Necessary Blackout

Holman Jenkins, The Wall Street Journal:

“A tech executive, members of the Clinton Campaign, people who we know were, Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson, whose names weren’t mentioned [in Special Counsel John Durham’s indictment of Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee attorney Michael Sussmann]—there is a lot of material out there that the press could follow up on, and basically get to the bottom of this whole story about how the Russia collusion hoax was perpetrated.  Unfortunately, it looks like the press doesn’t want to follow up on it.” 

Imagine it: news of the Sussmann indictment comes across the wire in every bustling American newsroom.  Upon reading the release, some coffee-fetching newsroom intern in charge of incoming news alerts abruptly blurts, “Oh my gosh!  John Durham just indicted Hillary Clinton and Democrat National Committee attorney, Michael Sussmann!”—with a twenty-seven-page indictment, no less, that directly, not indirectly, implicates the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration.   

Immediately, there is convened in each newsroom a production meeting surrounding the newly emerged news.  And as evidenced by their complete dearth of reporting, a blackout of all news Russian collusion hoax and John Durham, it is unanimously decided to ignore this current revelation, and to continue ignoring the biggest news story in American history.   

In other words, some power that be, some managing editor or corporate executive controlling each of these newsrooms had to effectively, if not directly, say, “We’re not covering this story.  In fact, it’s going right here in the ol’ round file, to hopefully die.” 

And from editors, to managers, to reporters and on-air talent—all agree. 

We know this must be true of these production meetings. Because, well, the story is real.  Because John Durham is, indeed, Special Counsel investigating and now prosecuting the Russian collusion hoax.  Because Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele are real.  Because the indictments of FBI attorney Clinesmith and Clinton attorney Sussmann are real.  Because the firing of four leading FBI figures in the Obama administration is real, too. 

So, the story is real, alright.  Real to everyone but the news media.  And in terms of the universal agreement in each newsroom, have we seen any defections?  Any whistleblowers coming forth to confess: “Our news agency has forbidden coverage of the collusion hoax?” 

No.  Hence, the universal agreement.  Rather, the complicity in journalistic malpractice. 

The magnitude of the Durham story cannot be overstated, which makes this intentional, conspiratorial dereliction of news media duty all the more egregious.  Even so, let’s be clear, and accurate: the Clinton campaign and the Obama administration, along with the administration’s CIA and FBI, colluded to subvert an election, and thereby committed treason against the United States.   

So again, the story is far beyond monumental.  Yet, from its emergence in 2017 to the present, virtually the entire national news media, save Fox News, has made no effort at all to, as Jenkins pointed out, “get to the bottom” of the matter.  And worse, obviously.  They have individually forbidden any and all investigation, and any and all reporting.   

Now, why-would-that-happen? 

It happens for one reason and one reason only: ideological soul mates, the news media has to protect both the Democrat party and the establishment they have built, manage, and control together. Liberalism, or more practically, evil, is the religion for the United States.  And in all it’s immoral and ungodly beliefs and doctrine, establishment liberals are here to make sure the religion is strictly practiced—forbidding historic, cataclysmic news events when necessary. 

And if the Sussmann indictment weren’t enough, Durham also subpoenaed tech executive, Rodney Joffee.  An individual linked to Sussmann who brought information to the FBI about an alleged server the Trump campaign used to supposedly communicate with the Kremlin through a Russian bank, Alfa Bank—information that proved false.   

And the news media response to that adjoining news?   

That story went into the newsroom round-file, too. 

The fact is, Robert Mueller admitted to finding no evidence whatsoever of collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin.  A truth which should have inspired a single question in each and every honest newsroom: if no evidence of collusion was unearthed, after a 2 ½ year investigation by four separate federal agencies, no less, to include Mueller’s.  Then where did all the information for the nonexistent crime come from?   

Or more directly, who’s responsible for the obvious hoax?  And why was it executed?  

Had the news media asked these questions, it would have led them straight to Hillary Clinton, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Perkins-Coie, Michael Sussmann, Rodney Joffee, the Obama administration, its CIA and FBI, and into the once ongoing and now completed investigations of Fox News and people like Gregg Jarrett, Devin Nunes, and an entire cast of reporters and public officials who actually did do the job of “getting to the bottom of the story”— 

again, the biggest political corruption story in United States history.  

So now, having ignored the story for five years, and it currently coming to light via Durham, what is the news media to do?   

What they hoped would happen is that establishment pols would somehow make the story go away, with news media round file assistance, of course.  Yet, despite their very best, five-year-long efforts, the pols failed.  Helpless, the news media now watches Durham, however incrementally, bring his case to the American people.  And what is the news media to do when his indictments run deeper?  When the truth tells the story they, now clear and undeniable conspirators, refused to investigate and tell?  

Let’s put it this way: Russian collusion was not only proven untrue by four separate federal investigations, but a political hoax.  A calculated, purposeful political fraud.  And how did the news media respond? 

They ignored it.  Moved on.  Continued their collective, ceaseless, baseless, deceitful, and thus evil assault on Donald Trump and American democracy. 

So, however incontrovertibly true and historical and alarming, don’t think Durham’s future revelations are going to inspire fresh news media behavior.  The news media ignored the treason story when it began emerging in 2017, and to the present.  So why would they start covering it now?  

They won’t.  Conspiratorial, committed, and exposed—they can’t. 

In fact, they will assist Clinton and Obama and the establishment in spinning their way out.  Why?  Because otherwise they would be indicting and destroying themselves.  

Lying—it’s the only remaining path forward. 

The collusion business a proven establishment hoax, one can guarantee the establishment’s in-house, conspiratorial news media isn’t going to be as eager to jump on the condemnation from Durham, as they were the Trump lies of their fellow conspirators.  One can guarantee they won’t be as eager to believe what Durham says about Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration, as they were everything—Russian collusion, a “perfect” Ukrainian phone call, two unfounded impeachments—involving Donald Trump.   All of which was mere cover-fire for Hillary Clinton and Obama administration treason, cover-fire the news media was eager to lay down for their fellow traitors.   

No.  There is no guarantee but one: that’s the news media trying to convince the public of investigative fraud, that Durham’s revelations and indictments are unjust, and that the crooks aren’t really crooks, but rather selfless warriors for democracy.  

Again, lying—it’s the only remaining path forward. 

The prosperous aspect of the Trump presidency was that he flushed liberals one and all from hiding.  Most liberals like to practice their liberal religion in anonymity.  Because their ideology and its doctrine are evil, and because moral people don’t like and won’t accept it.  So, liberals keep their beliefs private and practice them secretly, preferring not to be known publicly as “liberal,” which, until Trump they have been able to do.   

Trump forced them into the open, forced them to defend their religion and beliefs.  Saying basically, You’re either for America or against her, he made liberals choose sides.  The public ultimatum forced liberals into panic and hysterics, and into saying and doing things which were totally irrational, ridiculous, hateful, and un-American.   

In other words, and in terms of national prosperity, Trump forced liberals one and all to reveal exactly who they are, which in a single phrase is: miserable, evil frauds. 

Liberals aren’t the virtuous people they present themselves to be.  They’re liars.  They’re hypocrites.  They’re miserable malcontents, imperious and condescending.  Most importantly, they’re fools.  

Complete and utter fools, averse to morality, truth, and America.  

Until Trump, no one had made liberals, including the republican version, to so abruptly choose.  He rattled the establishment cage, forced them all from hiding and to declare.  Finally, liberals had to defend themselves, had to defend their establishment temple and religion, a cause for which every faithful liberal believer felt compelled to rush to the front lines.  To include those in the news media, of course, who collectively threw historic and cataclysmic news stories about their fellow ideologues in the round file. 

If what Durham has uncovered and is litigating is true.  If Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration spied on the Trump campaign attempting to subvert an election, and thereby committed treason.  Then the last five years has absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump.  He’s just a face, a decoy, a distraction.  He’s a patsy to draw ire and to despise, while establishment liberals perform and cover up their evil deeds. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden confessed publicly to bribing a Ukrainian prosecutor with a billion dollars.  The news media not only completely ignored the confession.  They then invented the crime for Donald Trump, which was used in an attempted impeachment.     

Joe Biden‘s son Hunter has a laptop that not only reveals Biden family financial corruption with China, but a potential national security issue for the United States.  The news media completely ignored this genuine, verifiable story, too.    

Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, its CIA and FBI, not only rigged and allowed to be rigged a Democrat Party primary election, twice.  They lied to the FISA court, illegally spied on an opponent’s political campaign, attempted to subvert the 2020 presidential election, and committed treason against United States.   

And the news media has completely ignored these stories, also—for 5 ½ years now.   

Along with American citizens, Biden left behind $85 billion worth of armory and elite technology in Afghanistan.  Meanwhile, he and his establishment allies are also trying to pass a $3.5 trillion dollar spending package.  All this waste and these exorbitant expenditures, and yet Donald Trump needed merely $5 billion for wall construction.  Monies Biden and his establishment allies claimed were impossible to secure.  And the news media’s response to the waste, deceit, and hypocrisy? 

No interest.  No reporting.  No penalties. 

Hence, there is but one conclusion: it’s way past time to begin looking at the news media as not merely corrupt, but as an enemy of democracy, of the United States, and of the American people. 

As for the foolish loyalists who haven’t yet reached this obvious conclusion, one can bet they won’t possess and display the same enthusiasm for the collusion story Durham is telling, as they possessed and displayed for the story these news media traitors told them about Trump.  One can bet they won’t possess sympathy for the victims of these news media traitors, either.  Victims to include not merely Trump and his familial, relational, and administrative sphere. But America, and thus these foolish loyalists themselves.                      

Unable to recognize their own victimization, should we really expect fools of such lofty degree to realize their folly? 

Be hopeful, but keep your scrilla in your pocket. 

©JMW 2021 
All Rights Reserved 

Author: JMW


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