Generational Prey


President Ronald Reagan warned, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  What did he mean, exactly?  The query results from a recent report stating a majority of young people have climate anxiety—fear the earth’s climate is deteriorating and that human suffering and death are imminent. So what do youthful climate anxieties have to do with freedom being always a generation from extinction?  

Well, clearly young people believe the earth and themselves to be in peril.  And if the crisis is real, then someone must stop it.  And who are claiming themselves able?  Politicians.  Governments.  So, in whom is this young, anxious generation placing their trust and faith? 

The world’s “leaders”—rather, mere mortals like the rest of us. 

But, doesn’t God have a say in this supposed crisis?  You know, The Almighty.  The Creator of the Universe and of All Living Things.  Those are some pretty powerful titles and claims.  Are we just to replace him with mere political and scientific mortals?   

That’s precisely what the world’s evildoers expect.   

Except, the climate issue is a financial and Marxist fraud.  That’s correct: a financial and Marxist fraud.  The same as Russian collusion, Jussie Smollett’s MAGA hatted assault, and a demented, stammering, direction-challenged president getting an election record 81 million votes— 

C’mon, man!  The people love me, man!  Lots of ‘em, man! 

Apologies to the reader, Joe isn’t utilizing all cylinders. 

Indeed, climate change is yet another liberal hoax, a scam intended to procure the three most vehemently pursued elements by humans since the dawn of time: money, power, and control.  They are highly-prized goals of liberals because, well, the world is theirs. Only, there is just one problem. 

Having created everything, the world belongs to God.  And if the world is his, then it can’t belong to liberals.  If the world is God’s, then liberals have a superior to whom they are responsible, and from whom they take commands, like the rest of us.  Liberals despise the idea of a supreme God, because they fancy themselves gods.  And of course, given their ability to manage and manipulate the earth’s extremely complex climate, why would they think otherwise?  

Hence, the brazen usurpation of God’s authority isn’t usurpation at all to liberals.  Themselves gods, liberals are merely stepping up to claim their rightful earthly authority and power.  Power they demonstrate via this wondrous, if yet to be demonstrated, control over planet earth.   

It’s all delusional, yes—even if there is no God.  However, the more troubling aspect of this pursuit of human, earthly deity should be the strategy of these delusional posers.  To conquer people and become their god, there must be a strategy.  The key feature of the liberal plan?  

Grab your knickers …       

Targeting children.   

Naive, inexperienced, impressionable kids.  

Lying to them.  Frightening them.  Exploiting them.   

Considering liberals favor abortion, and that they can apathetically toss unborn fetuses into medical waste dumpsters like entrails at a slaughter house, the blatant disregard for actual breathing children should come as no surprise.  Nevertheless, the strategic revelation returns us to Reagan’s remarks, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  What Reagan meant was simply this:  

The world is, and will always be, occupied by evil human beings who will attack children to get what they want.  

Exhibits A & B: abortion, and the exploitative targeting of kids via lies, deceit, and fear.   

Of course, we generally and incorrectly say “the world” is the evil attacker of children.  When it is actually the individual human beings—in this case liberals, and in every case, actually—performing the attacks and evils.  It is a critical point that deserves amplification. 

The labels—liberals, the liberal establishment, the liberal news media, Hollywood, Big Tech, liberal voters, et al—are distractions from the fact individual human beings, clearly liberals, populate these organizations, institutions, and groups.  The labels are merely cover, a collective shield for the inhuman and evil deeds of individual human beings.  Using the labels, people then point their fingers and accuse wrongly.  It’s not “liberals,” or “the liberal establishment,” or “the liberal news media.”   

It’s people—individual human beings.  And not very good human beings, either, because they attack and exploit the most vulnerable: children.   

Sea turtles and Horned Owls?  No, no.  They’re sacred creatures.   

Actual human children?  Three words: Medical Waste Dumpster.   

And yes, discovering sea turtle or Horned Owl eggs in a dumpster, liberals would be apoplectic.  There would be investigations, news coverage in abundance, Save the Species fundraising, and a hot and howling demand to locate the perpetrators. 

Attacking children is not one of the worst things human beings can do.  It is the-worst-thing human beings can do.  Kids are innocent.  They don’t know anything.  They have no experience, no instinctual acuity.  Worse, they’re like little computers waiting to be programmed.  And how do liberals program them?  With lies and fear and anxiety—that is, if they can survive the medical waste dumpster.  

Is anything more heinous and unholy?  As in, evil? 

Good human beings say no. 

Evil will always attack children.  In a quest for wealth and power and control, that is precisely where an enterprise desirous of such things must begin, at the weakest point.  Survey the castle walls for attack, one searches for the most vulnerable point of entry, the easiest access.  In the quest for wealth, power, and control, liberals search for and select children—with goal-achieving glee, no less.   

Human beings aren’t human beings to liberals.  They’re a disposable commodity, a means to an end.  Just ask any successful despot. 

Innocent, naive, inexperienced, and immature—children are an easy mark, and liberals target them without feeling or remorse.  Liberals make children fearful and anxious with an issue like climate change, for example, so that an entire generation of them grows up not only believing the climate lie, but helping evil liberals secure their highly sought-after objectives.   

Via a liberal media, children are exposed to an array of liberals telling them to, one, be afraid of everything.  And two, to know that liberals have everything under control, are on the job, and are there to alleviate allll their tormenting fears and anxieties.  Liberals involve other children in the ruse, too, like Sweden’s 18-year-old environmental activist, Greta Van Thunberg.  They employ cartoon characters, blatantly lie about real animals and nature—all in a daily media assault on children of the world.  Abuse intended to frighten, and to encourage them toward submission.   

Submission and control achieved, subsequent generations grow up subordinate and oppressed.  Until another generation, perhaps two, three, maybe ten generations down the line, rises up and says, Enough!  We don’t have to live in fear, and under the thumb of other human beings.  We don’t have to be controlled by elitist liars, telling us what to do and how to do it, taking our money, dictating our futures, and encouraging fear and anxiety—over things (climate disaster) that never materialize.   

We don’t have to live that way, they decide.  Then the inevitable, ever-recurring, and bloody cycle of revolution begins, as it has so many times throughout human history … for this same reason every time.   

The idea is to make a generation of children subordinate and compliant, so that an entire free nation will eventually become subordinate and compliant, by willingly voting itself/themselves into subordination and compliance.  And given the ever-recurring incidents of revolution, it’s an idea/strategy that clearly works.   

Oppressed human beings eventually realize, however, that they’d rather be afraid and anxious and free, than to live under the fake umbrella of protection provided by egotistic and narcissistic fellow human beings.  Ordinary people who wake up every morning and take a big country dump like everybody else.  Ordinary people who fail spectacularly in their own lives, whose marriages and families fail, whose kids have addiction problems and worse, and who simply consider themselves superior to other human beings.   

Realize these things though the oppressed eventually do, it is realization after the fact, after the oppressive circumstances manifest and establish.  It’s precisely what Reagan both understood and meant.  Freedom’s extinction begins with children, society’s least prepared and most vulnerable, whom liberals no less target, and then attack with impunity.   

And it’s not just that liberals lie to children and make them fearful and anxious.  They encourage children to disobey authority. They tell children that it’s okay to falsely accuse others, and to never apologize; that human life is mere refuse worthy of a medical waste dumpster; that they are societal victims who haven’t the power or intellect to help themselves; that whatever debauchery manifests from living “their truth” is okay.  They even encourage children to question their sexuality, and toward homosexuality.  

Ultimately, liberals tell children that there is no God but liberals and liberalism—an earthly deity to whom children everywhere will now and forevermore genuflect.   

Liberals wouldn’t waste time convincing, say, Auschwitz-surviving Jews not to fear the big menacing buildings reeking of noxious gas and death.  Actual survivors are too experienced, too wise.  Jewish children a few generations removed, however, make much easier targets. 

See those buildings there?  Nevermind the stench.  They’re filled with toys and games and pudding.  Go ahead, have a look! 

In other words, to achieve their objectives and get what they want, liberals must target children.  The wanton abuse and exploitation of the most vulnerable is precisely how free nations fall, too.  People don’t believe this is how it happens, because it’s too heinous, too evil, too, unbelievable—that human beings would consider such a despicable strategy, much less employ it.   

But again, just ask any successful despot.  They’ll tell you. 

In the quest for wealth, power, and control, human beings are merely collateral damage—to include poor, defenseless, and innocent children. 

Societies are born for the struggle—good societies, like America.  They emerge for human oppression, are established via discipline and hard work.  Eventually, success and prosperity make people more affluent and life easier.  Generations later, children want for nothing and, worse, parents prefer it that way.   

As a consequence, society eventually ends-up with a generation self-absorbed, entitled, fearful, anxious, and ripe for the political picking.  A generation no less ready to submit to their earthly gods—the omnipotent climate controllers of planet earth, and other such magnificent feats.  

And it all results for the evil that is “liberalism”the label which conceals the fact that it’s human beings making generational prey of children.   

Having lived the communist work camp horrors of post World War II Russia, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote, “(T)he line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through every human heart.  This line shifts. Inside us, it oscillates with the years … If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them.” 

Well, there are people “insidiously committing evil deeds” modernly, and we know precisely who they are.  It prompts this unfortunate, yet vitally necessary Public Service Announcement:  

*Protect your children, and your nation, from liberals.* 

Or suffer the consequences.   

©2021 JMW 
All Rights Reserved 

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