Wanted: Justice, and A Cult Vaccine

Imagine you had an expensive Picasso hanging under a warming display sconce that, for years, you were giddy to see every time you unlocked and entered the front door of your home. There it is, can’t miss it. You grin delightedly each time. 

Now imagine you opened the door one evening and, looking to the wall, the painting was missing—the display light warming only the faint, dusty outline of a former frame. 

The shock should be the same when two iconic political brands go missing for six years. 

“If you’re going to be indicted, you keep your mouth shut,” said attorney and former New York City mayor, Rudy Giuliani, about criminal cases. We should add to his remark, “… keep your mouth shut, and disappear.” 

No interviews. 
No public appearances. 
No horsing around and ass-grabbing. 
Be invisible. Stay invisible. 

Being indicted is serious business. Thus, the rules—that only fools break. This sage advice in mind, a question: where have Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton been? Sure, they pop their heads up on occasion in controlled settings—Twitter, in friendly interviews with fellow news media conspirators, where they aren’t exposed to questions—just to say, See? Here we are; we’re not hiding in guilt.  

Another question: all the extraordinary political phenomena that have occurred in the last six years—Trump, rigged elections, Russian collusion, Russia-Ukraine, impeachments, China, bioweapons, economic shutdown, masking protocols, voting fraud, national turmoil—and these two internationally known political icons have been reduced to, like Wilson, popping their heads-up from behind the hedges? 

See? Here we are; we’re not hiding in guilt. 

Where is the daily stage lighting and soaring speeches? 
Where is the world travel? The routine photo-ops in impoverished locations, and with international dignitaries and celebrities? 

These world-renowned political figures always with something to say and a fawning mainstream news agency to help them say it. Yet they’ve been reduced to clandestine iPhone grabs of incognito walks on the beach in hats and sunglasses, and inspecting the construction of their new Hawaiian mansion? 

No more feminism and racism conferences?  
No more lectures about “deplorables” and the “oceans ceasing to rise?”   

How could people who’d make such arrogant remarks ever stay away from the public stage and out of the public eye? How could they be reduced to whack-o-mole status, popping their heads up from behind the hedges periodically? 

This is Obama, fer chrissake! “The One!” The first “Black One!”  
And Hillary, the “smartest woman in the world,” co-founder of the “Clinton Machine!”  

These two international brands aren’t making themselves front and center in American politics? Aren’t soaking up the international media oxygen, as they have for decades?  

Yet another question: why am I, a writer of zero distinction, making this point and asking these questions? All that “legacy” news media out there. All those “brilliant,” Pulitzer Prize winning journalists in the nation’s leading news institutions, all that super-galactic journalistic brainpower. Yet, it’s me recognizing that two internationally known, iconic, political brands are in hiding and exploring the reason why? 

Employing a little arrogance of my own, perhaps the Pulitzer board should consider my work. Then again, if they are giving awards to these people, is a Pulitzer on my credenza really to be all that impressive? 

Thanks, but I think I’ll stick with the 5X7 of my beautiful wife and daughter.  

Now there’s a couple of impressive achievements! 

Remember how inspired and dogged all those premiere journalists were, and still are, toward the utter destruction of Donald Trump? The daily White House Press Room contentiousness. The ceaseless accusations. The nightly lies and distortion and character assault.  

Where are they now? On this issue?  

Obama and Clinton are in hiding, and its an obscure, unsung writer informing the public. 

The entire industry, save Fox News, not only peddling the Russian collusion hoax, but actual conspirators themselves. What purpose does the industry serve? Do we really need them? It is patently obvious Fox News is the only agency doing real news work anymore—and of course, me. Take Hunter Biden, for example.  

The wayward youngest son is under grand jury investigation for tax fraud, and who knows what else. There are his infamous laptops, too, with lurid videos drip-drip-dripping out to the public for the last two years, along with damning evidence of financial crimes involving his father, the “president” of the United States. There are text messages of the crimes. There are corroborating confessions from business associate, Tony Bobulinski. There are even books written about the laptops by people who have reviewed their content. 

There’s all this verified, juiciest of juicy news involving sex and drug scandal and historic political crimes, things over which the news media normally salivates and can’t wait to expose and publicize. Yet, Fox news is the only news agency reporting on the incontrovertible “Biden crime spree.” And when are the other news agencies going to get involved and do their jobs? When the Biden clan is in federal court facing the music? 

Well, if we’re using John Durham’s Russian collusion case as a guide, wherein Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook recently testified the whole thing was a Clinton hoax. We can be confident the liberal news media is going to continue what it’s doing: nothing.  

“Mr. Biden, how do you plea?”—a videoed query and response only to be seen on Fox News. 

Clear for all to see, here is an entire news media ignoring a story lethal to a president, a political party, a political ideology, and most critically, the liberal establishment. Further, two international political icons have virtually disappeared from public view for six years and counting, and they are ignoring that story, too.  

Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Page, Strozk, McCabe, Halper, Mifsud, the entire cast of now known treasonous hoax conspirators—have they all died? Is this the reason the news media can’t find and interview them over the Mook revelations? The reason Obama and Clinton can’t be found and interviewed? 

Have they passed, too?  

Surely there’d have been reporting about that—the first black president and the “smartest woman in the world,” and all. The memorial services in the Capitol Rotunda. The parades and half-masted flags. Did we miss all that?  

Let’s do a quick internet search … 

No. Just Wally Cleaver—dead before he was dead, interestingly. Amazingly, data reveals every news agency reported that news, if prematurely. 

So. All the conspirators alive and available, it appears as though people are covering for other people. Like, say, what would be the case had a conspiratorial coup attempt occurred. 

How to make sense of all of this liberal hiding and negligence … 

Let’s keep this simple. Most things are simple, actually; it’s just certain issues get unnecessary crap intentionally mounded atop to bury the truth—truth which might expose, say, a treasonous coup, for example. 

Why are Clinton, Obama, and the coup conspirators hiding?  
Why is the news media derelict in its duties regarding the coup conspirators’ crimes? 

Author Lee Smith: 

“Obama’s FBI had run an espionage operation against [Donald Trump’s] presidential campaign, which [Obama’s] CIA, FBI, and national intelligence directors rolled into a coup … Without the news media’s absolute commitment to the anti-Trump plot, the coup would never have stood a chance.”* 

And note: it was Hillary Clinton’s “espionage operation.” 

And in the larger picture, a liberal establishment coup. 

Senator Bernie Sanders was cheated the first time, in the 2016 democrat primary, because it was Clinton’s turn to be president, and because Obama had chosen her to complete his communist “transformation” project of the United States. Sanders was cheated the second time, in 2020, because Obama and Clinton needed a fellow conspirator, Joe Biden, in the White House to manage the Durham problem, and the legal fallout from their treasonous coup attempt. 

That is why the conspirators are all hiding.  
Conspirators themselves, that is why the news media is derelict in their journalistic duties. 

Smith again: 

“‘A successful coup,’ says Edward Luttwak, the author of Coup d’État: A Practical Handbook, ‘requires the conspirators to take over a small but sufficient part of the government apparatus. For instance, if the country has a million soldiers but they are on remote fronts, a garrison of three thousand men in the capital can make and unmake governments.’”  

“Imagine that the top military brass is plotting the overthrow the commander in chief. Now move them out to the Pentagon and drop them into the same high-level posts—number ones, their deputies, deputy assistants, and so on—at the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation. It would be a bloodless uprising, not a military putsch. They’d encircle the White House not with tanks but with paper: memos, letters, and legal documents as well as falsified reports, such as the Steel Dossier. Also news stories. 

“The media, as Luttwak wrote in his 1968 book, are central to the success of any coup: ‘Control over the mass media emanating from the political center will still be our most important weapon in establishing our authority after the coup.’”

As Tin Cup said of reptilian David Simms in the beer garden: “I swear to God, Doc, this man is not who you think he is.” 

Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Robby Mook, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, Sally Yates, James Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, Rod Rosenstein, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, Rodney Joffe, Igor Danchenko, the entire conspiratorial cast. And most importantly, the news media—save Fox News. These people aren’t defenders of democracy wielding the light of truth and committed to justice. 

They’re treasonous criminals, one and all. People with whom any one of society’s low-life offenders could share a cell—resumé being the only difference. 

And incidentally, just how does one stop criminals who control all the levers of power and communication, and ultimately the dispensation of justice?  

Well, tough as it may sound, it begins with extracting millions of liberal voters from the liberal cult, and getting them to see who their political gods really are: liars and common criminals.  

If only there were an elixir to break the religious spell. Or perhaps a mandatory vaccine and perpetual boosters. Now there’s a surefire delivery mechanism! 

International political icons don’t hide for six years, especially narcissistic ones.  

News media’s that treasure exclusives and ratings supremacy don’t ignore salacious, criminal, and historic news stories.  

And binding it all together, criminals don’t confess their crimes. 

Per legal advice, they keep their mouths shut and, wisely, remain unseen. 

*The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History by Lee Smith 

All Rights Reserved 

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