Humiliation Unbearable

“Your dad says you’ve got a world class bullshit detector.  Who lied this morning?”   
“On the stand you mean?” 
“They don’t teach this in law school.  Yes.   All witnesses lie.” 
“About what?” 
“Keeping their jobs.  But in [this] case, money—most people skim.  Morality.  We all want to be good little girls and boys.  Sex?  Just assume everyone screwing everyone else, unless proven otherwise.  And, the big one: avoiding humiliation.  You’d think folks would be scared of prison or lethal injection.  Nope.  It’s loss of face.” 

Interviewing a young potential assistant in the film The Whole Truth, a lawyerly Keanu Reeves presented one of the realities of human behavior.  People lie for many reasons, it’s true, but the most compelling reason it to prevent humiliation.  Humiliation is a powerful deterrent.  Or in this case, a powerful provocateur.  To humans cursedly self-aware, nothing is worse.  People would rather endure anything than the public exposure of their lamentable failures, and the unbearable embarrassment that coincides.  The fear of disgrace is universally human, certainly.  However, it is a particularly powerful motivator for those without morals, virtue, character, courage and, most importantly, humility.   

It is to say, humiliation is particularly powerful motivator for liberals.    

For example, $44 million taxpayer dollars spent on a Russian collusion hoax that produced absolutely zero evidence of the crime (because, uh, it was a hoax)—a hoax now fully exposed with Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment of Clinton attorney, Michael Sussmann.   

So, where are liberals admitting the investigative failure and fraud?  That the establishment ran a scam on the American people?   

How about the obvious, that Joe Biden has dementia?  That he took a roaring economy and turned it into a dumpster fire in just 8 months?  That his son Hunter’s laptop not only exists, but also exposes Biden family corruption and compromises US national security?  

Where are liberals admitting these established facts? 

Liberals one and all watch Joe Biden’s bumbling, forgetful antics every day. They know he’s struggling.  They know he is not a person ready to make decisions and to lead the greatest nation on earth.  The fact that he is suffering and incapable, in fact, opens a Pandora’s Box of implications.  For instance, why is he being allowed to continue?  Who’s managing him, guiding him?  How did he ascend to the presidency in the first place? And why isn’t the news media reporting on his obvious cognitive illness and the national security implications for it?   

Open that box, and the stench of humiliation becomes quickly overbearing. 

Of course, there is undeniable and actual collusion occurring between the Democrat party and national news media.   

There is covid czar Anthony Fauci, who has been caught lying to congress about his agency’s financial role in gain of function research at the Wuhan lab, and thus his role in the viral catastrophe.   

All true.  All established fact.  So, where are the liberal admissions? 

Liberals aren’t confessing any of these truths, and so many more.  Because, well, they can’t.  And why not?   

For the “big one,” as Reeves put it: humiliation.   

Having been grotesquely wrong about literally everything for the last five years, admitting any one of these facts invites yet more dreaded disgrace.  And in case you didn’t know, liberals all are infallible—at least, they think themselves so.  And any evidence to the contrary is simply humiliation they refuse to bear. 

It’s childish behavior, really.  Immature.  Adolescent.  Weak and pathetic.  

Now.  One could argue that liberals are unaware of these facts.  Because, it is also yet another fact that the national news media simply doesn’t report the news, specifically news that indicts their fellow conspirators.  And if you’re a liberal cult member depending on a conspiratorial news media for information, which only serves its political allies.  Then it is possible you aren’t aware of these facts.  

Of course, it’s difficult to believe liberals aren’t aware, given the near hysterical emotional investment they had in seeing Donald Trump destroyed, and for all things anti-Trump to be true.  Hence, they must have followed the news expectantly, hoping for favorable outcomes, of which they saw none—zero.  So the emotional investment and expectancy says liberals were tuned-in and know precisely what is going on.  And the many disappointments they experienced should’ve told them that the people from whom they were getting their information were not merely wrong, but ideological frauds. 

So, it’s pretty certain liberals one-and-all know the facts, and that the facts are humiliating.  Hence, liberals would rather not admit the facts—any of them.  In fact, they would rather and would readily endure anything else.   

Say like, prison.  Or, lethal injection, for examples.  

Think about it.  The Sussmann indictment is proof of what we already know, that the entire Russian collusion case was a complete, establishment-driven, treasonous political scam on the American people.  It means the news media who peddled the hoax for nearly three years was completely, and also knowingly, wrong.  And where does that leave all the liberal faithful who went enthusiastically and blindly along for the ride? 

Let’s just say it’s not, positively promotional.   

It takes a long time to get to the truth of matters because, well, that’s the liberal stratagem.  They bury the system and the public in lies so that it takes years to dig out.  And when the system and public finally dig out, and the truth is exposed about liberals and their lies, they never confess.  And why not? 

Where it concerns liberal elites, it’s for pure, disgrace-immune narcissism.  For the rest, the faithful, well, the humiliation is simply too awful. 

In regard to the Russian collusion fraud, now being fully and finally exposed, senior editor at The Federalist, Mollie Hemingway, said that every liberal should “hang their heads in shame.”  Yes, well. True. But that would require humility, which liberals despise as much as latter-stage humiliation.  And the fact is, if they practiced the former, they wouldn’t endure the latter. 

Liberals practice nor endure neither. 

The way to view liberals and their ideology is to liken it to steel sphere, one coated in tough titanium for greater durability, and then Tefloned for its non-stick properties.  Liberals live within this sphere with their liberal beliefs.  Nothing can be allowed to penetrate the protected space, specifically facts and truth.  Thus, the resilient, impenetrable sphere design, which is dutifully maintained internally, incidentally, so as to prevent any fissures, any points of entry.  Because, if a single fact or element of truth is allowed to penetrate, is allowed to seep in, then their entire belief system is compromised.   

That’s why when you offer liberals irrefutable logic and physical evidence, they reject it out of hand.  They have to reject it.  Facts nor truth can neither one be allowed to penetrate the hardened, well-maintained sphere because, if it does, then not only are their beliefs wrong.  Worse, those beliefs must change, beliefs they desperately want to maintain, no less.  And why the desperation? 

Well, the particular belief is what they want to believe, first.  And second:  


They’ve been existing on flawed beliefs, now demonstrated as such via the unchallengeable logic and physical evidence.  And suddenly, they’re intellectual dopes.  Suddenly, they’re dupes who’ve willingly, enthusiastically allowed themselves to be duped.  They’re fools, brought face-to-face with their foolishness, for all to witness.  They’re buffoons who have been crowing about the unopposable certitude of their now verifiably failed beliefs, after mocking and denigrating the accurate and wiser doctrine of their ideological foes.   

And the reaction to this humiliating nightmare? 

To save face, of course.      

So, liberals change topics and argue something else; or they name call and accuse.  They do everything, anything!, but acknowledge their protective sphere has been breached and that their beliefs are corrupt and failed.  People ask, “Why wouldn’t liberals want the truth of matters?”  Well, like everyone else, they do want the truth in most matters—is my spouse cheating on me?  Are my children okay?  Is this lump under my arm something to worry about?  Did I leave the stove on, candle’s burning?   

However, when liberals want to believe something, for jealousy or resentment or hatred or whatever the reason, there is no fact so truthful or compelling to have them intellectualize their position and amend their beliefs.  They would rather maintain the jealousy, resentfulness, hatred, and beliefs, which signals they are already these ugly things, things natural, comforting, and in a sadistic way, soothing to them. 

It takes humility to do otherwise, to be honest and pliable, and to change.  A prospect liberals despise as much as humiliation.  But again, if they would practice humility, they wouldn’t endure latter stage humiliation.  But then, try telling jealous, resentful, hate-filled liberals that.  The result will be as pleasant and productive as using logic and evidence to prove their flawed beliefs to them—  

Racist!  Right-winger! White privilege!    

Given the choice between humiliation and nasty labels, the labels are way easier.  Much more natural, comforting, and in a sadistic way, soothing to them, too.                              

People can believe whatever they want.  However, beliefs come with consequences, one of them being humiliation and the need to save face.  Of course, there is death and eternity, too, pretty significant consequences in themselves for chosen beliefs.   

Unfortunately, all are about as compelling to liberals as lethal injection, and prison.    

If everyone simply adhered to the truth, was a prisoner of it, there wouldn’t be all the fighting and dysfunction.  And gee, who should we blame for that?  

©JMW 2021 
All Rights Reserved         

Author: JMW


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