What’s In A Title, Anyway?

New Rules:  Relationship Logic for the Darkside provokes two common questions—albeit, one less common than the other.  The least common regards the “Darkside” reference, which I assume is least common because, given the clearly evident cultural war on men, and the suggestion of a darkside in relationships, most people naturally attribute the reference to men.  In titling the manuscript I presumed the connection easily made, and that most would make it, which has turned out to be the case.  Yet asking about it, some clearly do not make the association.  Actually, I suspect they do make the connection, but merely want their beliefs validated, and clarity.

In any case, men are the “darkside.”  Why are men the darkside?

Basically, there has been a decade’s long feminist assault on the male gender.  Over time, traditional gender relations and relationships were cast aside and a new set of rules was established, guidelines that afforded women legal and political power, and control over men.  And thus, men became the darkside—the evil to which the world’s, the workplace’s, and a relationship’s problems could all be traced.

The more commonly asked question has to do with the New Rules aspect.  Here’s the explanation:  modern gender relations and relationships suck for men, who are at a distinct and extreme political and legal disadvantage.  Basically, the latest rules for gender relations and relationships, which replaced the traditional rules, don’t benefit men and need to be replaced.

Thus the title:  New Rules.

Plainly, the gender relations landscape has changed dramatically.  Being the exposed and virtually powerless in the new era, men need a fresh perspective toward women, and both a new mindset and approach towards gender relations and relationships.  Facilitating this new perspective, and the subsequent mindset and approach, is logic.

Logic is:  reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity, or according to strict principles that are well-grounded or justifiable, being at once relevant and meaningful.  In other words, the use of logic is a fact-finding mission.  Logical examination is required to make sense of things, one.  And two, it’s required to expose lies, lies such as men wanting to mistreat and to dominate women, while they actually capitulate to virtually every female demand, and give women nearly everything they want.

Logical examination is the burden of problem solvers.  While the feelers jump from one accusation and complaint to the next, problem solvers have to understand the problem—the full scope of the problem, its every unfortunate and unfavorable detail.  And women being characteristically emotional, and prone to hot accusation and complaint, the gender left with the burden is rather evident.

So having done the thinking, and having made the arguments over so many gender relations and relationship matters.  And thus having made the problem solver’s job easier and his load significantly lighter:  New Rules:  Relationship Logic for the Darkside.