Liberal Sum and Substance

One doesn’t take the fight to elitist liberals, no-no-no. Do it, and they will come after you. Taking the fight to liberals and refusing to yield is why Donald Trump continues to be a source of irritation. Actually, when you have tried everything to get rid of him but assassination, it’s a little more than irritation. It’s indignant fury. 

Even worse, when you publicly demonstrate the nonsense of liberal arguments, and their intellectual incompetence by extension. Well, that makes them even more indignant and furious. Liberals not only loathe being exposed and humiliated. They deeply despise those who do it. Because in their minds they are the smartest human beings, their views irreproachable and incontestable.

And any demonstrations to the contrary … well, those simply won’t be tolerated.  

Hence the name calling—racist, homophobe, xenophobe—that comes so easily. If the opposition is racist or whatever, then their humiliating and crushing demonstrations are invalid and ignorable. Racists have no standing, are to be neither heard nor believed.  

The opposition’s ideas naive and contemptible, which actually means: accurate and humiliating, liberals not only don’t want to hear the ideas. They don’t want others to hear them, either. They don’t want others hearing the embarrassing rebuttals to their ridiculous arguments and positions, and watching both them and their ideas being made laughing stocks. Such condemning displays are, again, more than elitist liberals can stand. They despise them, like Meredith Johnson despised Tom Sanders. 

“Meredith, could you step outside for a minute, please?” Bye-bye … 

She’s the quintessential liberal—haughty, entitled, condescending. 

Liberals argue with this ridiculous and unfounded sense of superior arrogance, and then the simplest ideas and wisdom destroy both them and their ideas. Like an acquaintance who proclaimed the unvaccinated were lone spreaders of the covid virus, for example, and that the vaccinated were safe from the illness.  

Well, they were wrong.  

But then, what do you expect? They are liberal.  

Proudly liberal, obviously. Too proud. And like, haughty, entitled, and condescending.  

Is saying “I was wrong” really so difficult? Or even, “I was misled.” 

Yes. It is.

Such failures confirm the impossible, the unthinkable: inferiority and subordination. Thus, such blunders are reviled by liberals—not so much the blunders, actually, but the public exposure of the blunders. And for Trump continually and unyieldingly jabbing them in the mouth over their blunders, liberals, like Clubber Lang, have been thrown into this state of indignant fury. Aware and afraid more and more people are recognizing their utter pathetitude, they’re fighting back. And it looks unhinged—the mindless anger, resentful glares, and Meredith-style outrage: “The drives were your responsibility, not mine!” 

Zero self-awareness. Zero self-control. The Malaysian news reel, Meredith? the line you’ve never seen?


We’ve lost her, I’m afraid.

Smarter than other human beings, liberals are more qualified. Thus, there is no way simpletons, the opposition, could have better ideas and arguments than them. Because, well, that’s just absurd. And pathetic though it is, there is a class of voter, liberal voters, who like to align with this superiorist mentality.

Because, for the low-low price of intellectual servitude, they can feel elite, too!   

The anointed, liberals don’t care what simpletons think, and don’t care to hear what they think, either. And the more simpleton ideas and wisdom expose them, expose their ineptitude and inferiority, the more furious and out of control they become. Add the fact liberal leadership has been caught lying and cheating, and shown to be nothing more than common, inept criminals. It has turned the entire liberal cult into berserk rats in searing bucket

This is the phase, enraged madness, we are currently in with liberals, particularly the elite. In mindless, arrogant fury they think: Donald Trump will not go away! And he keeps thwarting and exposing and embarrassing us, and making us look ridiculous! And no matter what fraud we attempt, we can’t separate his voters from him! And every time I’m on Facebook, there are all these videos and memes making me look inferior and foolish. And everyone can see them! 

It’s infuriating, which is partly why liberals can’t conceptualize the reason for their embarrassment and rage:  

It’s them! They’re the reason! Them and their third-rate, ever-failing ideas and solutions!  

You can’t make humiliating social media videos and memes with winning and successful ideas and solutions. Well, you can. But you must lie and commit fraud. But then, the videos and memes aren’t truly humiliating because, well, they’re lies! Made-up fictions! Yet liberals sit around in their cliques and laugh at them, hehehe! Pass them around to each other on social media, hehehe! Why the petty fraud and unsettling delusion?   

Because their ideas are terrible! Subpar and ever-failing!

Because their ideas provide a constant stream of humiliating video and meme material, which demand rebuttal—even if it means lying and inventing one. This humiliation shall not stand! 

Imagine it: being so pathetic that you invent lies, pass them around as if they’re true, and collectively laugh at your own lies.  

It’s cuckoo. Bellevue-grade cuckoo. 

All liberals know is, they are the anointed; they are the premiere intellectuals and solutions people. Because, despite their ever-failing ideas, which they see fail, no less, that’s what liberals have told themselves, over and over and over. It’s what they’ve had to tell themselves, mantra-style:  

Our ideas are better … Our ideas are better … Our ideas are better … Ohmmmmm …
We’re superior … We’re superior … We’re superior … Ohmmmmm … 

Thoroughly convinced, or rather, self-deluded, liberals aren’t then interested in “reaching across the aisle” and solving problems, because the aisle is only thing keeping their delusion alive. And besides, what could simpletons bring to a discussion anyway? Certainly nothing superior.  

Except, it’s their ideas that are always failing, and that wind up video and meme mockery. It’s their ideas being bettered and battered by the simpleton’s ideas, and their superiority being proven mythical. The response to this humiliating and recurring outcome?  

No more talking! On Twitter, Facebook, talk radio, Fox News. Anywhere! 

Our ideas might be inferior, but damned if people will know it! You’re all cancelled! 

Remind me again why anyone would elect and tolerate such petulant blowhards?  

What Americans have learned post-Trump is that our establishment elite, specifically the liberal faction, are not only frauds, but narcissistic weirdos. Crichton wrote of his experience with Hollywood, liberal headquarters, and how it was filled with “homosexuals and theatrical people, and people who were into drugs and orgies and odd things of all sorts,” and into “all this looney stuff, psychics and astrology and peculiar diets.” And given his film oeuvre, Crichton would know. These are things people didn’t know about America’s cultural elite, how weird and corrupt they were and, worse, that they were admiring and pedestalizing such immoral weirdos.  

Well, Trump forced the weirdos not just to coalesce, but to expose themselves to the American public. Enraged, they erupted from their seedy lairs everywhere, proclaiming to the world they would “f*** anybody up” who opposes drag queens, for example; confessing fiercely and proudly that all their children were queer; and championing drag queen performances for everyone else’s children, to perhaps persuade them to be queer, too. Drag performances by grown men, incidentally, who psychiatry has maintained for the last 50 years receive sexual gratification dressing like women. What shall we do with that little factoid?  

Well, while you’re assessing, liberals are having 50 years of research revised and scrubbed from psychiatry manuals. No more talking!  

So, do you think this stuff is “evil?”  
Think it a “good” thing not to sexualize innocent children?


Well, liberals disagree.  

So then, what kind of war is this? A political war? Or the oldest war, the human experiences’ foundational war? 

An incontrovertible war of good and evil, we can then forgo the politics—which is precisely where liberals would love to keep this and every other ideological dispute, because it keeps them political adversaries instead of disciples and practitioners of evil—and focus on the real war and the real enemy: evil and its disciples. 

Good and evil: two things that cannot and will not coexist in the same space. One must be driven out so the other can reign.  

Per the clarification, we can then reframe the point: Trump forced, not just weirdos, but evil to coalesce and to expose itself to the American public. More directly, he forced evil’s disciples, liberals, to expose themselves. Trump compelled action, action to protect the institution—the institution of evil. Like Christ to Legion, Trump was the presence that urged evil from its lair, only in this case threatened and outraged and venomous, instead of worshipful and afraid. Hence, the now seven-year battle began, and American found itself at war with evil once more—homegrown and liberal this time.  

Evil has not only found its way into the homeland. It has taken over the culture’s major institutions—specifically and most alarmingly the media, the public microphone, with which evil can deceive and influence and manipulate. Evil has pitted itself against all things moral, decent, righteous, and Godly, terms that used to define America, and has endeavored to corrupt America to its core. So that people not only become more accepting of evil, but of evil’s rule.  

And very simply, the American people must now choose sides. 

Evil people think they are righteous, not evil. Because to them evil is righteous. Sociopaths, they don’t care that people are opposed to the sexualization of children, no more than they care about children being sexualized. “No, you’re right. It’s vital we protect the children.” Are we hearing liberals saying that?

No. Because they don’t care. They exploit children, and everyone else.

Evil people have no moral compass because they oppose morals—and rules, and discipline. And via its disciples—liberals, evil is attempting to transform a righteous nation into an evil one, into one representative of itself.  

What people think evil looks like and what it actually is are two different things. As Clarke put it, “The devil doesn’t come to you as evil. He doesn’t come to you on fire. He comes to you as everything you’ve ever wanted.”

In other words, evil isn’t just a maniacal serial murderer with menacing eyes, neck tattoos, and a devilish goatee. It’s your next-door neighbor, your coworker, your family member—average people who profess their love for children, but then champion and allow their exploitation, and even mutilation. People who lie about others to make fake videos and memes, and sit together laughing at their own lies. People who have contempt for the truth, and for those who tell it. 

People like, liberals. 

And taking the fight to them, to evil, one can understand why things appear as they do: acrimonious, nasty, hateful. Forced to defend themselves, which elitists feel they should never have to do, liberals aren’t prepared. In their attempts they sound absurd, incoherent and silly. And if not incoherent and ridiculous, then furious and unhinged. It’s why the fight must be continually taken to them: so they can routinely demonstrate to the world not just their inferiority, but their depravity, and whom they serve. 

And it isn’t God, or righteousness, or their fellowman. 

Darkness. It’s liberal sum and substance. 

©JMW 5/2023 
All Rights Reserved

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