The Command and Control Conspiracy

Radio host, Dan Bongino: “The ‘Great Reset.’ It goes by various names on the left: New World Order, Great Reset, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the merging of the physical, digital, biological. It’s all fancy buzz terms for this: throwing out representative democracy and the constitutional republic in exchange for a command-and-control economy where government has the power.  

“It’s happening. Right now.  

“A story in the [Wall Street] Journal reminded me of this. Did you ever wonder where these lockdowns came from? Where this strategy came from? I mean, we did it. We destroyed [the economy]. To be fair it was republicans and democrats—let’s be candid. Did you ever wonder where [the strategy] came from? The idea that locking down an economy, shutting down entire cities, states, and towns was somehow going to prevent the spread of an airborne virus? The idiocy is endless. Where did it come from? You may say, Well, clearly there was some science on it. I mean, obviously. Right? I mean, the government is full of super-smart people.  

“Nah-nah. You’d be wrong about that.  

“It came from China. China [i]s what the great resetters want … read this from the Wall Street Journal—how this idea of a complete economic lockdown was nowhere in the science, anywhere. Ever. [America’s liberals] just love the Chinese Communist Party: command-and-control [communism]. Like, Hey, if [China] can do it, we can do it, too. Here’s a quote from the piece:  

“The absence of lockdowns from these plans,” they’re talking about pandemic plans, “there’s no surprise. They based their analysis primarily on the most serious modern pandemic, the Spanish Flu. An influential 2007 paper analyzed the measures adopted by cities across the US a century ago. Some of these cities imposed quarantine rules on exposed people and closed schools or entertainment venues, including saloons. But the study cites no generalized stay-at-home orders or business lockdowns. So, what led Governor Newsom of California and his counterparts in other states to adopt such drastic and untested measures. Seems obvious in retrospect that they were panicked into following China.”  

“I dispute the last sentence … I dispute one word,” said Bongino. “[Liberals] weren’t ‘panicked.’ Governor Newsom, the Great Resetters, the Klaus Schwab’s and Joe Biden’s of the world loved the idea of a great reset—resetting the economy modeled more after a command-and-control economy in China.  

“[Liberals] saw what China did [releasing the virus]. They loved it. They felt like they could use the [covid] crisis to get away from [a free society]. Because people were scared. Because fear is [liberals’] coin of the realm. And they did it. I don’t think it’s any more complicated than that. [Liberals] love China. They want to do [command-and-control communism] here. They took the opportunity; COVID presented the perfect opportunity. And they did it. It’s right in front of you folks. Social scores coming next—social scoring system just like China.” 


So then, is it possible that there is a coordinated global effort with America’s liberals to transition American from a free society into one commanded-and-controlled by government—by liberals? Well, consider this:  

Liberals have already attempted this command-and-control via healthcare—and not once, but twice. Once with Hillary Clinton in 1993, and then Barrack Obama’s Obamacare. And Obama had his attempt passed by congress, in the middle of the night.  

It was, “A big f-ing deal,” as then vice president, Joe Biden, proclaimed it in Obama’s ear.  

“A big f-ing deal” because, well, liberals had achieved, at least temporarily, a sizeable step towards their command-and-control communist ambitions. A 2010 accomplishment, along with the 1993 attempt, which prove these authoritarian designs existed long before today.  

Incidentally, out of all the vice-presidential candidates to choose from, there is a reason you select someone self-important, unscrupulous, and as corrupt as Joe Biden.  

You want someone who understands you, whose weakness you can exploit. 

For further consideration, who is now openly pining for socialism, which is merely a soft, more palatable and saleable term for command-and-control communism?  

Liberals: the newly and proudly self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialists.” 

Who is fiercely pushing—more like, forcing it down America’s throat—the costly and absurd Green New Deal, and subsequent electric transportation? And upon gaining, er, stealing, super majority control of government, who immediately cancelled American oil pipeline projects, decreased oil production, ended America’s historic “World’s Number One Exporter of Oil” status, sent oil and gasoline prices to record highs, all to force this electric transportation down America’s throat?  

Liberals: the newly and proudly self-proclaimed “Democratic Socialists.” 

And are they restarting the cancelled pipeline project? Ramping up oil production? Re-implementing the Trump policies that made US the “World’s Leading Exporter of Oil?” Or doing anything to bring gasoline prices down from these record highs? 

No. They’re pitching electric cars. Well, not exactly pitching. Coercion isn’t pitching, really. It’s force—like, what they use in command-and-control economies. 

There are but two ways human beings can live: (a) free, or (b) controlled by other human beings. And proving Bongino’s point, liberals clearly prefer option (b). And interestingly, so does the rest of the world’s evil regimes, namely China and Russia. So, are these evil regimes conspiring with America’s liberals, aiding them, in this command-and-control transition of America? 

Well, China is crippling America in numerous ways. Rep. Michael Waltz, Fla.: 

“They’ve cornered the market on things to make our economy go: 90% of our pharmaceuticals, 90% of our computer chips, 90% of our rare earth minerals that we need for basic economic functions that Chinese have cornered. And so, when we say ‘Made in America,’ it’s not just a human rights issue because they’re making those products with modern-day slavery. It’s not just an American jobs issue, it’s a national security issue. We cannot be dependent on our greatest adversary for what makes our society function – and they’ve created that dependency deliberately. And American companies are absolutely complicit.” 

And then, the Taiwan component:  

“[The Chinese] are in a cold war with us. And again, you know, a cold war is when an entity is using diplomatic, informational, economic – taking over international organizations in a way to coerce their opponents. And that’s exactly what the Chinese Communist Party is doing. The big piece of it is going to be Taiwan.  

Why does Taiwan matter so much and why should it matter to the American people?  

“Well, if you look at where it sits on the map, once China controls Taiwan – aside from the fact that it’s a flourishing free market and a democracy that we will have let be forcibly taken over by a communist dictatorship – aside from that, they will then be able to control the trade routes into Japan, into South Korea, Australia, Malaysia and to some extent, even India. And heading into the Middle East, China will then control about half of the world’s GDP and global trade. And at that point, their economic warfare, it will have a huge boost in the arm in terms of their strategy.” 

In other words, even greater command-and-control. Like, giant steps towards global command-and-control.  

China hasn’t made its move against Taiwan, yet. But if they do, will the Biden administration, will liberals, stop them? Two things:  

One, China released a virus on the world, mainly targeting The United States, and thereby crippled America’s economy. And despite the idea of complete economic lockdowns being “nowhere in the science, anywhere, ever,” who locked down America’s economy and helped the communist Chinese cripple her?  

Liberals, establishment-wide. 

Two, Vladimir Putin wanted no part of Donald Trump—nor did Xi Jinping and China, for that matter. Both were model world citizens for four years of the Trump administration. When liberals assumed power, however, Russia suddenly, predictably, invaded Ukraine. And what have liberals done about it?  

Just enough to avoid being accused of doing nothing.  

Hence, will liberals stop China’s aggression toward Taiwan? You mean, after liberals helped China cripple America with economic lockdowns, which were found “nowhere in the science, anywhere, ever?” And that liberals wanted to implement for envy of China’s command-and-control governing style? 

Hereto, liberals will feign outrage and do just enough to avoid being accused of doing nothing. 

Ukraine is Europe’s breadbasket. Russia’s invasion will certainly cause food shortages there, which will affect the rest of the world.  

“The food shock in Ukraine looks devastating,” said Bloomberg. “Grain and sunflower oil in storage from last year’s harvest can’t be shipped because of fighting and port closures. Shelling and fuel shortages may interfere with spring planting and fertilizer farmers need to apply to the winter wheat crop as it emerges from dormancy. Infrastructure damage, labor shortages and continuing conflict could also compromise the summer harvest and transportation of whatever is produced.” 

“Rising food prices are ringing alarm bells for households all over the world,” said the Financial Times Online. “UK food banks say they have never been busier. Supermarkets in Italy have reported panic buying. And in Iraq there have been bread price protests. Food costs were increasing even before the Ukraine war, driven by higher energy prices, transport bottlenecks and, in some countries, farm labor shortages. Now Russia’s invasion has triggered further rises and concerns about prolonged disruption in agriculture-rich Ukraine.”  

And President Biden’s response, the liberal response establishment-wide, to these increasingly dire circumstances?  

“It’s going to be real.”  

Is it, now. Like, real-real? Or just, garden variety real

In both cases, China and Russia, why would liberals do just enough to avoid being accused of doing nothing? Well, because they are helping, of course.  

Assisted by the world’s evil, liberals are attempting to rid America of its “representative democracy and the constitutional republic, in exchange for a command-and-control economy where government has the power.” Or rather, where liberals have the power—enjoyed with the world’s evil, of course.  

Economic shutdowns, purposeful oil shortages, food shortages, intended inflation, treasonous election hoaxes, concealing treasonous crimes via complicitous news media blackouts—America’s liberals are intentionally dooming the United States. You can add financial dooming to the list, too, given their latest $5.8 trillion-dollar budget proposal. Debt on top of already record debt: $28 trillion, or $200,000 per taxpayer.  

The question is: how far do we go, what must be taken away, what must we endure, before we acknowledge America’s liberals are colluding with the world’s evil to bring the United States to her knees and into liberal command-and-control? And into this “New World Order” for which liberals are now openly pining? 

When do we ask the question? Recognize and acknowledge the obvious?   
What need occur before we accept freedom is the target of liberals and the world’s evil?  

Will liberals and their global conspirators confess their intentions, so we’ll know for sure?  Will they warn us so we can act, so we can save our nation and ourselves? 

Gosh, we sure hope so.

Donald Trump warned about all of this. Everything he said liberals, establishment-wide, would do and have done, they are doing and have done. Every socialist agenda item that liberals wanted to pursue, and said they would pursue, they are pursuing. And the facts are, the entire agenda is not only injurious to America. It results in the command-and-control government liberals and their global conspirators seek.  

Discussing the behavior and decisions of the Biden administration and liberals establishment-wide, conservative pundits use terms like inexplicable, lunacy, crazy. They shake their heads nightly in collective astonishment and disbelief, as if liberals are fools running government sans design and intent.  

Well, place that behavior and those decisions under a command-and-control rubric. 

Now where are you?  

Liberals despise America for one reason: they must derive their power from peasants. Know who doesn’t tolerate the peasantry, and is envied and idolized by American liberals for the convenience? 

China. Russia.  

Liberals have the same communist command-and-control aspirations for America. A clear fact that need only be acknowledged, said out loud, and then addressed and remedied—said every captive nation’s populace since the dawn of time … after the fact. 

©JMW 3/2022 
All Rights Reserved 

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