest of the world’s communists. But are there clear instances of collusion?  

Indeed so. In fact, such an instance kicked the whole Trump experience off. 

Obama and then Secretary Clinton sold uranium to a Russian company—again, a Russian company, as in, a primary enemy of the United States. The deal included a racketeering plot involving kicbacks, bribes, and extortion—like the deal itself, something one definitely does not want public. And if one doesn’t want something public, what does one do?  

One conceals it. Does the reader know about the uranium deal or the racketeering that occurred? About the profiteering of the cabal?  About the grave risk to national security, and the ease with which the cabal assumed the risk at the expense of the American people?  

I likely rest my case. 

Basically, America, via Obama and Clinton, was turning over a large swath of America’s untapped uranium deposits—otherwise known as: nuclear fuel for devastating nuclear bombs with which to destroy your American enemies—to Russia, a primary foe of the United States.  

Also involved in the deal was China (CEFC, China Energy Company Ltd), which sought to purchase an interest in the Uranium One deal, evidenced by Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop.  

So here are Obama and Clinton making nuclear fuel/bomb deals for personal benefit with not merely one of America’s primary enemies, but both. And it gets better, er, worse:  

All this ties into the Russian collusion hoax—perpetuated by, yes, the collusion cabal.  

How so? 

Obama and Clinton clearly had much to hide for this clandestine uranium deal. In fact, the entire collusion cabal had much to hide—the same cast of characters, all involved. For its part, the FBI, and certainly the CIA, knew about the deal, because they had an informant telling them about the racketeering plot and the kickbacks, bribes, and extortion involving the Russian company (Rosatom) that was trying to buy Uranium One (a US mining company). In fact, the FBI investigated the deal. And who was the FBI director at the time of the investigation?  

Robert Mueller. Yes, the same Russian collusion Special Counsel. The same prosecutor who, in his exhaustive, near maniacal search to expose the origins of Russian collusion, never asked Robby Mook if his boss, Hillary Clinton, was responsible for the hoax, and did not include Mook in his final report. 

Mook ultimately confessing to the crime in federal court, think of it: one question, under oath, and the book on the whole two-and-a-half year, $42-million taxpayer funded matter is closed.  

One question. 

How is it Fox News with its comparatively paltry resources managed this detail—that Hillary financed the hoax, and Robert Mueller never uncovered it? 

He must not watch Fox News. 

And who prosecuted Rosatom’s—again, a Russian energy giant—main executive in the United States, Vadim Mikerin, for his informant-exposed corruption?  

Yet another Russian collusion conspirator: Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein.  

And when did Rosenstein prosecute the case?  

Many years later, so the deal would remain below legislative and public radar. 

The point is the Russian collusion cabal was represented and implicated in the Uranium One deal, and were thus in collective legal jeopardy. All then knew that if Donald Trump were elected, he would declassify everything related to the Uranium One deal and expose the cabal’s malfeasance. Cabal membership and malfeasance to include then Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, and the Biden’s family’s corrupt, laptop-recorded deal-making with the Chinese. 

In other words, Obama and Clinton were working the Russians, while the Biden crime family was working the Chinese—all at the expense and potential ruin of the United States.  

So, it’s not just that the collusion cabal is corrupt. They were scheming with America’s primary enemies, too. But then, Trump happened, which was not supposed to happen. Couldn’t happen, in fact. Yet it did, and the cabal was panicked. Panic that resulted in a Russian collusion hoax, endless Trump accusations and investigations, daily media and White House Press Room lies and attacks, two impeachment attempts, and so on. And when things really became desperate, after four years of failing to “kill the king,” and facing a vital election they, the cabal, were destined to lose for historic, Trump-inspired American prosperity, and one they desperately needed to win to prevent the exposure of their crimes. The cabal got help from China via a virus and pandemic. A plague for which the establishment cabal refused to blame China, and instead used to bludgeon Trump for an entire election year.  

In other words, who cares if a million Americans die by virus—and 14-million more innocent people around the world. Whatever it takes to complete the transformative mission and conceal our political crimes, we’re prepared to do … to them, the rubes we aim to rule. 

In any event, the 2020 election was stolen from Trump, from the American people, actually, and who wins? 

China, Russia, and the cabal. 

No more expensive Chinese tariffs. A new energy pipeline for Russia. And best of all, the cabal controls their criminal exposure. 

When you work the six-years of so-called “Trump derangement” backwards, deeply backwards, you see that it wasn’t really about Hillary Clinton’s secret server and her trafficking in classified material, and all of that. The merciless Trump targeting was a result of Obama and Clinton corruption and malfeasance, namely this Uranium One deal. Crimes no less facilitated by Obama’s FBI, CIA, and a deep state cabal, to include the news media.  

Involved in historic corruption, and colluding with America’s primary adversaries, this treasonous cabal had but one threat of exposure:  

President Donald Trump.  

That is the reason for six-years of so-called Trump derangement, which isn’t derangement at all, but rather an effort to conceal historic political corruption and crime. And the cabal at risk of exposure put the establishment’s system, its way of life, at risk, prompting establishment friendlies to step in and protect their way—  

The way that no longer serves the American people. 

When the history is finally written, if it ever is accurately, the world will learn that Hillary Clinton is one of the coldest, most corrupt human beings to ever exist on the planet, in league with history’s most notorious despots. She is an inveterate liar, a fraud, and the embodiment of the purest of evil. Bill Clinton isn’t a good person, either. But he cares what people think about him and likes to be liked—has to be liked, actually. And there are his well-documented sexual appetites that control him, too.  

Bill Clinton is weak, in other words. He hasn’t the stomach or the cunning for the kind of global malfeasance that went on at the Clinton Foundation and the Obama White House. He likes chicks, friends that can supply really young ones, and Oval Office trysts with naïve interns. Not all that palace intrigue and treasonous coup stuff. Is he corrupt enough to be a cabal player? Absolutely.  

But he’s too immature for the strategy sessions. Everybody knows that. 

It’s the same with Obama. He is an America-despising Muslim who wants to tear down the United States, but doesn’t have the political connections, cunning, or courage to do it. Who does?  


Obama made her Secretary of State—after both she and her husband demeaned Obama and his family during the democrat primary. A woman demeans you and your family and you make her Secretary of State? That isn’t strength. Like Bill Clinton, Obama needed Hillary, to do what he and Bill were too soft to do themselves.  

The booze and the concha tell Bill and Barrack what to do.  

The point is Hillary Clinton, a soulless human being, is the engine powering it all. The entire six-year #TrumpResistance orbits around her. All roads lead to her, to her campaign, to her lawyers, to her subordinates, to her political connections. She’s doing the deals, running the scams, orchestrating the delays and distractions. All answer to her. 

Who’s out there still involved, still visible, still orchestrating, still advancing, still clearly in the leadership role? Hillary Clinton. Whose attorneys are fighting the fight? Who’s subordinates are carrying the water? Hillary Clinton’s. And where are Obama and Bill? 

I rest my case. 

Hillary led a corrupt and criminal cabal in a coup to subvert American democracy, aiming to take power from the American people and enslave them. Then, to protect their system, their way of life, establishment friendlies—both republicans and democrats, and the news media, and Saturday Night Live, and late-night television, and Hollywood, and …—stepped in to protect the collusion cabal and to conceal their crimes.  

The establishment must destroy Trump because, one, he represents a populace uprising, 74-million strong and increasing, against the establishment and its sacred way of life. And two, because Trump is the head of the conservative snake and, with his destruction, there will be no further resistance.  

Business, finally, can get back to normal—the opposition deathly frightened by the very prospect of opposition, and cowering under systemic glare. 

Members of the establishment don’t believe in America, in the individual liberty for which it stands. If they did, then they wouldn’t attempt to subvert the democracy that upholds liberty and empowers individuals. Members couldn’t care less about the country, or the citizenry. It’s a piece of land, one that can either profit them, or look like any other “shithole” civilization around the world. Establishment members care about power and wealth, and will sacrifice America to get both without a moment’s hesitation. And it doesn’t matter who they partner with—China, Russia, Iran—to acquire the power and wealth, either.  

Years after the Uranium One deal, the FBI, under pressure from President Donald Trump, finally released documents on the matter inside its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) online vault. But there was nothing incriminating in the disclosure, just benign, previously released and already public letters from Congress members demanding answers in the Uranium One case. 

Even so, the FBI knew the deal was corrupt and, moreover, a potentially grave national security risk. They’d had an informant, William Douglas Campbell, alerting them to the corruption, which they ultimately prosecuted. The FBI knew this long before Obama and Clinton were making the Uranium One deal with the Russians, too. Yet, the deal was nonetheless approved by CFIUS (the Obama-led Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States). 

The events and timeline leave three questions: one, did the FBI notify then-President Obama, Hillary Clinton and other leaders on the CFIUS board about Rosatom’s dark deeds before the Uranium One sale was approved? Two, did the bureau drop the ball and fail to inform policymakers? Or perhaps, three, was there a conspiracy among Obama, Clinton, the FBI, the CFIUS committee, Vladimir Putin, and China to profit from the uranium market at the expense of America’s national security? 

The Uranium One deal was inarguably and thoroughly corrupt, the details of which the cabal would certainly want forever concealed, which they proved by not including them in their FOIA online vault release.

However, there are more documents. Reporter John Solomon: 

“One former U.S. official, who had access to the evidence shared with CFIUS during the Uranium One deal, said this to me: ‘There is definitely material that would be illuminating to the issues that have been raised. Somebody should fight to make it public.’ That somebody could be President Trump, who could add these 37 pages of now-secret [Uranium One deal] documents to his declassification order he is considering in the Russia case.” 

Trump hesitated on the declass, citing concern for allies and risks to the then occurring Russia probe. Yet, he was the Commander in Chief. Privy to all information and intelligence, he has the declassified evidence and knows the truth. 

What’s the chance the Uranium One evidence was stored at Mar-a-Lago? 
What’s the chance the documented history of the collusion hoax was stored there, too? 

And do you think China, Russia, and the establishment cabal benefit if it all disappears? 

Me too. 

So then, do you think the cabal and its fellow establishment friendlies are partnering with America’s enemies to takedown the United States? 

Me too. 

©JMW 9/2022 
All Rights Reserved 


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