The Radical Reason

Regarding Donald Trump’s recent New York indictment, El Salvador president, Nayib Bukele’s, remarks are dark and ominous:  

“Imagine if this happened in any other country, where a government arrested the main opposition candidate. The United States’ ability to use ‘democracy’ as foreign policy is gone.”  

In other words, electricity to the “shining city on a hill” has been cut off at the main.   

Trump wasn’t arrested for an egregious crime, either. Like, say, a treasonous Russian collusion plot to overthrow a leading and longstanding democracy. He was indicted for paying a porn star to stop extorting him. A Non-Disclosure (NDA) Agreement that, somehow, broke federal campaign finance law. The same campaign finance laws that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee violated, misreporting money paid for a fake dossier used in a treasonous Russian collusion plot to overthrow a leading and longstanding democracy. Gee, that sounds familiar. 

Anyway, what happened to them?  

They wrote a $113,000 dollar check to the Federal Election Committee to square accounts—a fine quietly imposed and check quietly written, of course, to avoid those nasty optics. Say like, a double standard of justice and political corruption. 

So, let’s review: same crime, a criminal indictment for one, a quietly imposed fine for the other. 

A result otherwise known as: the nasty optics. 

It’s surely my overactive logical tendencies, but there seems an imbalance here, an inequality—the type liberals are always going on and on about. It seems there are two systems of justice being employed instead of the singular blind justice for one and all. It seems like, dare I say it?  

Well, like tyranny. 

What else would you call a government allowing loyalists to commit crimes and avoid punishment, but prosecuting political opponents to the letter of the law—the very same law the government ignores on behalf of its loyalists?  

There is no framed PhD on my wall, but it sounds rather tyrannical to me. In fact, definitively tyrannical. 

So then, why aren’t we calling Trump’s ridiculous indictment tyrannical? If what has happened to Trump the last seven years had been done to democrats, you can bet every liberal would be calling it tyranny. Democrat leaders would be draped in Gadsden Flags, singing the national anthem on capital steps, touting the ever-profound wisdom of the Founding Fathers, and arming the public with guns they professedly detest [yes, that’s how weird it would be!]. The establishment news media would be doing its job, too, rooting out the traitors, their lies, the documentation, text messages, laptop data [isn’t it interesting how the media employ themselves this rigorously for manufactured Trump scandals and crimes?]. The United Nations would even be on site, demanding a return to “sacred democracy” and that the traitors one and all be hanged.  

For God’s sake, man. If you can’t see this is tyranny, you ain’t black! C’mon, man!  

Obviously, tyranny has more than just taken root in America. It has fully blossomed, and its formidable establishment weapons are aimed squarely at Donald Trump. Of course, he isn’t the actual target. Democracy and the American people are the targets; Trump is just in the way, is the firewall. And one attack after another, an entire establishment apparatus has not just maligned him, but gone after him criminally. One attempt fails, the establishment manufactures the next criminal case, and then the next, and the next …   

For seven years Donald Trump has endured the full legal weight the federal government. Congress and nearly every federal agency has scoured his past with the best, most skilled legal professionals and investigators money can buy. No human being’s life has been more thoroughly dissected and laid bare than Donald Trump’s—his financial records, income taxes, banking statements, emails, text messages, personal life, his wife’s underwear drawer. Everything.  

In other words, every rock overturned, every nook and cranny thoroughly inspected—with high-powered headlamps and dental picks. Whatever is to be known about Trump criminally would be known. And yet, despite all this high-powered, super-determined examination, the establishment is forced to litigate an NDA agreement with a porn star. An agreement, no to incidentally, that the FEC (Federal Election Commision), the United States Attorney’s office, a former New York County District Attorney, and even the current New York County DA, Alvin Bragg, all claimed lawful and legit.  

Again, sounds rather tyrannical to me. Definitively tyrannical.  

Thus, the conclusion from all this, which should be obvious to everyone but liberal voters: (a) Donald Trump cannot survive, and for this (b) the establishment attempts to eliminate him are not going to stop. The question is why? Why the incessance and determination? Why the blind, lawless, maniacal desperation?  

Or more pointedly, why Trump? 

People think it’s because Trump called out the swamp and its widespread and politically diverse corruption publicly, and it made the swamp angry. This is partly true, and correction: it was swamp fear, not anger. It made the swamp afraid. Even so, doesn’t this scenario say something? A righteous swamp would want to either defend its virtue or root out the criminal elements and reestablish its virtue. Political corruption shall not and will not stand in the United States government! Only in this case, the swamp is angry and retaliatory. A response for which there is but one explanation: 

The swamp is corrupt, just as Trump charged.  

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump threw down the gauntlet on the liberal establishment. His “slings and arrows” speech was nuclear bomb to each member: the Democrat Party, the republican establishment, the news media, the deep state, financial institutions domestic and international. In terms direct and unambiguous, Trump let the establishment know he intended to expose their conspiratorial duplicity and corruption, and to return power back to the American people, which he did in the ensuing four years of his presidency despite a daily, unrelenting, and vicious establishment assault.  

In doing so, however, Trump unearthed and exposed something even more alarming, something clandestine and evil and never meant to be uncovered: radical Marxists in the governing class determined to destroy America via a conspiratorial network long in development. If Trump hadn’t thrown down the gauntlet and forced the establishment to address his corruption charge, voters would still think their government a political arrangement of parties and ideas, instead of what it truly is, or has become: a hotbed of communists deeply committed to transforming America into a communist plantation. 

Trump’s speech frightened the establishment, certainly, directly challenging the entirety’s power, control, and subsequent ability to accrue wealth. However, it threw these Marxist saboteurs into sheer panic. Here they were on the precipice of long awaited, thought to be impossible transformational success. Then Trump steps forward with these lethal corruption accusations and patriotic ideals, which came as no surprise to these saboteurs, incidentally. They knew the threat Trump posed long before the speech, which is why they were spying on and targeting his campaign as early as 2015, a year before the 2016 presidential election. They weren’t concerned with Jeb Bush or the rest of the 2016 republican presidential field. Else they would have targeted them, would have manufactured a phony dossier and collusion plot for them.  

Clearly, these Marxist infiltrators knew who posed the greatest danger to their cause. Who are they precisely? These communist saboteurs bent on making America a communist plantation? 

For starters, there is only one way for a nation’s federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to open a counterintelligence investigation, in this case “Crossfire Hurricane,” into a political opponent’s, Donald Trump’s, campaign. It requires a directive or approval from the top, from the President of the United States: Barrack Obama.  

So, let’s connect the Marxist dots … 

Obama was raised by a black Marxist family, which his father abandoned, and was thus schooled in the Marxist tradition. For clarity, Marxist: communist.  

Communism: a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned, and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs.  

Karl Marx. Hence, Marxism—communism by another name. And no private property rights, and people “paid” by their communist overlords as the overlords see fit, means the end of individual freedom and liberty, and America.

Note: Obama was schooled in this communist tradition. Or rather, the tradition of human slavery, oppression, and evil.  

Marxists are forced to play language games to conceal their true identity and intentions. They are indeed communists, but the term doesn’t sell well, is poisoned. So, it is replaced with terms like “socialist,” and “democratic socialist,” and of course “Marxist,” and other softer and enigmatic terms—linguistic coffee grounds to throw off the dogs. 

Professor of education at the University of Illinois, Bill Ayers, also a Weather Underground terrorist and radical Marxist, he became Obama’s political ally during Obama’s rise to power [note: a domestic terrorist who is also an American university professor, highlighting the connection between Marxism and American universities]. The Weather Underground was a 1960s radical faction identified by the FBI as a domestic terrorist group. A group dedicated to “the destruction of U.S. imperialism and the achievement of classless world: world communism,” proclaimed in its 1969 foundational statement. That’s: foundational statement. 

Ayers is a radical Marxist, and Obama’s ally and friend. 

As president, Obama lent his friendship and support to Black Lives Matter, too. Another radical group co-founded by Patrisse Cullors, who is not only a self-described trained Marxist herself, but a protégé of Weather Underground agitator, Eric Mann, also a radical Marxist.   

Along with Mann, Cullors is counted among Obama’s allies and friends, too. 

Then there is the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who said infamously, “Goddamn America—that’s in the Bible … America’s chickens are coming home to roost.” Wright is yet another Marxist friend and ally of Obama, who was a devoted 20-year member of the reverend’s church, Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ.  

Yet another man of the cloth, Reverend Louis Farrakhan, is another Marxist, and an anti-Semite to boot. Despite the Congressional Black Caucus pressuring a photographer for more than a decade to keep a photo of Farrakhan and Obama concealed to protect Obama’s political future, and the Marxist plot, the pair were nonetheless friends and allies, too. And why the Marxist hate for the Jews, incidentally, which Obama himself openly and repeatedly demonstrated during his presidency?  

The Jews are God’s chosen people, an anointed class of human beings that evil Marxists despise for being an anointed class, anointed by God. In other words, it isn’t the Jews that Marxists despise. It’s God. Otherwise, they wouldn’t persecute God’s chosen people, and conceal pictures of their evil Marxist associations, and whatnot. They wouldn’t lie and deceive people all the time, either. None of which aligns with God and righteousness, but instead evil. 

So. Highlighting all these Marxists in Obama’s personal sphere, hence the point people are trying to make about him, but never directly do:  

Obama is a Marxist too! Born, bred, and instructed. 

In fact, he is the continuation of the Weather Underground, its new millennium version. A devoted disciple who yet believes in the cult’s cause: “the destruction of U.S. imperialism and the achievement of classless world: world communism.” And evidenced by its involvement in the Russian collusion plot and the events beyond, the world shares Obama’s passion for this, too. 

So, a Marxist opposition clearly existent and pursuing its objectives should be understood, which involves rather basic principles and rudimentary logic. Marxists respect no law—no police officers, no judges, and no governments, obviously. Determined to end “imperialism,” Marxist are the law. Their attempt at communist “transformation” successful, they become the emperors, which is exactly what Obama and his fellow conspirators intend.  

What are Obama’s motivations? 

Drill down deep enough psychiatrically, and Obama is mad at his father for abandoning him, and in fact confessed this resentment. It is to say, Obama has daddy issues, still—like so many other fatherless black men. Raised by a family teaching the Marxist tradition and hate, Obama was then eagerly receptive to the hate, and to revenge. For one reason or another, this is undoubtedly the case for every Marxist radical. Abandoned or ignored or mistreated formatively, they are enraged at the world and want to get even with it. A quest for vengeance in which they have learned to be clever. 

“We have never been a collection of red states and blue states,” Obama says. “We are, and always will be, the United States.” Such inspiring proclamations aren’t authentic and heartfelt. They are employed to (a) disguise the contempt he holds for America and (b) to facilitate the evils he has planned for American “imperialism,” which we know to be the plan for all the fellow Marxists in his personal sphere, beholden to a foundational group pledge. Marxists like Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders, who Obama repeatedly invited to the White House, and even publicly praised: “They are much better organizers than I was when I was at their age, and I’m confident that they are going to take America to new heights.”  

“Organizer.” The soft term for radical Marxist, and more linguistic coffee grounds. 

Of course, Obama doesn’t aim to take America to “new heights,” but rather to new communist lows. How do we know? Because here he is publicly touting his radical organizer creds and Marxist allegiance: “They are much better organizers than I was …” By his own admission, Obama is a fellow Marxist. A communist dedicated to “the destruction of U.S. imperialism and the achievement of classless world: world communism.”  

And here everyone thought Obama was a servant of the people beholden to the United States Constitution, the rule of law, and an advocate for American imperialism and supremacy.  

Obama is not the only Marxist leader in this latest communist coup, either.  

Weather Underground supporter and fellow Marxist, Susan Rosenberg, was sentenced to 58 years in prison in 1984 for possession “of 740 pounds of explosives, an Uzi submachine gun, an M-14 rifle, another rifle with a telescopic sight, a sawed-off shotgun, three 9-millimeter handguns in purses and boxes of ammunition.”—so much for the liberal stance against guns and gun violence. A fraud now, um, shot to hell. To mean, Marxists like Obama have no issue with guns or gun violence, as his beloved war-torn and ignored Chicago would testify. Marxists are after guns solely to disarm people, to take away a citizenry’s ability to resist Marxist radicals bent on unopposable authoritarian control.  

It is to say, an armed citizenry is a threat. 

“We’re caught, but we’re not defeated. Long live the armed struggle!” Rosenberg shouted as she was taken from a New Jersey state police barracks in Berlin for arraignment in Federal Court in Camden. Long live the “armed” struggle surely won’t sit well with today’s anti-gun and –second amendment liberals. Incidentally, can fellow Marxists be “bitter clingers,” too? 

Interestingly, Rosenberg’s sentence was commuted. She now serves as vice chair of the board of directors of Thousand Currents—a radical, grantmaking institution. An institution that financially sponsored whom?  

Fellow Marxists, of course: the Black Lives Matter Global Network. Again, “We’re caught, but we’re not defeated. Long live the armed struggle!” Clearly, Rosenberg meant it. 

By the way, notice how there’s a red line of radical Marxism always connecting these people like local mobsters on an organized crime unit’s war room wall? 

More intriguing, however, is who commuted Rosenberg’s 58-year sentence, just 16-years completed. Who would free a police-murdering Marxist lunatic found in possession of so many normally detestable guns that cause so much detestable gun violence? Who would forgive all these heinous sins? 

President Bill Clinton. On his last day in office, no less—to avoid those, nasty optics.  

Don’t be misled, Bill might be a Marxist, but he’s not a committed Marxist, like Hillary. She is the real militant. Not only would Bill rather chase the broads, of all ages. He has too big an adolescent need to be liked to be a Marxist zealot. In fact, Hillary having tried to establish communist healthcare in Bill’s first term, to massive public displeasure and the first republican controlled house in 40 years, Bill ran sprinting back to the middle and away from all that radical zealotry—all to be publicly liked again, of course. Bill is too weak for militant Marxism, too enslaved by his adolescent needs and desires. His father dying in a car crash, Clinton likely has daddy issues, too, which didn’t manifest as anger in this case, but as an insatiable, juvenile need for approval, both public and female.  

Hillary on the other hand, now she is committed! She has the radical’s narcissism, hate, and resolve. We know it’s true, because what else could compel someone to stay married to a serial philanderer after being publicly humiliated by him time and again?  

Only one thing could be so compelling, a larger cause and goal: Marxism, and the destruction of American imperialism. And by the way, Hillary is no Tammy Wynette

In the cult of Marxism, aka liberalism [more linguistic coffee grounds], the person dies so the cause can endure and succeed. That’s the radical Marxist, a martyr. He/she will endure whatever abuse and humiliation they must so the cause can survive and meet a triumphant end. Marxists are zealots, heretics. They are fanatical sociopaths on a mission, and whose attitude toward humankind is thus: the lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of the sheep.  

Author David Horowitz:  

“Radical utopians [Marxists] seeking to change the world invariably have three traits in common. These flow from the radical nature of their mission, which is to change the world. First, radicals are in a hurry. Their task is large and the opportunities to achieve it scarce. America’s political culture is specifically designed to support incremental reforms not abrupt breaks with the past. Ramming through transformational changes on the basis of razor thin majorities is exactly what the American system is designed to frustrate and thwart. But this is the very goal of radicals, and they are consequently pitted from the outset against the majority.  

“Second, because radicals are in a hurry, they’re impatient with process and persuasion which makes them generally tone deaf to the majority that opposes them. Radicals dismiss their opponents, because once their schemes are implemented — by whatever means necessary — they’re confident that a majority will see just how liberating their policies are, and they will be grateful. Blinded by arrogance they prefer government by mandate and diktat to the frustrating conversations that are the lifeblood of a democratic system.  

“Third, radicals generate energy for their movements by singling out a social subgroup, usually a racial or religious minority, to demonize as the enemy of these liberating schemes. In this way they remove opponents from the deliberative process and deny them a proverbial seat at the table where they can express their opposition.”* 

What Marxists learned was that they couldn’t accomplish their mission from a dank and dingy Weather Underground headquarters. Bringing down imperialism required a bigger platform, more power to do things. So, no more small-minded radicalism of the past and rathole headquarters; we need to think bigger! All the terroristic bombings and anti-American crusading of the ‘60’s and ‘70s weren’t winning new converts as quickly as they arrogantly demanded. And if the American people weren’t consenting and converting, then communism would be forced on them, diktat-style. 

Thus, the new strategy: winning elections and imposing Marxism. 

The new strategy employed the radical Muslim approach: say and do whatever you need to say and do to win elections and assume power, because our ideological ends justify the means. Then talk all that patriotic, red, white and blue stuff to the American people— “We have never been a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and always will be, the United States”—while you secretly undermine and destroy American imperialism.  

Marxists needed to be on the inside, in power. Thus, they committed to (a) getting fellow Marxists, one by one, into public office and government agencies and the judiciary, and (b) eroding the foundations of America, step by legislative and immoral step, for an ultimate conversion to communism. All led by the most committed radical, Hillary Clinton, who for decades laid the groundwork for Marxist D-Day. 

Enter: Barack Obama 

A committed Marxist—and beneficially “African American, articulate and bright and clean,” as Joe Biden characterized him—Obama presented the perfect opportunity for an all-in Marxist D-Day. Who could challenge him? When anyone dared, fellow radicals and establishment sympathizers called them racist. When anyone challenged his Marxist agenda, they were called climate deniers, or homophobic, or xenophobic, or whatever was required. Obama was clearly the Marxist movement’s long-awaited opportunity, who spent eight years of his presidency aggressively advancing the cause. Problem was, Clinton thought it was her turn to be president in the 2008 presidential election.  

As Donald Trump put it on the campaign trail in 2016, “The Clinton’s are criminals, never forget that.” Hillary and Bill have escaped more crime in the last 30-40 years than anyone: White Water, Uranium One, illegal computer servers, destroying subpoenaed emails, destroying phones with hammers, lying under oath on countless occasions, two rigged primary elections, a treasonous Russian collusion plot—the last a crime CIA Director, John Brennan, informed President Obama about, who then employed his CIA and FBI and DOJ in assistance. All this crime, and yet here is an entitled Clinton demanding to be President of the United States (think Marxists aren’t narcissists and sociopaths?). So, how did the Clinton’s escape so much egregious crime? 

Fellow Marxists and sympathizers in the right places: a radicalized and corrupt deep state, judicial system, and news media. Since when can a treasonous plot be committed and the news media refuse to expose it, and even address it? 

When they are fellow Marxists, sympathizers, enablers, and co-conspirators.  

That is how it was done; Hillary in the lead. A key point in Trump’s terrifying speech:   

“The Clinton machine is at the center of this power structure. We’ve seen this firsthand in the Wikileaks documents, in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of US sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends, and her donors.”  

Before Barrack Obama in this Marxist scheme was the Clintons, the most successful government infiltrators. Marxists have tried this before but were sniffed-out by republican senator from Wisconsin, Joe McCarthy. Numerous communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers had infiltrated the United States federal government, universities, film industry, and elsewhere, McCarthy charged. And the establishment was apoplectic then for the same reason it is now: Marxists and their scheme have been sniffed-out and exposed.  

The Clinton’s have proven the most successful, however. Mostly for Bill Clinton’s charisma and likeability, which shielded Hillary’s communist treachery. Hillary was a leachy lamprey, fastening herself to a cool, charismatic host, who wasn’t motivated by all that radical stuff, but who was nonetheless useful to the cause. For his daddy issues, Bill Clinton was emotionally weak and vulnerable, and therefore Marxist prey. 

Much to Hillary’s elitist ire, Barrack Obama received the 2008 Democrat Party nomination, however, winning the presidency twice. Contentious though the pair were on the primary trail, these fellow Marxists knew there was greater Marxist work to be done and completed. Unified, Obama made Hillary Clinton Secretary of State his first term. In that appointment, Obama brought the Weather Underground leadership back into the White House, along with access to the vast Marxist network Hillary had set in place.   

Hillary’s crowning moment was to be 2016; the lead Marxists’ presidential reward for years of dedicated and destructive Marxist labor. Her succeeding two terms were to be the 16-year bookend to Obama’s eight-year “transformation” of the United States. Having set the table for Marxist transformation, it was her task, her crowning achievement and reward, to finish the job.  

In other words, electing Hillary president in 2016, Marxist were going all-in on an imperialism destroying communist takeover of the United States.

Now is the time!  And only one person stood in their way:  

Donald Trump.  

What is important to understand about Trump’s entry into the race is that everyone in the establishment knew he was a cultural elite, and that he’d shared their exclusive space his entire life. They knew he understood the machinations of the establishment, particularly the financial networks. He was a Washington outsider, but an establishment elite insider. As such, he knew the people, the systems, and the establishment way.  

This is precisely why Trump’s slings and arrows speech was so astute, informed, and deathly alarming. His establishment intimacy, along with having the financial resources and backbone to withstand any and every establishment attack, is what made Trump the Marxist Antichrist. When he gave his speech, calling Washington a swamp of corruption, and the news media “fake news,” politically corrupt, and conspiratorial. He not only left no doubt about his intentions. He made ignoring the charges impossible and forced an establishment address. 

The Marxist cabal was in sheer panic for the campaign speech alone. Trump winning the election, however, a rigged election, no less, sent them beyond panic and into desperation. Despite their treasonous efforts—Clinton’s server and classified and subpoenaed email crimes all dismissed, Wikileaks revelations ignored, a rigged democrat primary, spying on the Trump campaign, voluminous unmaskings of Trump campaign personnel, an ongoing and treacherous Russian collusion plot—the cabal could not overcome the American people, who sent Trump to the White House. The reason for the stunned establishment expressions on election night wasn’t the electoral loss, necessarily.  

Worse: the evidence room was unlocked to 8 years of Marxist treachery, specifically the last year and their treasonous spying and collusion crimes.  

The incoming commander in chief would certainly uncover their crimes and expose their Marxist plot, which is precisely what happened. To say the infiltrators were terrified is a gross understatement. They were panic stricken. They are panic stricken still. How do we know? 

Two iconic, international brands—Clinton and Obama—have been relegated to the political sidelines for seven years, and to virtual obscurity. For 26 years they were front-and-center and involved in everything. Followed by the media every day and everywhere, they were ever-present. And since election day 2016? 

Virtual obscurity. Why? When facing indictment, Rule Number One: keep your mouth shut. 

Since then, it has been a collective establishment effort to conceal both the crimes and the intent of these modern Weather Underground Marxists. To keep those crimes and intent concealed means that Trump cannot, must not, survive or be validated. Hence, the incessant, seven year and counting legal pursuit and assault. Hence, the unprecedented actions taken against him post-presidency and naked lawlessness.  

When Trump said that he “[takes] all of these slings and arrows gladly for you,” the American people, it’s certain he did not comprehend the cost.  

Marxists don’t care about the costs, specifically where it concerns human beings, either aligned or opposed. They don’t care about their constituencies: African Americans, Hispanics, LGBTQ, women, children. They merely use them, exploit them. What happens to African Americans—Clarence Thomas, Ben Carson, Shelby Steele—when they challenge or abandon the Marxist cause? Marxists set out to destroy them. Same with Hispanics, LGBTQ, women, children, and all the rest.  

So, go ahead liberal constituencies, challenge your Marxist allies. See what happens. Of course, we don’t have to see what happens, because we’ve already witnessed it. Radicals defend their constituencies if they’re loyal to the cause, and destroy them for disloyalty. Because nothing can compromise the cause. And what does this say?   

It makes the point: radicals exploit their constituencies. Constituencies constituted by human beings for which Marxists clearly have no feeling or compassion at all. All who get in their way, who compromise the Marxist cause, who impede the path to a communist goal, will be destroyed. Thus, the constituency loyalty and silence.  

Utterly ruthless, Marxists are singularly focused on the mission, which includes destabilization and destruction. Hence, their attack on law and order—the stabilizing aspects of every civilization. They couldn’t care less who gets shot, how many people are maimed or die, how many women are raped, how many children abused. Revolution comes at a cost, and Marxists are willing that everyone but them pay those costs. For Marxists must be around to run things, to enjoy the fruits of power and control, of the new imperialism, they plotted so carefully and worked so hard to establish.  

Proof radicals don’t care about human life is clear in their abortion advocacy. Further proof, if more were needed, emerged in a congressional investigation of the current border crisis. Fellow Marxist and Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkus, grilled by Congressman Matt Gates

Gaetz: “800,000 people have encountered your CBP (Custom and Border Protection) agents, and those folks have been released into the country. Some of those people are going to commit crimes, aren’t they? Will some of the 800,000 commit crime? Yes or no?” 

Mayorkas, pained: “Undoubtedly.” 

Gaetz: “Undoubtedly. And so, the Americans who are the victims of the crimes of the people you release into the country are collateral damage that you are willing to accept in order to have our border function as a turnstile. You’re willing to accept that collateral damage.” 

Mayorkas objected, of course, and lied, as all worthy Marxists are trained to do when truth is spoken. But the answer is yes. Clearly yes: human collateral damage is acceptable, namely American human collateral damage. 

All that matters is the Marxist mission: communist conversion.  

Not human life.  

Not the people who pay you to secure and protect them.  

Not the US Constitution or law. 

Only “the destruction of U.S. imperialism and the achievement of classless world: world communism” matters. The mission primary, everything else to Marxists is expendable.  

People think publicly exposing and humiliating Marxists like Mayorkas in front of the entire nation on television means something. It doesn’t. It’s meaningless to these cultists—to any cultists, really, who believe in what they are doing, in their cause and mission, evil though it is. Did Mayorkas confess anything, acknowledge any facts? Did he seem chastised and contrite by the obvious truth(s)? Did he head straightaway to the border to straighten out the mess, to secure the border, and to redeem himself? 

No. Because, that would compromise the mission. 

Hillary and Obama executed a treasonous plot against the United States and the American people. Did they and their fellow Marxist traitors care what it did to the country, to the citizenry? Did they care how much the plot cost taxpayers and their consequently enhungered children (everyone knows how much liberals care about starving children)? Encouraging disobedience and rioting in the early years of Trump’s presidency, did they care who got hurt or how much property was damaged and destroyed? 

This same Marxist cabal framed and financially ruined Lt. General Michael Flynn, a war hero and military veteran. They even leveraged Flynn’s son in the plot to break the elder Flynn and force a confession of guilt. Did they care for either’s innocence? Did they care about leveraging a human being, a son, no less, to destroy another’s life, his own father? Russian collusion was a fraud. Did they care about destroying Trump, his family, his cabinet members, his supporters—all of which are human beings?  

This same cabal used a virus to steal an election. Did they care about election integrity or election laws? About how many fraudulent mail-in ballots were counted? Did they care about a disenfranchised citizenry? Rigging the 2016 and 2020 democrat primaries against Bernie Sanders to guarantee Clinton and Biden victories. Did they care for election integrity and election laws in that case? That they were subverting democracy and cheating the nation’s voters?  

Okay, let’s do have a conversation about gun violence. The rule for discussion is this: getting rid of the second amendment is off the table. With that, we cannot then have a conversation about gun violence, because getting rid of the second amendment and guns is the Marxist cabal’s mission. Do they care that the second amendment is codified in the constitution? That it is a law “uninfringeable?”   

No. No to all of this, in fact, because Marxists respect no authority or law in making themselves the authority and law, per a Marxist plot. 

Therefore, people must get in their heads, must accept it, must believe it: a cult of Marxist communist radicals have infiltrated the United States government and are on a determined mission to destroy its republic status to achieve not just communism, but “world communism,” which they have no less stated publicly. They have infiltrated the country’s major institutions, too, to include the Democrat Party. A party that now belongs to them. The evidence?  

Where are the moderate Joe Lieberman democrats of old? Moderates who respect the rule of law, the constitution, and love America and its military? The faction doesn’t exist anymore because radicals drove them out and took over the party: You’re either with us in our communist quest, or you’re the enemy! On every piece of legislation, the party votes in lockstep. When it’s legislation that secures, strengthens, and prospers America and the American people, the party, in lockstep, votes against it.  

To say the “Democrat Party” is united is no longer accurate. Marxists now in charge, it is clearly the Communist Party. A new party using the old Democrat (D) moniker as cover. And they want to maintain the ruse, that things are still legitimately political, to continue executing their plot. 

So, Marxists communists being arrogant sociopaths who despise God, human beings, and individual freedom and liberty; who intend to enslave people under a Marxist regime, which they implied in their foundational statement; and who rig elections and flagrantly ignore all American law in pursuit of the objective. What term best characterizes such a scenario and people? 

Evil. Of which there is but one brand. The same made public by Tucker Carlson before his untimely and inexplicable exit from Fox News.  

America’s differences aren’t political anymore. They have transformed into a struggle as old as time itself: good versus evil. Individual freedom versus communism, or its many aliases. 

The problem for this current crop of communists is, in their all-in attempt to transform the United States into a communist nation, they got out over their skis in 2016 and were caught committing treason.

All roads lead back to Russian collusion.

Conviction for the crime means, by law, a traitorous death. However, this is secondary, believe it or not, to something even more dreadful: conviction means a catastrophic setback for the Marxist movement. To get so close to success, and then, poof! The mission exposed and back to square one, if ever to be successful again for at least a generation, perhaps two.  

It’s a scenario unthinkable, unimaginable, utterly devastating. 

Everything at stake, is Trump’s claim then such the stretch: “Anyone who challenges their control … they will lie, lie, lie, and then again, they will do worse than that. They will do whatever is necessary.” And isn’t “whatever is necessary” what we are witnessing? Flagrant lawlessness? Unprecedented legal actions? Desperation? 

Therefore, Marxists must be ruthless. To demonstrate how ruthless, they installed an elderly man with dementia into the presidency via election fraud to not only implement their Marxist agenda, but to take all the public heat for its implementation.  

He won’t know; he’s got dementia! they say chuckling, scheming in their secret Marxist lair.  

Of course, the downside to dementia is that it’s an undependable condition. The sufferer could become incoherent and uncontrollable. Hence, the strategic and dependable stand-by: Kamala Harris, another fellow Marxist too vacuous to be anything but a Marxist. And if you think Marxists aren’t this cunning, devious, and ruthless.  

Well, you don’t know your enemy. 

The scheme is simple: along with the installed and ailing president, a highly dependable radical lieutenant like, say, Susan Rice, is installed in a domestic policy advisor role. She controls the president, whispers her handlers radical policies in his ear for implementation, such as forcing people with good credit to pay for the high-risk mortgages of those with bad credit, for example. Or perhaps, no oil drilling to force expensive fuel and the implementation of Green energy objectives. Totally unjust and brazenly communist actions, which the ailing president then undertakes with demented, oblivious passion. When the public gets angry, there is the incognizant president to take all the heat, while the “organizers” chuckle and continue their Marxist work unscathed.  

Such acts are far beyond unseemly; they are evil, of which there is but on brand. 

Or the border. Who is Enemy Number One in America to these Marxists? Privileged, supremacist white people. The border being purposefully left wideopen by President Biden, an incognizant tool of his Marxist leaders, who is allowed in by the thousands illegally?   

Brown people—along with terrorists, criminals, drugs, crime, and disease.  

Marxists want to change the racial dynamics of the United States to expressly upend her, and are exploiting a disabled elderly man to do it. They don’t care about the disabled elderly man. In fact Obama once told the elderly** to basically take their pain pills and die quietly, that there would be no further healthcare options for them because they were aged healthcare liabilities unworthy of Marxist government investment. This, after lying to the American people about being able to keep their healthcare, no less.  

Marxist don’t care about the disabled or elderly. Trying to upend America, they don’t care how much terrorist danger or how many violent criminals they invite at the border, either. They don’t care how many Americans are murdered or raped by both, or how many children suffer or die of fentanyl overdose. In fact, they want all of this!  

Upending law and order requires chaos and upheaval. The more the better, and collateral damage be damned. 

Hence the glaringly obvious: Marxists are evil. They thrive on hate and revenge, the very nature of evil. Hate and revenge are their fuel. They want confusion and turmoil—also the very nature of evil. Because that is the way they have lived, angry at daddy, at the world. In fact, they create the instability to get what they want, to transform what is into what they want. In this case the death of imperialism. Otherwise known as: America.  

Theirs is a quest wherein lying is both necessary and, not just acceptable, but honorable. Horowitz, again:  

Lying it a political necessity for radicals because by their very nature radical proposals are too extreme for the general population to accept. Democracies depend on transparency in government. But a common political strategy is to conceal the true nature of the legislation being proposed in order to limit public scrutiny of its contents.” 

In other words, Marxists say people can keep their healthcare when they can’t. They say the border is secure when it is not. They say an infrastructure bill is for the nation’s infrastructure refurbishment, when they intend to use the money to further their New Green Deal environmental objectives. And they not only lie like this. They find nobility in lying. Because they are advancing the Marxist cause they believe to be supreme—a cause of evil they believe to be supreme. 

Thus, Marxists are tired of having to win elections. Elitists in a supreme cause, they feel they shouldn’t have to run for office, and are finished doing it, obviously. Clinton rigged the 2016 Democrat primary against Bernie not once, but twice. Corrupting the entire government, she and Obama executed the treasonous Russian collusion crime. And there is covid and the 2020 election stolen by mail-in ballots and other election fraud. All these brazen attempts to subvert democracy present a fact indisputable:  

Marxists are finished with elections.  

The smartest people in the world, Marxists feel power and control are their birthright and that, furthermore, they really shouldn’t have to tell voters that it’s their birthright. Voters should not only accept this axiom; they should know it, instinctually. Because that’s the way things are. Because the way Marxists want to do things is a way things should be done, and voters will be “grateful” for it, even if they are not.  

You don’t “deal” with people like this. You stop them. They must be stopped.  

Otherwise, as Limbaugh used to say, you’re not going to recognize your country, which is where we are now and merely a matter of permanency.  

“What distinguish[es] communists [isn’t] their disdain for money and or their trenchant critiques of capitalism,” Horowitz wrote. “Rather, it [is] their paranoid imperative to crush whatever they perceived as a challenge to their indomitable pursuit of power.” Marxists love money and wealth like everyone else, and the capitalist idea that allows greater access to more of it. They lie and profess to oppose both, which should come as no surprise from inveterate liars. But their real fear is opposition, enmity found in democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, and guns—threats which must be crushed. And where are these traits currently in existence and practice? 

America. And who is currently targeting the traits and America? 

Marxists. Camouflaged and rebranded as liberal progressives. 

Liberals don’t care that they are “torched” or “destroyed” or “humiliated,” as is claimed in so many conservative memes and video replays where they are intellectually and argumentatively taken to the woodshed. Impervious to shame and humility, none of this sets them back or makes them recalculate and amend their positions. One can’t marshal enough facts to change their minds, either. Because one of those facts is: they are liars with evil intentions.  

Marxist intentions. 

Therefore, no truth whatsoever can be allowed to survive and endure, but instead must be “crushed.” Why? For where established facts and truth like steppingstones and breadcrumbs lead: to their exposure and destruction.  

Marxists don’t want America and Americans manufacturing things. As for Trump vowing to return manufacturing back to America in 2016, Obama asked, “What magic wand do you have?” Well, the same one Obama has, of course, but will not use for his Marxist ambitions. Marxists make it harder and harder to manufacture things and to do business in America because they want America to be dependent, not independent. They shut down oil drilling because they want America dependent on oil, not energy independent and leading the world. And nothing says dependency like trillions of dollars in national debt, to which liberals keep purposefully, strategically adding.  

A dependent citizenry means power for Marxists, means weakness, vulnerability, and an expedited Marxist transformation. And the acts to achieve the weakness and transformation are no less occurring in full view.  

Marxists aren’t going to say that their goal is American vulnerability and a communist transformation: We’re here to make communist slaves of the American people! So just, heads-up, folks. That’s our plan. They are going to talk about “sacred democracy” and issue fake patriotism, “We have never been a collection of red states and blue states. We are, and always will be, the United States” They’re not going to expose themselves or their scheme.  

But then, they don’t have to.  

Their behavior is the tell, and it never lies. And where their ideas and agenda lead—straight to powerlessness, enslavement, and control—is yet another tell. 

Every day of his presidency these same Marxists attacked Ronald Regan for championing the American people and making America secure, prosperous, respected, and great. Every day for seven years they have attacked Trump, this time legally, for the very same thing. Every day they leave America’s border wide open to terrorists, criminals, drugs, and illegal brown-people immigration. Why this specific pattern of Marxist behavior?  

They are executing a plan: “the destruction of U.S. imperialism and the achievement of classless world: world communism.” And in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, two humiliating dimwits, they don’t even care to run a good cover anymore.  

Marxists are evil, of which there is but one brand and but one lead organizer and founder. They are all-in criminal cultists, deeply committed believers and zealots. Martyrs who will do quite literally anything to achieve their communist ambitions, aided by fellow cultists, sympathizers, enablers, and useful voting idiots. Their sole enemy is law, constitutional law, for which they have contempt and are determined to eliminate for new law: communist law, their law. For when one law ends, one must emerge to take its place and assume control—the truth Marxists neglect and conceal. 

Thus, theirs is a mission that their targets must recognize, acknowledge, and prevent.  

Otherwise, doom.  

Know how hard it is for a citizenry to regain control of their country once it has been overtaken by a communist regime? It’s bloody, and near impossible. And to think, citizenries just give their freedom away to a collection of exposed liars. 

Perhaps communists are right. Citizens are naive peasants desiring to be ruled—at least, some of them.  

After his appearance in a New York court room, Trump said, “All I ever did was try to protect our beloved nation from those who want to destroy it.” Clearly, he was on to something. For their 2016 election failure and ultimate exposure, the Marxist conspirators have been forced into all-in crisis mode, sparing nothing and no one, the result yet undecided. How does such a formerly unfathomable transformation even have a chance of success?  

It begins with a foundational statement, and a plan. 

Evil’s greatest advantage is that it takes people and societies too long to recognize and oppose it. 

*Horowitz, David Final Battle, p.149.  
**For playback efficiency, exchange begins at the 28:00 mark. 

Note: this article contains opinion. Good opinion.  

©JMW 5/2023  
All Rights Reserved 

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