The Most Important Thing

Imagine a prosecutor in a major trial making her case. After laying out the circumstantial, if compelling, evidence to the rapt jury. She steps conspiratorially to the jurists and says, “But this, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this,” pointing to the widescreen hanging on the courtroom wall now glowing with life, “is the most important thing. Lights, please …” 

“Here’s the defendant, here,” she says, on her way to the courtroom widescreen, pointing to the video figure, newly appeared. “His face concealed, he emerges from the shadows to the lighted porch. A lefty, he raises the gun with his left hand, then shoots the victim in the back of the head at close range [the weapon firing, soundless]. Freeze it! Right there,” she directs the video engineer. The assailant’s hand frozen in the air.  

Slowly, dramatically she returns to the jury. “Now. Ladies and gentlemen. How do we know, beyond any doubt, that this assailant is the defendant?”  

A pregnant pause for effect.  

A smile creeps onto her face. She then turns to the widescreen, walking, pointing …  

“Because the defendant forgot to take off his unique, family-crested wristwatch.”  

She says it deadpan for maximum effect—the video engineer ever-so-slowly zooming-in for the clear and incontrovertible visual.  

 Visual and strategic perfection! 

“The defendant is so foolish … or so arrogant,” shrugging coyly, “I don’t know, you decide,” she says to the jury, politely grinning. “He is so foolish and arrogant, that he forgot to take off his easily identifiable, uniquely family-crested wristwatch. This one right here,” she says sharply, displaying it to the jury looped around her finger. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, note the family crest on the band. The very same” she points to the widescreen, “as the assailant.”  

Strolling down the jury box for thorough viewing, “It’s always the small things, ladies and gentlemen,” she adds. “The defendant thought he’d committed the perfect crime. And yet, he forgets … to remove … his watch.” 

Courtroom chuckles … 

And via this “most important thing,” the entire world now sees this defendant for what he truly is: an evil criminal. A liar. A con artist. A phony. A loathsome human being. A sociopath.

The veil is lifted. The mustard’s off the hot dog. 

A lot can be learned about people from this “most important thing.” In fact, it is striking what one can see, and learn, when light is cast at just the right pitch, exposing the tiniest imperfections otherwise invisible, yet massive in significance. People get caught-up in the minutiae and drama, the things easily noticeable. Meanwhile, standing there plainly visible is the inconspicuous perpetrator wearing a ball cap, hands in pockets, smirking.  

Evidence so clear that later it’s said, How did we miss that?! 

From the Map Room in the private residence of the White House, a silent finger countdown [in 5…4…3…2…1…] led then President Bill Clinton into his confession of an affair with intern Monica Lewinsky. What is the “most important thing” in this confession?  

Confessing the affair, Clinton confirmed that he knew all along he’d had it. 

Clinton knew all along that he’d had the affair, and yet he and his political allies, to include the mainstream news media, a group in entirety professing to champion women, tried to destroy Lewinsky—and all the other woman who accused Clinton in the past: Juanita Broaddrick, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones.  

It’s the feminist thing to do, destroy those you profess to protect and champion. 

Clinton knew he’d had the affair, and yet he played word games with investigators. 

Clinton knew he’d had the affair, and yet he wagged his finger at the American public and demanded they “listen to him.” Because he was going to “say this again,” which he did via a menacing glare and rhythmic lectern thumping with his fist: “I did not. Have. Sexual relations with that woman. Ms. Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie. Not a single time. Never! These allegations are false! And I need to go back to work for the American people.” 

Of course, the allegations weren’t false. They were true, revealed so for an errant dollop of presidential semen, forcing Clinton’s Map Room confession. Remarkably, although not so remarkable for a narcissist, a confession in which Clinton remarked, “This is gone on too long, cost too much, and hurt too many innocent people … our country has been distracted by this matter for too long.” Sentiments that were indeed true, but only because Clinton kept denying what he knew he had done and lying about it. 

Pitching the lamp but a few degrees for clearer viewing, it is abundantly obvious Clinton isn’t merely a bad person. He is an evil sociopath, which is not a characterization too far.  

And indeed, it’s “the most important thing.” 

In the witness chair in federal court, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robbie Mook, was asked about the phony Alfa Bank story used to try to destroy Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential candidacy. Under oath, Mook confessed, “We discussed it with Hillary; she agreed with the decision [to share the false and contrived story with a reporter, in furtherance of a treasonous plot].” Only, Clinton had Fusion GPS, an opposition research firm, and Perkins Coie lawyers, Michael Sussmann and Marc Elias, on the payroll. A political and legal cabal that had come up with the story in the first place—in fact, were paid to come up with the story.  

In other words, the matter didn’t need to be “discussed” with Clinton by her campaign team, nor did the release of the story to the news media need her agreement. And why not?  

“The most important thing,” of course.  

When days before the 2016 election Hillary Clinton sat down with her iPhone and Tweeted, “Computer scientists have apparently uncovered a covert server linking the Trump Organization to a Russian-based bank.” Clinton knew she had paid for the fake story herself via Perkins Coie, and that she was doing so not in furtherance of a mere hoax of her design, but in service to a treasonous plot of her design. A plot to destroy Trump’s initial candidacy, that continued into the Trump presidency. A plot that included a costly, purely theatrical, three-year investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Purely theatrical because Mueller was investigating Clinton’s plot and not an actual Trump crime. Because there was no Trump crime, only a manufactured crime being used as part of a treasonous plot. So then, Clinton knew the investigation was pure fantasy, too, and let it run its destructive course anyway.  

As one reporter put it, “The Russian/Trump [fraud] that Mrs. Clinton sanctioned [and engineered] has done enormous harm to the country. It disgraced the FBI, humiliated the press, and sent the country on a three-year investigation to nowhere”—and it indicted the Obama administration, too. For Clinton did not command and direct federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies. That was Obama’s role. 

All this national upheaval taking place for years and, the whole time, Clinton wasn’t just the engineer. She knew she was the engineer—facilitated by co-conspirators: Obama, his FBI, CIA, DOJ, and the corporate news media, too.  

So. Once again pitching the lamp but a few degrees for clearer viewing, it’s abundantly obvious that Clinton isn’t merely a bad person. Like her husband, she’s an evil sociopath, too, which is not a characterization too far, either.  

And indeed, it’s “the most important thing.”  

Standing on the presidential debate stage with Donald Trump in 2020, Joe Biden claimed “nothing was unethical” about his son Hunter’s job at Ukraine’s Burisma Holdings, employment attained for Joe’s political status, and to financially benefit Joe, the “Big Guy.” Of the laptop where all this incriminating data was stored, Biden offered a response given him in debate prep, “There are 50 former national intelligence folks who said, what [Trump’s] accusing me of, is a Russian plant.”  

Cognitively impaired, Biden, predictably, muffed the line. What he meant was 51, not 50, former intelligence officials had signed a letter suggesting Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation. Disinformation meant to, yet again (Russian collusion), swing the 2020 election for Donald Trump. 

Joe “The Big Guy” Biden having cashed the Burisma checks, however, and having guaranteed they continue by bribing Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko. Biden wasn’t merely lying about the laptop being Russian disinformation. Like Bill and Hillary Clinton, he knew he was lying.  

Knowing. Big difference. 

So again, pitching the lamp but a few degrees for clearer viewing, it is abundantly obvious that Joe Biden isn’t merely a bad person. He is an evil sociopath, too, which is not a characterization too far, either. 

Finally, the corporate news media. Or the “mainstream” news media, as it’s called. Or the unaffectionate but true, “Fake News” media. They see all this evil corruption taking place, particularly that of Hillary and Biden. They have their reporters in the courtroom who hear Mook’s confession about Hillary, her being the author of a treasonous plot. They see the video of Joe Biden confessing bribery in Ukraine: “Well, son of a bitch! …” They see the signed receipt showing Hunter Biden dropped off the laptop in question, and that it’s unquestionably his laptop, and that the data contained therein is therefore true, and damning. They know precisely what Fox news and so-called “conservative news” outlets are reporting about the laptop is true, and therefore damning.  

And what is the corporate news media’s response? 

They either directly lie in their reporting, “51 former intel officials say laptop is Russian disinformation.” Or they lie by omission, which simply means they don’t report what they know. 

Key word: know.  

And if they know and aren’t reporting what they know, what does that imply? 

Pitching the lamp but a few degrees for clearer viewing, it is abundantly obvious that the corporate media, the “fake” news media, isn’t merely a bad industry constituted by bad people. It’s an evil industry populated by sociopaths, too, which is not a characterization too far, either. 

So, there you are showing liberal voters all this incontrovertible and condemning evidence. Bill Clinton confessing to the affair. Mook confessing Hillary’s treasonous plot. Biden bribing Poroshenko and cashing the Burisma checks. The “fake” news media caught repeatedly lying, in service to a political ideology. All knowing full well that they’re lying. And what is the response of liberal voters? 

Pitching the lamp but a few degrees for clearer viewing … 

Liberals aren’t political foes. They are evil sociopaths. Worse, they’re evil sociopaths incapable of seeing themselves as such. And not only is this not a characterization too far.  

It’s the most important thing. 

©JMW 4/2023 
All Rights Reserved 

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    1. Interestingly, I’m beginning to hear the term “cult” now, too. People say it with surprise, like they can’t believe what they’re realizing. Lol. I have a piece coming out next week sometime that you’ll like, tentatively titled: Why Trump? I’ll DM you with the link hot off the keyboard.

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